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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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Subject: Overseas Applicant Bio Data form
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 05:51:35 -0400
From: cslcanada@royal.net

Please find attachment for your OVERSEAS APPLICANTS BIO-DATA FORM. You should print it out , then fill and return it to the immigration bureau Ottawa, with the below email address
for your visa application to Canada and
a copy to us cslcanada@royal.net Furthermore, you should read carefully the below Information before filling the form.. While filling the form; Applicant must have the following information to hand
. A valid international passport
. Email address
To know more about us , visit www.americancruiseline.s5.com under job descriptions. We normally grant applicants visas; free tickets to Canada and free hotel accommodation for one month here in Canada.

A]. In recognition of my employment, I agree: (1) to keep confidential all information obtained while undergoing training or working at Cruise Line Inc that relates to clients, including all personal data in profiles and reservation and ticket information; (2) not to reveal or provide to any competitor or potential competitor any of Cruise Line client names, prospect names, sales material, or other data that could damage Cruise Line competitive position in the marketplace; (3) to refrain from soliciting Cruise Line clients or employees or assisting others to solicit Cruise Line clients or employees within 12 months after I leave Cruise Line for whatever reason; and (4) to refrain for 12 months after I leave Cruise Line for any reason (or no reason) from providing travel services to any client on which I spent a significant amount of my time at Cruise Line. (Item 4 does not apply to employees who were working directly for the client prior to Cruise Line obtaining that client or to employees who are laid off by Cruise Line for lack of work.)
B]. In consideration of my employment, I acknowledge that my employment is at will and therefore my employment can be terminated, if I fail to work with time duration according to the working hours of Cruise Line. I understand that no representative of Cruise Line Inc other than the president has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing, and any representations contrary to the foregoing are expressly disavowed, shall not be binding upon Cruise Line Inc and should not be relied upon by any prospective or existing employee, unless made in writing and signed by the president. I further acknowledge that any Cruise Line Inc personnel manual, handbook, publication, policy, procedure, rule or regulation that may now or in the future apply to me is not contractual in nature and is not intended to modify the foregoing employment relationship.

C]. I agree that all the foregoing information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief....... In the event that any of the above information is false or there is a material omission, it may be grounds for immediate dismissal.. I authorize Cruise Line to contact my previous and current employers and personal references. (If there are any restrictions, they must be noted here..)
The following list of shipboard jobs represents the positions that are usually found on cruise ships. Positions available on board a specific cruise ship will depend on the type of cruise, and the services offered to passengers. Job titles differ from line to line. The Chief Officer on one ship may be the Staff Captain on another, a Sommelier could be called a Wine Steward, or a Maitre D' may be called a Dining Room Manager. Keep these differences in mind while reviewing the list. If you are interested in working on a cruise ship, look over the entire list. The job description you are searching for could be listed under a different name.

General Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day management of the vessel. Acting as a liaison between ship and head office, he has ultimate authority, even over the captain, although this is rarely exerted from the point of view of maritime tradition. In companies without an on board General Manager the Captain bears the full and final responsibility.

The General Manager may be a senior Captain or an executive from the head office with a thorough knowledge of ship operations.

1st Steward, Crew

Supervises all personnel on board serving the crew such as mess men, and utility personnel. He is in charge of the efficient operation/cleanliness/maintenance of the crew and officer accommodations and relate d are as, such as Officer and Crew cabins, Mess Rooms, and Day Rooms. He reports directly to the Chief Steward.
Salary : 2100 - 2400 $

1st Steward, Passengers

Responsible for the efficient operation of the passenger areas. Ensures maintenance of the high standards of quality and service as set by the Cruise Line. Reports directly to Chief Steward..................
Salary : 1900 - 2300 $

Able Bodied Seaman (A.B.)

