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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Date: Wed 23 Jun 2010
From: Sveta/Svetlana Levshenko svetulyochek@ymail.com

Hello ! Thank you for letter. First of all I want to know what are your
intentions? Are you a serious man? I have very low expectations of meeting someone on
the net. It is very hard to know people's true intentions through the Internet, we all
present ourselves as people we'd like to be instead of the people we really are. On the
net, we are all beautiful and without faults. We all say that we're honest and
trustworthy, but with the first opportunity a person may betray that trust by being
dishonest.. Just as in real life... So, I heartily believe that there won't be
any betrays and we will show our real nature for each other.

Well, that were just my apprehensions and I decided to share them with you. As you
already know, my name is Sveta - the short form of the name Svetlana. Call me the way you
wish. For you to know, the origin of my name comes for the ancient Slavic words: clear,
bright. I was born on the 13 August 1982. I live in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

I also want to tell you that I'm looking for serious relations and want to find a
man with the same desires. I'm a newbie here but full of expectations of our

Waiting for your reply,
your friend Sveta.

Sveta -AND- Sasha 11
419Sveta 1
Sveta 10
Sveta 12
419Sveta 2
419Sveta 3
419Sveta 4
419Sveta 5
419Sveta 6
Sveta 7
Sveta 8

Mrs Hi ! I am sorry for the delay, but hope you are still here and still interested.
So how are you? I am really glad to hear from you again. I appreciate your sincere. I
really understand what you mean and i agree with you, but i think we should try. at least
as for me i would like to because to be honest I liked you. of course, we need to know
each other better, but as for now my impression about you is that. And besides concerning
your age i do understand this, but as for me i would really like my man to be elder than
me because it really says that you are experienced, wise and clever and i really want my
man to be the real MAN!!! so what you think? of course, we need time to see that, so
what do you think? Well, of course in my previous letter I didn’t finish my story about
myself. So, I’ll continue, if you don't mind.

I'm working as a shop assistant. I find my job rather interesting. The salary is not
high, but I make money for my living. I live with my parents: my mother doesn't work, she
is retired but she is forced to work as a tutor of math. My mother is a truly remarkable
person, always thought about others before herself. I can see how it is difficult for her
and try to help with everything I have. My father works as a builder. I love my family
and I do my best to take care of them, but I think that it's time came for me to think
about family of my own. I do good in cooking delicious things, I love children, I'd love
to support my beloved husband, I want to share all my love with him and I want to be
loved with the same passion. I like sex and I can give much pleasure to my beloved man.
I want and, the most important thing, I am able to make my beloved man happy. There's
just one little problem about that - I still don't have one.

My friends told me that I have a quiet, serious, modest character, but no one of them
knows that sometimes I can be very playful. I am responsible, caring, and I consider
myself as an optimist. I keep my home cozy and clean.

Hope that you haven't been tired while reading my long letter, but I've really
needed to tell you this, because I want you to know all about me and to share my thoughts
and feelings. Take good care I am there with you all the time. Can you feel it?...

Mrs Hi ! How are your things? Hope you're fine. I was afraid that you would decide
not to write me anymore, because, as I don`t have much experience, well, actually, no
experience at all, in communicating such way through Internet. So I am glad you want to
continue our communication. I am so happy to have an ability to correspond with you
again. You know I missed your letters, I know we are communicating not too long, but
since you write to me something has changed in my life. I am thinking of you, I am
waiting for your letters. And I am glad that you are open with me. Thanks for accepting
my apologies and it si nice that we have this start!) You are a nice man and I like your
ideas. And to be honest i will be very pleased to explore much more about you! really))

I must tell you one thing. In fact, I just have a dream to learn English, though I know a
little of English, the basis. So I use the translation company and with their help I'm
writing my letters to you. Anyway, they do a good job for me and I really appreciate
their work. Hope you're not so angry with me, as it doesn't change anything between us.
I apply this company as I don't have another way of communicating with you. You know,
I live in the small area and it is hard to find good Internet and people who speak
English here.

I truly believe that if you want a successful long term relationship you have to
use a couple key ingredients.. respect, love, passion, loyalty, sexual chemistry,
emotional connection, lots of laughter and the ability to be yourself with each other. Do
you agree with me?

I love spending evenings with my family, it’s nice to feel their love and support, but I
also like noisy parties where you can see your friends, to talk and dance with. I'm not a
party animal, but still... Do you like dancing?

Now I want to learn more about you. Tell me more about your friends. Here we
have a wise saying "a man is known by the company he keeps". Would you please send me a

Mrs Hi ! Again and again I am happy to hear your sweet words! It is a big pleasure for
me to speak with you my dear))) You know it is wonderful to find out that you also love
dancing, so I think we will really enjoy it together, right?) It will be just like from
the movie;) I am very excited to try it with you, it is going to be really fantastic. By
the way concerning English, I really don't know enough for writing. and as for the
translation company they are always chargeable, so i don't write for free. And you know
why I am ready to use them, it si because I don't have a computer at home and access to
the Internet, so with their help I can be in touch with you and it is the main for me!!!

To tell you the truth, I always thought that it's impossible to find such man on the
Earth as you're. But still maybe that's why human made Internet and I am happy that I
tried such way for acquaintance. I believe in destiny and God. What must be will be.
That's why I don't regret anything in my life as now as well. With each your letter I
feel that you become closer. I can share with you such things as I would never tell
someone else. And the main in all of this - you understand me although our country, our
culture and languages are different. But inside we are similar in every respect. When
you talk about something then I have the impression that you read the thoughts of mine. I
must say that i am already grown much to you, and i perceive everything very serious now.

