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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

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De: Lilian Jackson <lilijackson210@yahoo.com>
Objet: Good news for you.
Date: Dimanche 20 juin 2010, 18h16

My Dearest ,

Thanks for your mails to me i am really grateful for knowing ur type of person,Normally, I would have like to spend time on the net with you chatting irrespective of the time difference but due to time lost attending conferences and as a final year student, I spend most of my time in the library trying to make up for the time.

Thanks,it is my great pleasure meeting you as well and I pray that we develope a healthy,sincere and lovely relationship acceptable to both of us in the future with strong health,i love mostly brave man with high way of thinking and intelligent like you.here are some of my pics as i wish,hope of seeing yours too.

Good news,In my department (International relation) we have been selected to attend International conferences which are to take place, firstly in United States and Africa,I will like and be happy if you can take a time out of your busy time to attend these conferences with you as my lovely pal or friend.This is only on the grounds that if it. pleases you to attend the conference with me. It is totally your choice.please let me know whether you would like to attend the conference and if you would, only forward your full name and contact address to enable me prepare the invitation for you and I will give you the link to the organization secretary in order for you to contact them!!!have a joyful Sunday.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks Yours Lovely.

Mr De: youthorgus@aol.com <youthorgus@aol.com>
Date: Mercredi 23 juin 2010, 12h46

No 157 West 47th
Street New York
NY 10036

Dear Participant ,

The Forth coming international Conference is designed to achieve a certain purpose(eliminate violence among our youths,educate mindsand eradicate terrorism within our societies and the importants of national economic integration) It is not open for everyone to Participate,We can only accept participants under recommendation But since your recommendation come from one of the students participants.we will give you the opportunity to participate in the events,Youth Transworld Affairs Conferences.

The first Conference is sched dueled to take place in Youth Transworld convention Hall NYC New York,United States from 2nd - 6th of August 2010. while the second conference POLITICAL,SOCIAL ECONOMIC PROBLEMS IN AFRICA AND WAR AFFECTED CHILDREN AND HIV/AIDS INFECTION will take place at the Hotel Central Hall Dakar Senegal in West Africa from 9th - 14th of August 2010.The first Conference will take place in New York,NY USA,while the second Conference to take place in DAKAR SENEGAL (West Africa)The aim of this Conferences is to impart on our youths the need to avoid Street Life, Violence and Gangsters,which is on the increase today among the Youths.The importance of education in every human life,Bad Leadership and its effect in the society. Sponsored by YOUTH TRANSWORLD AFFAIRS Relief in United States in memory of those who lost their lives in the World trade centre bombing of the September 11th in New York and Washington DC.

Every one is entitled to Participate in the coming Youth's Conferences regardless of your Religious believe.you can attend alone or Only minimum of Five ( 5 ) is expected to participate together as a group from one Country and none of them will be not less than eighteen years of age.they are advised to participate in both Conferences.It does not necessary means that you must belong to an organisation before you can attend this event.A group of persons with a minimum educational background could be invited to represent their countries. Any group or participants are allowed to come with their own agenda or suggestions during the event.

You are advised to follow the instruction immediately.You are to forward your name and passport number if you don't have any group or the names and passport numbers of your group to us as soon as possible as all participants visa request will be forwarded to the US Bureau of Immigrantion and naturalisation for their Visa process.Any group visa request not forwarded on that same day will miss the visa assistance. We also require that you include your country of origin and the country's code number.The independent Donors and the Sponsors will take care of your entire flight tickets from the participants home country or country of residence to US and from US to DAKAR SENEGAL and back to the participant home country or country of residence,accommodation and feeding throughout their stay for the conference in the United States.You are only
responsible for your hotel accommodation in DAKAR SENEGAL (West Africa) where the second conference is scheduled to take place. the participant will only book for their accommodation in one of the chosen hotel in DAKAR SENEGAL by the organisation during the other event in DAKAR SENEGAL West

