Miss Young

Carole Curtis says: "3700 US dollars monthly"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Leo. He was offered a job in Canada.

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Subject: scammers
Date: Mon 21 Jun 2010

thanx just came thro your website can u also update this in your website please!!! here is a string betwenn me and one carole curtis a scammer


Mr 1st mail

Nice reading from you and to understand your interest in our friendship. Love will be more amazing when we have real value for one another.

You will have everything to benefit, lucrative employment with minimum wage of 3700 US dollars monthly. Flight, accommodation and feeding sponsored by our benevolent donors.

Waste no time, pursue your application with our secretary
rad-org@usa.comor info@cajpa.net for onward processing of your work permit/entry visa to Canada .

N/B: Always check your junk and bulk mails all the time because sometimes messages deliver to junk and bulk inbox.

Lots of love and care from me.
Yours truly,
Carole Curtis
From: cajpa@newmexico.usa.com
Sent: Fri 3/19/10 3:29 PM
Dear applicants,
The application letter you submit for your Job request was received, Cajpa Recruitment Company welcomes your job request.
Excellent opportunity for pro-active youths, on-employees and job seekers who have the mind to work in Canada. CAJPA has made available number of sponsor's opportunities alongside with this recruitment program. This recruitment program is designed to give focus on youths, groups and association valuable contact within the sector.

CANADA JOB AND PLACEMENT AGENCY (CAJPA) Canada under the auspices of WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (WFP) FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO) are informing groups, youths and youths focused organizations to take an active role in the forth-coming CAJPA recruitment program.

It is open for all so that we can use this opportunity to produce for us an active skill from your participation as we only accept delegates under recommendation, but since your recommendations comes from one of our affiliated colleagues we shall give you sector. The forth-coming workers recruitment program registration is scheduled to take place at Canadian Emplacements and Placement Agency program secretariat/ 3655 Drummond Street Montréal, Quebec Canada H3G, 1Y6.

Registration closes on the 4thApril 2010.
Every applicant will undergo 21days training so to be well acquitted with the system of our operation here in Canada. Our staffs are encouraged & trained to make decisions that exceed the expectations of our internal and external service. Our culture provides the free will with a training and authority to make these decisions in a positive, supportive environment and rewards them through the Cajpa job recruitment program. For more information’s for our policy guide visit http://http://www.cajpa.net/beforeyouarrive.html

The forth-coming CAJPA recruitment program is being organized by the GLOBAL WELFARE (GW) Canada and is being sponsored by our (US and Canada) independent farmers and other pro-active organizations e.g.-World Food Program (WFP) and food agricultural organizations (FAO).
Candidates applying outside of Canada should know that conventional written communication will be required. It is solely the applicant's responsibility to provide current and valid email addresses & phone number for easy communication. It is also the applicant's responsibility to maintain functional email addresses at all times. As a service to our applicants, you will also be able to access your file status update information through your E/mail...
Prior to the approval of your job request, Cajpa office of admission will issue your agreement job offer letter for your signature which will be endorsed by our Immigration Lawyer (CSIC) Canadian Society Immigration of Consultant, each endorsed contract agreement will be submitting to the (LMO) Bureau,
Cajpa donors Opinion for the employment enrolment record and also for the issuance of your work permit after the registration.

This program is being dedicated to all UNEMPLOYEES World Wide, over where our invitations extended, any group that received our recommendation is entitled to participate in the forth-coming workers recruitment program 2010regardless of your religion, race or belief.
Only five to fifteen, men or women are expected to participate together as a group from each country and none of them will be less than eighteen years. Two groups from a country will also be considered!

The independent donors, pro-active organizations and the (WFP) and (FAO) will take care of your entire tickets, your feeding and accommodations in Canada. If you are interested to participate in the forth-coming CAJPA workers recruitment program should send us their below-

1. Attached one passport photo in their assessment form.
2. Names, country of origin and country residents.
3. Passport numbers, to our national secretariat in Montreal, Quebec
Through this fax number +1-5144214679

We will open your participation file as soon as we receive your names along with the passport numbers and other required information's needed from you.
Secondly, those that are coming from Asia, Middle East, Gulf regions and Africa are expected to obtain their CAJPA workers recruitment assessment forms from our middle east, Gulf regions, Asian and African affiliated coordinator.
Contact him via e mail address philippines@cajpa.net

Those who are coming from Australian and Europe should contact their coordinator via newzealand@cajpa.net

We expect all the participants who are coming from Africa-Asia-Gulf Regions to obtain their forms from their directed coordinator in (Manila)Philippine at the rate of
250$ each, and the other delegates from Europe and Australia should collect their assessment forms from their directed coordinator at the rate of 100 British pounds each, per applicant. This payment must be made before returning back the assessment forms to our co operate headquarters' office.

