Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Veronica Conte <veronicaconte_01@live.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:21 PM
Subject: RE: Hello dear thank's for writing back,i need your help pls

Hello dear,

Thanks for your reply email,I'm glad you wrote back. Honestly, I must first ask for apology to burden your respected life and for the surprise this letter may be seen to you because we have not been in much communication. But I want you to bear with me that it is because of the ugly situation one fine herself into which lead me to open up to you. How is life over there with you?, believing it's alright. I will like to tell you more about myself,family and the important reason why i have contacted you. I am Miss Veronica Lansana Conté, 23years and the only daughter to Late President Lansana Conté, who was the former President of Guinea Conakry before his death on 22 December 2008. The death of my Father open ways for Military Coup in Guinea,lead by Captain Moussa Dadis Camara. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara emerged as the leader of the group of army officers who seized power in a bloodless coup after the death of my late Father President Lansana Conte on 22 December 2008. The seized of power by Camara lead to the arrest of my two brothers to jail by Captain Camara Military Men. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara accuse my two senior brother of drug trafficking,leading to my escape to a near-by country Senegal for safety of my life and the inherit with me.

I am alone in this world as it is now, I do not have any onward relationship. I do not know the way about of my senior brothers,if death or alive. I was save and assisted by my late father's soldier friends,who took me out for hid immediately the news of my late father death came from the Military officers. So from there I took the portfolio box of my late father with me to the near by country Senegal.This site will explain more to you about my late father's history:  

Considering myself to be save,i seek asylum under the CMS Missionaries here in Dakar Senegal. I am seeking for your trusted assistance to relocate out from this dangerous situation of place. My expressions may sound unbelievable because of many happenings all over the global.I need a trusted partnership with you because i have intention to relocate out from the near-by country Senegal because of the incumbent Military dictatorship Captain Moussa Dadis Camara. Please fine it urgent to response to my aids as i have it at the back of my mind to reveal to you more details about my family, seeking for your honest assistance. If possible,you can reach me through the phone number of Rev.Father Mark,+221768593783,when you call tell him you want to speak with Ms Veronica Lansana Conté from Guinea Conakry. You can see the reasons that lead me to search for a true one for freedom. After you might have gone through my letter, I think you will decide within yourself any possible way you can take me in your life to help me out. I am not going be a burden to you but i assure you of my true self.

To bring you more closer to who is writing or speaking to you, I have an original documents proof that cover the sum worth US$3.6million dollars. I saw this documents in the portfolio box of my late father. The contents in the portfolio box is so many documents of my late father's properties and values. The money US$3.6million dollars was the one written in my name as the next of kin, it was a surprise to me because I never knew of such documents exist since the life time of my father. This is another most reasons why I seek asylum under the
CMS Missionaries for safety of my life and the documents, knowing that one good day, someone will help me out to claims what belong to me, despite the fact that I'm a woman. This is another reason why I say,I will not be a burden to you but be submissive to you in all areas of life. So only what am seeking for is that true, trust and honest partnership to lead me through out from this darkness condition of life here in the refugee camp Senegal.

Please i need your response interest and your capacity to stand for me as my appointed trustee for the claims/release of the money US$3.6million dollars in your position.Immediately i received your reply and your ability to help me out for the transfer, i will send to you the contact information of the Firm,where the fund was deposited by my late father in my names as the next of kin. I want you to contact the firm as my appointed trustee for the transfer of the fund to your account. I have the intention to relocate and meet you over there after the fund has been transfer into your account in your country. Could you please send to me your photos, more details about yourself and families. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible,wishing you God blessings.
Sincerely Yours,

Mrs From: veronica conte <veronicaconte01@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 7:12 AM
Subject: I wait for you

Dearest Dear,

Honestly, i am very happy to read your mail that you are willy to help me out of this place.Also i want you to pardon me when you do not hear from me always. Because over here we are not allow the chance to go out places. And i check my email only when my girl friend the secretary to Rev.Father Mark has chance in her office. So anytime the girl is busy i will not have asses to write you but wait for her to finish,i want you to consider me please. It is very hard over my dear,whatsoever possible you can do for me will really be reward back to you in double by God. I believe that our communication is not by accident but by the WILL of God. Because i never have the kind of confident in somebody before like the confident i have in you. Please i beg you to keep everything concerning this matter an high secret with yourself as i have trusted you with all my heart.My desire intention about the fund when transfer into your account in your country. First, I want to start back my university studies as i stopped in my second year  as the crisis started. In that regards concerning my entering into the university also i need your help. And i want you to handle everything concerning the safety of the fund in your account when transfered. I believe that you will know the right business to invest the fund when transfered into your account. i wait to hear from you my dear. I'm very honored for your promises to be by my side. My International passport has expeired which is not useful again,i need to apply for a new one and it cost some money to get back a new International Passport. As i early explain to you that i lack financial support over here and things are very difficult,that is why i couldn't be able to get another since.If i could be able to relocate out from here,Oh i will give thanks to almighty God and i promise to be submissive to you in all areas of life when living together with your family. I did not have any order photo with me at this moment but i we try to see if i can get new once and send it to you,i tolf my girl friend about your plan for me to come on chating so he open new yahoo account for me.Here is the ID( vconte56@yahoo.com ) add me and tell when you can be online so that i can meet you,once again i thank you very much for your plan to help me out of this place and live a better life with you. I will be praying for you always too, may the good God bless you and the whole family.

