Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs From: Milaya milaya-850@rambler.ru

How are you?
I've read your profile and decided to write you this
short letter and send you a smile. you're very interesting
person, i'd like to know more about you:



Hello my dear new friend,

It’s so nice that you mailed me back!
It is great, because it gives me feeling that you are interesting in me,
it is great because I'm very interesting in you and I’d like to know about
you as much as possible.
So, my name is Tanya, I was born on the 1st of October 1982 in the
small Kirovsk city It’s situated in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Here I was born and spent all my childhood. I work as a hairdresser. I like
my job very much, it’s also my hobby.
I’m looking for serious relations and a very special person – my second part
and when I find him, we’ll be everything for each other: best friends, partners,
lovers and of course life partners...I must admit that age difference, religious
or cultural differences are not important for me. I need a wise, reliable and
romantic man.
He must be gentleman when we are out together or with friends in public, but in
the privacy of our home and behind closed doors, it would be nice if he sometimes
wasn’t such a gentleman, if you know what I mean...Romance & emotional and physical
intimacy is very important ingredients in any serious relationships between two
I also think the most important in relations are love, respect and understanding.
It’s very important that people could understand each other not only the language
they speak, but also feelings and wishes each other. Do you agree?
And what about you? What features do you appreciate in woman? What is the most
important for you in relations?
I’m really very glad having made acquaintance with you. May be it’s first step for
very good friendship or who knows may be we're two parts,who finally found each other?
I think time will show…
I can’t wait already to read your letter again.



I am thinking a lot about you and I like to read from you again.
You know, I need to tell you something. I think that friendship
is very important in the relationships.
Let me explain what I mean here. I think that passion and affection
are very good, but two people that decide to be together need to know
how deal with each other in everyday life. You know what I mean?
And I think that friendship between them will help a lot. I would like
to see a very good, I can say the best friend in my soul mate. I thin
feel very comfortable with each other.
Do you agree with me? When I am reading your letters, I feel that you
are really very nice and interesting person.
You know, I have a dream. I would like to find a true love, a special
person who is going to love and take care of me and I will do the same
for him. I want our love to be forever. I think that when I meet that
special one I will give him all of my tenderness, care and love.
And what is your dream? What do you want the most from life? Please,
tell me. It will be very interesting for me to know what you are thinking
and dreaming about.
You know, I have a girlfriend who is married American man, they have made
acquaintance on Internet and now they live together very happily.
My girlfriend is very happy and she told me that men in another country
are another and differ greatly from the men in my country, they are more
polite and can treat and appreciate their woman. And that’s why I decided
to look for my second half abroad, because I really was disappointed in men
from my country…I don’t want to tell you that all men are very bed, no, of
corse, but any way, I didn’t met yet the right man…
I truly believe that my second half is somewhere far from me, but I’ll do
everything possible not to miss a chance to find him, because I really believe
people were born not to live a long and everybody has his or her second half,
do you agree? And neither age, nor religion, nor culture differences are not
important between people who really love each other, do you agree with me?
I hope you can agree with me, any way, I’m really enjoying our correspondence
and I can’t wait already to read your letter again ?
Have a nice day


Thank you very much for your letter. Today I couldn’t wait to read your
You know, I don't care where to live, I just want to be together with

my beloved man and if it's nessary I'm ready to relocate :)
I’m glad that our friendship and conversation are off to such a good start.
I’m really very interested in you and it feels like I have already known you
for quite some time, even though it's only been a few days since we became
How is your day today? How was your day yesterday?
You know yesterday the weather was bad, it was raining all the day, so I
stayed at home and watched TV.
I like to watch action movies, comedies and also cartoons. I am a big fan of
movies made by the Disney Company. My favorite actors are Sean Connery,
Angelina Joly, Julia Roberts and many others. I try to go to the movie
theater at least once or twice per month. On Saturday I want to go see a new
movie titled "The Brave One". It's about a woman who turns into a vigilante
and fights for self justice. I heard good news about it and I want to go see
it. Who knows, maybe someday soon we will be able to go watch movies
together at the theater?
I like to read books about everything that has to do with criminal or
political stories. I like spy novels and of corse like every woman, I like
also fashion magazines.
As for the music I like almost every kind of it! But what music I decide to
listen to depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to listen to loud and heavy
Rock'n Roll, other times I prefer something more quiet. I like Beyonce,
Pussycat dolls, Shakira, Madonna very much.
I definitely like romantic evenings. Dinner with candlelight, or a moonlight
walk along the beach! You can hear the waves of the ocean crashing on the
shore and you can see many creatures in the water that you can't see during
the day! Or a romantic swim at night in the warm water of the ocean or the
pool! I hope that very soon you and I can spend many romantic evenings
Write me about everything you like and dislike, everything about you is very
interesting for me.
I am looking forward to your next letter.



Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it again.
I’m really enjoying our communication and I see you’re very nice and serious person,
I appreciate this, thank you very much.
How are you? Today I've the big desire to write to you. I’m really very interested
in you and want to know everything about you. I still can’t understand why you’re still
alone… you’re very good person, how the women in your country can’t see this?
I suppose I can tell you now about my bad experience in relations. I hope you have an
idea of the problem with alcohol in my country and I suppose you understand why I don't
want to look for a husband here in Ukraine.
Let's begin since the very first day of the acquaintance. I worked in the cosmetic shop.
I was going home after my work but it began raining and I could not go because I had left
my umbrella at home. It was summer but never the less I didn't want to get wet and to take
a cold. I was standing under the roof of the building waiting till the rain would stop.
But the rain was not going to stop and I wanted to go home in the rain. But a young man was
going in my direction with an umbrella. He saw that I couldn't go with an umbrella and
offered me to take his one. I asked him: "And what about you?" He said that he would spend some
time in the car and may be the rain would stop soon. I asked how I would be able to return him
the umbrella. he said his address to me and his name. His name is Vladimir. It was not far from
the shop. I wrote down his address and promised to give him the umbrella the next day in the
The next day in the shop was so long for me. I was looking forward to finishing my work to give
the umbrella back to Vladimir. I wanted to learn how he was. As soon as my working day was over,
I left my work. Vladimir was standing at the door smiling. He came to meet me. Then we walked for
a long time. We talked a lot. Then we began to see often each other, every day…
Once we were invited to a Birthday party of his friend. I agreed to go to see his friends, as I
wanted to know more about him. Vladimir didn't drink even champagne. I thought it was because of
me, because I didn't drink as well. But his friends told me that Vladimir really didn't drink
alcohol. I liked Vladimir. I think he also. We became more than friends and we began to live together.
First 2 months we were very happy. But then he got a very good job. He became a lawyer. He made much
money. But he began drinking alcohol. At first a little bit - then more and more. he didn't sleep at
home at night. I hoped he change for the better, that he would become the same he had been before.
But nothing changed. Once I was beaten by him bitterly and left my home. He didn't came back 9 days.
Our friends told me that they had seen Vladimir with other girls. When he came back he even wasn't
sorry and didn't apologize. So I made him to leave my home forever.
Now I am happy that I didn't marry him. I don't want such relations once again. Almost all Russian men
drink alcohol a lot that's why I can't find the rignt man with whom I could create family....
I'm sorry my letter is too long. But I wanted to show you what I am feeling. I am very happy that I got
acquainted with you. I hope our communication will never stop and will make us only closer to each other:).
My best regards


Hello dear

I am very glad to receive your letter and at once I write to you the answer.
How are you today? I hope everything is ok?
As for me, I’m ok, just very busy at work during the last time. By the way,
I wanted to ask you, did you tell somebody of your friends about our acquaintance?
I have shared the impressions with my close friends and parents.
They give you greetings, they think it’s a little strange way to correspond by Internet
but my friends are happy for us.
I also have never understand, how people can get acquainted and communicate on the
And now I perfectly understand, that it is very nice and I’m really very glad that we
have met here, because I’m really enjoying our correspondence and still can’t believe
that such nice person like you write me and interested in me ?. It’s very pleasant for me…
I have told to parents about our acquaintance, and they even were surprised a little,
that I communicate with a person from other country and completely not close.
They so long asked me about you, and about us with you.
They have asked me, whether serious we are? I told them, that yes, we’re serious.
And, it’s truth, because I’m really very serious with you and I’ve very good feeling about
us, as from your letters I feel you’re very serious person and your attitude to finding your
partner is very serious too. I like this fact very much and I appreciate this!.
I am quiet adult person and I see and feel you. I see, that between us there is something
greater, than simply friendship and dialogue. Am I right? I wish to see the same from you …
On these dots I wish to finish the today's letter.
I’m waiting for your answer and hope to receive your answer very soon :)
Best regards


