Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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From: Venessa Derek <venessaderek@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 8:23 AM
Subject: It Is My Pleasure.

Hi Dear , 
Nice to receive your response, as i was introducing myself to you, i'm miss Vanessa Derek a citizen of United States of America, i was born in Carson city Nevada in 1980, got my BSC in University of Nevada in 2005, am presently working with the Global Standard Setting Organization in USA, and it has been my ambition from childhood to belong to organization that render helps to the poor and developing countries.these are my hobbies, reading, swimming, watching basketball and music, i live in my own apartment here now in texas where i reside and work.
I have younger siblings, a sister and a brother,My Dad is a medical doctor while my Mum owns a mini super market, I use to hang out with friends on some weekends to beach and other entertainment centers. My height is 165 cm / 5' 4'' and weight is 55 kg / 121 lbs, i have long light brown hair and Blue eye, I will like to correspond with you if you are lovely dedicated to be caring,love and understanding then i will like to cherish and love you for rest of life ahead, religion and cast or part of the world as you might understand it matters not to me, looking forward to hear and start relationship with you. 
And meanwhile Our Organization is holding their conference and recruitment program here in AMERICA and China one of the Asia country, i will even like to know if you can attend the program, if you are interested then you can send to me those lines of yours so as to commence the relationship, you can even attend the events with your family members, friends, relatives,but before then you have to complete for me your full profile, your full names, your hobbies and your marital status, list it down for me just as i did to you ok and you can as well send to me your picture while replying with these information.
But in case you have the interest on the program alone just feel free to still get back to me so that i will give you the details and the contacts, though the program is Conference and Recruitment program, the Conference will take place here in USA and in China, While applicants for recruitment will be recruited to work here in USA and CANADA after the conference. Meanwhile it will be my pleasure if you can join me on  these trip to attend the both conference here in USA and China Asia, it will be sponsored by our Organization Independent donors,it is all free attending, your visa, flight tickets, accommodation and feedings will be free for you.
Because we have a lot of contracts right away to execute and also this programme to carry out,but the details will reach you if only you are interested, expecting your reply, but 
since you are already working, know that these events are only two weeks and after the events then you can fly back to your destination or your country if you so wish, meanwhile know that all the expenses concerning these events is free, no money to be requested of you over these events, no registration fee required.

I hereby attach my pic for you and i just hope that you will find it and wish that you will like it as well,and will appreciate you send to me yours ok.

Sweet love and understanding from,

Mr From: Venessa Derek <venessaderek@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 6:38 AM
Subject: Details About The High Skill Conference Program.

Hi My Dear, 
It is my great pleasure to receive your mail and the contents, meanwhile it is as well my honor to brief you about the Details of the Global Standard Setting Organization coming program. Due to the advancement in progress made by the US and Asian Government on fight against RACISM, CHILD ABUSE AND POVERTY, We wish you to be part of us and benefit from this great event if you are interested to attend the Organization youth coming program which will take place here in America and China.
                       "Say -NO" to RACISM/ VIOLENCE and POVERTY.  
Please note that this event is to orientate each group representing his/her country and bringing to light the danger behind these  ACTS.
I was contended about your mail as i received it after seeing the mistake in writing on your age, because i was imagining how come a boy of 1987 could have reach to this your level, but i think i have be put to understanding, please let me utilize this opportunity to give you the full explanations about the conference program. As one of the organizer,I will be attending both conference,which will first take place here in America on the 8th - 11th  February 2010 Follow by the one in China, in Asian country on 22th to 25th February 2010. 
This conference is holding to educate people on advise effect on joining or helping to eradicate RACISM, CHILD ABUSE and to fight against poverty in developing countries and the entire world.This Organization is is in conjunction with the International Development Institute (IDI) and  following the Global steps to fight  poverty, Over the past 15 years, G.S.S.O professionals have worked with the governments of 17 developing countries, foreign aid agencies, and other partners to design and implement fundamental legal, policy, and programmatic reforms resulting in large-scale of poverty eradication, regarding the rising of high price of food to the world rural poor and Terms such as poverty eradication and poverty alleviation are often tackled in this organization and Commitments to poverty alleviation are dispersed throughout the Habitat Agenda to achieved its goal. 
This is one of the reason we are holding the conference and the Recruitment so that new expatriates will be recruited to work in UK, here in USA and CANADA,  More over our organization have secured some contracts in Australia, Canada  and some Asia Countries as well in helping to stop these act.
So you have to join us to attended the conference and i will like you to be my companion during these events, so don't miss out and don't say no,so you can even invites your family members, friends and relatives to attend the program and you will kindly assist us in relating this conference to more youths Organization or individuals in your country who may like to attend the events,please contact the conference secretary here through.

