Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

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Mrs De : Alicia Kerry <aliciakerry70@yahoo.co.uk>
Envoyé le : Dim 14 mars 2010, 16 h 55 min 08 s
Objet: Greetings from Alicia UK....

Hello Dear ,

Happy sunday and Seeing your mails bring so much happiness to me because of your understanding of what is happening on the net. Really i am very impressed with your mail as you sound sincere and honest in your mail which made to like the content of your mail so much. I am really sure some like you will surely mean a lot to your parents and people around you. Well how is life generally with you over there? As for me lifegoes on here smoothly onlystruggling with study presently.

I don't know if you’re worried about the present problem all over the world now, we look at the world where natural disaster have cost human being big catastrophe in life, see what earth quake have caused in the poorest country in western hemisphere known as Haiti, tears and sympathy filled my eyes. People losing employment, other becoming refugees and death increase due to malnutrition, dumping of kids born out of wedlock, mother earth destruct ions like the earth quake, flood etc...conflict in Somali, a coup in Guinea Conakry in west Africa which have lead to hundreds of death and the present attempted assassination of the military junta, past Israel bombing in the Gaza strip and many more where are we heading to is the million question? Look at the endless crisis in Iraq and Afghanistan which has kept a lot of worries in me. This war inthese placeshas lost its whole purpose and value which never existed as predicted by past Bush administration. The news of people losing their lives is very disturbance in the society. As my father who have been a navy man for 19 yrs and I was even born and brought up in Military environment in US, wars really upset me. Look at the world as it face a crucial financial crisis, what do you think can end this catastrophe , I suggested that The financial world must return to normal, which means deflating the enormous debt bubble that has inflated over the past decade. The economy must be rewound. Credit positions must be settled and less debt created, which means property values and share prices must come down by 50%. We thank God that a new leader Obama have come who is there for change right from the starting of his campaign and we pray that he lead us out of this mess the past administration have put us in. When we go to the side of political side of killing, I wept during the assassination of the past Pakistan ex Prime Minister Mrs Bhutto, I so much love that woman with her courageous might and zeal to establish democracy but all her hope andeffort was cut abruptly, although her husband whois in power must follow her step and solved this madness of suicide bombing by the Taliban’s. I hope all this madness of men killing each other along with thousands of women and children ends soon.

Honestly i wonder if we are approaching the end time bcos things which never happened beforestarted happening, so this kept me wondering where the world heading to as a question to myself? The facts that the Men does not control; the storms, the sexisms, the inundations and the tsunami are things, which are not forces related to the man. However, the human activities have an unquestionable impact on the environment. For example The"greenhouse effect"one for example is related to the pollution of our atmosphere. It is in that which I think that all the large industrialized countries must take their responsibility and thinks of the safeguarding of this common good that is the ground, water and atmosphere. Thehumandid notcreate anything, the life and the ground is a gift of God; we must preserve it under penalty of causing its anger. Let go to African side, I wasfollowing the past election inKenya that kill thousand and left many homelessthen and that of the Zimbabwe unstable government, i wonder why the power tussle between the two rivals in African continent, it pains me whyAfrican leaders will not copy the west in some certain ways of governing, rotate the leadershipnot for one person to cling and seat on power as a life inheritance even if it is the people choice but there must be a change in order to move ahead a country, I am happywhen both parties have come to compromise and the opposition leader have become the prime minister of Mugabe regime who is now heading for a change in the life of the Zimbabweans. Look at late Presidents Omar Bongo of Gabon who hang on to power until his death and made his children to site on a very sensitive post that lead to them winning the election which is very bizarre .Really we have to pray for what is happening in the world generally my dear. Please read the book of Mathew 24 you will see what God said about the end time.

Well dear, I am really happy to have known someone like you whom i know will be a bonus to my friendship and you may write me when your busy schedule is less. So do write to me as when your heart desires and when you find time.Here is some of my pic, i will send you more in my next mail cos time is against me nowbecause of the slowness of my computer machine, so i have toleave fornow.

