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Susan Patrick says: "bring a help to the Motherless"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Liam.

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Date: Wed 30 Jun 2010

Dear Miss Young,

Hereunder is a story in my email, describing by mails, I've just liked to know their ways to lead the story.
Pls read and put on your web as a scam sample.

(30 Mar 2010)
From: Mrs. Susan Patrick
17 Copse Hill, Wimbledon, SW20 0NE,
London, United Kingdom.

My Dear!

I know you would be surprised to read from someone relatively unknown to you before now?

My name is Mrs. Susan Patrick, I am married to (Eng Mr.Pius Patrick) fromUnited Kingdomwho has an appointment inTokyo, Japanas the chiefManaging directorto(Abbes Suzuki Association Tokyo-Japan) underEngineeringproject/contract awarding section.

My husband died as a result of brief illness calledheart attack, while he was coming back from (ASA) new location area on project inspection on Saturday 15th December 2007 Before his death as a result of our joint account venture we have $4.3 million (US) dollars which we deposited in a Finance Home.

I was brought up as an orphan and was married to my late husband for twenty years without a child and am of age, I am 68 years now and am suffering from kidney infection and a long time cancer of the lungs which has partially affected me deeply and from all indication my condition is really deteriorating, according to my doctors my health is very poor because of the cancer ailment off which no one knows what happens next but I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going.

Therefore I want you to use this fund to build Orphanage home on my behalf to bring a help to the Motherless babies and less privileged ones.

I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money so as soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Finance Home and also issue you a letter of authority that will empower you as the Next of Kin/beneficiary of this fund.

My happiness is that I lived a life worthy of emulation, whosoever that wants to serve the Almighty must serve him with all his heart, mind,soul and also in truth.

Please assure me that you will act according to my specification herein, Hoping to hear from you.

Thank you and may the Almighty bless you.

Sincerely yours.

Mrs. S. Patrick.
Email Address:mrssussanpatrick@centrum.cz
(01 Apr 2010)
My Dear,

How are you and thank you for your mail and your interest to carry out this task on behalf of myself and my late husband?

To start with I got your contact when I was surfing the web to get an orphanage home contact which lead me to your email contact and thespirit of Goddirected me to contact you which i did.

My life has been a terrible experience altogether. I was brought up in the motherless baby’s home and after I was able to break through that and got married, I could not have kids and following that my husband died after a brief illness that lasted for two weeks which gave me the biggest shock and blow.

My husband’s family rejected me fully accusing me to be a witch and that I brought the bad luck on their son because I had no relation. I could recount my experiences and it weighs me down and not to mention all these, here I am now helpless with this sickness. It’s painful when you know you would soon die. I commit my life to God only.

I have no one close to entrust this wish unto hence I am contacting you only trusting God to guide you through this work. I would appreciate an orphanage built and managed to theglory of God. All my trust and hope is in God Almighty and I know that HE will never let me down.

If you have thefear of Godin you, then you will ensure that this wish of mine is accomplished. It is the only thing that will satisfy my soul. I will prepare the authority letter and send it to you but mind you I would appreciate an identity of you to know whom I am working with.

If you don't wish to do this, you are free to tell me and I will not feel bad. Its not easy assisting someone you have not seen before especially with the very bad things happening in the world these days. I do understand but I am only asking for assistance.

My only remaining wish is to see that these funds were used for corporal work ofMercy. Please put in your best and God will shower his abundant blessings to you and your family forever, Amen. It takes a lot to trust someone you have not seen before but in this case I have no choice. I only need a reassurance that you will use the funds in Gods way like I have proposed in helping the sick, the poor, the motherless, the destitute and the less privileged.

Please, I need your full contact information so that I will enclose it in the letter I will send to the Finance Home to introduce you as theNext of kinof the fund and after i will give you the direct contact of the director of the Bank, so that both of you will open communication and discuss the modality for you to claim the fund.

Be informed that the total sum involved is $4,300,000.00(Four Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) only. In your response, Please confirm the following information's below;

1- Your Full Name ..............................
2- Your Mobile Number........................
3- Your country and Full Home Address..........................
4- Your Age ........................................
5- Your Occupation............................................
6- Marital Status............
7- Means of identification. International Passport or Drivers License?