Members of the deck department, they scrub decks, coil and splice ropes, chip rust, paint, and do other exterior maintenance.... May also stand watches or perform gangway duty.
Salary : 1700 - 2200 $

AC- Repairman
Sees that necessary cool air (air condition) is supplied throughout the ship.. Does repair and maintenance of all air condition units on board?
Salary : 2000 - 2400 $

Is responsible for the accounts on board such as tallying daily operating incomes from all dining room, bars, and casinos, etc.. and other normal duties related to accounting.
Salary : 1800 - 2400 $

Bakes all the bread on board and makes sure that there is always a sufficient quantity on a daily basis of bread rolls, croissants, Danish, muffins, dough nuts, etc.... Cooperates with the 1st Baker and Executive Chef. Works according to schedule made by the Pastry & Bakery Supervisor and reports to the Chief Baker and Galley Supervisors. Helping
Bar Boy (utility)
Assists bartender. Cleans bar, washes glasses etc.
Salary : 1200 - 2000 $

Bar Manager
Oversees the ordering and stocking of all ship bars (and, on some vessels, the wine cellar as well), does daily accounting, and supervises several bar staff. He may have an Assistant Bar Manager.
Salary : 1800 - 2400 $

Bar Wait Staff
Serves cocktails to passengers in the public lounges, bars, or disco. Helps guests with requests and questions, serves promptly and politely. Must have good knowledge of ingredients of all drinks. Supervised by the Bar Head Waiter.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Bar Wine Steward
Part of the bar staff; recommends and serves wines. Supervised by the Bar Head Wine Steward who also oversees th e wine stock in the bar.
Salary : 1700 - 2100 $

Mixes and dispenses drinks and cocktails to the passengers. He also helps the Bar Manager in liquor and supplies requisition.
Salary : 1600 - 2200 $

Beauty Salon Manager
Responsible for the organization, supervision of the Salon Staff. Prepares reports on salon activities and revenues.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Beauty Therapist
Performs facials and skin care treatment.
Salary : 1800 - 2200 $

Bell Boy
Delivers messages, provides room service and acts as a general valet. Prepares service trays and render a speedy, efficient and friendly service of food and beverage to passengers when requested. Also records and makes wake-up calls.
Salary : 1700 - 2100 $

Bell Captain
Responsible for the efficient operation of the Bell Room. Supervises the bell boys and ensures that the passengers are attended correctly, efficiently and in a friendly manner.
Salary : 2200 - 2400 $

Leader of the deck workers, supervises Able Bodied seamen and reports to the Chief Officer.
Salary : 2200 - 2400 $

Head Breakfast Cook

The Head Breakfast Cook is in charge of breakfast preparation on board. Rotates all Breakfast Cooks so that there are always enough personnel available. Works closely with the Kitchen Steward. Assisting him are Breakfast Cooks, Breakfast Asst. and Breakfast Trainees.

Buffet Runner
Responsible for preparing buffet set-up before opening, constantly checking all displays, maintaining buffet lines during service hours with food, plates and silver.Maintaining buffet lines during service hours with food, plates and silver.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $
Buffet Man
Responsible for the set-up, food preparation and displays for the Gala, Lunch and Midnight Buffets, the outdoor restaurant (buffet), and beach days and BBQ nights Buffets. Helping him are the Assistant Buffet man, Buffet Trainee and Buffet Utility. Follows instructions given by the Chief Buffet man.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Bus Boy

An entry level position in the Food and Beverage Division. Assists Head Waiters and Waiters in food service. Serves salads and dressings, refills water glasses, clears tables etc.
Salary : 1800 - 2100 $

Sees that all meat on board is stored correctly and cuts the meat into pieces ( fillets, cold cuts, etc.) Assisting him are the Asst. Butchers, Butcher Trainees and Butcher Utilities. Reports directly to Chief Butcher.
Salary : 1200 - 2000 $

Butcher Shop Supervisor
Entirely in charge of training and arranging work schedules for all butchers. Asst. Butchers in th e entire fleet of line. Rotates on different ships and in weekly yield tests in close cooperation with Executive Chef to ensure that company standards are maintained. Organizes meat and fish orders according to the menu. Monitors the size and weight of the required products. Works closely with Store Keepers and Provision Masters.
Salary : 2000 - 2400 $