Thank you very much for your letter, I should receive your letters all the time they
have become so important to me.
I must confess When I am at home, or working I think a lot about you and wish we meet soon.
I feel, we have become close friends, through our writing, but I want to tell you that
I know that we are far more than friends. I really feel very good about us and I feel so warm
and happy in my heart when I think about you. I started to miss you so much an wait for your letters.
I want finally to hold your hand and to talk to you while looking in your eyes.
I'm really very glad that we have the same dreams - to create our own family where there is no shouting
or swearing, only love and understanding and respect for each other. I never want to get divorced and
have that pain and watching the children suffer because they are unhappy. I want us to have a good
and happy life
I would love you to come into the kitchen and talk to me while I’m preparing dinner or supper
and maybe help me….or sometimes you meet me after my work and we go to a nice restaurant for supper :)
or may be just simple walking along the part....
I'm honestly happy having met you here in Internet and I believe we have a chance to find out if we will
fall in love and have our future together.
I want you to know that when we are together I will look after you and you will protect you from
anything. Right? I truly want to find someone to love with all my heart for the rest of my life
and be loved in return. I will give everything for my man...
You are not only handsome on the outside but on the inside as well. I can see it in your letters and I
would be proud to have such man by my side like you :).
I wish you very nice day
with kisses


Hello, my dear

Thank you very much for your letter, I like reading them during my break at
work or after my working day, usually I feel tired, but your letters always
inspire me, because they are like fresh air for me :)
I’m really enjoying our correspondence and from it I see you’re really very
nice person, I’m very glad having made acquaintance with you and now more and
more I begin to think, how wonderful it would be to see you in reality.
You really became very important and close me person,
I think that it is so amazing that we are together. I think that you also miss
me a little like I miss you while I do not have your words and your thoughts.
It is so exciting to imagine us being together. It is so exciting for me to
realize that I met such man like you. I know that there are not relations without
arguing, discussions and something like this, but I think that it keeps relations
alive and more passionate. I know that we also will have a lot of talks and we have
a lot to tell each other as we turned only a couple of pages from our life books..
Do you agree with me? But now being a little bit exhausted I simply wish to dream
and to think about my being with my man... can I call you like this? I began to think
about our meeting and I even prepared some of my thoughts for you, take it like
imaginations, but you can be sure that if we wish we can make them to be true.
I have written out my dream of meeting you, it's as follows: My first glimpse of you
takes my breath away. My heart begins to bit faster. We stand staring into each other's
eyes for several seconds… When you are near me, your left hand gently touch my cheek.
I close my eyes in pleasure at the feel of your hand finally on my skin. I lift my hands
and place them on your chest, feeling your heart thundering in your chest, it's rhythm
matching my own and you gently kiss my lips… My knees are weak and my heart feels like
it is going to explode. There is no need for words… there are tears of sheer joy at
finally being able to hold my man in my arms...
Tell me your dreams, it’s really very interesting for me…because you’re really very
important for me ?
I close my letter with a very tender kiss to you :)


Hello my sweetheart!

Thank you very much for your letter, your letters are always very pleasant for me.
I’m always become very happy when I see a letter from you.
I have been dreaming for all of my life about happiness. And what does it mean "happiness?"
Happiness for me it is my future family, my love, a good housekeeping & a garden smothered in roses.
You know, I had a dream last night. I laid on the beach, I saw a big seashore, I felt the
breathing of the sea. The liquid touches of inflows caressed all by body, the waves throw me.
Maybe it was the call of my destiny. I feel my happiness is so close.
But it' so far away...
The happiness for me is a man of my dream. I will share with him all my troubles I'll give him
my heart. A man of my dream is tender, affectionate, with shining eyes with open soul and clear
as blue ocean, caressing me and loving me each day.
I really think we have a lot in commons and may be it’s really destiny that we met? I think yes!
And I’m really afraid now even to think that I could not met you…
I’m really very happy having met you in my life ?
I wait for your letter


Hello my dear,

I again want to tell to you many thanks for your fine letter.
You can’t even imagine how much I’m glad when I see a letter from you ).
How are you today? How is your work? I hope everything is ok with you, because I really wish
you only the best and worry about you :)
My working day was not very good. As i had a lot of work today. But when I think of you,
I again receive a lot of forces ?
In me there are many forces.
I want to tell you that right now I often think about us… and with every letter again and
again I feel we have a lot in commons with you and I really think something very nice and
good can happen with us…
I dream to wake up once in the bed with my only beloved and to feel him close to me not
opening of eyes yet, to feel easy strong and gentle hands, to feel tenderness from gentle
and sweet lips and I want that time, have stopped during this moment and we would be only
one, and anyone is not present at the world only me and you…
In the afternoon we’ll enjoy walks in shadows of wood and trees will whisper to us as…we’ll
go along the street, cities carrying out each other’s hands and people will envy our happiness
and to be grateful for us.
I want it, and dream about this very much…
Tell me more about your dreams…
You now know that my feelings are serious to you.
I want to be happy and I’ll do everything possible to make my dream reality… :)
May be you will help me to make it reality ?
I send you my the most tender kisses


