Miss Young

Williams Jackson says: "We can provide you with your desired loan"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Jennifer. She was the victim of a loan scam, and it ruined her life.

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Subject: I was really stupit
Date: Fri 14 May 2010 11 54 16 0200

Hello Miss Young

I am all alone with my problems because i was really stupid and it will stay forever because I have no chance to pay back all this debts which I have make.
Now as lonely person i want to say anyone who has receive a similar message, do not trust them, they just want to scam You.
They have no feelings and don't care what going to hapend with You if You do same stupid think like I did.
I am45 years old personthat haslost everything,
I have at this moment only my job, I lost my life because is no chance to earn so much money and pay back that debts.
For some people this money are not big but for my was and are beyond my possibilities to earn. Im sure there is more people like me which lost everything because
they believe promises of better life, don't be another. Don't trust them.
Dear Miss Young, I'll be really appreciate if You place my letter somewhere on Your webpage as a warning, I can't laugh because of that, there is many people like
me all arround the world, don't let do the same mistake any new person's. Im sorry for my language but I'm not very good in english.
And i was really stupit to think if i send them money that the willgive me the loan Stupit me. Idont have money to by food form my kids.

With kind regards,


Attention Applicant,

We are pleased to render to you the best of our financial services which is our main area of specialization. Sequel to your funding request, we wish to inform you in securing a loan from our company, you must follow our procedures which are entirely very easy, non risky and formidable. We can provide you with your desired loan for 3% interest rate.

We render out a loan minimum amount of US$5,000 to individual and for cooperate bodied we render minimum of US$10,000 to maximum of US$1,000,000. Therefore, it equally depends of the amount you still want from our loan company as well.

You are required to fill the loan application form below and once we get your loan application form, we shall immediately follow up with the processing of your loan application and once your loan is approved by the board of directors, we shall let you know our loan terms and conditions as well as our repayment schedule.

Loan Application Form (To Be Filled)

First Name.................
Last Name: ...............
Sex: .....................
Date of Birth………………..
Marital Status: .........
Occupation: ……...........
Monthly Income: .........
Purpose: ...............
Loan Duration: .........
Exact Amount Required: …
Home Address: ........
Office Address: …….
Phone No: ..............
Mobile No: ............
Fax No: ...............
City: .................
State: ................
Country: ..............
Zip Code: .............

We hope that you provide us with the required information to enable us complete the processing of your loan application.

Yours truly,

Mr. Williams Jackson
Administrative Director
Standard Loan Company.


Dear Customer,

We welcome you to Bank of Scotland UK.

The approval letter of your loan amount of the sum of $5,000 has been received ready for transfer to your account.

We want to kindly inform you that before this transfer can be done you must first pay for the Non-resident bank transfer charges against the loan. Therefore, we want you to provide to us immediately the following details first.

Payment for the Non-resident bank transfer charges should be done through Western Union Money Transfer to our account department.

The loan amount can be credited to your account if you can be able to pay for the Non-resident bank transfer charges. If we can get that payment from you today then we can commence the transfer of your loan to your account immediately so by tomorrow by this time you will have it done in your account.

Please fill in the information on the attached document and get back to us with it immediately along your identification passport either your Driver’s License or International Passport.

We wait to receive this information from you immediately.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Greg James
Mrs. Susan Rice
Bank of Scotland UK

. When Jennifer realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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