Captain (Master)
Is the Master of the ship, has absolute rights and control over his vessel, officers, crew and passengers. He is a seaman first, and as well the manager of the ship (except when the vessel carries a separate General Manager).
He is also expected to be a generous host. The Captain normally attends numerous social functions during the course of a cruise, hosts a. table in the dining room and is often seen during the day on inspections tours.
Salary : 2500 - 2900 $

Captain's Room Steward
Attends the personal needs of the Captain and Senior Officers. Serves meals and beverages, cleans Captain's quarters, runs errands. Attends laundry requirements, requisitions supplies, reports maintenance and repairs needed in the area, also assists/organizes the Captain's social dinners, buffets and entertainment. Reports directly to the First Steward, Crew.
Salary : 2000 - 2400 $

Captain's Waiter
Usually one of the waiters from the dining room who has received the best rating of the month from the passengers. However, on some ships this may be a permanent position. Attends and serves the Captain's table.
Salary : 1700 - 2200 $

Does general interior shipboard maintenance and repairs.
Salary : 2100 - 2500 $

Casino Cashier
Responsible for selling casino chips and to kens, providing currency exchange and change; also preparing cash reports.
Salary : 2200 - 2400 $

Casino Manager
Responsible for all dealers, cashier and bookkeeper.
Salary : 2400 - 2800 $

Casino Surveillance
The Head Breakfast Cook is in charge of breakfast preparation on board. Rotates all Breakfast Cooks so that there are always enough personnel available. Works closely with the Kitchen Steward. Assisting him are Breakfast Cooks, Breakfast Asst. and
Breakfast Trainees.
Salary : 2100 - 2400 $

Cellar Master (Wine Keeper)

Responsible for the issuance of wine to bars and dining room, inventory control and requisitions from main store to cellar. Reports to Bar Manager.
Salary : 1900 - 2300 $
Chef Gardie Manger
This is a European job title for the person in charge of all cold food supplies (pantry), such as cold appetizers, cold cuts, salads and sandwich.
Salary : 2200 - 2600 $

Chef Trainer

Trains, promotes and motivates personnel with potential, makes out proper recipes together with the Executive Chef. In charge of training the hot galley and cold pantry staff. Assists in monitoring food production, recommends upgrading and changes in food quality presentation and recipes. Reports to the Sous Chef and Executive Chef.
Salary : 2200 - 2400 $

Chief Steward
In charge of the steward section, is directly responsible for the efficient operation of passenger, crew accommodations and services. He is in charge of all cleaners, room stewards, bellboys, supervises the interior cleaning of the ship in cabins and public areas. His assistant or next-in-command is the 1st Steward Pax and 1st Steward Crew.
Salary : 2100 - 2400 $

Coffee and Juice Man

Makes all coffee for dining rooms and outdoor restaurants. Makes fresh iced tea daily. Responsible for the juice station for lunch and dinner. Also sets up all breakfast cereals. Reports to the Snack Steward.
Salary : 1800 - 2000 $

Captain's Waiter

Responsible for providing full V.I.P. service to all passengers occupying suite cabins and to special groups, charters etc. Reports to the Chief Steward.
Salary : 1900 - 2300 $

Cook Assistant
Assists the Station Cooks and prepares all dishes at whatever station assigned to. Does any special duty requested by Chef de Cuisine. Serves waiters who in turn serve passengers. Takes direct orders from the Stations Cooks in all matters. Assigned to any of the following positions; Grill Cook Asst., Soup Cook Asst., Fish Cook Asst., Vegetable Cook Asst., Sauce Cook Asst., Roast Cook Asst., Hot Buffet Cook Asst., and Breakfast Asst.
Salary : 1800 - 2000 $

Cook Tournant & amp; amp; amp; lt; STRONG>
Assists the Executive Chef and Working Chef. If needed, helps or replaces the Station Heads of any food preparation station (fish, vegetable, and roast station etc.) His supervisors are the Executive Chef and the Working Chef.
Salary : 1800 - 2000 $

Cook Trainee
Apprentice position in galley.. Works in any of the following positions: Grill Cook Trainee,Fish Cook Trainee, Vegetable Cook Trainee, Sauce Cook Trainee, Roast Cook Trainee, Hot Buffet Cook Trainee and Breakfast Trainee. Reports to Cook Asst. and Station Cook.
Salary : 1800 - 2000 $

