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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: Nastya <nastya_medv@yahoo.com>
Sent: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 6:33
Subject: hi

Thanks you that you have not ignored my message and with interest have answered it.
If fairly to admit, I was not sure that you will answer me.
I thought, that you accept my letter for spam,
but now I have checked up my mail and having seen your answer,
on my person have appeared a joyful smile.
You have answered me that is I am interesting to you? I am right?
I hope, that it is valid so.
about your electronic address.
I know, what you now still ask to yourselves a question where I have taken yours email the address?
In my message I have written was to you, that I saw your address on a site of acquaintances.
I know, that it is practically impossible, as email in a structure is not shown,
But that day when I looked at your structure I really saw yours email in your structure.
I do not know, how it has turned out, but I to not lie to you.
I hope, that you will believe me, especially I would not like to begin our first acquaintance with lie.
if fairly to admit to you, I now at all do not know, what exactly to write to you about me, I so want to tell much.
I live in Russia, the city of Saint Petersburg.
My name Anastasiya, (girlfriends of me name Nastya) was born on 15 May 1981, me of 28 years.
I rather quiet and friendly, young beautiful, am full of energy, I need in love, respect, understanding.
I am proud my appearance, but very little, there are more important things, than to look in a mirror.
Free time from work, I like to go to a bar in restaurants, cinema,
theatre and very to take pleasure in a glass or two fault.
I love the sun, and I love a life.
What still it is interesting to you to learn about me?
My hobby, my work, my search? With what to start?
So, if you will have questions to me to not hesitate and ask your questions.
I with pleasure to answer them.
If to tell to you about my search I to search for the man for long and serious attitudes.
I search fair, understanding for the man who can respect and love me.
I done not interested with games in feelings and if you are going to play only feelings I think,
that it is better to us to not continue at all our correspondence.
So I hope now, that you as will seriously consider our acquaintance.
I to search for the man not from Russia and at me on it it is a lot of reasons.
I now would not like to write to you about these reasons,
but can to admit then when I was more to learn about you I to you, ok.
By the way, I heard about people from other countries much.
My girlfriend in the last summer travelled much and she still had good impressions.
She spoke me, that people polite, close, careful, elegant....
- In general people which always with understanding concern to all and never will turn away to you a back.
I think, that you as good the man and the family man and I am glad to our acquaintance.
forgive me for my sincerity, but I hope, that it is pleasant for you to read such gentle words to address of you.
now I would like to ask you about something.
I ask you to not take offence only at me, but I think, that so will be correct.
I would not want, that you now asked me number of my phone and as about conversation through a chat.
I admit to you fairly. Through a chat I cannot stir with you because I have no any program in my working computer.
Lady I have no computer and I shall write to you only through my working computer.
Phone number I do not want to give now to you because I at all do not know you.
I think, that will be more correct, if I to learn you all over again and only then I to write to you my phone number.
I ask you to understand only me now and to not take offence at me, ok.
It is good, if at you will be what or questions to not hesitate and set to me.
I shall try to answer them.
Now I to finish the letter and with the big impatience
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely Nastya.

Mr From: Nastya <nastya_medv@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 19:17
Subject: hi

Hi my lovely!!!
Has again passed many days after my last letter to you.
You probably wait from me for the answer, and I answer you only today.
Please be not angry with me for my silence and if can forgive me.
The God sees, that I to not overlook about you and always to remember your letter.
But unfortunately it is sometimes very difficult for me to find a
free time for the letter and consequently I can not answer you.
Now it is a lot of work and I had too borrowed days.
I worked much and only today my schedule of work became little bit more free and
at last I have a free time to answer your letter.
if fairly to admit, I with the big impatience waited for your letter.
I know, that we are very poorly familiar with you, but when I see your letter,
I at once have a smile on the person.
I to not lie to you now and it is valid so.
Itself I do not understand why to me such occurs, but there can be it of what we become closer each other?
to you there is nothing similar?
You do not have a smile on the person when you receive my letter?
If fairly to admit, I would like, that you as were pleased to my answer and I hope,
that my letters will always cheer you up.
now before sitting to write to you this letter,
I sat at my working computer and looked at your photo which you have sent me.
You look sweet the man and I am now madly glad, that with you I correspond, and anybody another.
I cannot believe that such beautiful the man free.
Of what your women think there?
At us in Russia beautiful men of the woman at once snatch away and very little free.
So I am proud of that you pay your attention not to other woman, and to me.
(I Hope you have not reddened from this compliment)
I would like to ask you about something, if you not against.
Can be still early ask such serious questions, but nevertheless I would like to learn your opinion.
How you think, whether really it is possible to fall in love through the Internet?
You trust in such love at first sight?
Up to you I did not have similar acquaintance, but nevertheless I would like to trust in love through letters.
I to trust in love at first sight, but whether it is possible to compare such love to love through the Internet?
I do not know, but I think, that such love nevertheless is real.
I think, that each person can fall in love with other person through letters if to write sincere letters.
In letters it is possible to write about all and to not hesitate of it.
In a real life sometimes we hesitate to open completely and consequently we
not always we are sincere. I am right?
What your ideas about it?
Forgive me for such difficult questions,
but I actually want to learn your internal party and your ideas about it..
I hope you can answer me sincerely.
By the way , the day before yesterday in my working computer have put the new program.
It refers to " Google Earth ". You heard something about this program?
It is the program a card of the ground and under this program it is possible to
see district on the ground through the satellite and even the house if to know the full address.
If you not against, about I would like to ask you that you have written to me your full home address.
I very much would want to see your house and that district, where do you live.
Please, if you not against write to me your home address, ok.
concerning my full home address.
If you you as have this program, you as can see and my house.
My address:
Russia, city Saint Petersburg, Nevsky district, street Narodnaya,
house 58, apartment 43. Postal code 193315.
If you will write it in search in this program you will see 6 houses worth in parallel each other.
My house the third on the right so you now can see evidently my house where I live.
So, it again the long letter for you and now probably I to stop.
I need to look forward to hearing from you again and I with all heart hope, that you will write to me soon.
Please think of my question and to try to answer me sincerely, ok.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. A kiss for you.
Sincerely yours lovely Nastya.
Mr From: Nastya <nastya_medv@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 6:18
Subject: hi