Thanks and God bless you as i wait for your response soon.

Mrs. Susan Patrick.
(02 Apr 2010)
My Dear,

Thank you very much for your mail and your information as i requested to enable my lawyer prepare theLetter of Authorizationon your name as my next of Kin. I am happy with your support, effort and commitment towards this project i am about to hand over to you, but all i need from you is truth so we can archive this mission to end.

I know its a very big task and that was why i prayed to God to give me a capable person fromVietnamwho will run this project on my behalf now i am very sick here in the hospital, and God directed me to you, so you should not fear on anything as God is on our side, but if you can not go ahead with it, it is not a do or die affair i can still source for another person, but my mind keeps telling me you are the right person to handle this project on my behalf.

Meanwhile, i have send your information to my lawyer this morning, please i want you to have a little patient as he promised to finish the preparation of the letter on your name tomorrow, so once he send it to me i will forward it to you and also give you the deposit certificate to contact the Bank immediately on my behalf.

I will like you to let me know your plans on the orphanage home and how you want to start the project when the Bank release the money to you so i will let you know my plans about the project too.

I hereby attach my international passport for your perusal, please download the attachment and view my passport.

Thanks once again and hope you will have patience till the documents are ready.

Have a nice day.

Mrs. Susan Patrick.
(3 Apr 2010)
My Dear,

How are you today? I am happy the letter was ready today as my lawyer promised, please download the attachment and contact the Bank immediately.

Once again, i must tell you that i am really happy with your commitment with your quick response and that was why i decided to forward your information to my lawyer and i am happy he finally finished the letter today so i have attached the letter with my international passport and a deposit certificate to contact the Bank immediately.

I have my trust in you as God directed me to you and i know you can not let me down, please try your best to contact the bank and make sure you always inform me on your communication with the till the Final release of this fund to you.

Bellow is their contact and the contact person:


Dr. Dinh Boem
Foreign Remittance Manager,
Direct Number + (+44)203-2868-153

Please do get back to me once you contact the Bank and tell me there response so we will plan how you will manage the Fund immediately they transfer it to you.

Thanks and God Bless you as i look forward to read from you soon.

Mrs. Susan Patrick.
(6 Apr 2010)
My Dear,

How are you today? I was really happy this afternoon when reading your email on your plans to start the orphanage home on my behalf as we have agreed and i am happy you received theAuthorization letteri send to you but i want to know if you have contacted the Bank and what was there response?

Regarding your plans on how to manage the orphanage home, i am very excited with all your plans although it is not an easy task but i pray and believe that God will help you to fulfill this mission which we have started.

I am not much better to write much mail to you now but i will write to you tomorrow when i get better but i will need you to tell me the response of the Bank to you if you have contacted them.

I will wait to hear from you soon.

Mrs. Susan Patrick.
(07 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir:

To the acknowledge of your mail this morning dated Monday, Apr 5, 2010 at 5:45 AM, with three attachments deposit certificate,Authorization letterand a scan copy of Mrs. Susan’s Passport been sent to this office in your favor as the new next of Kin/Beneficiary to Mrs. Susan’s Fund Deposited here in our Bank, I Dr. Dinh Boem the Foreign Remittance Manager has now forwarded your letter to the board of directors of this Bank for appropriate review.

I humbly seek for your patients to wait for the next 24 hours updates, we will get back to you within the next 24 hours for an update after the review of the three documents, and meanwhile we need you to send a copy of your passport also for our perusal.

Mrs. Susan Patrick Chawk & Eng Mr. Patrick Chawk use to be one of our reputable customers so I am assuring you that action will commence on your request after the due process tomorrow.

Lastly, we apologies for our late response to your email due to the Easter holiday we had between Friday and Monday, so we couldn’t reach any of our client until today, so we will make every thing possible to serve you better ASAP.


