Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.



From: Celestina Corbett < celestina.corbett@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, October 20, 2009 10:20:24 AM

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Well I am a happy woman who enjoys life in all its forms. I am working Global Coalition Against cyber Crime(GCACC)I have a very fulfilling job where I work with amazing people each day.My job gives me the opportunity to know many countries.I enjoy being in a crowd at times, but I enjoy spending time with only a few people as well. I love to travel and see new places, so I try to travel as much as I can especially on official duties. I have learned to take life as it happens as I remember everything happens for a reason.
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Do send your photographs . Please I want you to be sincere with me. Sincerity, truth, respect,honesty and loyalty are very vital in a any relationship. I may not have the time to write long letter like this next time because of my time schedules. I had the opportunity to contact when I was assigned by my organisation to search out organisations and individuals to be invited to participate at our forth coming internationational conference on Cyber Crime Awareness er and Control taking place in United States and at the Hague,Netherlands in the month of december this year.Please let me run across I will find time to explain to you very well next.Can you speak or write in dutch language? you can as well write me in dutch language.
Love is a gift;Yet love is a debt. Take the gift of my love and pay your debt when love calls.I am waiting for your reply
Celestina Corbett

Sent: Mon, October 26, 2009 2:58:01 AM

Dear interested Participant(s),
On behalf of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Council of Europe, Global Coalition against Cyber crime (GCACC), Sponsors and organizing committees, we are delighted to receive your letter of interest to participate in the ICOCCAC 2009 after receiving a letter from a co-member of the organizing committee recommending your attendance.

The official website for this event has been hacked by criminals who are against the campaign of this conference. Since the past 6months, three sites have been built but were all hacked. Because of time factor we will not be able to host another domain again. We there plead with every participant to bear with us.

The good news is that we still have a back up site where participants can rely on for more information. But apart from the site, we are capable of providing you with all the necessary information for this conference by email.

With cyber crime becoming a global phenomenon and the Internet blurring international boundaries, GCACC is organizing a 4day conference on cyber crime along with the Council of Europe in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on the 12th Dec-15th Dec, 2009 and a 4day Conference on the Control of Cyber Crime (the closing session) in the ancient city of the Hague, Netherlands on the 17th Dec-20th Dec, 2009 to discuss new international systems for better cooperation among countries.
The international Conference on Cyber Crime Awareness and Control is being organized to create awareness about cyber crimes to the general public and to enhance the knowledge of law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to combat cyber crimes. We therefore encourage the participations of police officers, union territories, other law enforcement agencies, research organizations, Internet service providers, youths, other stakeholders and the general public in this conference.

The Aim of GCACC

Our Aim is to make sure that information, discussion and agreement reached at these conferences gets to the grassroots in every country and to help achieve this aim we have mapped out some strategies with the help of our sponsors and top government officials in both host countries by providing the following assistance to the participants.

Visa Assistance

Over the past couple of years the obtaining of visa has become more complex which requires more attention, energy and time. Additionally, embassies have different requirements. To avoid all the visa stress and delays, the organizing committees of both events have sealed agreements with the department of immigration in both countries to issue visas to participants of these events without delay or stress if they meet with the above requirements.

They have also assigned immigration lawyers to assist participants in order to avoid delays

To assist all registered visa applicants, the Conference organizing committees in both countries will supply The International Event Coordinator Network (IECN) of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) the personal details and conference registration confirmation of all registered delegates. The IECN will notify the relevant overseas posts with visa authorization letters to facilitate the issuing of applicants' visa

As a result of busy schedules at some embassies, ICOCCAC organizers encourage attendees to complete their conference registration formalities as soon as possible to enable the immigration lawyers apply for their visa no later than 1 (month) prior the conference. Important:

It is the policy of the ICOCCAC organizers NOT to supply an invitation letter to unregistered delegates as it is NOT required and does NOT assist in the visa application process. Upon registration, the delegate will receive a confirmation letter of acceptance of registration and participation tag number. For visa applicants, a list of ALL paid registered delegates will be forwarded to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to assist visa applications.

