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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

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Mr From: jenny kelly 
Date: Oct 6
Hello My Dear,

It pleases me seeing your mail which make my day happy because my ultimate concern is for us not to miss this chance as we have many thing to gain and achieve in this event, so how are you and life in general over there? hope not all that bad? well if everything is fine let us always give thanks to the almighty for the Lord is good all the time.

I am happy that the organization have replied your mail which is quite interesting and about the code which is your country international dialing number which +675.

The hotel issue i am going to ask the hotel i will stay and check the proximity to the hotel and yours but you have to contact the hotel the organization directed you and fine out the prize, check in the email of the organization you will the hotel where your to make your booking okay.

I hope you followed the past 65th UN General Assembly at the organization' s New York headquarters. You heard what the president Obama said to other world leader that Each of us has a responsibility to do our part.You heard Mr Obama who said that many remained pessimistic about the peace process, with cynics saying the two sides were too distrustful of each other and too divided internally, to forge lasting peace word to the Palestinians.

" Rejectionists on both sides will try to disrupt the process, with bitter words and with bombs," he said. " Some say that the gaps between the parties are too big; the potential for talks to break down is too great; and that after decades of failure, peace is simply not possible."

But the US president called on his fellow leaders to consider the alternative.

If an agreement is not reached, Palestinians will never know the pride and dignity that comes with their own state. Israelis will never know the certainty and security that comes with sovereign and stable neighbors who are committed to co-existence.

The hard realities of demography will take hold. More blood will be shed. This Holy Land will remain a symbol of our differences, instead of our common humanity."

Peace must be made by Israelis and Palestinians, but each of us has a responsibility to do our part as well. I am so proud of his speech and hope that the US and other countries will come together to see the existence of two happily states in the middle east.

Let me stop here about this world issue as i have to leave for my evening lecture is at hand and i will be expecting to hear from you soonest. Try to make me proud because i have promoted you before the organization secretary so that she will not see you like an ordinary Africans okay. So put more effort and make this conference a reality.
Have a nice day and be blessed.
Sincerely Yours Jan.
Hello My Dear,

  I am very happy to see your prompt mail and understand that you have the interest and zeal to be with me in the conference which the dates in question are for the US conference will be from 25 Th   to 29Th of November and the African side will be from 3 rd to 8Th of December of 2010 as quoted by the organization mail to you. 

Have you send all the required informations to the organization as they requested? please do so as soon as possible so that your file will be treated along with other at the same time. 

Please I want you to understand that the new law now is that every new members will pay half of their African hotel reservation money while the organization will pay the other half, this is what I want to let you know okay.

Mr On 10/9/10, City Holiday < cityholidayhotelsenegal@yahoo.com > wrote:

Rue Blaise Diagne  St Louis .
Senegal ,   West Africa.   
holidayaquariumcity@yahoo.com   )
( cityholidayhotelsenegal@hotmail.com )
TEL:  ++221-77-250-289-6   
FAX: ++221-33-836-409-1

Dear Client,

CITY HOLIDAY HOTEL  St  Louis Senegal. In responds to your mail, I will like you to understand that we are working according to the order and instruction received from the organisation INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ORG. Our hotel is a newly established hotel here in Senegal and can be located with the above address. So we are hereby welcoming you all to our country on this special event. Once more any condition stated herein is not by our hotel but by the organization because we are working according to the instruction given by them the Organisation. The International Conference on WAR AFFECTING CHILDREN AND HIV/ AIDS INFECTIONS taking place here in Senegal. We still have few rooms. Thanks for patronizing our service. We wish to inform you that below are the available rooms and official rates for the International Youth Organisation (IYO) participants. All rates are in EURO/ DOLLARS and in our local currency which is French CFA. You are to make 6 days/night reservation according to the instruction of the organisation, from the date of arrival to the end. The organisation has paid half while the prize below is your part to be sent to us depending on your choice of room to be paid for. Point to note, no reservation confirmation receipt will be issued without the payment as quoted below, please contact the organization for confirmation.



     SINGLE ROOM 85. Euro/ 115 US Dollars =(57.000 FCFA)1 PERSON

   DOUBLE SUIT 150. Euro /195 US Dollars=(87,000.00 FCFA) 2 PERSON

   FAMILY SIZE 250. Euro/ 355 US Dollars =(165,000.00 FCFA) 5 PERSON

The above rooms have modern facilities like Telephone, Internet and Standby Car to take you to the conference venue and to also bring you back to the hotel at the end of each day. Also there are swimming pools and sports facilities in which your payment covers the use of all these facilities but damage of any facilities will be reimburses by the client.


                                          METHOD OF PAYMENT:

We are sorry that our management does not accept the payment of credit card as at now with reason and for our security purpose. The account Number  is   30002400624   in (SGBS) SOCIETE GENERAL BANQUE of SÉNÉGAL.SWIFT CODE.SGSNSNDA  Dakar Senegal but because of the delay in transferring payment from outside countries, your payment might get to us very late. Transferring of payment from other countries to our country takes between 5 to 7 working days. We advise all of clients to make his/her payment through the use  Western Union Money transfer,   Eco bank rapid transfer, Money Express Services or  Money Gram  money transferMethod for instant receiver in order to reach you with the confirmation of thehotel reservation  receipt on time.

Point to note, no reservation is successfully made without payment of the hotel amount as directed by INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ORGANISATION. Direct your payment to our hotel  casher 
MR MUHAMMED SILLAH with ADDRESS:  St Louis  Senegal  and send to us immediately the payment information that will be use to cash the payment from the  Western Union Money transfer, Eco bank rapid transfer or   Money Gram in our country. On receipt of your payment, we shall forward your  RESERVATION CONFIRMATION LETTER  to you. When forwarding your payment information, you should also attach it with your name.


                                            REFUND POLICY:

By virtue of section 3B of our agency/ representative payment Act/ agreement with organizers of INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE. Sub-section 7ef, stated that payment will be refunded to any organization, group or participants. If for one reason or the other could not attend the conference but the participants have to be aware of the transfer chargers by the bank, and a night charge of the hotel will be removed from his/ her payment. 

As soon as your payment is received. We shall send to you the reservation confirmation letter which will carry your  room number  within 24 hours, which we will also send a copy to the U.S office on your behalf for confirmation. Feel free to call the hot line if you have any question. We advise you to make your booking immediately since we have only few rooms for the conference participants.


You can contact the under signed for more directives.


Dr Morentis Selgadoz.


If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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