Hi my dear .
Today Tuesday on February, 16th and at us now morning.
Excuse that I could not congratulate you with day of sacred Valentine,
I congratulate on the last holiday.
I have just come for work and now have decided to sit down for the computer and to write you this letter.
I hope you have not been very strongly upset on me, that I again so long did not
write also I as could not write yesterday to you, and the reason for it has been disconnected
the Internet in my office because of repair.
Please forgive me that I to keep you waiting with my answer.
But I now promise to you that I will try to write as it is possible is more often.
as there has passed your week-end?
You have interestingly spent time or houses in loneliness sat?
I hope your week-end was not boring?
Personally my week-end has passed well.
On Saturday after work we with my girlfriends walked on winter city park, and went to a cinema in the evening.
By the way, at a cinema showed very good film.
The name of this film "Avatar".
At us advertised this film much and here we with girlfriends at last have found a
free time and have decided to descend in a cinema.
Very good film, has liked me. You looked this film?
Certainly this film is a little from a fantasy sort, but about the present love.
So I to advise to you to look this film.
Here so I has passed Saturday day.
On Sunday wash day has passed at home.
In the afternoon to me my mum came on a visit and we with it have together made a Sunday dinner.
After a dinner we talked about a life and by the way much, I have told to my mum about you.
I hope you not against?
Especial I did not speak anything to it about you and I have simply told to it,
that I have got acquainted with you and that we now correspond with you through letters.
As I have told to it, that you very interesting and that to like me with you to communicate.
That's all. So she knows now, that I to correspond with you and I think, that it is glad to it.
Almost till the evening my mum was at me on a visit and then more close by 19 o'clock night has left home.
I after its leaving sat at viewing of the TV and about 11 hours night has laid down to sleep.
Here so there has passed all my week-end.
I hope, what your week-end has passed better?
If to you not laziness write to me about your week-end, ok.
know, I think recently of you much and with each letter I learn about you more and more.
I represent you, what you to realities already a little.
For me now you the good interlocutor, but in a life I think,
that you it is even better and more interesting. I am right?
It is very a pity, that you so it is far from me.
If you lived in my city we could meet you, sit in cafe and more learn each other at a meeting.
But unfortunately, you it is far from me and at us now only one kind of communication is the Internet.
It would be final well if we could speak on the phone with you,
but I to be afraid to give you my number as we still did not meet at all never a little.
But not looking at it I very much wish to hear your voice and consequently
I have decided to write today you my phone number.
It is my cellular number so you can call me at any moment.
My number: +79111381830.
I will wait for your phone call.
By the way , I still would like to ask you. You like to travel?
If yes, in what season you travel more often?
I know, that the majority of people travel in the summer in a current of the summer holiday,
but after all as and there are fans to travel in the winter.
You concern what category of people?
Personally my holiday never gets for the summer.
At us on work all on the contrary and the summer is working hours for us.
So I can take holiday only in the spring or now in the winter.
By the way, I heard about your country much and people who were at you speak
about your country only from a positive side.
I here now think, can be to me to arrive to your country on my next holiday?
What do you think of it?
If you agree, I promise to you to think of travel to your country.
Or you probably plan to visit Russia?
It would be as well.
You already know my address and even could see it through "Google Earth"
so you without problems can arrive to me on a visit.
I with the big pleasure to meet you in my city and I promise even to be your guide.
My city very beautiful and at us is a lot of fountains,
many architectural monuments, as many beautiful women.
I think, that it is pleasant to you here.
If you decide to arrive to Russia let to me know about it, ok.
So, now I probably to finish the letter.
It again the long letter and I hope you have not got tired to read.
I again need to look forward to hearing from you only and as your telephone call.
I will wait for your call and to hope soon to hear your voice.
Kiss for you!!!!

Yours faithfully your friend Anastasiya.

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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