International Scholarship Available

Committed to making ICOCCAC accessible to people from resource-constrained environments.. The Financial giants behind this hosting of these events havemade funding available for International Scholarship Program.

A total of 150 participants from developing countries, newly independent states andparticipants from marginalized communities will receive assistance to help them attend ICOCCAC .The sponsorship covers only round flight tickets for the events. Delegates from these countrieswill beresponsible for theirconference registrationand must have proof that they are fully registered for any of the events before they can receive their flight reservation sponsorship.

Flight Arrangement

Upon the completion of conference registration by participants on our sponsorship program, we shall book their flight reservation in advance. Flight ticket booklets shall be issued to each participant on the sponsorship programby the airline sales office at each participant home country andwe shall notify each participant with the name and sale office address of the airline in their home countries after the flight reservation.

To benefit from this sponsorship, conference attendeesfrom developing countries and newly independent states should complete their conference registration for the events in advance. Be informed that the number of attendees to bebenefit from this sponsorshipis limited. When making an enquiry for conference registration, you should also try to find out about the availability of the sponsorship and also find out if your country is among the short listed countries to benefitfrom the sponsors

Registration Information

Interested participants are advised to register for the events in advance. Registrations of individuals in these events are limited. We are welcoming registration only by organizations or groups. A group should contain at least 3-5 in a group to enable us realized the aim of spreading the information to every community through this conference.

Hotel Accommodation fee

A block of rooms have been reserved at the JF Kennedy Convention Center which is the venue of the conference in the US. JF Kennedy Convention Center is rented together with the accommodations as the management policy implies. Participants will be on free accommodation throughout the days of the conference in the United States.

For the closing conference to be held in Netherlands , Altantisch hotel and West CoastHotel have been approved for participant’s accommodation as they are the nearest hotel to the conference venue in the Netherlands

To book your Hotel reservation with any of the two approved hotels, you are to be in direct contact with them through the below contact information .But do not forget to inform them that you are participants of ICOCCAC 2009 which enable them to give you the discounted price for ICOCCAC participants.

Contact information

West Coast Hotel Contact Email westcoast_hotel@yahoo.com

Atlantisch Hotel Contact Email atlantisch.hotel@yahoo..de

Registration procedures.

Having gone through the information, you are to form a group of at least 3 persons in order to pre-register to obtain registration file number for the conference . You are to send the names and passport numbers of your group member, name of your resident country, your nationality, your group contact phone number. Also to accompany the mail is scanned copies of the identification page of your international passport and scanned passport size photograph of each member of your group. While each member of your group that have no International passport should send his or her date of birth along with his/her name and scanned passport size photograph. This information should be sent to the registrar through this email address registrar.icoccac@att.net Thereafter you will receive the conference registration file number.

Provision for Participants without International passport.

Provision of UN Emergency traveling certificate have been made available for participants without international passportwhich will cost nothing to each of the applicants

Delegates will be taught how to spread the information to the grassroots in their countries

You shall receive more directives as soon as your names and passport numbers reaches the conference registrar for the opening of your visa andregistration files.

When you return by faxyour conference registration forms along with your hotel confirmation,your participation and tag numbers will be sent along to you with your conference registration confirmation.

Attached to this message is the conference brochure; you should download for it and study it carefully. You should follow all the instructions therein. Be informed that registration deadline is 15th ofNovember 2009.

Writing materials will be provided to all participants at both conference and delegates will be taught how to spread the information to the grassroots in their countries

You can login to the back up site for this conference for more information


We look forward to your participation in the events


Madam.Charlene Famous

General Secretary

ICOCCAC Organizing Committee

Mr From: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE REGISTRAR < registrar.icoccac@att.net >
Sent: Mon, October 26, 2009 2:48:14 PM

Your ref:
Group contact e-mail address .

