Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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From: MALCOM LISA < elisamalcom@gmail.com >
Sent: Sat, November 27, 2010 9:09:20 PM

Hello dear ,
Thanks foryour mailsit sounds nice and interesting honey I will be very pleased to have you, beside me however, I would like to know if you have considered my offer about my application you give it a second though, I will like a situation we put and end to this distance relationship where we can leave together as a family which I want us to develop , please dear do consider it and forward you application and CV to the email address I sent you in those other previous mail I love you honey

Mr From: LIQUIFIED NATURAL PETROLEUM GAS < liquifiednaturalpetroleumgas@gala.net >
Sent: Sun, November 28, 2010 6:04:06 AM
Subject: LNPG 2010 BROCHURE

Dear Applicant.
Consequent to your recommendation from our board of trustee's .We present to you the 2008 L N P G Recruitment and Employment program! Which stand as an open door to assist mankind to opportunities? We send our regards fromL N P GBoard of Directors, Board of Employers association
Natural gas is the world's cleanest burning fossil fuel and it has emerged as the environmentally preferred fuel of choice. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates domestic natural gas demand will grow by more than 40 percent between now and 2025 - growth driven largely by new gas-fired electric generation nationwide.
Domestic natural gas production is declining and can no longer meet our needs. The solution is liquefied natural gas, or L N P G, which, last year comprised only 3 percent of total natural gas use in the United States. By 2025, as much as 15 percent of U.S. gas supplies could come from L N P G, according to the EIA.
Reduced natural gas supplies have led to prices that are almost double those of two years ago. The higher prices are pressuring some North American industries that depend heavily on natural gas—such as chemical firms—to relocate overseas.
The employment program is only giving to certain number of applicant that is capable of meeting up with some pre-requisites. The employment Program is never under advertisement; they are not opened to everybody to participate, it's only under strict recommendation set-aside for people that wish.
We are only recruiting single participant or groups with recommendation from top personals from and of the storage sectors or other recognized organization around the world. We are only honoring your recommendation hence it came from a recognized personal around this organisation. We are giving you the opportunity to benefit from this employment program. It's a program that leads to employment opportunities. Applicants under the training program vying to under this training without engineering skill shall have to pass six weeks training institute while qualified engineers in all engineering fields are to undergo a three weeks induction course with L N P G and three to six weeks disposition on conclusion of training in his/her choice of country respectively in the United states or Canada, on probation on before confirmation according to

L N P G workers associations.
Clause (1)
L N P G Group of Companies reported that a settlement has been reached in a class action and related litigation brought against certain Group of companies on behalf of employees participating in certain United States employee savings plans that are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA ). The class action, which is pending in United States Federal Court in New Jersey, makes certainERISA -based claims based upon L N P G s re-categorisations of its proved oil and gas reserves. An order preliminarily approving the proposed settlement has been entered. If the court finally approves the settlement, L N P G will pay $90 million which after certain expenses (including court-approved attorney's fees) are deducted will be distributed to eligible participants in the relevant employee savings plans. L N P G also has agreed to pay up t o $1 million of plaintiff's counsellor out-of-pocket expenses and the costs of providing notice to class members. The lead plaintiffs will prepare an allocation plan and approved by the court. In addition, as part of the settlement agreement, L N P G has agreed to adopt certain new procedures for monitoring and training individuals appointed to fiduciary positions in savings plans that are subject toERISA . Of the proposed settlement amount, $25 million is covered by insurance policies. The settlement relates to all ERISA-based claims relating to the reserves re-categorisations, but does not relate to or affect pending securities claims. Beat Hess, L N P G Legal Director, commented, L N P G believes that this is a good settlement for plan participants and for the companies. We are hopeful that the court will approve the settlement, which represents an important step toward putting litigation relating to the reserves re-categorisations behind us.
Clause (2)
Shelter will be provided to all applicants for the period of training and employment. Portions of the Payment for the house accommodation will be deducted from the employee monthly salariesfor a period of 4-5 years and at the end of the payment tenure, the employee will become the owner of the house,The US/Canada L N P G 2009 is employment Programme provides excellent opportunities for pro-active youths, gas sector, and family that intent to be employed by L N P G company in the US and have the mind to work. L N P G has made available a number of sponsored opportunities alongside in playing key role of assistance. L N P G provides equal employment opportunity to all employees pending your statue of education/understanding and other basic requirement. Applicants for the employment/training program should be in full compliance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations of federal, state and local governing bodies or agencies. No person shall be discriminated against in employment decisions because of race, religion, colour, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or mental/physical disability L N P G Company has made a reasonable accommodation for all successful applicants who went through the normal procedures.
Your educational qualifications will determine the nature of jobs and positions.