Hello, dear

Thank you very much for your letter. As a usually I was very glad to receive it from you.
Excuse me please for my delay with answer.
I spent couple of days with my aunt in the village. She was sick – catch flue. She lives
alone and has no kids, that’s why there were nobody who can help her…I mean to go for some
shopping or buy some medicine.
And that’s why I decided to spend my weekend in the village looking after my aunt.
But now she is much better and I came back home yesterday evening…
An today – the first thing what I did at work – looked in my mailbox to check if there is a
message from you :) I really missed you and your letters..
How are you? How have you been during this time?
Please send me a piece of news from you :)
I really need it and think of you :)
Have a nice day
My big hugs and kisses
Your Tatiana

Hello,My Dearest Darling,

Thank you very much for your letter, for your nice and warm words.
My life is so empty without you, and your letters.
I hate coming home after work to an empty apartment and i often imagine
seeing you sitting on the sofa when I enter my apartment and I go over
to give you a big kiss and tell you how very much I missed you all day.
My world begins when you are here to greet me every evening and we
prepare dinner together, how wonderful it is to walk with you in the park
after dinner and just to enjoy each others embraces.
I want this to be reality honey. You don't sound at all happy with your
life right now either, you are tired of your job and going home and no one
is waiting for you and it is a real pity to be lonely. I say let's chuck it
all and start anew.
We will never have another lonely day and every day will be wonderful because
we love each other and we will just enjoy doing everything together.
I will support you in everything that you do.
You know, my dear, only now I realize that our life is predestined before we
are born -and I think that our meeting was supposed to happen...
I believe that each person have been predicted to do things he/she was supposed
to go through...I believe that if we did not meet earlier it has happened so
because we were not ready for the meeting - we had to over come some obstacles
in our life that helped us to realize that we should be going in a different
direction in our life.
And we have reached our aim in finding the special one -I have found the most
special person for me - each day I am going through the difficulties - the main
difficulty is that I haven't you near my side and I want to be with you so much...
I am so looking forward to the day when we will actually meet...and I know that
after this meeting we won't want to live separately...and all of our dreams and
desires will become true...
Well darling i must close for now, it is almost time for me to go home and i still
have some work
Hope you had a good day today. write soon.
With all my love


Hello, my dearest,
I really like reading your letters every time, and it certainly brightened
the day...as I read I feel we are talking and you and the words your express
are a lot of my feelings also.
It’s as though you know my feelings and things I enjoy also.....
we seem to be on the same path in life and enjoy similar interest and feelings.
I really think you're very good person. Yes we have the same purpose in life
and perhaps destiny has brought us together for a reason.
Time, honesty and patience are always the guide and our destiny will prevail.
I have the same feelings about a relationship as you.
I am a very affectionate person also, I enjoy the touching and kissing and making
my partner feel special and pleasing which is the utmost of importance in a relationship.
And now I am happy because I have met you in this big world. Also I am happy to write to
you letters because I think that you are glad to receive my letters too.
As you know, I’m a hairdresser. It is interesting work for me, because I speak with a lot
of people and some of them tell me about many interesting things and yesterday one woman
told me that her daughter married in another country. She told me that her daughter was
corresponding with her future husband and after that they decided to marry. When she was
telling me about it I thought about you. We with the woman spoke for a long time because
it was very interesting to me but unfortunately I should work and woman left. I hope that
I can meet woman once again to speak with her. I believe in God and destiny and I don’t
know what will happen but if we have the similar destiny we will know about it after sometime.
If we are really happy I will follow you.
But I really see we have a lot in commons and I really see and believe we can have very nice
and happy future together, don’t you agree? Because from your letters I see you’re very good
person and you have everything what I was looking for ? and every day, with every your letter,
my interest to you becomes stronger and stronger…
I really think about you…and waiting for your letters…
Big hugs and kisses


Hello, sweetheart!