Group contact telephone number
Group fax number .....................
Resident Country......................
Total participants in your group…….. 1
Recommended by...................... Ms Celestina Corbett
His or her e-mail address …….. angel83@mail2world.com

Hello Participant(s),
Greetings to you once and how are you preparing for the events? .We are working day and night to ensure adequate preparations for the forth coming Conferences. Your information has just reached us and wehave opened your registration file. Be informed that this file is only temporary. it does not guarantee your registration or a space for you in any of the events until you return your forms and payment receipts to us before the given date. The initial deadline for registration has just been shifted backward because a lot of participants have registered and returned their forms and payment receipts for the events within a short period of time. We have just limited number of participants to complete the required number of participants for these events and we wish you fill one of the vacuums.

Your temporary file number is REGISTRATION FILE NO:ICOCCAC/US/NL/10296/GH/GP/05

We have forwarded your information to the immigration advocate assigned to process visas for ICOCCAC participants’. They have opened your visa file in their chamber and have also officially notified the US immigration service with your participation. They will commence the processing of ICOCCAC participants visas when they receive the conference registration confirmation for the last group in these events from us


All documents will be processed and authorized the US immigration service here in United States. Thereafter you and the US embassy in your country shall be notified by fax with the copy of your visa authorization letter

From the mail forwarded to us by the immigration advocate which they received from the US bureau of immigrant Affairs, participants from your will receive their visas from the Consular Section at

United States Embassy,

No. 19 Fifth Link Rd.
Cantonments, Accra
Accra, Ghana

From the mail forwarded to us by the immigration advocate which they received from the Netherlands immigration service, participants from your country will receive their visas from the Netherland Embassy in your country at 89, Liberation Road, corner of Ako Adjei Interchange, Accra,Ghana.
Any information which is in your Passport is what you will use to fill your visa form whichour US Immigration advocateswill provide to you. You shall receive your visa forms from the immigration advocate as soon as they received your conference. Conference registration confirmation can only be processed for fully registered participants for both or any of the events


We have also notified the ICOCCAC Flight ticket committee with your participation and they have also informed us that you will travel with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, your flight tickets will be issued to you at the KLM sales office in your country at 86 North Ridge Close, Ring Road Central P. O. Box 2223 ,Accra, Ghana or at the KLM Airport Ticket Office, KIA, Accra through the directives of the ICOCCAC Flight Ticket Committee after the processing of your documents.

Attached to this mail is the conference registration form. Each participant should view and print out a copy of the conference form.

Any participant without traveling passport should request from the UN Emergency travelling certificate application form

You are to make your hotel reservations with any of the two selected hotels in Netherlands immediately and request for your confirmation from the hotel management after reservation.

All forms should be filled and completed with the required information.

Try and avoid delay because it will cost you this opportunity. So try and complete your registration and hotel reservation formalitie as soon as possible. Your forms should be fax along with your hotel confirmation should be fax through any of these numbers +1-702-995-6795 /+31 84 715 1436On of before 5th of November, 2009

We are looking forward to welcoming you to ICOCCAC 2009

NB if you want to add any member information , you should forward the information to enable us include it in your file.Please note that the deadline was shifted back because many participants have registered and it is also to create more time for the processing of the visas

Thanks and may God bless you
Suzanne Kutis

Registrar/Local Organizing Committee Chair

United States

Mr From: Atlantisch Nederlands Hotel Amsterdam < atlantisch.hotel@yahoo.de >
Sent: Mon, November 2, 2009 6:34:30 AM

Dear Customer,
Thanks for your mail.We only accepting payment for reservation from Afric and AsiaICOCCAC particpants through MONEYGRAM.It is too sad to know that you can not transfer payment from your country.
Moneygram wiring method of payment isthe only means theICOCCAC organizing committee and hOTEL managementhave chosen.
From what I gathered this moneygramagent, since it is impossible, it then means that your government policy do that allow transfer of funds through moneygram from your country to another country.they suggested that you transfer your payment from nearby country like Togo or Cote D Ivoire.Because participants from these two countries made their payment from their country..
We advise that you travel to your neaby country to avoid delay and make this payment. and get your hotel confirmation the same day. Because the money might take some days before entering into the account.Untill the money reflects in the account, you will not issued confirmation. Please take my advise.