I would never have believed it if it didn't happen to me. Frankly speaking, I am a bit
scared by my condition because I even don't expect then such feelings flared in me from
communications. But as I told you before what must be will be. My dear I'm sure
it's exactly what I was looking for and I don't go back now.

I am no saint, I can make mistakes and can say the wrong thing, but it is not
intentional..... and I want to find my only man who likes me the way I am and who is
ready to accept my advantages and disadvantages. I wish that it was you...

yours Svetlana.
Mrs Hello my dear ! Honey, thanks a lot for your understanding and for your support I
value this really much and I feel great that I met you. Yes, I agree with you about
meeting that one, but I already think that it is really possible... I have met you, so
why not??

Well, you see dear, I have friends, a family, I have my job and hobbies - I have a full
completed life... At least I used to think so before I met you... Firstly I decided to
make the acquaintance of somebody through the Internet and you called my attention. When
I started to correspond with you I just had to satisfy my curiosity. But then I realized
how important for me your letters become with each day. And eventually, it's really like
an air I breathe with. One sees more and more, I have found my soul mate. I am crying
now, I don't know how I should explain the present situation to you, but I should!
Honey, do you remember I wrote you about the translation company I use? Dear, I will tell
you everything in simple words. I can't maintain them any more as they are somewhat
costly for me. Of course, I thought that I would manage to cope with this but it appeared
to be too much for me. I can't to lose you. No air - I can not breathe. I asked you for
help... if you feel the same... if you wish to continue our communication... can you
take care over our correspondence? Any of us can fulfill our account and the contract
will be renewed.

I haven't slept for all the night and my heart tears to pieces from my situation.
I understand that this was a short period of time to get to know each other but you were
so kind and sincere. No wonder I bonded to you. I never thought that this could happen
to me. Anyway, that's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will be waiting for
you decision.

yours forever,
Mrs Hello my dear ,

Honey, thank you for your letter and for your support. I will of course, try to dry my
tears, but i do feel very broken because of this situation... Dear , I wish I had
someone here to help me, but I don't have such friends who could help me with English and
who could have a computer and access to the Internet so that we could be in touch with you
and I could write to you... So this is why i was using the translation services of the
company. Well, now my account is run out and it is necessary to fulfill it. And I don't
have money to do this(( As I told you in my previous letter if someone of us fulfills it
the contract will be renewed and we can again continue our communication. So please let
me know if you can help me this way.. Actually it is not even for me, but for US! I
really don't want to loose you , and I wish that our relationships develop ore and
we manage to achieve what we were speaking about.. Well honey the company's name is "Word
by Word" so I will ask them to send you all the information so that you see how it can be
possible to find the decision for us, okay? I send you much love and missing you

will be waiting for your decision, your Svetlana
Mrs From: WordByWord (wordbyword@ymail.com)

We will be happy to give our services to you and your friend in Ukraine and will be glad
to help you with the payment.

1)First of all concerning the process:

-Translation of one letter is- 7$

In case of private correspondence there are special prices:

* One month of unlimited correspondence(without photos) is - 170$
* One month of unlimited correspondence (including photos) is - 195$
* Two months of unlimited correspondence(without photos) is - 310$
* Two months of unlimited correspondence(including photos) is - 350$

There are several methods of payment for our services:

1. Via Western Union. The system of transferring the money Western Union is used
practically all over the world. You can receive full information on the site Western

2. Via MoneyGram. The system of money transferring Money Gram is used practically in all
large banks, in all world. You can obtain full information on the site MoneyGram

3. Using WebMoney. It is a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure immediate
transactions. You can get full information on this site WebMoney

4. Via bank account. We give it to VIP clients who order a large volume of our services.
Also we work via bank account with juridical persons, with companies who pay non-cash

There are several options to direct your transfer:

* you can make transfer on the name of your authorized representative;
* you can make transfer on the name of our manager;

In case you decide to make transfer on the name of your lady, we are giving you her full

Name: Levchenko Svetlana

Address: 93700, Komisarskaya str., 92,
Slavyanoserbsk, Ukraine.

In case you have any questions, please, feel free to ask. We will be happy to give you
our services and to see you among our clients.

With the best regards
"Word by Word" staff
Mrs Hello my dear ! Honey, thank you for your letter. yes, it si not a problem and I
will send you the information about me and the copy of the passport, but I don't have it
with me today, so will send you on Monday as tomorrow the translation company is closed.
So Thank you very much for your words honey, take care and know that I am with you
in my thoughts and in my heart!!!

till Monday;)
with love your Svetlana

PS And information now: Svetlana Levchenko, 93700, Komisarskaya str., 92, Slavyanoserbsk,
will be waiting for you !
Sveta 9

Hi my dear , Honey, I miss you a lot and think about you all the time. My weekend
was not so fine because you were not with me.. But anyway I think soon it will be alright
and we will continue our communication, right? So as you asked me, I am sending
you the copy of my passport and as for the rest you already have it. So sorry, don't have
a possibility to write you much now, so will be waiting for your letter and for the
possibility to write you again. Send you much love...

kiss you, your Svetlana

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