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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs > Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 03:15:34 +0400
> From: tanushamilasha@yahoo.com
> Subject: Hi, Good time of days!
> Good time of days!!!
> That for you it would not seem strange these are messages, I would like to be presented.
> My name Tatyana, my age 32 years and I search for the man for serious relations. The information
> on you to me to give in agency of acquaintances and there it has been told that you also search
> for the woman for serious relations. For me it seems slightly not real, but I would like to try this
> kind of acquaintance, acquaintance through the Internet.
> In this letter I also to attach the recent photo that you knew about that stranger who writes you this
> letter. I am final I can tell more many about myself, and we could continue our acquaintance in our further letters.
> If I have interested you we could continue our acquaintance, exchange the photos and be presented
> before each other in our letters. I think, that it would be interesting and fascinating. It would be
> pleasant to see your answer with the short story about you and your recent photo.
> With best regards Tanya.
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 06:02:00 +0400
From: tunuskaprikolushka@yahoo.com
Subject: I am sorry for a delay of my answer to you!!!

Hello ...!!!
My today has begun in good mood, and I felt that predicts that that good and pleasant this day. I have arrived on the workplace and as usually first of all I include the computer and I check my-email. I have been pleasantly surprised, seeing your answer to my short letter for you
With my photo.
It is very a pity to me, that I needed long time to answer you. But I do it now and without delay.
Business consists that to me was necessary to leave a city in a countryside for my work. All this time I could not know about presence of yours the letter on mine e-mail. In twins it was pleasant to me to see your letter. It is very a pity to me, that I could not see your photo with your letter. If it is fair, I to wait it. I very much would like, that in your following letter you to send so the not an old photo. OK? :)
It would be desirable to be presented before you: My full name, Tatyana it would be desirable to be presented before you, but my friends name me Tanya. What is your name?
This really unusual acquaintance, the Internet expands our possibilities and for our dialogue and acquaintance, distance not a problem. I would like to write you the letter in English. It is normal for you? Would like to ask at once pardons for grammatical errors in my letter. I promise, that I will be corrected in the future. I can understand without problems that about what you write in yours the message and also to write the answer for you.
It would be desirable to tell about itself not so. My growth of 174 sm, about weight not decently to ask the girl)))). I like to be to go in for sports. To me to like to float in pool and to go to a gym. It to me suffices to watch over health.
To me 34 years I was not married, and I do not have any children. There was also a vein together with the man, but these relations to what good not to result. Now I live one and I rent apartment. I live separately from my parents. Also I have the younger brother whom to study at institute.
I also would like to know about your status of a life. You could tell to me about you, about your family and your hobbies?
I work as office-manager in one of the companies of our city. With such work it is sometimes difficult to have to find a free time for dialogue and for new acquaintances. I am grateful to the Internet, that by means of it I try to get acquainted with you.
Today for me there was nothing expected, except news from my work or my friends. But since this moment at me to appear what I would be glad to see, and this your new letter.
If tomorrow morning I can receive one more new message from you. You you should know, that you to give this a smile on my person and good mood. On it I to approach to end. It would be pleasant to learn about us through our letters.
I hope, that my letter to find you in good mood. With best regards Tanya.

Mrs Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 19:18:18 +0400
From: tunuskaprikolushka@yahoo.com
Subject: It is pleasant to see your answer!

Hello my new friend !
I am glad, that you have not rejected my letter, and with pleasure again I write to you. I with the big interest read all words written in your letter. I have an interest to learn about you in the greatest possible degree. I as will try to write to you about me directly in more details.
I very much would like, that you were that person whom I searched for all life. It seems to me, if two persons of all are fair to each other, and they have a mutual understanding it provides fine future and long love. I am capable to fall in love only with the frank person.
I live separately from my parents. To my mum of 60 years and the daddy 62 years. They are happy in marriage and till now the loyal friend to the friend. My mum all life worked over school in initial classes, and the daddy, worked as the builder. It developed projects of buildings. I have a younger brother, which name Andrey.
I have higher education, I have finished institute. Has finished ability - "Management". After institute end to get a job the same trade. Certainly, my work spoils me and occupies a lot of time and forces. But it for me possibility to earn money.
I do not have time what to find the present love, even there is no case to get acquainted with the person. Now the Internet for me unique possibility to find the beloved. Here now I to meet you and in my life appears the person with which I can to concern.
My dream to create a family. I am very tired from loneliness. The majority of my girlfriends has already got married. Communicating with girlfriends, I see, that house life happens the various.
All my life transfers work. Now I am lonely, it is heavy To me to be in such condition. I am completely ready, for serious, sincere, fair and magic relations with the man. Probably I all it could have with you. I can offer much for the sake of a good house life.
My usual day passes so. I rise from a bed at 6 o'clock in the morning, and I go to a bath. After that I go to have breakfast, for a breakfast, I eat sandwiches, and I drink coffee with milk. At 7:30 I leave the house, and I go at a stop. I go for work as public transport. Sometimes at a stop there are many people, and I go for work on foot. In general I like to go before my work. My working day lasts from 8 o'clock till 17 o'clock. You could tell a mode of your day?
I think, that it will be for today enough. I hope, boring, my letter will not seem to you, to you and will write further to me. I hope, that I write clearly enough and very much about me is direct. I will try to answer all your questions. If I do not answer your question, I mean, that I could not to understand it, not to take offence at me and to write it once again. I think, which you understand, that the overall aim should find in my life, that only the thing, my second leaves me with which I can pass all difficulties of a life. Together, to meet pleasure, occurrence of children to lift them to surround with care, to present this happy childhood, I so dream of it! I think, that you understand me, and your vital purposes are similar to a deposit, me in hope of a shower, it once, our hearts will meet.
On it I wish to finish the letter, and with the big impatience I will expect your answer.
The justification for my big letter. I hope, I have not cleaned a lot of your time. I wished to describe a life in detail. I hope, it was interesting to you.
Your girlfriend Tanya.
Mrs Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 16:00:58 +0400
From: tunuskaprikolushka@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: It is pleasant to see your answer!

In your letter you to tell nothing about yourselves. You could answer my questions and also at least to tell about your life not much.
Mrs Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 17:25:39 +0400
From: tunuskaprikolushka@yahoo.com
Subject: I very much wait your letter!

Good afternoon !!!!!
I did not receive your letter in these days off. I to hope, that at you all is good be not to forgetting also all of you about me.
In these days off I to go for a city in Russian Banya. You to hear about it? It just as a sauna, but only by Russian principle of a structure and technology.
To me also it is sad, that you not to answer my previous letter. I to hope, that you will find time to answer my letters. I look forward your letter. Yours Tanya

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