Email: globalstdsettorg@qualitymail.com
Email: globalstdsettorg@secretary.net
Email: globalstdsettorg@mail.org
But before any applicant could be considered to participate in these most esteem events, their Org or group will have to forward to the same secretaries above address contacts these following requirements.
(1) The organization profile.
(2) The aims and objectives or the org.
(3) Their achievement so far.
With these information being put into consideration by the committee,you/your group, if you have those that may like to attend the conference with you will be officially Invited to participate after all the procedures and requirements are been met. Our Independent and Recruitment donors will take care of all flight tickets, entry Visas to come over here and to that China, the organization will also take care of all participant feedings in the both countries and accommodation only here in America throughout you/yours stays here for the conference since it will be too exorbitant for the participants, while all the applicants will be responsible for only their Hotel reservation in that China where the second conference will take place.
The Organization will recommend you to the hotel where you will make your hotel reservation and send to the secretary your hotel reservation payment confirmation letter. The participants will only take care of their accommodation during the second event in that China" Asia country, the organization will only honored official hotel reservation payment confirmation from any of the hotels they recommended to all applicants because the hotels was recommended by the Government of China for the conference and for security reasons.
Without the official Hotel reservation payment confirmation from any of the recommended hotels in China the Organization will not process your documents for the visas and to attend the conference or to be recruited to work under the organization.
As one of the organizer, I can recommend any person, group or organization willing to attend . Hence my recommendation can scale you through, i therefore ask you to count on me, further more i want to establish a good relationship with you.
If you are interested to participate and accompany me on these events, you should contact the secretary by applying your participating application, so that they can approve and register you and commence your traveling documents and for details or information about the recommended hotels to know their procedures, meanwhile remember to inform the secretary that i recommended you. You will need not to forward the above requirement of your group or Org ,hence i will give your recommendation to the secretary.
You are to contact the secretary as soon as possible as all participants Visa requested will be forwarded to the USA Department for Immigrant Affairs, USA immigration and China for authorization the same day, any group visa requested not forward on that same day with others, will miss the visa assistance, you will attend the conference in any group of numbers, maximum in a group is 5, Each group will not be more than 5, your group can be of different nation allies, but all should be living in the same country for easy USA, UK, CANADA AND CHINESE visa assistance for both conference and recruitment participants.
Hoping to hear and see you soonest, keep me on line always, and since you are interested in the Organization conference, inform the secretary while contacting them so that your names will be recorded, how ever i really appreciate your numerous pics that you send to me, the pics are really wonderful and i will do likewise by sending mine to you as well ok.
Contact the secretary with this information below.
Your name or group names--------
Number of applicant(s)------------
Country of Origin and resident------
Passport number(s)-----------------

Sweet Love From
Venessa Derek.