We cannot add or reduce any given requirements for the authorization of participant visas participating in this program. Participants requiring the Canadian visa assistance must meet all the requirements. The organizing committee will render visa assistance to all participants requiring Canadian visa for this program. We are working with data and directives from the Canadian bureau of non immigrant affairs department, the authority that is in charge of authorization of your group visas.
The original copies of the undersigned contract will be posted to the embassy along with other official documents approved online through the Accredited Canada Immigration Division for visa online services located within your zone which is (Canada Immigration Online zoned representative) immigration services online.

The visa online services authority will couple your file for expedition to the Canada embassy within your location & will also issue you a visa pin/code for proper identification of your file at the embassy.
[Image: Board of Directors]
The Cajpa management strongly recommends self confident and show enthusiasm, pride and commitment to your position. Be more successful in communicating your strengths to a potential obligation because it is among our top priority. Our expertise service identified the following core
competencies as qualities of successful service regardless of your career focus (e.g. Academic).
• Uses Sound Judgment
• Thinks Innovatively
• Acts Autonomously and Confidently
• Drives for Results
• Demonstrates Integrity
• Pursues Development
• Demonstrates Adaptability
• Builds Relationships
• Communicates Effectively
• Motivates Others
• Influences Others
• Coaches and Develops Others
• Business Oriented
• Ability to relate to clients (your "people" skills)
• Ability to get along / work with other staff
• Honesty / Integrity
• Work ethic
• Understanding of the Human Animal Bond
• Business skills / knowledge / interest
• Special skills or knowledge

Remember to forward your names, passport numbers, country of origin and resident as soon as possible in order to open a file for your group and to commence the processing of your documents. When you apply as a group from your country, your visas will be easily authorized.

But single applicant, will have to face the embassy alone for personal visa issuance.. You will receive your visa form as soon as you complete your registration procedures. Please note that we cannot open group participation file names forwarded without the passport numbers. Such applicants should apply timely for UN emergency traveling emergency certificate and it will be possible by the help of our immigration advocate.

Endeavour to read more information about the program from our website. Point of note: when you make your registration payment, you should ask for your payment confirmation from your directed coordinators, as you will need to fax the confirmation receipt to the CAJPA organizers in Canada for the processing of your group documents.

Corporate headquarters and national secretariat
Kurland,Tobe,425-St Sulpice Montreal Quebec Canada
H2Y, 2V7, TEL: +18316777115
FAX- 0015144214679

Web site http://www.cajpa.net/
E mail: info@cajpa.net

Asia and Gulf-African Coordinator,
Name: Dr Dave Lucena Armero,
4th floor clock tower makati Ayala avenue
Makati-City Philippines,
E Mail:philippines@cajpa.net

European and Australian Coordinator,
Mr. Shane Tait
P.O.Box 105-045 Auckland new Zealand.
E mail: newzealand@cajpa.net

Richard Kurland
From: Cajpaasiandafrica Cajpa (cajpaasiandafrica@yahoo.com.ph)
Sent: Fri 3/19/10 10:08 PM

  1 attachment

CAJPA ASS...jpg (479.4 KB)
4th floor clock tower Makati ayala avenue, Philippine.
Dear applicant(s),
THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THIS PROGRAM. We are working with dates and directives from our Secretariat office in Montreal Quebec, we received signal from the secretary that you have submitted your application to join Canadian Foreign Worker's Recruitment Program. With the recommendation from one of our colleague, you will join other participants from different countries.
Attach below is the CAJPA registration assessment, print out the form and photocopy it individually, fill the form and return it together with your payment confirmation receipt.
As soon as the forms together with your payment information reach to us, I will endorse the form and forward it to our secretariat in Montreal for the processing of your travelling documents.