The organisation have chosen this HOTEL IN DAKAR SENEGAL for the participants reservations. we have discussed with the hotel management to give all our participants an official rate which the organisation will pay some part of the money and the participant will not have to pay their normal customer's rate. The rate in which the hotel that participant will be attached to book with them will give to the participant is the official rate which includes your three squire meal and the Standby Car to take you to the conference venue and to also bring you back to the hotel at the end of each day.If you are interested to participate in the conference,we will like you send the following information:

Your name/s.
Date of birth.
Place of birth.
Passport numbers.
Country code number.
Country of origin.
Country of residence.
Hotel reservation booking confirmation letter.

We will open your participation file as soon as we receive your name/s and You will receive the conference Participation forms.Your Hotel reservation confirmation receipt will only prove to us that you must attend the Africa stage after the US Conference.We remind you to forward your informations immediately for the processing of your documents.You should endeavour to contact the management of the hotel below.

Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga BP 2073,
DAKAR, Senegal, 18524.
E-mail (hotelcentralsn@voila.fr or

Point to note: when you make your reservation in this hotel, you should ask for confirmation receipt for your booking as you will need it to send the confirmation receipt to the organisers in the U.S for the processing of your documents.

Yours Sincerely,
Madam Cynthia Brandy,
Secretary General.
Mr De: Lilian Jackson <lilijackson210@yahoo.com>
Objet: Contact the organization to assist you with Urgent Travelling certificate.
Date: Mercredi 23 juin 2010, 14h50

My Dearest ,

Hope you and your family are fine? I got the e-mail you received and I was very happy to read that the organizers have accept your application and grant you the honor to participate in this great event. so that we can use the opportunity to see each other in person.

Since the procedures of your passport is very expensive and the passport will not be ready so soon,you can still attend these conference because the organization in America will assist you with an Urgent Travelling certificate, this certificate will be issued by the America Authority and it gives you right to enter united state of America and Dakar Senegal only for the purpose of this conference.

Please recontact the organization once again to assist you with Urgent Travelling certificate,but make sure you forward other of your needed information and contact the hotel via email if your haven't contact them and make your hotel reservation so that the hotel will issued you with hotel booking confirmation letter forward to the Organization for the processing of your traveling document and flight tickets okay.

I would also informed the organization write now about the situation of your passport,because we need to make use of this opportunity and i don't think we may have this type of opportunity again.

Once again,thank for the pics you all time looking very cute.here are other of my pics as you wish.

I'm dropping here for now,hope to read you soon and have a nice dream.

Yours in love,




De: hotelcentralsn@voila.fr <hotelcentralsn@voila.fr>
Objet: Proceedures de réservation et modalités de paiement pour des membres d'organisation de YTW.
Date: Jeudi 24 juin 2010, 10h56

Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga BP 2073,
DAKAR, Senegal, 18524.
E-mail (hotelcentralsn@voila.fr or

Chers Clients ,

Hotel Central Dakar Senegal.nous te souhaitons la bienvenue à notre pays sur cet événement spécial, en ce qui concerne le contenu de votre courrier. Nous vous aimerons comprendre que nous travaillons selon l'instruction donnée par la Conférence Internationale d'Organisation.The sur la GUERRE AFFECTANT DES ENFANTS ET DES INFECTIONS de HIV/SIDA ayant lieu à l'hôtel Hall central Dakar Sénégal, nous avons seulement peu de salles quittées pour le participant de conférence.

Merci pour patronner notre souhait de service.we pour vous informer cela ci-dessous sont les chambres disponibles et les taux officiels pour les participants de Transworld de la jeunesse (YTW). Tout le taux sont dans Euro.You sont de faire une réservation de 5 jours selon l'instruction de l'organisation, à partir de la date de l'arrivée à l'extrémité.