Mr From: Venessa Derek <venessaderek@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 4:05 AM
Subject: From Venny!!! More Of My Pics

My Dearest ,
Glad to meet your urgent mail and the questions that you need some clarifications, but first here are some of my pics that i promised to send to you and i just think you will like them as well.
Then regarding your questions, i will gladly answer your questions serially to your perfect understanding ok,
1,  Every body who is interested to attend the conference is entitle for the benefits, neither one person, 2 people, three, four or five persons, but the maximum number as a group to attend the evens is five persons in a group.
2, The visa is not something you are going to do on your own accord, it only requires you to be approved by the secretaries, so if you are approve to participate by the secretaries, then they will record your names, send to you an application form which you will fill yours information and resend it to them.
Then they will commence the preparation and processing of your documents, register you and send to you yours registration certificates, so it is not something you are going to process by your own accord, and since it is the organization that will process your documents, your visas will never be deny nor delay, there still almost one full month left for that, but you need to be fast and punctual about that.
3, This is not the opportunity for you to give a lecture, no, you will learn more from the guest speakers, but if you have your obesity or lecture to teach, you will submit your profile to the board and they will honor you and book down your name as one of the guest speaker of next event.
4, The first conference will take place in Las Vegas here in USA while the second event will take place in Guangzhou China.
5, The secretary will send to you the names of the hotels, how ever as you said that you have sent your application to the secretaries, i just hope that you send it to all their email contacts that i sent to you, if no, i suggest that you do so, just to attracts an urgent response to your application ok,hear from you soon, have a nice time over there .

Yours Lovely,

Venny 1
Venny 2
Venny 3
Mr From: GLOBAL STANDARD SETTING ORGANIZATION <globalstdsettorg@qualitymail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 5:01 PM

260 One Main Street, Downtown, Texas 89103
States office Tel: + 1- 208- 902- 0167
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@qualitymail.com
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@secretary.net
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@mail.org
Attention: Applicants,

We welcome you to the Global Standard Setting organization, With due respect we welcome your group once again to our Global Standard Setting organization forth-coming conference, The Conferences is never under advertisement, It is not open for every body to Participate, We can only accept participants under recommendation, But since we acknowledge your group recommendation reference from one of our colleagues, we will give you  group the opportunity to participate in the forth coming Youth's Conferences on CHILD ABUSE, RACISM and Poverty Eradication.
THE PREVENTION STRATEGY on RACISM is scheduled to take place in Banquet Halls & Conference Center 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, USA between 8th to 11th February 2010 and The second conference on WAR AGAINST CHILD ABUSE and POVERTY ERADICATION is scheduled to take place in Lycee Hall of Arts, 110 Hui Zhan Dong Rd, Hai Zhu District Guangzhou China on 22th to 25th February 2010.

The first Conference will take place in Banquet Halls & Conference Center 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, USA between 8th to 11th February 2010 and The second conference on WAR AGAINST CHILD ABUSE and POVERTY ERADICATION is scheduled to take place in Lycee Hall of Arts, 110 Hui Zhan Dong Rd, Hai Zhu District  Guangzhou China  on 22th to 25th Fubruary 2010.
The theme of the forth coming Youths Conferences is to teach humanity on the need to avoid Child Abuse which led to hatred which is increasing every day among the Youths, the Forth coming International Conferences is been Organized and sponsored by the Global Standard Setting Organization and International Labour Organization, in addition, this conference is dedicated to all our beloved Brothers and Sisters who is under Slavery and human abuses and lost ones in the event of Civil wars, poverty and poor Economy.
The Organizations Database describes national organizations that focus on Racism and Recruitment issues, the issues have a significant child abuse and neglect/child welfare component or have a related primary focus and can provide some information to the field. Racism and violent is a crime that may carry a lasting social stigma as well as serious legal consequences. In some states, the laws governing this crime have become more rigid, and the punishment for a conviction can often be quite severe. Because of this, it is extremely Important that you entrust your attorney with a strong history of winning racism/child abuse cases. Doing so is the best way to keep you free.
Every body is entitled to Participate in the forth coming Youth's Conferences regardless of your Religion or belief. Any group of number can participate,but the maximum in a group is Five (5) people are expected to participate together as a group or organization from their Country and none of them will be less than eighteen years, It does not necessary mean that you must belong to an organization before you can attend this event. You can just form a group to attend the programme from your country just as you group did, applicants in a group as yours has an award during the second conference over there in Guangzhou China.You should read and follow the instructions been given to you.
We have receive your application with your group information which is equally due for opening of your group files for your registrations, we require your group to send to us the below requirement as soon as possible to enable us open your files,we will commence your group participating membership registrations and processing of your group documents as soon as possible, as all participants visa request will be forwarded to the US Bureau for Immigrant Affairs and US.Department for Homeland security for Authorization at the same day, any  visa request not forwarded on the same day will miss the visa assistance, your group should reach us with the below require information for the opening of your group files for your registrations.