Dr. Dinh Boem
Foreign Operations Manager.
TheRoyal Bank of Scotland Plc.
(08 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,

We are very happy to inform you that after our review on the three documents you sent to usAuthorization Letter, Deposit Certificate and a copy of Mrs. Susan’s Passport are all intact after our review.

Regarding rules and Banking policy here inUnited Kingdomand based on your application to our bank as the new next of Kin to the deposited fund ($4.3 million) by Mrs. Susan Patrick, a change of ownership need to be made on your name as the new next of Kin and to change all the related documents on your name before the transfer of the Fund to you inVietnam.

So therefore you need to provide your full information to enable us make the change of ownership on your name tomorrow morning as the new next of Kin to Mrs. Susan’s Fund here in our Bank.
Please fill the below form:
    • Your full names................
    • Your full house or office address.........................
    • Your occupation and post in office.............................
    • Your direct phone number...............................
      Once you provide the necessary information as we have requested, we will make the change of ownership in your favor tomorrow before we will transfer the money to you.
      Please we will need a scan copy of youridentity cardimmediately.

      We will await yourquick responsesoon.

      Dr Dinh Boem.
      Foreign Remittance Manager.
(10 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,

Please Sir, kindly download the attachedFilehere on this mail and sign your signature and resend it back to uson Mondayfor more guidance.
We will hope to receive the Documenton Monday morningafter you have signed it and send back to us then we will give you more details before the transfer of the money to you.
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.

