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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Sent: Saturday, March 12, 1988 5:36 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
From the desk of Mr. Jonathan B. Majiyagbe, S.A.N., OFR
Legal Attorney to Honorable Minister for Finance for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Attn: Dear Beneficiary
Your companys dream of receiving this contract fund would only be made possible if you would adhere strictly to my instructions. The legal department federal ministry of finance on Financial Matters, National House of Assembly, Contract Review Panel and the Presidential Task Force on Trade Malpractice even the International Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) are not aware of the level of manipulation that was done on the report that was submitted by one Eng (name withhold) some few months back. Your legal Adviser / representatives who have been fighting tooth and nail to ensure that this payment works out this time around may be ignorant of the fact that you are not the rightful beneficiary of this fund.
How could you be trusting people and at the end you will loose your hard earned funds, or are you being deceive by their big names? The impersonate on many offices, claiming to be Director/Chairman of one office or the other. The major plan is to extort you and to knowing fully well that they are not in the position to pay you any dime rather to steal what you have and left you with nothing. several times they issue you with FAKE BANK DRAFT,UN-EXISTING TRANSFER WITH A STOP ORDER WHICH THEY WILL MANIPULATE, THEY WILL SOMETIMES PROVIDE A BOX FULL WITH BLACK MONEY OR MOST TIMES THEY MONEY WILL BE IN DOLLARS FORM BUT FAKE CURRENCY, IT IS THE MONEY YOU HAVE THEY WILL PUT INTO THE BOX AS ORIGINAL LATER GIVE YOU SOME MONEY TO SPEND. THEY WILL EITHER ASK YOU TO BRING MONEY FOR CHEMICAL OR A SUBSTANCE THAT WILL BE USED TO CLEAN STAMPS MARKS PLACED ON THE MONEY.MOSTLY THE RESIDES IN SPAIN, LONDON, INDONECIA, AFRICAN COUNTRIES,BRASIL, HOLL AND, GERMANY E.T.C. THEY WILL MOS
What has kept all the paying bodies in the dark is the level of work that was done on your contract file by your attorney Couple of months ago, I detected the difference at the Central Computer of the federal ministry, but I never bothered disclosing this to anybody even to your Legal Adviser. This same contract reference number and amount was paid on the October, 2009 to some people that claim to be the beneficiary of the contract/payment. Without going further, you still stand the chance of getting this recalled payment released into your account if you wish to corporate with me.
You are stringently warned not to disclose this information to any body not even your wife or your closest friend for now until we are through with this transfer.
The Presidency and the Director of International Remittance has given the last order for the release of this fund months back, from the clearing house in Saudi Arabia before the transferred payment was recall to the suspense account of the Central Bank of Nigeria but are ignorant that it has been paid. Be informed that this fund would have been released to your account since, but due to some logistic problems it was not made possible.
All is now set for this transfer if you can adhere to my instruction/suggestions.
All these imposters do not have power as they claim. All they are looking for is a way of extorting money from you. An investigation is now going on secretly and as a matter of fact your file has already been blacklisted for cancellation if fund out that you are a ghost contractor. I can show this prove upon request just for you to know exactly what I am talking about, so stop wasting your time/hope if you are going to have a genuine transfer because it would not work out as your helpers assured you it would. Do not even believe what you are told about in these proposals you receive everyday from different officials or even those certificates that they do sent to you over there, they can not help you out.
The problem you are having is that you have not been told the whole truth about this transaction and it is because of this truth they decided to be extorting your money. The most annoying part is even fraudsters have really taken advantage of this opportunity to enrich themselves at your expense. Those you feel are assisting or working for you are your main problems. I know the truth surrounding this payment and I am the only person who will deliver you from this long suffering. Most of them have extorted you for many years with different crooked stories. The money in question is still here in the bank, forget what they are telling you that the money have been moved from here to another country where there associates resides. Most of the numbers they are using are secured through the internet that is while you are deceived and confused up till today
Having invested so much on this already, you need to fight on to get this money as quickly as possible because this investigation would last till the end of this last payment quarter of the year. The only way to get the payment under this condition is by doing away with official bureaucracies this time. I could single handedly and secretly transfer this fund quickly by juggling through the telex system, destroying the said contradicting information corrupting your data record in the Central Computer System of the Federal Ministry of finance with Norton Virus and using an entirely new bank account in receiving the funds (since the old account is now known to almost everyone). Stop wasting your time and hard earned money on this fruitless attempt of getting paid officially.
