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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Date: Tue 15 Jun 2010
From: solelenka@lenta.ru

Hello,, how are you? How is your day?
I am very glad we keep in touch. I hope our address exchange will please us both!
I want to know you and want to let you know myself, both part are important, do you agree?
My name is Elena, my friends call me Lena.
I answer you right away, that I like your photo and want to know you better! Age is just a number, if you have a good personality, I am sure we will get along. Let us start knowing one another and we will see the end, do you agree?
I want to know you and want to let you know myself, both part are important, do you agree?
I was born in September, 25, 1986, so I am 23 now.
I live in Starokostiantyniv, Ukraine. It is a small city of about 40,000 people. I studied English in university in Lviv and then came back to my parents in my city. From September I teach English in the secondary school I studied being a girl! It is funny to communicate with teachers as with your colleagues when you remember then giving bad marks to your friends and forbidding you to wear a short skirt!:) Now I am their colleague, I teach English in the fifth grade, it means children of 11 years old, and this my first school year was good enough!
Will you write me about your job? I want to know!
It is rather difficult to write about yourself, will you ask me questions? I promise to reply!
Have a good day,


Good day,, how are you?
I am so glad to hear from you. Every letter I receive let me see that our correspondence means something for you, it is very pleasant. We are so far away, so it isn't easy to stay in touch, to develop good relationships full of warmth, but I hope we will do it!
I am sorry, but I haven't seen your picture! This one you send is black, I see nothing there!
I want to write you about my family. I live with my parents, I am the only child. My parents have brothers and sisters so I have a lot of cousins and cosines, but they all live in different cities and villages of our region, we keep in touch but are not very close because see one another just for family holidays.
In Starokostiantyniv I live with my father and mother. My father's name is Olexandr and my mother's name is Ivanna. They both are in their fifties. Our family is very good and friendly. My father works as an accountant in the municipals meanwhile my mother is a nurse in the local hospital, she works in the registration and taught me to make injections, so I have no fear of medicine! It is useful in my school work because children are always the risk group, they run, jump, fight and can be hurt very easy. I can give them help and it is very important.
Every evening we all, my parents and me, gather at home, have a supper (my mother and me cook very well), discuss our day and get rest. Sometimes I invite friends or go to visit someone, my parents can go to cinema or also meet friends... It is just normal life of normal people. I think often that it is very close to ideal family life... What do you think? How do you visualize the family life in your mind?
I think it is very important to be compatible in this issue, do you agree?
your Lena


Hello !
I have received your photo now, I can see you! It is wonderful!
I am glad your family know about us, it is very important for me.
I will show your photo to my mother, don't you mind?
I also watched Eurovision and liked the song. It is very nice.
As for Sunday I spent it in the city, sleeping long, helping my mother with house-holding and doing nothing. Oh no, we planted violets with my mother! She likes home plants and wants me to share her passion, but I understand nothing in it, I can just help and do what she tells me :)
Kissing you,
your Lena

        Good day, my dear !
Thank you for your letter! You showed me again how kind and understanding you are, I am sure it is my luck to meet such a man!
Yes, dear, I will have vacations in couple of weeks! And you? Will you have vacations as well this summer?
Thank you for remembering my violets, it is so kind of you!
I want you to understand how I visualize our future together. I mean what I think about my future with my beloved man, how it will be.
I am sure that the most important in relationships is love, trust and understanding. I have seen people loving one another but treating one another badly because of misunderstanding and impossibility to explain and discuss their position. I don't want it to happen with me. I am sure our correspondence is some kind of schooling for us to be able to understand each other, do you agree?
It is an important part, but not only one. The most important in any relationships is love, true love, the feeling full of sweet and emotions.
I think that physical harmony plays very big role in relationships, but sex means nothing without love, do you agree?
, Is it what you look for, darling?
Waiting for your reply,
with tender kiss,
your Lena

        Hello my dear !
I am very glad to read your letter. I was sure you will write but at
the same time it is a pleasant surprise! Every day of my life is full
of sense and feelings in case I see your letter.
Darling, I must thank you for being in my life. I know, this is just
virtual story, virtual romance, almost as song on the radio or movie
on TV... But it is true, it has its truth in my heart, I feel it, and
You know, we can make this story happen, to make this romantic blues
song of twilights to become real, to come into reality. I think we
must meet for that. May be it is just a romantic story with no end,
but may be it is the dream meant to be true! Our correspondence, our
trust, our feeling, our special commitment are wonderful but they
might be just the beginning of another, much better story! Do you
I think we must do something not just to dream. I am ready to do the
first step. I can come to the travel agency here and find out what
documents I need to come to you, how much time it will take and how
long it can be done. May be it takes too long, I don't want us to
waste time! May be it takes some days and we could meet just next
month! Wouldn't it be wonderful? Anyway, we must know, do you agree?
If you do, I can write you soon what I will find out and we could plan
something more detailed.
Waiting for your reply,
kissing you,
your Lena