Most question arising from applicant on this program; -why shouldn't they apply in L N P G energy company from their country of residence? The reason for this usually, is that L N P G members country are been place on quota base on the reform and activeness of the members country in L N P G energy network, if this quota for example is more or less insufficient or more than manpower resource of any given member country the member country has the right to recruit applicant outside the country to fill the quota in other to boost her energy resource, therefore giving more chances and job opportunities through our L N P G network.
Recommended applicants interested in participating in these L N P G Employment program should forward their data's to their L N P G Zonal continental office to obtain the participant assessment reference file number for this program. Applicants should be twenty years and above to participate in these esteemed L N P G Employment Program. On completion of your registration process, L N P G shall be responsible for your visa invitation to your residence country including your flight tickets to commence this exercise by L N P G .
Academic record is one key factor in assessing your application. Our experience and research on successful professionals has, however, shown that academic skills alone are rarely sufficient to be successful within a company as challenging, dynamic, diverse and global as L N P G. We have identified the following qualities as critical to high performance in LN P G

Do you have the analytical ability to place problems in a wide but relevant perspective?
* The ability to analyze data quickly and learn fast, basingJudgments on fact not sentiment!
* The ability to analyze outside existing boundaries to identifyImplications and learn from others!
* The creativity to propose innovative solutions!
*The ability to manage uncertainty within complex environments to produce workable solutions
Do you have the ability to get things done?
* The drive and enthusiasm to set yourself and others challenging unambiguous targets
* The resilience to deliver
* The courage and self-confidence to tackle unfamiliar problems and go against the crowd when necessary.
Do you have the ability to work efficiently with others in a team?
L N P G respect and concern for people valuing contributions from others regardless of culture or status,
Demonstrating honesty and integrity in all actions?
Create trust through open and direct communications?
Persuading others through the inspiration, sensitivity and clarity of their argument?
Arranging clear means of communication and decision-making?
We look at these qualities throughout our application process. If you can demonstrate the above qualities in greater quantity than most of your contemporaries, there's a great dealon offer atL.N.G
Employment Programme contact and address. This Employment Program has been zone into three geological zones:
The North and South American continent `zone 2` should kindly contact
Customer Service
1001 Ashies Street, HQ 16
San Diego, CA 92101
Email; -
Telephone: - + 1-337-214-0010
Fax:- +
East/North and Western Europe continent should contact
L N P G`zone 3
Mr, Lawrence Bernard
12, Brunt cliff Way,
London SE1 7NA
Email ; lnpgeurope@mmail.com
Those from African/Asian Continent should Kindly contact
L N P G`zone 4´
The Operation Manager
Mr. Richard Paul
63, Reu de Marseille,
En Ville Conakry

Applicants should forward the following by e-mail to their zonal office which is in line with the contacts above.
These include the following:
1) Full name
2) Passport numbersof applicants (if available)
3) Name of country of origin and resident country
4) Contact telephone and fax number
5) Educational background


Applicants should pay an official registration fee of 200 US Dollars after they must have contact their zonal administrative offices and receive their participation code number for participation. Applicants without their travelling document will pay an additional 120 US Dollars each for the processing of their UN emergency Travelling Certificate. In all, applicants without travelling document is entitle to pay a uniform fee of $320 USD for registration/assessment fee, after receiving their group reference file number.
Applicants without passport arealso expected to send along with their registration payment with the following:
1) One photograph size 4x4cm full face passport photographs with a light background taken within the least 6 months
Those with and without travelling passport should forward together at the same time all requirement expect to their zonal continental office through their sub zonal coordinator, on receiving the reference file number from their zonal office. The sub zonal officer is expected to fax their probation reference file numberto the head office through thisfax numbers+ 1 732-365-7493and for the board and approval panel to cross checkand deliberates on the groups' approvalbefore authorization of the approved group to forward their registration fees as directed.
Any single applicant or group to be officially registered from any country, applicant should contact their zonal office with their C/V forcross examination andregistration. (If in group)a group should notbe morethan twenty persons as these are the least number we need from any group.Attached is employment brochure.
Secretary LNG Employment Program