This could ruin your financial status as this would go on and on like an endless story and without you getting paid at the end of the day. Your representative over here is good but not good enough to know the bad officials. Tell him that he should stop chasing shadows. Nobody is disputing your claim but I have all the evidences to prove that your claim is fraudulent. If you wish to make any trouble, it will cause more harm than good. So nobody should hear/see this mail/letter not even your wife. I have my ear to the ground, if by any way this secret licks out, my dear you be in for it because I will blow the trumpet loud for every one to know what has been going on about this payments “to warn one is to before harm”. Do not doubt any single word of what you have heard today. Every body at the Presidency/Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is looking up to the investigation and release of this fund, if fond valid.
Anyway, by the virtue of my position I have been following this transaction from inception and all your efforts towards realizing the contract/inheritance fund. More often than not, I sit down and laugh at your ignorance and that of those who claim they are assisting you, it is very unfortunate that at the end you WILL BE THE ONE TO loose. Although, I dont blame you because you are not here in Nigeria to witness the processing of your payment in Nigeria . I was among the officials who deleted your payment information from the Federal Government of Nigeria Payment list making it impossible for you not to receive your funds due to your collaborate with the fraudsters . I did it because your partners requested MY assistance as the legal Anti-fraud investigation panel director in charge of investigation unit federal Ministry of finance and to instruct the paying bank for domicile all your payment informations into the payment credit ing system which I did but in the
Finally, feel free to contact me if only you will stop listening to there stories which I believed by now you must have been asking yourself why after this months and years nothing have been paid to you despite all your financial commitments. Why dont you try another avenue after all this months and years somebody is still telling you all kinds of stories that will never be real. I have set out plans to work your payment through wire transfer with new account details which those criminals has used in extorting your hard earned money but we still have the original means of doing that. I am sorry that it took me time to covey this message to you but it is not late since you must defiantly receive your funds if only you will forget those people that is presently deceiving you and see how it will be, although you are very bitter and angry with the whole situation but wipe away your tears because the Federal Government has instructed me to final ized with you and the paying bank
Note also those documents issued to you are or FAKE and That was why you have not received your fund till today. But I also promise that as soon as you settling the only applicable charges meant for Notarization and Reconciliation Fee which is not much as we discussed in our last meeting with the United Nations Officials this week, I dont think any thing will stop the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE not to approve your payment and instruct the paying bank to transfer your contract/inheritance fund to your account.
This is authoritative and I will advise you to follow up with this instructions. No matter whatever you must have gone through in this project and cause of this payment. Once the reconciliation notarization fee is done, the transfer will took place and you shall have the copy of the transfer slip through the paying bank.
Remember your so call representatives will only be aware of this only when the fund must have confirmed in your account. On the above suggestion, we can do it only together on a highly confidential level for security reasons. It would be a top secret for us to succeed. If you accept this offer, please send an email to me immediately via my private email address and feel free to ask questions. This arrangement is going to be quick and it is the only sure way of getting this funds to you now that their are serious doubt on the minds of payment authorities due to what they had been told.
I have put in good number of years in the Legal service. Finally, we have to be quick in action as the month is just begging and everything about contract payment for this second face of last quarter has not been given the necessary attention. I repeat do not doubts even a single word in this letter. Have you ever wondered why you have not received this fund till this moment, even after having met with the entire payment demands and regulations and even the fund being transferred to our Correspondence Bank? If they (your agents) had been competent enough they should have been able to detect this lingering problem and find a lasting solution to it. Please think fast and respond urgently and if you do not want to work with me for obvious reasons, please destroy this letter so as to save our faces.
We look forward to your earliest response.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Jonathan B. Majiyagbe, S.A.N., OFR
Legal Attonery to Honourable Minister for Finance for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Office address:8, Mahatma Gandhi Street
Off Lord Lugard Street, Area 11 Junction
P.O. Box 1551 (Area 1) Asokoro, Abuja

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