(1) A scan copy of your passport photograph(each)
The organization independent Donors and the Sponsors will take care of your group entire flight tickets, including your feedings and accommodations throughout your stay here in America (USA). You are responsible for your group hotel reservation in Guangzhou China where the second conference is schedule to take place, you/your group will make your group hotel reservation in any of the recommended hotels which will be recommended to you and reach us with the official reservation confirmation for visa authorization and the issuance of your group visas at the American AND Chinese embassy.

If you are interested to participate in the forth-coming Youths conferences, send us the above required information, which is the scan copy of your passport photograph of each person for your group registrations,through our e-mails. We will open your group participating files as soon as possible and your group will fill the applicantion form and return to us since it requires urgency because of time factor.
When you make your group hotel reservation in any of the recommended hotels in that China as we will recommend to you, you will send to us the reservation payment confirmation to enable us attach it to complete your group documents before forwarding it to the high commission for your group visa endorsements, your China Hotel reservation confirmation will only proof that your group will go to China after the first Conference here in America.

We will give you more directives as soon as your passport photographs reach to us. Please note that we are in position to authorize your group visas through the US immigration visa affairs department, because we are working with the directives from the Chinese and USA Bureau of Immigrant Affairs, the authority that is in charge of authorization of single/group visas, We cannot add nor reduce any given requirements for the authorization of participants visas participating in this events, And as such all requirements must be meet by participants requiring the Chinese and US. Visa assistance into the Chinese and U.S.under the G.S.S.O Program.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Mrs Sarah Davids
Secretary Department G.S.S.O
Mr From: GLOBAL STANDARD SETTING ORGANIZATION <globalstdsettorg@qualitymail.com>
Date: Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 5:00 PM
Subject: Membership Registration Certificates

260 One Main Street, Downtown, Texas 89103
States office Tel: + 1- 208- 902- 0167
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@qualitymail.com
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@secretary.net
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@mail.org

Attention: Applicants,

We received and acknowledge the attachments and the required information for your group registrations, we have open your group files and have commence processing your documents, we have also completed your group registrations, we hereby attach to you scan copies of your group Participating Membership Registration Certificate each, we registered your group according to the information you provided and as the names appears in your passports, because that is what will be use for your visas.

Your group registration numbers are as follows,

No 1,  XXXXX, with the registration number USIL003022
No 2,  XXXXX, with the registration number USIL003023
No 3,  XXXXX, with the registration number USIL003024
No 4,  XXXXX,  with the registration number USIL003025

You should go ahead and contact any of the below recommended hotels in China where the second conference will take place, book your group reservation from any of your choice and send to us the official hotel reservation payment confirmation immediately to enable us attach it to complete your group documents before forwarding them to the US high commission in the Swiss embassy or to the US Embassy in Dubai(UAE) any of your convenient for your group visa endorsements, just as we did to other participants.

Below are the contacts of the recommended hotels, the earlier we receive your group hotel reservation payment confirmation(s) the better for the forwarding of your group documents to the embassy for your group visa endorsements because of time factor.

Without the official hotel reservation payment confirmation(s) from any of the recommended hotels in China, we will not forward your documents to the high commission for your visa endorsements, Please note that we are in position to authorize your group visas through the US immigration visa affairs department, because we are working with the directives from the Chinese and USA Bureau of Immigrant Affairs, the authority that is in charge of authorization of single/group visas.

382 Huanshi Dong Lu Guangzhou, China
Email: hoteljinhai@yahoo.com
Dong ER Road University Town Of Guangzhou China
EMAIL: maintienenhotel@live.com
Thanks for your co-operation.
Mrs Sarah Davids
Secretary Department G.S.S.O
Mr From: Venessa Derek <venessaderek@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 6:08 AM
Subject: From Venessa.