Crew Cook
All large cruise ships have a special crew galley on board. 1st Crew Cook is in charge of the food preparation for crew members. Establishes crew menus and supervises a number of Crew Cooks and Asst. Crew Cooks who prepare the food.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Crew Mess Man
Sets tables, serves meals and cleans up in the Crew Mess Room.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Crew Mess Officer
Sets tables, serves meals and cleans up in the Officer Mess Room.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Crew Room Steward
Is responsible for making beds, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, and tending to the general cleanliness and neatness of crew cabins.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $
Cruise Director
In charge of the passengers' entertainment. All cruise staff members, entertainers, and musicians work under him. He is a highly visible cruise person and is heard throughout the cruise on the public address system and as Master of Ceremonies at most events. He sometimes does travel lectures on ports-of-call. The Cruise Director may be an officer (with two or three gold bar status), or he may be a “non-sailor” with an entertainment background. Certainly one of the qualities required for the job is an ability to deal with entertainers, crew and, of course, passengers Asst. Cruise Director is usually assigned to lead or assist passengers in entertainment programs such as talent shows, masquerades, sports tournaments, sing-along, dance contests and other activities.
Salary : 2900 - 4900 $

Cruise Staff & Amp
The duties of the Cruise Staff are to arrange activities, games and entertainment for the passengers. They also assist and answer passengers questions. Cruise Staff also act as tour guides when the ship is in port. The staff consists of 20-50 employees (men as well as women). Could include the following positions: (Depending on the size of the ship and the number of passengers) Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Host/ess, Head Fitness Coordinator, Fitness Coordinator, Shore Excursion Mgr,
Tour Mgr, Youth Coordinator (Child Coordinator/Teenage Coordinator), TV Coordinator, Band Master, Musician, Stage Mgr, Theater Staff, Entertainer, Dance Instructor, Disc Jockey, Sound & Light Technician, Diving Instructor.
Salary : 1900 - 2400 $

Dance Instructor
Usually a part of the Cruise Staff and may have other duties in addition to teaching dance classes. Often hired in pairs, dance instructors are generally well versed in all types of dance from ballroom to disco. May also be a part of the entertainment staff and may perform during the cruise.
Salary : 1600 - 2000 $

Dealer (Croupier)
An employee of the casino who operates the various casino games....................
Salary : 1800 - 2100 $

Deck Steward

(Pool Attendant, Life Guard) Assigns deck chairs (on cruise lines where reservation for such are still necessary) and serves cocktails and other beverages to passengers on deck. On some ships, the Deck Steward may double as Pool Attendant/Life Guard.
Salary : 1700 - 2000 $
Disc Jockey
Plays records in the discotheque and/or organizes the music programs through the ship's sound system. May have additional cruise staff duties.
Salary : 1700 - 2000 $

Diving Instructor
Some ships employ qualified diving instructors to teach passengers snorkeling and scuba diving. One of the diving instructors is assigned to be Dive Leader. They may have additional cruise staff duties.
Salary : 1700 - 2000 $

A qualified M.D. who maintains regular office hours for passengers and special hours for crew. Is on call 24 hours a day when the ship is at sea? To assist him is the Nurse. If the ship has more than one Doctor on boar d one o f them is a s signed to be the Principal Medical Officer.
Salary : 4000 - 5100 $
Chief Electrician has the ultimate responsibility to see that necessary electrical power is available throughout the ship. He is assisted by 1st Electricians, 2nd Electricians, Jr. Electricians and Assistant Electricians.
Salary : 2100 - 2500 $

Engine Room Crew
See specific job description for the following positions; AC Repairman, Plumber, Asst.
Plumber, Oiler, Oiler/Motorman, Repairman,General Purpose Repairman, Mechanic/Welder, Maintenance Crew, Wipers, Engine Store Keepers.
Salary : 2100 - 2500 $

Engine Store Keeper ;
Responsible for the handling and storing of spare parts and tools for the engine room.
Salary : 2000 - 2400 $