Hello my dear !
You know, darling, I understand your feelings because I share them! I also don't sleep in the night dreaming about you and me, about us together, about our everlasting story and I am happy to meet a man able to write it with me, to make it alive with me!
Darling, I visited a travel agency in my city, I was there and
got information about the documents I need to come to you. I haven't
been abroad so the procedure for me started from getting an international passport, its cost is 180 USD. Having passport I must get a visa to your country. I can receive a tourist visa, its cost is 235 USD, it will permit me to stay in the country during 3 months. It takes 3 weeks to get passport and visa using travel agency service, and the total amount it is necessary to pay is 415 USD.
My dear, this sum is very big for me, you know that I have no big salary and it is impossible for me to collect the money. Darling,
will you help me to pay for this? I believe you understand how
important it is for us both, our meeting in real life will make our
love true and we'll both be happy in future!
Kissing you,
your Lena


Hello dear !

I believe you that you have an identity card with you all the time, here in Ukraine it is an inner passport I wrote you about and I have it. , I found information about visa on the Belgium Embassy official site, I was showed in the travel agency. I am sure you can easy find it in the Internet as well.
So I need an international passport and visa to come. I wrote you the price of it. I hope you will find the confirmation of it and will write me. The travel agency asks more for their service because of time. If I do this process myself, it will take some months, I wrote you. If you think some months of my life don't cost extra 100 USD, tell me directly, I will know what a person you are.
Thank you for your wish to be with me as a teddy bear. :0
Kissing you,
you Lena

Dear , if you read the site with attention, you must read that nobody can apply for visa for me, but me. It is no use if you apply and it will be really wasting of the time at least, and may be of something more important.
You also can read there that one can apply for visa having an international passport, visa looks like a stamp in the international passport. My inner passport has nothing to it, it doesn't allow me to travel abroad. I wrote you some times about it, I hope you will write about it on this site if you believe it more.
I cannot apply for visa myself, but first I must have an international passport, and second I must be ready to wait 3-5 months. I have no an international passport now and I wouldn't like to wait so long just because you don't want to waste 100 USD. 3-6 months of our life costs much more.
I have no my inner passport with me now, I can send you a copy tomorrow.
As for my address, here it is:
Elena Solovey
Esenska street, 6/302
Starokostiantyniv city
Khmelnytskyi Oblast
I give you my address but I don't see how you can use it. If you want to send an invitation letter, you must know the number of my international passport, and I have no it. So you just feed your curiosity, it is all.
My vacations start in 2 weeks and will last till the last week of August. How long do I intend to come for? , how can I know? If I will wait 3 months to get visa I will have my job again and could come just for weekend. If I have time in summer, I can stay some weeks.
I wait for your reply,dear
kissing you,
your Lena

        Hello my dear !
I am sorry if I misunderstood you. I need no help with documents, and I wrote it not once. I can pay in the travel agency and I will have all the documents in 3 weeks. I need money to pay for travel agency service and I asked you to help me with money. If you can help with it, we have no problems at all!
I was in the local bank and asked them how it is possible to make the transfer from Belgium. You can transfer money using Western Union bank system. You need my full name and address for it, so here you are:
Elena Solovey
Esenska street, 6/302
Starokostiantyniv city
Khmelnytskyi Oblast
If you do it, in 3 weeks I will have documents and will come to you at the beginning of July.
If you still want me to send you copy of my ID, I don't mind to do it as soon as you send me yours.
Have a nice weekend,
kissing you,
your Lena

Dear !
Thank you for your letter. I don't know that someone warned you not to send money, but if you decide that you must follow this person's advice, I can do nothing to stop you.
You say, don't worry, you will pay my cost. How can I know? How can I borrow money having just your words? What if you don't do it? For me the cost of the trip is my salary for the year, I will work for the debts all my life! I cannot et a short term loan because I have a small salary and now banks don't give credits so easily. My friends are former students just starting working, they have as much funds as I do. As for my parents, they do much for me, provide me completely and work hard to help me, I will not ask them for money because in case you don't pay them back, we just lose our flat and will beg on the street. You even didn't send me copy of your ID, how can bank or my parents believe you are true???
So I see, , that lack of trust in our case will not let me come to you. If you have no another idea, we will never meet.
I am very sad to think about it, I like your photo and I believed we have future together. Whom do you believe? Why don't you believe me? I don't know if I must ask you or myself about it.
Be happy with your money, dear , if it is what you need.

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