With Love and care,

Sincerely yours,

Mrs From: <sgbsb@accountant.com>
Date: Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 6:52 PM

Société Générale De Banques Au Sénégal (SGBS).
19, Av. Président Léopold Sédar Senghor, BP 323 Dakar, SENEGAL
Contact Personnel: Foreign Operation Director, 
Dr. Mustafa A. Mohammad.
Direct phone:

Please be informed that Société Générale De Banques Au Sénégal (SGBS), has received your letter of in-quires for a transfer being deposit in our bank by a relative of yours. We are highly honored and promise to assist in anywhere possible in our custody.

To proceed for verification towards your in-quires: The following information is required from you as soon as possible.

The Names of your relatives: (i.e)

The Account Holder Names: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Next of Kin Names::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
The Deposit Account Number: :::::::::::::::::::::::
The Amount Deposited: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The above information is very necessary and will help us to proceed for your in-quire about a deposit as mention in our custody for transfer. We shall wait for your respond urgently. Thanks for your co-operation.

Foreign Operation Department Director,(SGBS).

Dr. Mustafa A. Mohammad.
Direct Phone:
Mrs On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 12:21 AM, veronica conte <veronicaconte01@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hello dear,
How are you doing today and every thing around you?,i am very happy to recieve your emails you send with your passport.Dear i need you to contact the bank now and tell them that  you need a lewyer that can help you get those remining two document which is the power of anthony and the aoth,so that the bank can proceed with the transfer of the money to your account.plaese help so that i can live this place and come to your country,i will like to stop here and wait to read from you soon.

always yours inlove without end
Mrs From: veronica conte <veronicaconte01@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 7:26 PM
Subject: RE: kind please and the Affidavit of Oath From Federal High Court here

hello Honey,
Honey I'm more than happy to read the emails this monining, First of all you have confirmed
that what I'm telling you  is the truth.back to the issue of those documents they demanded from you before they will
proceed on this transaction,honey I have send my Father's Death Certificate and The Deposit Certificate to you.
But the Power Of Attorney and the Affidavit of Oath From Federal High Court here I don't have it Honey,
but  I will advice you to write a mail to the SGBS Bank Senegal right now and tell them you have the other documents
accept  the Power Of Attorney Affidavit of Oath which will be signed by their Accredited Attorney, honey ask them to give you their
Accredited attorney contacts information's so that you can contact the lawyer immediately for the remaining document OK,
because I believe  with all these documents our transaction will successful because those documents will be enough to
back of our transaction.Again Remember to be forwarding me every e-mail, phone calls or fax you
receive from any where concerning this transaction for my advice to avoid
mistakes since you know that my life lays on this money .
I will like to stop here and await to hear from you
Sincerely yours without end
Veronica rose
Mrs From: <barristerphilbertsanga09@lawyer.com>
Date: Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 4:46 PM

This is to confirm the receipts of your mail well noted.This Law Firm Philbert Sanga Lawfirm Dakar Senegal,have duly accepted to solicit on your behalf,and also to offer you all the necessary legal services you need.

Forward to us your full contact information/ passport photograph, phone and fax contact and other relevant information,Include the bank account of your partner as it have been received that, Soon as we receive all this,We shall proceed for the legal document of the special Power of Attorney.
Barr,Philbert Sanga
(Principal Partner).(ESQ).( Reg- Number.7482Dkrsn )

Solicitors & Property Consultants
Tounkara Et Associes
14, Rue Abdoul Karim Bourgi
X Wagne Diouf B.P.19752
Dakar, SENEGAL .
Mrs From: <barristerphilbertsanga09@lawyer.com>
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 8:28 PM

Sequel to your Request,We have observed the authentication of these transfer and the need of the document required by the bank:Be inform that we are ready to give you our best of service as we have been subjected to act on your behalf with the procurement of the Attorney document and the Affidavit of Oath from the High Court.
Firstly we appreciate your choosing us to represent you in this matter in the High Court of justice. and be rest assured that we will give you our best of service and shall apply all legal terms to guarantee our efficiency from the moment our required mobilizations materials is received.
You are hereby required to send immediately to us the legal processing  fees as stated below to enable us get induce urgently as regarding the legal paper works from the high Court.