Hi Dear ,
Having receive and read your mail, i think this is really a sad mail and ugly moment that you have cause me, this your mail really beats my greatest imagination, because this is the least i expected of you and let alone your friends, even after what i have done to you and been through to recommend you and your friends to mastermind that you people are scale through.
How ever i will tell you that i am highly disappointed in you and your friends for this wrong impression of me, in what aspect did you all have this ugly thoughts of your against me, what have i done wrong towards you, is this the appreciation that you should show to me after what i did for you..
Now you people have misunderstand me to me a man, how then have i been asking you to come over, have i be inviting you to come over to be my male-male sexual partner or what, and again they were saying that we only knew our salves for only two weeks and then that makes it so strange to them and for that reason they now transform my sexuality to a male.
My dear, these events did not determine our relationship, it is not compulsory that you and that of your friends must attend it ok, we only met our salves, and along the line, i just told you about the conference that my organization is holding in the near time, and you pick the interest to attend, and i gave you the information about the events, and how ever that will be the near opportunity for us to meet each other face to face and be together with each other.
So what brought the selfish imagination of your friends in this matter, is it because you and i met each other for this short time, and i have to order the organization to cancel or postponed their conference to the next ten year because i just met my new partner for this past two weeks, just think and tell me what the scenario looks like.
Again, you are asking me to prove the evidence to you, which really means that you too did not believe in me, so what is the hope of the relationship, since you did not believe in me, since you believe that it is the organization website that will determine your relationship with, that is very simple, you only need to request that from the secretaries because you have their contacts and we are limited for some information.
But for requesting the information of the participants, i think this is a request i really don't know what is in your mind and what you expected of me, because i really did not remember when i ever told you that i am one of the secretaries under the secretariat department nor the member of the board of directors that will have the information of all the interested and approved participants.
Or because i met with you and now you thought that this is what my duty here is all about, i just think i have made a mistake to met and know you, and meanwhile what is even my greatest imagination is that upon all these procedures, and even as the organization secretaries approved you and your friends to attend the events and will be processing your participating and traveling documents for all free.
The organization, the secretaries nor i, have neither nor will ever request any single money from you and your friends as you all will attend the both events, so i really did not know why these superstitious believes just arise in your minds and thoughts, honestly i have to confess that this is the least i expected of you, hear from you.


Mr From: Jin Hai Hotel <hoteljinhai@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 2:50 PM
Subject: JIN HAI HOTEL Reservation Form and Method of Payment.

Dear Customer,
It is our pleasure welcoming you to our harmonious country on this special event, The International Conference On Child abuse" Taking place here in Guangzhou China, Jin Hai Hotel is one of the Government approved hotel for the GLOBAL STANDARD SETTING ORGANIZATION  2010 event, we are well known for competitive and quality services and security guarantee, the management of the hotel shall give you their best for patronizing our service.

There are few rooms left for now. Below are the Available rooms and official rate for the G.S.S.O participants.All rate are in United State Dollar .you are to book 6 days reservation. from date of arrival, a day before the conference" and to the date of departure which is a day after the conference.

Room Type                  Room Rate per Night
Standard -                   Single US$45.00      (1 person)
Standard -                   Double US$80.00    (2 person)
Family Size-                Suite US$205.00     (5 person)
Superior                      Single US$135.00
Superior -                    Double US$160.00
Suite -                        Executive US$210.00
Suite -                        Garden US$265.00
Suite -                        Business US$305.00
The above rooms have modern facilities like,Telephone, Internet, Standby Car to take you to the conference venue and to also bring you back to the hotel at the end of each day, etc. Also there are swimming pools and sport facilities, your payment cover use of all these facilities but damage of any facilities will be reimburses by the client.