From: "lnpgworkers@email.com" < lnpgworkers@email.com >
Sent: Wed, December 1, 2010 11:16:13 AM
Subject: LNPG-AFRO-ASIA/EMP/02A05KEN04/DEC/0M01/10

Hello Applicants,
Compliments fromLNPG Inter-Continental Administrative Office..........The application procedures are all already in progress.
We have succeeded in opening application file on probation here in ourLNPG Continental Administrative Department.
Your file will become effective once it is approved by theLNPG International officein theUS or CANADA. Your data are here with us.
We have opened your Application file with the Data received from your group...

Your Reference file numberi s
You will need to re-forward by fax, your data along with your issued application reference file number to the International office to join the application queue. Your application will be considered or given urgent attention pending the number of applications that have already been received from your country and If your country's quota for this program has not yet completed....
Down load the attached form and fill out as soon as possible and forward it back to the international office for approval. You will need to address your data to the attention of the Program overseer at the head office by fax through this number+ 1- (360) 251-1852or through this email addressliquifiednaturalpetrol eumgas@gala.net <liquifiednaturalpetroleumgas@centrum.cz>
By the specialGrace of God, if your group happens to be on the successful side, we have received instruction from the program overseer in theUS to forward
LNPG application forms to you. Then we shall inform you how to forward your application processing fee to this Administration.
Till then I wish you all the best.
Note: kindly immediately download and fill out the attached form and forward it back to the international office for approval.
Yours in service
Microsoft Word - LNPG_APPLICATION__FORM_1__1_1

From: LIQUIFIED NATURAL PETROLEUM GAS < liquifiednaturalpetroleumgas@gala.net >
Sent: Sat, December 4, 2010 9:35:02 PM
Subject: LNPG-AFRO-ASIA/EMP/02A05KEN04/DEC/0M01/10

Hello Applicant,

I wish to congratulate you on your success towards your approval to participate in the forth comingLNPG Employment program which comes up inUSA, AND CANADA. Based on past experiences, we have decided to shear the duties within the countries which the Employment activities will be held to ensure efficiency in network during the processing of successful participants traveling documents.
However, a copy of your approval certificate has been forwarded to the Immigration Attorney and has been instructed to reach you with the necessary traveling documents needed while you contact theLNPG INTERCONTINENTAL OFFICE to reach you with the payment directives, hence you are strictly advised to adhere to all instruction as it will be stated in the documents forwarded to you..
How ever your payment is supposed to reach the LNPG INTERCONTINENTAL OFFICEas instructed since it has been certified and approved by the organization.
Once again I congratulate you!!!

Note : Verify and ensure that the reference file number issued you matches with the number on your form and the approval certificate.

George Elvis




From: "immigrations_attorney@lawyer.com" < immigrations_attorney@lawyer.com >
Sent: Sat, December 4, 2010 9:35:46 PM
Subject: VISA FORM

Dear Client,
I wanted to personally thank you for your interest in hiring our Associates. We certainly consider it an honor from the LNPG Employment Program and it our pleasure to represent you with respect to your Canadian Visa processingfrom the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs. We have forwarded your group data and have already applied for your working visa from the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs and they have given acknowledgment and approval to process your working visas by forwarding the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs approval certificate and visa application forms to us.

We want you to know that we are much more than legal counsel and advisers - we want you to consider us as your trusted friends that you can rely on. Both during the immigration process and after you arrive in the Canadian. We encourage you to contact us anytime - whether to discuss a particular matter, answer questions or help in any way possible. We encourage all our clients to contact us andexplain to usthe problem they are passing through. We want to get to know you and build a close personal relationship. We want you to get to know us also. We are here to help..
The Internet is a great tool for communicating..... And don't be afraid to discuss anything. Everything you say is confidential and we will try and give you the best advice and help you plan your future in the Canadian. We are extremely flexible and we do want you to be our client and also to introduce others to us when we have finalized the processing of your documents. We are always able to work out payment terms withorganizations orindividual clients hiring our services.
We understand that immigrating to the Canadianis expensive and everybody's financial situation is different..

