Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: Faith Adams <faithloveinharmony@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010, 1:20 AM

Dear ....
I got your message and i must confess that you caught my eye real good cos am impressed with what you wrote,I tried to Include in my profile that i was a missionary and traveled around but it wasn't going through.Well I just got posted from Red Cross as a Human Resource/Health Care to a rural village right here in Africa (Nigeria),on my mission trip.I have traveled to several countries in my short time as a missionary and i have gathered different experiences and views about life.I joined the ministry and i work with the underprivileged,orphanages,and motherless babies,and help to eradicate HIV/aids,and i equally teach self esteem to sick kids....i will be getting home soon,finally, and i want to meet a soul mate who will be there for me at all times in life....Its my first time of doing this online thing,and i hope it works out for me.I resolved to this online dating stuff cos i have been burned before.i will be coming back home soon any way,say in weeks time but in the mean time i need a company, someone i can always communicate with while i am here cos i get bored most times after the days work then see where it goes from there. Well, I promised to to tell you more about myself, so here goes. If it gets a little long, I apologize. Well I am originally from Calabasas,CA My family left there , and to be honest, I wish they never left.. and I would like to relocating back to California , I was living in South London,UK with my late mom elder sister.... Recently i got to visit California some months ago and i was staying with my school mate in (Calabasas,CA) she left for Germany at the moment and I took my time to be useful to God and the society at large and now really need a family of my own.I am actually on my last stage with this job and would be coming to the united states soon depending on when I get my retirement.I just need someone to start conversations with,knowing each other better,sharing views and ideas,issues and relationships prior to my arrival the states,perhaps meeting up in person if things go well between us and who knows something deeper.Someone I can always communicate with while I am here cos I get bored most times after the days work most especially because of this rural area we are camped here in Africa - Nigeria. but i would like to settle down in Calabasas,CA
I am very much attached to celebrating all the beauty that the good Lord has given us. There are so many people that never get to experience that type of beauty. And yes I love all the outdoor sports such as fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, etc. There's just something amazing about sitting around a campfire under the stars of a sky not ridden with noise and the haze of pollution. Those, combined with my family and friends,then, were what made me happy. I am very much a family person as well. i hope you re feeling good and I would really like to get to know you. What you have told me thus far is really good. Believe me I want your dreams to become reality as well. Right now I am not talking with anyone else. I look at this whole relationship thing like this...You date someone in order to get to know them. The process of the relationship moves forward until one or both decide to stop it. I want you to know I am taking this seriously. But this is a learning and growing process. I feel like we are moving in a good direction. I will promise you something if you will promise me this: that we will be completely honest with each other throughout this whole process. I AM interested in you. But I don't know you...and I hope to remedy that in the near future.

The best reason why you should believe me?...There really is no good reason except that I would say trust me. But you don't know me either. I can tell you that lying gets you no where in a relationship. In addition, any great relationship is built on trust. Trust involves risk. I believe to find the right person, a person has to be willing to risk knowing someone and being known by someone. However, the Bible teaches in Proverbs 4.23- to guard your heart. I believe that means don't be reckless with it. The most I can tell you is this- you seem like someone that I would like to know with the intent of moving further someday.

What kind of man am I looking for? Wants? Someone who has a strong desire to walk with the Lord. Someone who is passionate about something...anything. People with passion intrigue me. Someone who has maturity that translates from their spiritual walk into their emotions and actions. Someone that is not to serious; who can laugh at a joke or themselves. Someone to share life with. Someone that gets me on a deeper level. Someone that challenges me when I need it and nurtures me when I need it. Someone who is easy going like me. Someone that knows me, how I think, and how I will react in most situations. Someone who works for the relationship. Most couples don't get that love is a choice and you have to work at it. Someone who knows how to speak to me gently. Nagging, screaming, or manipulating has never worked with me. Someone to stand with me...to be my shield and to let me be him shield. Patience is critical. Someone who has fire in their eyes. However, for someone to become this person in my life takes time. So in the early stages: I'm looking for someone that is learn-able and teachable. Someone who is willing to learn about me and also teach me. Someone who is willing to work at real communication. That is a good starting point

Don't wants? Drama that results in guilt. I don't want I dictator because I am not a dictator. I believe in team. I do not want someone that is emotionally unstable. I need to be able to trust you with my feelings. I don't want someone who can't keep control of their words. My love language is words of affirmation (the others are quality time, gifts, physical touch...everyone has one or two that they really desire- which one is yours?) Don't want a quitter.