METHOD OF PAYMENT. Below Is the Bank Account Infomation: but due to the difficulties and time involved in clearing bank-bank transfer, we do also restrict the means of payment for the conference because the time involved, this does not distract you not to make your payment through bank transfer, but because of delay in transferring Bank to Bank payment your payment might get to us very late, in order to reach you with the confirmation of your hotel reservation payment faster, you need to forward your payment by WESTERN UNION bank in your country, or MONEY GRAM.

If your country do not transfer money through these above institutions,and you wish to transfer the payment through these above mentioned institutions you can send the payment through your neighboring or near-by country that pays to out side countries, No reservation is successfully made without half or full payment of the hotel rooms reservation payment, you have to pay half or full payment of your hotel reservation for us to prepare and send to you the official reservation payment confirmation.
Please direct your payment to our hotel accountant: SIST CLAUDIO address; (382 Huanshi Dong Lu Guangzhou, China) and inform us about the payment information and the receipt of the payment from the Bank that will be use to cash the payment from the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER bank in our country.

On receipt of your payment, we shall forward your confirmation to you, when forwarding your payment information, you should also forward along your phone number and you/your group complete name(s).
REFUND POLICY, Following the agreement reached and signed with the lawyers of the organizing committee of the G.S.S.O, we wish to inform you that payment will be refunded to you or any group or participant(s). If for one reason or the other could not attend the conference, Participant(s) have to be aware the transfer charges by the bank, it will be deducted from the hotel payment, please find the attached reservation form, make yours choice and send to us your payment slip information.
Payment instructions are as follow:-

BANK NAME:  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,Guangdong Branch
ACC. NUMBER:   622 202 360 202 763 0607
BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: No45 Susan Palo Building,Guangzhou China
BANK ADDRESS: NO 26 Xia Tang Xi Lu Guangzhou
Pay in the name of our Accountant... SIST CLAUDIO  
Payment Address....  Guangzhou China
Pls send us your control Number (MTCN)
Test Question should be------------- Jin
Answer---------------------------------------- Hai
Name of the sender-----------------------
Country of the sender -------------------
Enclose Name of sender and address. You should send us these information through our email contact, for any inquiry our English manager is also available for English speaking participants, we will be glad to serve you better will also expect you next during our Guangzhou 2010 all Asian Game if you will also be for it. Tel: +8613760714235        

Thanks for patronage,
Hotel Management.


Mr From: MAINTIENEN HOTEL <maintienenhotel@live.com>
Date: 2010/1/8

Attention Customer,
We are happy to welcome you in our country and we are very glad to receive and honor your request, but unfortunately we are very sorry to let you know that our hotel have been fully booked for these dates of the conference by the conference participants, we are very sorry for the disappointment, rather we advice you to check and contact the next recommended hotel, which is JIN HAI HOTEL, maybe through their contacts which is, hoteljinhai@yahoo.com, once again we are sorry for the disappointment.


Mr From: <globalstdsettorg@secretary.net>
Date: Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 5:48 PM
Subject: Attention.

260 One Main Street, Downtown, Texas 89103
States office Tel: + 1- 208- 902- 0167
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@secretary.net
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@mail.org
Secretary office: globalstdsettorg@qualitymail.com
Attention  Applicant,
Greetings, be inform, following the recent situation in the US today “TERRORIST TREAT” and Internet computer hackers/fraud alertness from the US security department,that there some group of people using the organization conference information for bad motive,we are sorry to inform participants that there is no special website design for this event because of security reason know fully well that USA is a target for some group of people today.

Terrorist and Internet hackers are at work, the US security department believe on the security of all our participants for this great events that is the reason these events was not made too open, participants are only by special invitation before they can be accepted to take part in this conference.

We vividly gave the recommended Hotels in that China which is HOTEL JIN HAI and MAINTIENEN HOTEL authority not to give out their Hotel websites for any reason, for the security of lives and property of our beloved participants and as well as you.
If any participant nor group of participants know that they are not willing to be part of these events, please he/she/they should give way for other serious personalities in your/their country that are willing to be part of this great events.
Thanks secretary,
Mrs Sarah Davids
Secretary Department  G.S.S.O

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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