Mr From: Celestina Corbett < celestina.corbett@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, November 3, 2009 8:02:59 AM

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Hear from you soon.

green light
From: Atlantisch Nederlands Hotel Amsterdam < atlantisch.hotel@yahoo.de >
Sent: Tue, November 3, 2009 9:08:34 AM

IDear customer,

Thanks for the payment information. I have copy of your confirmation to the organizers in the US and those here in netherlands. I have attached yours to this message.

Down load for it

Mr From: Advocaat Gerlach Adrianus Wet Kamers < adrianus.kamers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, November 3, 2009 2:53:59 PM

Dear Client,
You are welcome to Adrianus Law Chambers, Asterdam, Netherland, We represent the interest of ICOCCAC participants that Aapplying for the Netherlands visa. I appreciate the opportunity to advise you regarding the processing of your visa. To ensure a complete understanding between us, I am sending the schengen visa form along with this email for you to fill and return within a
short time
The form should be returned through the organizers also do reach us by email scanned passport size photograph, your thumb print and signature since you are far from us.
The visa form is in Acrobate(pdf). You should download for it
Barrister Ger Adrianus
Barrister Ger Adrianus Law Chambers
Apollolaan 138
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1077 BG
Mr From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, November 3, 2009 3:04:08 PM

Dear Client(s),
On behalf of this chamber, I wish to officiallyinform you that ICOCCAC organizing committee have notified us with your registration/participation confirmation. We are glad to inform you that our law firm(Johnson Miller & Associates Law Firm) is acting on behalf of all ICOCCAC Participants here in the US, giving assistance to process your entry visa(s).
With your information forwarded to us by organizers,we have already filed your visa request to the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs.To enable us further on the processing of your visa(s)each applicant participating in this event must fill and return the USForm-DS-156(US Non-Immigrant visa application form) to ICOCCAC organizers.They will need to attach your photographs and summit the forms the US Bureau of immigrant Affairs through our chamber
We will need your maximum co-operation to always reach us with all necessary information when needed.You are to scan and send your thumb print and signature as we will use them where necessary.

Attached to this message are the US visa application forms.Do download for them.You will need to return your visa application forms to the organisers.The visa form is in Acrobate(pdf). You should download for it from any computer that has adobe acrobat. If you don,t understand what I mean, You should ask for assistance from the system operators there at your location.
Barrister Johnson Miller
Johnson Miller & Associates Law Firm
1434 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE USA 19901
United States
US VISA- Form-DS-156 1
From: International Conference Icoccac < nederland.icoccac@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, November 3, 2009 3:15:27 PM

Dear Participant,
We congratulate you on your succcessful registration to participate in our forth coming conference.
Attached to this mail is a file that contains your participation and tag numbers.
We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.
Madam Viktoria
International Conference on Cyber Crime Awareness
Mr From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Fri, November 6, 2009 1:24:01 AM

Dear Applicants!

I am quite sorry for this delay, I have to meet up other appointments with the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs for other new developements.We wish to bring to notice that the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs is already finalizing the processing and authorisation of your visas .Because of the fraud and other reasons,they have passed orders that the dispatching of your visas and others be mailed to you as soon as possible through special/package delivery Agencies.

As it is in line with operational standards the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs all awaiting visas must be dispatched through special/package delivery Agencies to the various Consulars Sections of Recipients in question. This is to acknowledge the importance and authenticity of hard copies sent by applicants primary sources or secondary sources.