The Chief Engineer (Chief) is responsible for the mechanical running of the ship and all aspects of the engine room. This includes overseeing not only the main and auxiliary engines, but also the generators, electrical systems, air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, and ventilation and refrigeration systems. He is trained in and is responsible for the multiple on-board systems, and in fact, is the only person on board who can talk to the Captain on an equal footing. He is assisted by the Asst. Chief Engineer, 1st Engineers, 2nd Engineers, 3rd Engineers, Jr. Engineers, Chief Refrigeration Engineer, Refr. Engineer, Asst. Refr. Engineer and Asst. Engineers which in their turn supervise a number of Engine Room crew..
Salary : 2400 - 2800 $

May be any of the following: singers, dancers, instrumentalists,comedians,
mimes,ventriloquists, etc., and they may
or may not have duties aside from the performance of their art. This differs from line to line. On the more luxurious ships, entertainers are only responsible for performing.. On other ships they may also have additional cruise staff duties.
Salary : 2000 - 2400 $

Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine)
He is in charge of the overall operation, production, maintenance and key personnel in the galley. Is responsible for planning the menus, ordering food (in conjunction with the F & B Manager), organizing his staff and arranging meals. Many of the best ships have European Chefs who are members of the prestigious world's oldest gourmet society. The Executive Chef is constantly striving for perfection in all aspects of the sea-going culinary tradition. One of the principal aims of any good Executive Chef is to make sure that menus are never repeated, even on long cruises. Reports to Sr. Executive Chef, F & B Manager, Hotel Manager.
Salary : 2200 - 2600 $

Extra Repairman
Assists the GP-Repairman in his job and also helps to carry tools.
Salary : 1900 - 2400 $

Fitness Coordinator
Is usually a part of the cruise staff whose daytime duties revolves deck and pool activities.Organizes classes and tournaments for the passengers, e.g. shuffleboard, table tennis, exercise classes and pool games.
Salary : 2200 - 2600 $

Food & Beverage Manager (F&B)
Works with Provisions Master in ordering food stores and assessing quantities for order. Has many responsibilities including a great deal of paperwork and supervising of the entire food and beverage division. Controlling the quality of food, of service, cleanliness of preparation and serving areas are all part of his job. Assisting him is the Asst. Food & Beverage Mngr.
Salary : 2900 - 3200 $

Galley Steward (Sanitation Supervisor)

Responsible for keeping all food preparation areas and galleys clean. Supervises all cleaning personnel and trains all new utility cleaning personnel. Also responsible for inspecting and maintaining all dishwashers, glass washers and garbage disposal machines. Prepares schedules for utility cleaners together with Executive Chef..
Salary : 2100 - 2400 $

General Purpose Repairman (G.P.)
Takes care of all small repairs on board, such as bulb replacements, changing of locks, etc..
Salary : 2100 - 2500 $

Gift Shop Manager
In charge of Gift Shop operation. Receives, stores and displays all merchandise . Handles the daily and weekly deposits to the Chief Purser. The Asst. Gift Shop Manager is responsible for performing all the duties of a Sales Asst. and will assume the duties of the Manager during her absence.
Salary : 1900 - 2200 $

Gift Shop Sales Assistant.
Sells merchandise to passengers. Takes care of housekeeping of the gift shop, window displays, wrapping and bagging gifts purchased by customers, balancing cash register and also participates in fashion shows..
Salary :1700-2300$

Gift Shop Store Keeper

Responsible for receiving, securing, moving, storing, inventorying, and issuing of merchandise received from the shore based suppliers. Maintains stock rooms. Assists passenger during peak periods in the Gift Shops.. Vacuums and cleans the Gift Shops and display areas. Performs errand duties for the Gift Shop Manager and Sales Assistant.
Salary : 1900 - 2400 $

Hair Dresser

Supervises and leads several Utility Stewards (see Utilities) in their cleaning work. In coordination with the Second Steward, the Head Cleaner will assign duties and inspect, on a daily basis, the work of Utility Stewards ensuring that standards as set by the Cruise Line are adhered to. Assisting him is the Asst Head Cleaner. Reports to the Chief Steward.
Salary : 2200 - 2600 $


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