Method of payment: because of delay in transferring money via Bank to our country, your payment might get to us very late. In order to reach you with the confirmation of your registration payment, you will forward your payment through western union money transfer bank from africa.

Point to note: - We cannot endorse your forms without registration fees payment. It is two hundred and fifty United States Dollars (250$) per applicant.

Meanwhile, you have to print out the attached form, fill and forward it to us via our fax number 0063-2-8749028 or through e-mail as an attachment,cajpaasiandafrica@yahoo.com.ph OR our alternative e mail Philippines@cajpa.net
Direct your payment to our African-Asia coordinator accountant in Philippine in the name of Ms. JACKILYN C.YULIP and our address at 4th floor clock tower building Makati city Philippines.
We would send your payment confirmation to you as soon as we receive your payment information and completed CAJPA assessment form(s) on or before 30th March, 2010 considerably. Endeavor to attach your passport photograph in the form.

Visit our website: http://www.cajpa.net/

Dr. Lucena Dave Armero.
Asia/Africa -coordinator.
Contact 00639166489957


Never Give Up!!‏
From: Carole Curtis (curtiscarole@hotmail.com)
Sent: Sat 3/20/10 6:30 AM

I am happy that you are really making a way and trying from your side to meet me here through that wonderful opportunity that I linked you. I am not really buoyant enough at the moment because I just finished buying a new apartment that almost cost me all of my life savings spent 250.000$(two hundred and fifty dollars)just to renovate the bungalow house. I paid all my mortgages but some still pending so you have seen that I have tried.

When you come here you will see everything I was telling you but nevertheless, I will try to assist you with 100$ so you should try from your side to meet up with the remaining sum and keep me posted so that I will send my part on your behalf to your regional zonal coordinator in Philippines.

Honey this is the last chance that can bring us together so you have to be serious because opportunity comes but once!!

Love u.
Mr From: curtiscarole@hotmail.com
Subject: Just for ur sake!
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 14:12:10 +0000

Sweetest one,

I need a word from you more than anything. Given your experience and sense of maturity, it is the only guiding factor that can make me move out of the hatchet. I'm calm and waiting to hear from you.

My prayer is that you understand me, accept me the way I'm and have it in mind that the inevitable happened.

My love for you grows stronger each day, finding a friend in you is profound and historic in my life. Never have I been in such a relationship that has greatly taken my mind, emotions, time, energy and sacrificing the little God given gifts in me to you!! Never has any one done me proud by making me feel worthy with dignity and a sense of belonging the way you have!

Justice will always prevail for the afflicted,babe they cannot extent the deadline anymore so since you said you have 120$ at the moment so use the 20$ for your passport renewal and send the 100$ to your coordinator and I will just help you with 150$ because I dnt want you to delay with the application procedures.

Love u!
Mr From: curtiscarole@hotmail.com
Subject: Just for love sake!!
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 03:43:18 +0000

Dearest one,
You can never be locked out since I will be here to be monitoring your file, as I told you earlier your passport will be on pending list just send any of your ID card and they will understand. Just go ahead and make the 100$ payment unfailingly Monday morning to your coordinator and get back to me so that I will send my own 150$ on your behalf as soon as I hear from you.

I am here to help you so just go according to my direction babe, miss you so much especially when I lie down on my bed naked all night long.

Mr From: curtiscarole@hotmail.com
Subject: I keep and respect my words!!
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 15:52:51 +0000

Dearest one,

There is no problem, God knows I have tried my best, so is up to you but don’t just waste my effort and time for nothing, I need pure and serious guy in life not liars and players.


Mr Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 13:11:07 +0800
From: cajpaasiandafrica@yahoo.com.ph

Dear applicant,
Your partner in Canada Ms Carole Curtis has agreed and informed us to receive the sum of 100$ from you while she will help you clear the remaining sum as soon as she hear from us about your payment. She also told us that you will apply with your national ID card while your passport will be on pending listand we have accepted with her request so go ahead and send us the 100$ as soon as possible.
Secondly, we can send your letter of an invitation as soon as you become registered participant so just go ahead and make your payment and you will get anythng you need from our organisation.
Here are the details of the receiver below and return the assessment fill form together with your payment information.
Receiver name: Ms Jackylin C.Yulip
Address 4th floor clock tower Makati ayala avenue Philippines
We are waiting to see your payment.
Thank you,
Dr Dave Lucena Armero
Cajpa Coordinator Asia.