To adequately mobilize us on this assignment You are hereby required to send to us a total sum of ($1,670.00 Dollars)

1) We will use the sum of ($800.) to register the certificates of Attorney Document and the Affidavit of Oath in the office of the court register.

2) We will use the sum of ( $320.00 ) to get the authentic stamp duty on the Certificate from the office of chief justice.
3) We will use the sum of ( $150.00 ) to secure a receipt of Incorporation from the ministry of internal affairs here in SENEGAL before the Special Power of Attorney document and the Affidavit of Oath can be approved.
4) We will use the sum of ( $150.00)as our mobilization fee.
5) Our service charge will be ($250.00 ) ( the total is $1,670.00 )

Note,Upon the receipt of this fee ( $1,670.00) We shall proceed immediately to procure the required documents for your transfer to your account and it will be our pleasure to represent you in other matters concerning your business in the future.
As soon as we received the required fee we promise to secure the document for you as demanded in 2 working days. Be informed that the receipt of this document are been given after the payment is made, If you have any question, contact us at +221-76-759-2657
You will use our Chambers Account below to send the money.

ACCOUNT NUMBER.::::::: K0012013163416195620126
SWIFT CODE. ::::::::::::  CBAOSNDA.

Or In other to Fast up your request, you can
pay the money through Western Union Money Transfer to enable us get the money the same day and start the document very faster withing two (2) working days the Attorney document shall be forwarding to you for SGBS bank Immediate Transaction to your Account.
Make the Payment with My Chambers Documentation Management Secretary Name ( Mr benjamin idaborya ) . Add:14, Rue Abdoul Karim Bourgi X Wagne Diouf B.P.19752 Dakar Senegal .

Barr, Phibert Sanga
(Principal Partner).(ESQ).( Reg- Number.7482Dkrsn )

Tell ;+221-76-759-2657
Mrs From: veronica conte <veronicaconte01@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 5:02 PM
Subject: try and help me out

My dearest ,
Good morning to you my dear and happy new week. I'm very grateful to received your letter with sincerely understanding. I do not know how to express my feelings over how i felt after going through your letter this morning. Honestly i was glad,happy and fully of joy in my heart. A renewer hope and confident flown to my whole mind,heart and body. what do i have to give you?, Silver and God have i none!, in return to give you but only to say thank you for the love you have shown me. I wish to write you more in details after my girl friend has finish todays work,just i beg her to check my email and fine your letter. So i wish to drop this little expression of mine for now and later i shall fully explore my whole heart to you. I love you and greatly welcome you to my life.I honor your conversation on phone when you were in Yesteday morning, it was very great to hear your voice my dear.

Honestly speaking my dear , I can feel the wind of freedom as read through your letter. I'm very glad for your efforts to help me out from this place. You will be greatly rewarded by God. To my opinion concerning the letter you received from Barr.Philbert Sangar the lawyer. First, I'm glad to hear that Barr.Philbert Sangar is ready and willing to assist us were necessary. Please my dear , do not worried about the charges and it's high rates. I plead you to try all possible means available in your position to rise the fees. I know it may be difficult to get the money immediately as requested by the lawyer. Believe me God will make a way for the fee to be payed and everything shall be settled for good. I will advise you to write Barr.Philbert Sangar the lawyer to inform him to give us little time in arranging the money for the charges. Always remember to keep this matter to yourself only. I will be praying for success of everything and God shall answer our prayers. Please do not worried about the expenses. I promised you everything that i have as my inheritance will be in your position. There is noting to worried my dear, I promise you that everything you shall spend concerning my inheritance and getting me freedom out from here, all shall be rewarded to you in double fold as the fund is transfered into your account. You are my hope to live again when i thought all hopes has gone. Even if you have to borrowed the money for the charges, please do it for my sake as soon as possible. Remember my dearest, we do not need to wast much time again because as i learn from the respond you received from the Lawyer that a file has been open for the transfer and waiting for our confirmation of the remains documents as request to proceed immediately. I want you to do whatsoever you can as soon as possible for my sake in this process.Once again please keep this to your self,if you to your Bank and you were ask what are sending the money for plaese tell them you are sending it to your girlfriend.So that they we no be much question OK,Never you tell any body about this transition till i live this plaese for some reasons
I will be waiting urgently to hear from you and wishing you a nice lovely day with warmest hugs. I will be writing you more in details over my passionate,emotional thoughts about you and how you have really change my feelings. I am happy you are dear for me, may the good God bless you more.

Yours in heart,

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