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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs Date: Sun 20 Jun 2010
From: Fauzia Obuobi   theone.wanted@yahoo.com

Hello ,
How are you doing today and how are your family and friends? I hope they are all fine as I am here. It was nice hearing from you on that dating site and am just new on here. Well my name is Fauzia and I guess this is something about me and my life time. I am 26 years old. I was born in Manzini Swaziland and it is located in Southern part of Africa. And we are a land lock country bordered by three countries. In Swaziland we use the Monarch Systerm of Government whereby we are been ruled by a King. My mother is half Indian and Half Ghanaian, my father is also fully a Swazi or Swati. I was well educated and have a sence of humore. My father was the best I have in Swaziland and life was so great and wonderful. My father was the General Manager of the Shimwele Construction Company in Swaziland. I live with them both happily. I learn a lot and I wanted to become an Archaeologist or Historian and Journalist. I love to learn history very much and I enjoy learning it. There are much things that I know about our past.

I found my first love of my life and it was wonderful. It makes me so very happy and life was special. I enjoy almost anything part of my life. But suddenly I never knew I was fooling my self after I came to knew that I was fooled by my boy friend whom I thought he do loves me very much. He was a crook and lier and he makes my life miserable at that time. I was so very bad hurt because I never had such love feelings in my heart till he came to be part of me for sometime. I discovered that he was just looking to have sex with me and live me and not looking for all time life and family. Though He had sex with me and broke my virginity and to be honest with you we had sex 2 times. From then after my first relations I never wanted any hurt in my life so I made up my mind on my books. I really did that till I came to forget what happened to me after I never gave any man a chance on me.

Then I was able to complete my ( S.S. ) Senior Secondry Level in school which I in class I came 2nd in my position of all. So because of my good result my father made up his mind on taking me to Vacations which I learnt much about some countries. I have been to Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, China and Costa Rica. But all of them I enjoyed Brazil much better because there are much of fun going on there. Thier beaches are very nice and wonderful. I even took some pictures of me when I was there and it is in my picture albums. So that was the places I have been on vacations and I came back to my country Swaziland which I love it soo very much. But something that I hate about my countries culture at that time which is the Umchwasho. It is a traditional chastity rite wereby unmarried women are not allowed to have sexual relations and must wear a traditional set of tassels. The tassels are usually made of wool and are worn around the neck like a scarf. It was later banned by our King Mswati III in the early 2004 - 2005.

The worst thing that happened to me in Swaziland was when I lost my father, I was very shocked hurt, cannot eat or taste something. He was all my life more than my mother. He was a caring and intelligent father. I lost my hope in life and things in life begun to change for me and my family. My father was buried the following day in the morning because he was a good Muslim. But mum was a Christian and they both understand each other very much about thier religion. After my father was buried for some months of 2 I believe a report came to us and was followed by FBI and some Police Agents whom anounce to us that my father took a loan from the Government Bank which he was not able to pay back and now he is no more so what do we have in mind in paying the debts back. Because we never knew my father has booked a loan before so we went and checked and saw that it was true. In that case our House Apartment was siezed, my Car that my father bought for me, and many things just to cover the debt. Life was so confuse and hard at that time so my mother made up her mind on going back to Ghana were I believe she has some family there.

It was then my mother, Little Sister and I made up our mind on moving to Ghana were I believe I have never been to in my life. Though it is part of me. I have never met my families in Ghana. I never wanted to be in Ghana because it is not part of my life to be there in Ghana. I heared alot of things going on in Ghana before I came which bad habbits happing there most. There are alot of Scam, Fraud and many criminal Habbits going on there. Though it was not one of my favourite place to be but because of the situation I am facing with my family that made me to be in Ghana. I started a good life in Ghana. I decided to continue my education so I joined Harvard College of Ghana and I was continueing my education which my mother supports me on that. But it came to a point were my mother started having some difficulties and I had to stop education due to financial problems. I also made up my mind on something else which resulted that I have to start learning Hair Dressing which will help me in near future when I am able to graduate on that course.

Through this faustration I was not my self and life was terrible and unhappy. So I was there till my mind tells me that I have been single for a while now and I have to be open again and find love and happiness. So I have to fight on that and make my life better. Though I have been single for a while now and it seems that it is time for me to find my other half that had been missing. I joined the dating site but I had no luck because many people on the net talk much about Scam and Fraud. I am looking for that special someone who is loving, Caring, Understanding, Kind hearted, Honest and Respectful. Who knows what he is looking for in life. You know at times I do think about age difference which I think it is just age but the love and care always comes from the heart and soul. That is what I understand about what love is when it comes to ages. I am a good and kind woman who knows what she is looking for. I am a woman of no harm and I am not here for any bad thought. My heart is clean and fresh.

Have you ever had a contact with some one from Swaziland or Ghana before in your life and if yes/no kindly be honest with me and let me know. How difficulties you faced. It is now that I understand how life is. I know and understand the way it goes around. So now I am learning Hair Dressing and not graduated yet. I know it would be helpful to me someday in life. The is what I have in my mind now that I am telling you which I did not forget. But if there is more that you want to know just kindly ask me with open heart and respect and I will give you all the answers needed with open arms. Well here are some Photos of me that you would like to see and it consist of me and my mother, my father, me and my little sister, another picture of me and Sarah my best friend here in Ghana. Hoping you will enjoy seeing them. I will also show you some pictures of me and some of my family members later on. My hobbies are Reading, Jogging, Swimming, Dancing and Movies. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Take good care of yourself and family. Have a nice day and stay blessed.

Tell me about you?


My Mum and Me
Boti Water Falls
Me And Sarah

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