Mr Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 17:52:19 +0800
From: cajpaasiandafrica@yahoo.com.ph
Subject: Important and advice.

Dear applicant,

You are just wasting our time for nothing, we have told you several times that we will not send or recommend any proof of membership to you because you are not yet confirmed as a registered Cajpa applicant.
You are still applying so we will be able to collaborate with you as soon as we confirm you as a registered applicant so just relax and send us your registration payment then you can tell us what to do but as for now we can’t do anything either.
Thank you,
Ms Jackylin C.Yulip,
Cajpa Accountant.
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 11:49:22 +0300
From: re-nrobi-immigration@international.gc.ca

The web site (www.cic.gc.ca) is the official Web site of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. On this site, you will find the official procedures and kits necessary for applying for citizenship and immigration services and visas. Supported by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Canadian missions and visa offices located outside of Canada operate Web sites that provide region-specific information on immigration and citizenship matters. Applications for visas to Canada (also available on Canadian mission and visa office Web sites) must be submitted to Canadian missions or visa offices.
Impostor Web sites are attempting to mislead members of the public into thinking that they are official sites of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT). These Web sites may attempt to charge you for services that are otherwise free on the CIC Web site or through the official Web sites of the Canadian missions and visa offices abroad. They may also try to charge you for services that you may never receive, or request that you pay their fees in cash by mail or by making deposits to personal bank accounts. These methods are contrary to the official procedures for the payment of CIC services. Sending any personal or biographical information to impostor or non-official Web sites could also result in identity theft or fraud.

Please always be careful when dealing with an organisation which uses free internet mail services. Finding out who you are dealing with can be very difficult and sometimes impossible. Beware of any foreign-based representatives who promise that you will get a visa, obtain citizenship or get special treatment from the Canadian government by using the representative's services. Such companies or individuals may be outside the reach of Canadian law.

Web sites operated by accredited immigration representatives provide legitimate and useful immigration information and services. However, regardless of the content of any other Web sites, CIC does not endorse, recommend or sponsor any information or material posted at such sites.

You should not be afraid to ask the representative for references and proof of membership in the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC), a Canadian law society or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

Beware of representatives who claim that you will get a visa, obtain citizenship or benefit from special treatment from the Canadian government by using their services.

Private immigration consultants are regularized in Canada and have to be member of the CSIC. To ensure the competent and professional conduct of its members, the Society has also developed a strict code of conduct with its Rules of Professional Conduct by which all its members must abide. You can verify a consultant membership at the following website:

Note that CIC cannot recommend representatives or vouch for their honesty or skills.

For more general information about representatives please see:

Attention all Visa (temporary or permanent residence) and Work Permit Applicants:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has learned that Visa and Work Permit applicants may be tricked into buying false documents.

In several cases, the victims are offered high-paying jobs in Canadian hotels or on offshore ships. In other cases, they are promised a visa (sometimes including travel and accommodation) in exchange for money.

Please be sure you understand the following information BEFORE you take any action that could make you the victim of fraud:

The official Web site of Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) is at: www.cic.gc.ca

CIC visa offices do NOT use commercial email addresses

All forms and guides required to submit an application for any type of visa (immigrant/ visitor/ student/ worker/ refugees, etc...) are available at NO cost on the CIC Web site go to: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/index.asp

Only authorized officers of Citizenship & Immigration Canada can make the decision whether or not to issue a visa

Canadian visa offices do NOT ask people to make a deposit to personal bank accounts in exchange for visa services

The processing fees charged by all Canadian visa offices are fixed by Regulations and are the same (in Canadian dollars) around the world. Go to this Web page for a complete schedule of fees in Canadian dollars: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/fees/index.asp

For fees in local currency, you should check with the visa office responsible for your area (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/missions.asp)

Kind regards,

Immigration and Visa Section,

Canadian High Commission,

Limuru Road, P.O. Box 1013,

00621- Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel.: (254.20) 366.30.00

Fax: (254.20) 366.39.17


. When Leo realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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