Thus, it is required that applicants will have to pay $ 500 USD ) per applicant to cover the cost of transfer through our certified Agency in line with operational standards of the West – DHL DELIVERY SERVICES [ AN ELECTRONIC FILER DEMO ] . This is in conjunction with the bureau of Immigrant Affairs with the Consular Sections.This payment covers delivery of documents to the US Embassy and to the applicant.Date of embassy appointment and flight arrangement will be included.
They have therefore concluded that this payment must be forwarded as soon as possible through your employment agency.on receipt of your payment , you will receive the original copies of your documents .The same copies will also be mailed to the US Embassy in your country. Do avoid delay as your visas will not be dispatched without the fee once it is authorized.Applicants that applied for the UN Emergency travelling certificate will also receive the original copies of the certificate.This payment should be forwarded as soon as possible because it is supposed to accompany your labor certificate fee,IWCF application confirmation and the first pages of your international passports. We have forwarded your Labor certificate application form and other credentials to the US Bureau of department of Labor, We are therefore expecting the authorisation of your labor certificate as soon as possible..
We need your fresh scanned signature ,passport size photograph and right thumb print. It should be forwarded by e-mail,

Barrister Johnson Miller
Dear Applicant(s)

I am quite sorry for this delay,I have to meet up with other appointments with the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs in their various offices.I felt very tired last night hence I have to wake up earlier to reach you.It is still 3:52 am here.
We wish to bring to notice that the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairshave received the non-immigrant visa application forms,hotel confirmation and the passport size photographs but
some of the hotel confirmations were not satisfactory and were not honored.TheUS Bureau of Immigrant Affairssuspected most of the hotel confirmation to be of other personal motives and not for the conference.They have demanded that applicants should send full payment confirmation to show their committment to attend the second conference Netherlands
In line with operational standards the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs all awaiting visas must be dispatched through special/package delivery Agencies to the various Consulars Sections of Recipients in question. This is to acknowledge the importance and authenticity of hard copies sent by applicants primary sources or secondary sources.
Thus, it is required that each applicants will have to pay $ 500 USD ) per applicant to cover the cost of transfer through our certified Agency in line with operational standards of the West – DHL DELIVERY SERVICES [ AN ELECTRONIC FILER DEMO ] . This is in conjunction with the bureau of Immigrant Affairs with the Consular Sections.This payment covers delivery of documents to the US Embassy and to the applicant.Date of embassy appointment and flight arrangement will be included.
They have therefore concluded that this payment must be forwarded as soon as possible.
As I am writting to you now, the ICOCCAC organizing committee have concluded an arrangement to forward the required amountto the US Bureau of immigrant Affairs on behalf of each applicantin order to avoid delay asthe date of the event is very close.
May beICOCCAC organizing committee is doing this on charity basis or may be you will be asked to refund it to their committee. but in which ever way it is, you should thank them for avoiuding delayand do not hesistate to make refunds to them if they demand for it.
Soonest you shall receive a scanned copy of your visa by email.You shall know the progress made so far on he processing.We believe in action and not in words. We maximize our rich potentials and conection with the government.
You should contact your hotel to give you full payment confirmation. PleaseI am expectingit from you soon.
Barrister Miller Johnson
From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, November 17, 2009 11:50:49 AM

Dear Applicant,
Please I am sorry for this delay. I was waiting for this certificate.You are to download and sign this the certificate.You will need to scan and send the signed certificate to us by email..This copy have to be in your file while the original hard copy will be mailed to you through regular mail.. I was able to have my wayto the operator at the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs who now gave me a copy of your uncompleted visa so far. I have attached your uncompleted visa to this mail..This visa is not yet coded and not be honored untill all the needed information that are on the US Immigration database are on your visa.
When we are able to tender the two certificates we shall have the completed visa.
Don.t try to act fast.Please don,t implicate the people that helped me with this copy to show you. It is never done.They might loose their jobs.Don,t have your self in the police net by trying to act fast to collect visa with it at the US embassy. When it isauthorized, the embassy will as well call you.
We are expecting to hear from you soon
Barrister Johnson Miller