Likes? I I see that you like soaps, soaps, and soaps. So do I. Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorites. Smallville, One Tree Hill, and yes I do love Dawson's Creek. I also love watching an older show you might have heard of...Felicity. Others: 24, Heroes. I have TiVo. So I tape them all and watch them late at night. I like to host people in my home. And I like to keep a neat home.(that's the Marine Corp in me). I like to travel. I look forward to marriage so I can slow down and pour my life into someone else that will pour back into me. I love to ski and snowboard. I love the beach (it is really romantic) but I prefer to hang out at a pool that is close to the beach. I love to read. And not to sound to spiritual... I really enjoy studying and teaching the Bible. My absolute passion is to help people understand God and the spiritual life. Cuddling, kissing, random acts of kindness, giving, respect and consideration are great.

Dislikes? Clutter, high maintenance men, German and Thai food (by the way I like just about every other kind of food), redoing people's work after it should have been done right the first time, to much business and not enough down time, arguing (yuk..."arguing is the exchange of ignorance"- cool quote). Wasting time. I have more likes than dislikes.

Kids? Absolutely. How many? Hopefully at least one of each.

Long term? Yes I want to be married as soon as I find the right person. Loneliness stinks sometimes.
If i may ask, i would like you to answer these questions for me,
- Since when have you been on the personals?
- How many ladies have you contacted or are you communicating with presently?(apart from me)
Warm regards and i hope to read from you again,
Wishing you a Blessed day and a wonderful week all through. Remain Blessed In the LORD till i read from you again.
I feel like we are on the same page and moving in a good direction. I hope my long, wordy emails are proof to you and you can via email me... .. and i can always write you back, i do get connection from the city.. cos I'm in a rural area at the moment...

Sincerely Faith
All I am looking for in someone is a person who has the qualities of beauty on the inside and out. There are so many men out there that I would consider handsome, but certain parts about them make them so much less attractive. All I want is someone who I can look at as mine, and he would be proud to look at me as his. Too many people have wondering eyes nowadays. I would be unbelievable to the right person let me tell ya. And just to let you know.Well, I know I wrote a book to you and I am sorry for that. I understand

watch tv
Mrs From: Faith Adams <faithloveinharmony@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010, 11:32 PM