It was very pleasant for me to receive a letter from you, you are really
a very interesting person and a very good friend ,
It is so nice to talk with you , you can tell me much more information
than I knew before I believe that you can teach me many good and clever
things, it is makes my mood better:-)
You know, if I find right man for living together..yes, I'm ready to

leave my country...but for me it's really very serious step...
Today I had a very good day! I have already said you that I do like my
work very much,
But we have very good friend, I have very good people around me and I am
really glad about this fact:-) And what about you ?
Do you have many friends? How important is it for you to have friends?
So, while we were working we began a very interesting talk about love!
Some people don't believe in this feeling, some of them even believe in
love at first sight, some of them speak about life with many partners and
they don't want to have a family, some of them think that every man must
live with only one partner during all his life,
such people want to have a family very much, but some of them don't want
to speak about such topics at all, but they had a not very successful
experience in marriage and I can understand them!
What about you , what do you think about this feeling, I would like to know
your thoughts about it:-)!
As for me I have an original opinion, you know that my family was an ideal
family for me! My father
loved my mother with all his soul, he tried to protect us from all bad events
in our life. It is an
ideal of a real family for me even now. I dream about the life with only one
my beloved man, I don't want to have anybody else!:-). I don't believe in love
at first sight and I can't even believe that this feeling can come suddenly
when we don't wait for it! I think that people must build their reltionships
together! It is really important nowadays to understand it I think, because
there are many young people who at first create a family then they understand
that their love has gone, or maybe this was not love but passion, and then
they see that they are just two different people living together, and they
start quarrel about the most banal things and get drowned in the routine, and
want to escape from it, and that is why we have a very big quantity of divorces
in all country, but I heard that abroad people try to make some career, to have
a stable work and then they can create their families and I am sure that it is
the right view on life, I mean a relationship should have a base of feelings,
but a marriage should have a base of stability. What do you think am I right ?
Can you tell me about this think in your next letter:-)!
I think that people must understand that thay really match, that they have similar
views on life and of
course they must realize that they want to live with each other for all their life:-)!
Do you agree with my mind in this email ?
It would be very inteersting for me to know your opinion in the next letter:))
with all my best regards
your Tanya


Hello, my darling,

Thank you very much for your letter. I'm always so happy to receive letters from you.
they are very important for me, your letters like fresh air for me.
if I only could express everything I feel to you!
Do you really know what you mean for me? Do you really know how much I love you?
I am so short of words to describe what you mean to me..I have every reason to be happy
because I have you in my life! God has made me the luckiest woman by blessing me with a
cute, caring , sincere , affectionate and above all a loving man. A man I trust and
believe in...
I'm really very happy having you, even if you're far from me, you're always on my mind,
you're always with me...
Sorry, honey, frankly speaking, today I'm not in a very good mood.
During the last time, here in my country there is an economical crises, as the result the
prices became higher and the owner of my flat (as you know I rent my apartment) told me,
that payment for the flat increased too and now I have to pay 350 dollars per month.
I'm in shock, I didn't take into consideration this increasing for the flat and I can't
pay for it this month. I really don't know what to do. I asked my parents to help me, but
my father has problems with his work and they also can't help me.
I can't come back to my parents' home as they are separated and live with another family
I tried also to find another cheaper flat, but I live in a very small city and everywhere
the prices are the same.
I really don't know what to do...
And frankly speaking I was thinking about you. I didn't want to ask you, but i really haven't
another way... You are my last hope...
Honey, but if you can't or don't want to help me, of corse I'll understand.
you really mean a lot for me and in any case I don't want to loose you. I really love you.
I just don't know what to do...
and rely only on you. You're my last hope...
I would never ask but I really hadn't another way...
sorry me please...hope you can understand me.
I'm waiting for your reply impatiently.
With love and kisses
your Tanya


Yes, the situation here in my country is not very good now...
I'm really in trouble and need your help...
I'm ashaimed to ask you about help, but I really hadn't another way...you're my last hope.....
exusse me please...
I ask you to help me only this month as the next one I'l have additional job and will be able to give you money back..
but now I really need your help..
please tell me can I rely on you?
sorry me please

your Tatiana


thank you very much for your wish to help me..
I really appreciate this very much.
I promise to give you money back at the end next month...
You're really my rescuer..
I haven't bank account, as I get my salary in hands..but if you really wish to help me you can do this via Western Union or Money gram there are such oulets here in my city...
ad for my details:
Ukraine, Kirovsk city (96700), street Lenina, 23\10
Tatiyana Tokareva
Thank you for being with me in difficult situation...
your Tatiyana


From: milaya-850@rambler.ru
Subject: Tanya
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 17:07:15 +0200

I really haven't bank account...
I have to solve my problem, I'm so tired as my owner calls me every day asking for money...
excuse me please, but please tell me can you help me? May I rely on you..
I'm sad, because I don;t know what to do...
I really need your help....

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