With warm regards from,







Mer 17 mars 2010, 12 h 03 min 53 s
De :
Alicia Kerry <aliciakerry70@yahoo.co.uk>

Dearest One,

Thanks for yourresponse to my mailand amreally happy with the content of your mail whichwas very encouraging, pleaseonce more forgive me for replied late to your mail okay. I am very happy to have received your mails with the same shared feelings, Normally, I would have love both us to spend some time on the net chatting irrespective of the time difference but due to time lost attending conferences and as a final year student, I spend most of my time in the library trying to make up for the time.

I am really excited about our exchange mails which I hope will benefit us in this simple friendship.Do you like to travel? Would you be opened to live in other country than yours? What are your future aspirations? Do you like kids??How often do you go to church because it is good to be closeryour God irrespective of our difference in religion. Lots and lots of questions I would like to ask you but not that i am inquisitive or talkative.

Thanks once more, it is my pleasure meeting you as well and I pray that we develop a healthy and lovely relationshipacceptable to both of us in the future. Here attached is some of my photos andi will notbe happy if you fail to send me some of your pics in time to come. The other person is my cousin with me in one of the pics, her name is Patria. Hope to get your pic in your next mail.

Good news I will be privilege to visit Africa early this year 2010, In my department (International relation) we have been selected to attend International conferences which are to take place, firstly inAmericaand also in West African Island , I will like and be happy if you can take a time out of your busy schedules to attend both conferences with you as my lovely pal or friend. This is only on the grounds if it pleases you to attend the conference with me.

It is totally your choice. please let me know whether you would be chance and like to attend the conference and if you would, only forward your full name and contact address to enable me contact my friend the organizing secretary of the organization to prepare and send invitation to you and I will give you the link to the organization secretary in order for you to contact them.

Pls dear, i will be happy to use this chance to see you on time as to make this relationship reality.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Sincerely, Alicia.

Sam 20 mars 2010, 13 h 47 min 55 s
De :
Alicia Kerry <aliciakerry70@yahoo.co.uk>

Hello My Dear,

Compliment of the weekend and i understand that you have the interest to be with me in the conference and have demanded more details about the whole things from the organization. Please my dear,i want you to understand that the new law now is that every new members will pay half of their African hotel reservation money while the organization will pay the other half, this is what i want to let you know okay.

I hope you people outside the world have been following the obama era administration as new president of a great nation. If Hillary's the secretary general candidacy didn't also include Bill Clinton as a package it would be a clearer choice. She certainly has more experience than Obama, but she won't admit making a mistake in voting for the war. We already have a president who won't admit he made a mistake. We don't need another one.

As for Barack Obama, he is exceptional as a candidate because he seems to be able to stir the nation's soul and America is in desperate need of a boost. The country needs a voice of courage, intelligence, compassion and unity. Obama seems to tick these boxes. He speaks the words Americans want to hear and speaks them with elegance. So I think, in straight choice of the Americans, he merited to be the president of United States of America . I think that he represents the best opportunity the US has to reclaim its moral standing in the world. He has a plan to guide us out of the political and economic decadence of the Bush administration.

He also offers real solutions, which include a health policy that is realistic, a viable solution to get us out of Iraq , and perhaps most importantly, he brings hope and a sense of renewal for this country that I have not witnessed ever before. He have pledge to creat 3,000.000.00 jobs for the Americans

Please in case the org did not reply you on time do not worry for they will responds to your mail very soon as you know there is so many people who want to attend this event, so they have to screen people as to know those whose recommendation are being accepted by them, so if you did not get mail from the org earlier do not worry for i am sure they will answer you very soon after they have passed those who are qualified.

Have a nice time and bear in mind that somebody cares for you from here, have nice lovely weekend but let work out this and meet each other then you will know me the more.

Yours Sincerely,


Love from Alicia UK....
Mrs De : "interyouthorganization@switched.com" <interyouthorganization@switched.com>
Envoyé le : Sam 20 mars 2010, 17 h 00 min 02 s
Objet: Requirements from all Invited Recommended Participants for the Conference in USA and Africa 2010.