You make me smile right now and it's a good feeling to be remembered by someone over there.I feel lucky to have met you too and I beleive we are made for each other.The right time we met and becoming a tradition to always sit on this computer writing to someone so real and matured.Meeting you sometime would be a great deal sorry I couldn't email you any sooner,been busy with the kids here and I was having that touch on my mind that you had emailed me and behold when I checked my email,you had written me.Thanks for keeping an eye on me.Sometimes I used to wonder if there are still good men out there,someone who really cares and thinks of you even when you are not around but I guess I don't have to think about that any more because from the emails you write me,you pour out your heart and I don't see any form of deciete,pretence,or any thing negative to a REAL relationship.You may be wondering why I am rambling again,right now,I want to take my chances with you.I haven't really been into dating for a very long time now because I did everything a common girl wouldn't do,I was there for him and never had any intentions of having a broken relationship but he broke my heart and I never had the love I expected from him.Ever since then,I never fell in love again..I am here to find THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.some one who I will grow with in love,faith,endurance and care.Again,thats why I want a good family oriented man as a soul mate because I believe he will have the understanding on how to treat a woman just like I think you would.let me say a few more of what I like and not.the content of your letter as always been a words of inspiration for me,and you have been carrying me along since we started the online dating and I have always liked giving people helping hand just to make them happy,and i have to travel most of the time doing my work and ..We try to provide them with there daily needs and that includes food,shelter and drugs for the sick ones.I am the peak of my carear and Most importantly there has to be honesty and straight forwardness and I really appreciate the fact that u are %100 honest and will like to see where this leads I have been hurt in the past and will not let that put me away when it comes to moving forward in life as the saying goes "your past does not define you, nor does it control you. It is simply a sequence of events that you own, and choose which ones you allow to influence you." I strongly believe in FAITH even as the bible says in Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.".And no you don't have to be religious for us to be compactible as long as you are a good man in the sense that you are loving.,caring and honest,loving and sincere.I believe in a 50/50 relationship and not 70/30. I know if we are able to make comunication effective we will get along real fine and the good Lord will see us through knowing what we all have been through in life... Why can't we ask ourselves why we all have the problem of everlasting marriages in the USA, this is not because we are all stupid or not emotional,certainly not! Its just simply because most of us don't take this marriages to the Lord to bless or not concerend about christainity like my mom always says "she says if you find your wife in a bar, when times are tough, thats where she will be. If you find your wife through God, when times are tough you will find her on her knees praying." Now with this don't you think life will be much more easier for we the Americans?One thing we shouldn't complain for is seeing the whole thing working for good and not seeing it as being too good to be true when we get started because when the right time comes in ones life everything begins to work so fast and easy that way we must give thanks to the Almighty and not doubting his will in us.I will be back in the states in less than weeks and will relocate to ANYWHERE for the RIGHT MAN . "For I know the plans I have for you, plans not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11" .

These are some random dreams of mine. I would like to be with a man that loves and adores me and childrens. A man that cant wait to come home from work to be with his family and pauses outside the window to gaze at his beautiful family. If I should be blessed with a child, I want my man to take my pregnant belly in his hands and kiss it and talk to his son or daughter. I went him holding my hand in the delivery room, and when we hear the first cry of our child see the look of adoration and awe on his face. He would come in kiss the children then come to me and kiss me on the lips or if I am at the stove preparing dinner, he would come up behind me , wrap his arms around me and kiss the back of my neck. I want to treat him like a king, and him treat me like his queen. If he has a bad day at work, I want to have him lay down on the bed and let me massage and kiss away all the stresses of the day. When the kids are in bed I want to cuddle up together on the couch and listen to music and talk or watch a movie. I want to fall asleep at night with my head on his chest. On weekends I want to sit around in the morning , the kids watching cartoons, And us sitting and reading the paper and drinking coffee. I want the house to filled with the aroma of the breakfast I would make of banana pancakes or belgium waffles On Sundays I want us to be dressed nicely and go to church together and after church come home and take a nap. I want to go on vacations, and play in the yard with the dog and the kids. I want to go out on romatic dates together. When we grow old and our children are grown, I want to travel the country in an RV. And visit our children and grandchildren often. I want to do missionary work in different countries. Most of all I just want to be loved , respected, and cared for. COULD YOU BE THIS MAN?? Is there a man out there like this? I hope so............
I trust you and I want to keep my heart with you for the rest of my life.I beleive when God ordains something it works pretty good and fast.God must have ordained us to meet though this way and be together.I am glad I met you and don't want to loose you.I trust you.

i found it interesting.fix a time for us to chat despite the time diffrents between us.when would be a good time for us?it's like we are 7hrs ahead on the time over there.I would check on you from time to time with hopes of chatting with you.Just let me know.
Across the seas ,Sits alone this lonely girl who waits there each and every day for her and her true friend will be talking away from mails.They two confide and tell all the secrets kept inside.The smiles of icons is all they see,yet she tells him,"You belong to me".The weary hearts between the two,lays heavy on them when they feel blue(my favorite colour),but when they hear from each other via emails,they seem to be happy just one more time.One day soon,the two shall meet in person,and oh that day will be so sweet.but till that day,when the two will see,she just keeps saying ,"You belong to me".This is my heart for you and i would always have good feeling for you...
Yours To Be


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