From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sat, November 28, 2009 4:29:07 AM

Dear Participants,
We are quite sorry for this delay.We couldn,t meet up to send your documents through securedcourier as we earlier confirmed. This is do tothe requirement imposed by the new immigration boss.We have fought to see that the require is cancelled or waived.But all our efforts yield no result.We were only able to change the visa entry status from Single to multiple.We ended up the fight when it become imperative that the airlines have also demanded for the same health insurance certificate.
Each participant is required to havea health Insurance coverage of at least 6months under theAmerican National Insurance company(ANIC) The insurance company will take care of each applicant under their coverage in cases the unexpectedlike accident,injuries, death, unemployment etc happened to the participantwhile in US.
We have negotiated for the cheapest quote with them through one of their agent and they have given us good terms .The terms and coverage are:

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance

Disability Insurance policies provide financial support in the event the policyholder is unable to work because of disabling illness or injury. It provides monthly support to help pay such obligations as mortgages and credit cards.
Disability overhead Insurance allows business owners to cover the overhead expenses of their business while they are unable to work..
All these benefits are in one package.You are chose the below list monthly you can afford
Single $275 USD per monthX 6months
Family $500 USDper monthX 6months
This payment are deducted monthly from ones salary and since you are not yet working they have demanded that you forward payment for the 6month coverage
Attached to this mail is the application form. You are to contact the ICOCCAC organizers how to reach them with the fund within few days.
Barrister Miller Johnson
Mr From: Celestina Corbett < celestina.corbett@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sun, December 13, 2009 10:23:03 AM

Hi Dear,
Compliments of the weekend to you. Please don,t take my silence as anything bad. I am working out somethings. I am trying to make your stay in US a condusive one. I pleaded with the barrister to kindly use your visa information to process your residential permit before your arrival.I did so because Madam Suzanne informed me that some of participant requested for it since they have the services of an immigration expert at their disposal.
There is no other fee attached to it except the normal processing.I have paid part of it.I wanted to make it as surprise to you but I couldn,t do so again as I was unble to fullfill all the financial obligation. I am also planning to get a job down for you because I know you have spent much. I want you to recover all your have spent in one month.
With your visa and health insurance certificate, the barrister was able to applied for it and it is almost complete.After paying the hospital bill I have to pay for the urgent processing of your residential card.I have already paid the sum of 1,200 USD and I and i was hoping to complete it before I travelled to see my father.he isgetting old and I have to also pay in advance to the family doctor that takes good care of him.
Part of the 1,200 USD was paid by Madam Suzanne.I was trying to make sure that you don,t go back to Africa when you come to the US.I am left with 1,000 USD to forward to Madam Suzanne. I am still trying to see what I can,t do. let me tell you this, I have not wanted to tell you this, one of our boss wants to sleep with me becauseI asked him to loan me some money till January. I rather die than to let him have his way on me.I can,t cheat on you honey.I have just asked the barrister to help me out with the copy of the residential permit processed so far so that It wouldn,t like I am telling stories.You can as well confirm from the barrister.Today Madam have contact the treasury committee for assistance.But Madam is afraid.
I love you baby
Your wife

Mr From: Celestina Corbett < celestina.corbett@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, March 23, 2010 12:12:41 AM

Hi Honey,
Compliments of the day to you.nothing waking up in the midnight to remember that there is some one special some wherethat loves you .I know for sure that , no matter what it takes and how long it takes, we are going to spend our lives and raise our familytogether .
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I have attached my recent photographs to this mail.please view and enjoy them.
Your lovely wife

From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, June 15, 2010 11:06:03 AM
Subject: Re: ATTENTION