703 South 12th Street, Newark,
New Jersey 07103.
Call: +18563351939/+16099575273.
Fax :+ 1 801 805 0119/ 1-530-326-8392.
Dear Participant,
Greetings from INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ORG USA . The Forth coming international Conference is designed to achieve a certain purposes such like (eliminate violence among our youths, educate minds and eradicate terrorism within our societies and the important of national economic integration).It is not open for everyone to Participate, We can only accept participants under recommendation but since your recommendation come from one of the students participants. We will now give you the opportunity to participate inthis year events, International Youth Affairs Conferences. The Conference is scheduled to take place in International convention hall NJCNew Jersey, United States from 20Thto 25Th of May and the second conference POLITICAL, SOCIAL ECONOMIC PROBLEMS IN AFRICA AND WAR AFFECTED CHILDREN AND HIV/AIDS INFECTION will take place at Maison Dé La Culture DOUTA SECK in Dakar SenegalWest Africafrom 29Th May to 3rd ofJune 2010.The first Conference will take place inNew Jersey , NJ USA, while the second Conference is schedule to take place in Senegal (West Africa. The aim of this Conference is to impart on our youth s the need to avoid Street Life, Violence and Gangsters, which is on the increase today among the Youths. The importance of education in every human life, Bad Leadership and its effect in the society. This event is sponsored by INTERNATIONAL YOUTH AFFAIRS Relief fund in United States in memory of those who lost their lives in the World trade centre bombing of the September 11th in New York and Washington DC .
Every one is entitled to Participate in the coming Youth's Conferences regardless of your Religious believe. You can attend alone or only minimum of Four (4) or maximum of Seven (7) is expected to participate together as a group from one Country and none of them will be less than eighteen years of age. They are advised to participate in both Conferences. It does not necessary means that you must belong to an organisation before you can attend this event. A group of persons with a minimum educational back ground could be invited to represent their countries. Any group or participants are allowed to come with their own agenda or suggestions during the event. You are advised to follow the instruction immediately. The information's requested as shown in the below mail will be forwarded to the U.S Bureau of Immigration and naturalisation for their Visa process.
Any group visa request not forwarded on that same day will miss the visa assistance. The independent Donors and the Sponsors will take care of your entire flight tickets from the participant’s home country or country of residence to US and from US to Senegal and back to the participant home country or country of residence, accommodation and feeding throughout their stay for the conference in the United States . You are only responsible for your hotel accommodation in Senegal ( West Africa ) where the second conference is scheduled to take place. The participant will only book for their accommodation in one of the chosen hotels in Senegal by the organisation during the other event in Senegal West Africa. The organisation has chosen three hotels in Senegal for the participant's reservations. we have discussed with the hotel management to give all our participants an official rate which the organisation will pay some part of the money and the participant will not have to p ay their normal customer's rate and the rate in which the any of these hotels that participant will be attached to book with them will give to the participant is the official rate which includes your three square meal and the Standby Car to take you to the conference venue and to also bring you back to the hotel at the end of each day. If you are interested to participate in the conference, we will like you to send the following information's below:
Your name /s:
Date of birth:
Passport numbers:
Country code number:
Country of origin:
Country of residence:
Tele/Fax Number:
We will open your participation file as soon as we receive your names and you will receive the conference Participation forms. We will now direct you to Hotels in Senegal where your group will make your reservations. Your African Hotel reservation confirmation receipt will only prove to us that you must attend the Africa stage after the U.S. Conference. Please note that we are not the U.S Authority authorising your visas but we are working in connections directly from the U.S Bureau of Immigration and naturalisation, the authority that is in charge of issuing visas. We cannot add or reduce any given requirements for the authorisation of participant's visas participating in these Events and as such all requirements must be meeting by participants requiring the U.S Visa and Senegal visa assistance. We remind you to forward your information's immediately in order to open a file for you or group. You should endeavour to contact the management of this hotel below at Senegal via phone or E-mail.
Rue Blaise Diagne St Louis , Senegal , West Africa .
TEL: +221-77- 250-28-96
FAX: ++221-33-836-409-1
Point to note: when you make your reservation in the above hotel, you should ask for confirmation receipt for your booking as you will need it to send the confirmation receipt to the organisers in the U.S for the processing of your documents.
Yours Sincerely,
Madam,Robyn Hillary Jackson,
Board SecretaryGeneral.
This message, including any attachments, is intended only for the use of the individual (s) to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged/ confidential. Any other distribution, copying or disclosure is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient or have received this message in error, please notify us immediately by reply e-mail and permanently delete this message including any attachments, without reading it or making a copy. Thank you


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