Les salles ci-dessus ont les équipements modernes comme le téléphone, Internet, voiture de réserve pour vous porter au lieu de rendez-vous de conférence et pour vous amener également de nouveau à l'hôtel à la fin de chaque jour. Également il y a des piscines et des équipements de sports dans lesquels votre paiement couvre l'utilisation de tous ces équipements mais les dommages de tous les équipements seront remboursent par le client.

Nous sommes désolés que notre gestion doesn'; t acceptent le paiement de par la carte de crédit en date de maintenant. Le numéro de compte est 14404700095 dans (BICIS) BANQUE INTERNATIONALE POUR LE COMMERCE ET L INDUSTRIE du SÉNÉGAL. Mais en raison du retard dans le paiement de transfert des pays extérieurs, votre paiement pourrait nous arriver très en retard. Le transfert du paiement à partir des autres pays à notre pays prend entre 14 à 30 jours ouvrables. Nous conseillons tous les clients d'effectuer son paiement par l'utilisation de la méthode de transfert d'argent de gramme de transfert d'argent de Western Union ou d'argent pour le récepteur instantané afin de vous atteindre avec la confirmation du reçu de réservation d'hôtel à temps.

Aucune réservation n'est avec succès faite sans paiement de la quantité d'hôtel. Dirigez votre paiement vers notre adresse auxiliaire Sénégal de comptable d'hôtel (Fanta Conde) et envoyez-nous immédiatement l'information de paiement qui sera utilisation d'encaisser le paiement de la banque de transfert d'argent de Western Union dans notre pays. À la réception de votre paiement, nous ferons suivre à votre LETTRE de CONFIRMATION de RÉSERVATION vous.


Nom d'expéditeur.............................?
Pays envoyé de..........................?
Nombre de MTCN.............................?
Examinez la question................................?
Examinez la réponse....................................?
La quantité a envoyé..................................?
Pays envoyé à............................Dakar Sénégal
Nom de récepteur...........................Fanta Conde

En vertu de la section 3B de notre agence/Loi/accord représentatifs de paiement avec des organisateurs de CONFÉRENCE de la JEUNESSE TRANSWORLD. sous-section 7ef, déclarée que le paiement sera remboursé à tous les organisation, groupe ou participants. Si pour une raison ou l'autre ne pourrait pas s'occuper de la conférence mais des participants doivent se rendre compte des chargeurs de transfert par la banque, et une charge de nuit de l'hôtel sera enlevée de son paiement.

Dès que votre paiement sera reçu. nous t'enverrons la lettre de confirmation de réservation dans un délai de 24 heures, que nous enverrons également à une copie au bureau des États-Unis en votre nom pour la confirmation.

Dr Carlos Abdugado Morena.
Mr De: Lilian Jackson <lilijackson210@yahoo.com>
Objet: The percentage you are to pay there is 215 euro
Date: Jeudi 24 juin 2010, 13h26

Hello Dearest ,

Compliments of today,i was really upset reading your last mail saying that you will not be able to participate.I want you to know that if you did not participate in the conference, i will have so many question to answer in the present of the organizers and my school.

Even my family and friends will be thinking that i am a lire.because i have already informed them of your coming and they are all waiting of seeing you in person,but Please consider my person if you love me.You already know that i am still a student, who derive her living under the umbrellas of her parents,really to let you into my mind,if i am working presently nothing would have stopped me from taking up your responsibilities in attending this conference.

I got the email you received from the Hotel,the mail was in french but i manage to understand it and the percentage you are to pay there is 215 euro.so please send the sum of 215 euro to the hotel as soon as possible so that they will issued you the hotel booking confirmation letter and forward to the Organization for the processing of your Urgent Traveling Certificate and flight tickets to avoid any delay.because you suppose to have forward your hotel booking confirmation letter along with the information you send to the Organization for the processing of your traveling document.

So,please do not waste any time in sending your hotel booking confirmation letter to the Organization okay.

I'm dropping here for now,i need some rest and hope to read you've send the hotel booking confirmation letter to the Organization.

Yours in love,

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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