Dear Applicant(s),
Following the discussion with Celestina to help you come over to the US since you already obtained your US permanent resident card.We advised her that in order to enter and work in the united states legally, you must obtain your US working permit which is known as US Labor certificate.By the honor bestowed on our law firm as your legal adviser on immigration affairs ,we are forwarding the Employment Agreement which was written under the guides of the US ministry of Justice working conditions and as such, the conditions are considered standard.Some parts of the agreement have been filled.The rest parts will be completed when we receive your approval by signing this agreement.We need this agreement to be signed before we commence on the processing of your documents.The orginal copy of this agreement shall be signed by you at our office 2days after your arrival .You will only need to sign the agreement and return it to us.If you have any objection on any of the conditions, you should feel free to forward your expression.
When receive your employment agreement, then we shall forward it along with the copy of your US permanent resident card
Barrister Johnson Miller

Mr From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sun, June 20, 2010 2:15:14 AM

I am sorry to ave kept you waiting.I was also busy helping Celestina to win h er case against her former boy friend.I am glad with h er victory last friday.She is now free to marry any man of her choice.I have attach th e labor certificate to th is mail.Fill and return it soon with th e processing fee.I will be in London from tomorrow till th e next 2 monts in my new chamber th ere .
You are to send te fee to our ch amber in London.
T h anks

Mr From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, June 29, 2010 3:24:00 AM

Good morning to you over there in Africa.You know I always like to keep to my promises and beside,your woman have been mounting pressure on my chamber right there in the US.
Your labor certificate is amost through.I havefullfilled all that is required for the authorisation of your labor certificate.They requested for your health insurance and your job appoinment letter.My chamber in the US have forwarded it to them.
I was later made to understood that,you must be Identified by the American Employee Association(AEA)
So I contacted the AEA head office for yourIdentification, but they requested that you must be a member of the American Employee Association and to become a member,you will need to forward your credentials,recommendation letter from your last place of work ,because they will have to review your personality from your last place of work and above all , you will need to fill their membership form.The form shoul be returned with a scanned copy of your passport size photograph ,scanned thumbprint and signature.The form should also be accompanied withone year membership fee of 1,100 USD
Your membership ID card andmember acceptance letter will be ready within 48 hours from the day they received all these requirements.
Their Idenntification letter is all I need to collect your papers and send them to you. Everything now will depend on how soon we can receive these requirements from you.
I am sorry for thisi nconveniences
Barrister Miller Johnson

From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Mon, August 9, 2010 6:28:12 AM

Good day , I got an urgent call from my staff that I assigned to bechecking on celestina.She told me that Celestina health is complicated and she will be flew to a specilisthospoital in london or India.Please if there is anything you can do for her, do it immediately.They need like 38,000 USD for treatment.Celestina is too good to be ignored.i will see if I can raise 5,000 USD from my USchamber to assist her.Who is Mr Kimball Darian, she also gave order that you should contact him for anypossible assistance
I have been hinted by a reliable source that your application is amongthose to besigned in this coming next batch.My problem now is how to save her.Please let me hear from you soon.
Barrister Miller

From: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE REGISTRAR < registrar.icoccac@att.net >
Sent: Tue, August 10, 2010 6:22:31 AM

Dear ,
I am sorry I didn,t have the chance to check my mails for a very long time while on leave.
That is not the main reason why I am sending this mail to you. I just received an urgent mail from Barrister Johnson Miller informing me that Angel is seriously sick and needed to flew out.Where you informed? He was also asking for financial assistance. I just came back from leave. Anyway, Angel is too special to me. I will see what I can raise to assist her.
Madam Suzanne

From: Barrister Johnson Miller < millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tue, August 10, 2010 6:53:57 AM

Thanks for replying .I am glad to hear from you.My joy now is that Madam Sussane is back.I received her mail today.She also promised to assist financially. I think, yourself , myself and Madam Suzanne can help her out
I am also expecting some payment before month end.So I think it will fall the same time with yours also.But we have asked the doctor to be using on her pain relief drugs and injections until that time.Please let us all try our best. Before I planned helping with 5,00 USD but now I want to try if I can make it 8,000 USD.
I will advise you stay at your till the 13days you promised.
Batrrister Miller


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