Every applicant that have been approved for the LNPG program by the approval committee will have to fill the LNPG official application forms and have the application processed. There after you will receive the LNPG official application confirmation which you will need to forward to us. We will then attached your LNPG application confirmationto your visa forms and have them processed and authorized by the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs
A visa authorization letter will be addressed to you by the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs After the processing and authorization of your visa. Your embassy appointment date and the address of the embassy where your visa seal will be issued to you will be included.

The processing of your visa will commence immediately you return your visa forms to us. You must accompany your visa forms along withLNPG Application confirmation for their program. The main reason why we applied for your visas is that your are partaking in L.N.P.G Program.
It is mandatory that you go through their application procedures completely. We can not process your visas without the supports of the application confirmation from LNPG

For immediate authorization of your visas, we have attached to this message, the forwarded Canadian Non-settlement Visa Application forms and the Immigration Approval certificate from the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs. There is file attached to the second mail. The file contains theCanadian settlement visa application. Thevisa form is in Acrobats.... You should download for the file. You should print out the complete form for each member of your group. The form should be filled by each member of your group and return in group by fax along with the first pages of your passports. Members of your group without passports should not border for the passport pages. Processing for their UN Emergency Traveling certificate is already in progress.
We are looking forward to receiving by fax your visa forms and passport pages....
Do return your forms through this email address
immigrationS_attorney@consultant.com or immigrations_attorney@lawyer.com

on receipt of this forms, we shall receive and forward the Embassy appointment date for the issuing of your visa seals to you from the Canadian Bureau of Immigrant Affairs. Your group approval certificate received from the Canadian Immigration is attached to this mail. Kindly download and fill out the visa.
We look forward to seeing yousoon here inthe U.S.

Yours Faithfully
Barrister. Eric Grants.
Senior US Immigration Advocate

From: "lnpgworkers@email.com" < lnpgworkers@email.com >
Sent: Sat, December 4, 2010 9:41:10 PM

Dear Applicants,
Compliments of the day to you all. We have be directed to forward the Data and address of LNPG WORKERS INTER-CONTINENTALSand the LNPG official Application forms to you, on receipt of the yourpayment for the processing of your applications .You may have been informed that there were a lots of set back in our last program because of the delays in sending the application fees to us. One of the major caused of the set back was the only method ofpayment implemented for last year program. This method takes some days or weeks to get thepayment transferred successfully into our official account there by causing delay in sending theLNPG official application forms to the Immigration office. With the2007 policy set by theLNPG panel, a new method ofpayment have been introduced and it have been working effectively .Applicants have only one option ofpayment now which is by electronic transfer.For good result and effectiveness we have been receivingpayment since January, 2007by electronic transfer through money gram transfer banks ONLY.
You Should forwardpayment HSBC BANK
221 HIG STREET, LINCOLNMONEY GRAMtransfer bank in your
country or another country to our financial departmental headLNPG WORKERS.Simply address yourpayment with the following information
United Kingdom
Our Financial ControllerMr MARTIN RUDOLPH
You can reach the UK office through this e-mail addresslnpgworkers@email.com
When you forward yourpayment being destination toUnited Kingdomthrough MONEYGRAM money transfer bank. you should reach us with thepayment receipt orpayment information by e-mail through thisemail addresslnpgworkers@email.com You can as well send us the necessarypayment information by e-mail to cash thepayment . You will need to copy out thepayment information just as it appears on the receipt The names should be copied accordingly .
The First,other names and last should be sent to us just as it is on the
receipt..The BRITISH law is too difficult.. If the information are not arranged
accordingly byLNPG WORKER INTERCONTINENTALS, thepayment can not be cashed.
The needed information to cash thepayment are as follows:
Please for the test question and answer use the following Name of country as the question.On receipt of yourpayment , We will forward thepayment confirmation and the Total official application form to you. when forwarding yourpayment information bye-mail to us you should always use our official e-mail address to reach us with a scanned copy of the yourpayment receipt
(1)Application processing fee for each applicant is $ 200 USD
(2)Applicants without traveling passport will need to pay an
extra fee of 120 USD each for the processing of their UN Emergency traveling certificate . Allpayment should be made in your local currency. If the total amount to be paid by your group is200 US Dollars, you should tell theMoneygram bankthere to inform you with the equivalent to be paid in your local currency.

Thanks ,

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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