(12 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,
We are delighted to receive your mail response this afternoon with your signature on the Change of Ownership as we have requested from you to enable us commence on your transfer as soon as possible but we must apologies for the little error on document because it was a Typical error but it will have nothing to do with the transfer of your Fund.
Meanwhile, we have set up a board of Directors meetingthis Thursday 15thof April 2010which will be made to discuss about the transfer of your Fund to you inVietnam, so you have to get ready as we will need you here in our office on or before the 15thof April which you need to go toBritish High Courtand get a nonUnited Kingdom residentPermit and after that you join us on the Board meeting as we will discuss the details of your transfer.
You should hurry up and make everything fast because as soon as you come toUnited Kingdomby Thursday you will immediately go to British High Court and get the Certificate of a non British resident and immediately after the meeting the transfer of your Fund will commence immediately.
Please Sir, if you can not be able to come to our office within the short period given to you may be because of one reason or the other, kindly get back to us ASAP so we can look for an option or we can direct you to our lawyer who will help you get the Certificate from the High Court and also represent you on our Board meeting before we will transfer the money to you.
Thank you very much for your co-operation and hope to see you in our office soon.
Best Regards,
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.
(13 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,
We have received your mail this morning with the content therein that we should try another possible means as you can not be able to come over toUnited Kingdom, so we decided to have an urgent meeting this morning regarding the matter.
After the meeting with the director general of this Bank, we have decided that you will need to open a new account here immediately so we can pull the money from the old DORMANT (been inactive) account of Mrs. Susan Patrick and put it into the new account you will open here before the final transfer to you own account in Vietnam will commence as soon as you open the new account with our Bank.
The two main reasons why you need to open a new account in our Bank is that (1) the account of Mrs. Susan has been Dormant for two years now because she has not operated the account since she got sick so that was why it has been dormant and you need to open the new account so we can reactivate it, (2) Because you did not get the non British resident permit, so if you open a new account in our Bank that will show that you have been Banking with us for a long time and not just for the transfer.
Sir, we hope you will kindly read our mail and understand us and my promise to you is that once you open the new account with us, the money will be transferred to you immediately and will reflect in your VIETNAM account within three to four working days.
We should be fast in all we are dong now because your partner is seriously ill now and we need to transfer the money to you now incase if she did not survive the surgery and now she has made you her next of Kin and you have the full control of the money now after the Change of Ownership, so you should be fast Sir.
We will wait for your email response soon for us to direct you how to open the new account in our Bank ASAP.
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.
(14 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,
Considering the obvious circumstances of your funds and having satisfied all required obligations by our Bank, we want you to know since you do not have an operational account with this Bank, and you are Non-Residence of England your funds have been lodged in a SUSPENSE/ESCROW account pending the activation of an account before you can make transfer to any of your designatedBank account.
This decision was reached after due consultation in the meeting held by the Board of directors yesterday.
In this light, you are advised to set up a temporary bank account with our Bank so that the funds can be deposited into your new account in your favor before transfer can be made to any of your designated Bank account in Vietnam .
1. Regular Account, the initial deposit is
$700.00 Dollars (Seven Hundred Ten Dollars). The Maximum transfer possible within a month is $500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand USD).
2. Daily Account, the initial deposit is 900.00 Dollars (Nine hundred Dollars). The Maximum transfer possible within a month is $1,000,000.00 (One MillionUSD).
3. Premium Account, the initial deposit is 1,000.00 Dollars (One thousand Dollars). The transfer possible within a month from this account is $1,500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand USD).
4. Platinum Account, the initial deposit is $2,100 Dollars (Two ThousandOne Hundred Dollars), The maximum transfer possible from this account within a month is UNLIMITED, Platinum Account has a full option banking amenities which involves having aMaster Card, credit/debit balance print out and over draft.
Please Indicate on the account opening form the type of account you which to hold with us.
You are expected to fill out the opening form in this email message, fill it and return back to this office via email attachment for vetting process which is a standard practice just to ensure that we are dealing with the right individual.
As soon your new account is been open an activated, your Fund will be transferred to you in Vietnam immediately and will reflect in your account within three to Four working days of Transfer, so we will give you the contact of the lawyer who you will contact so he will come to our office with this Form you are to fill now, so as soon as we hear from you then we give you his contact immediately.
Best Regards,
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.
(14 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,
We are in receipt of your email response as you required the contact of the lawyer who will come and open the new account on your behalf, Below is his contact:
Barrister Smith Anderson .
S. AndersonandAssociates.
Please Sir, do contact him with the above contact and you should not worry about his Duty payment as we have already told him that we will pay his charges as soon as the new account is open and activated then we will pay for his charges after his Job so you should not worry about his charges.
Once you have decided the type of Account to open, please do contact him with the Account opening Form then he will let you know how you can send the account opening Fee to him before he will proceed to our office.
You should also send a copy of the Account Form to us after you have filled it for us to start the process while we wait for your Co-operation with the lawyer.
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.
(15 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,
We have received your email this morning but you should not be confused as you really know this is a bigamount of moneyand we all need to be careful to avoid problems along the line because we had a problem with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) the last time we transferred a huge amount of Money fromUnited Kingdomto Asia Hong Kong.
So we really want to avoid those obstacle because the IMF are monitoring all the Fund been transferred from here to Asia and that is why we are really careful and want to make sure that every thing is in tact before the Transfer will commence.
We really had a board meeting this morning after we received a message that the IMF are monitoring this transfer so we have Decided to give you one more option which will be suitable for you.
This option is that you need to get a Malaysian Visa so we will make a cash delivery for you InMalaysiathen you will open an account in our affiliate Bank there in Malaysia and transfer the money from Malaysia which will be very easy for you and more convenient. So if you need more explanations on that kindly get back to us and you should make every decision fast because Mrs. Susan will go for a surgery soon as she told us.
We will expect to hear from you for more explanations.
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.
(16 Apr 2010)
Attention Sir,
We are in receipt of your mail with all your suggestions therein, but i must tell you that you have been delaying this transaction because we earlier invited you to our office so you can witness those things by your self but you turned down our Invitation down instead.
We alerted you and you gave us a go ahead order to use another option because you can not be able to come to our office and now you are giving us option, i want to know if you are the person working for us or are we working for you? There is no ownership certificate to be given to you as you already have the Deposit Certificate from Mrs. Susan Patrick and we made the Change of Ownership on your name through our lawyer.
You should understand that i am really here to help you because of sick Mrs. Susan and that was why i have directed you to get prepared because this money will be paid into your account through our affiliate Bank in MALAYSIA .
If you really need more details about how the money will be paid from our affiliate Bank in MALYSIA, do not hesitate to write back to us so we can give you more details about the transfer fromMalaysia.
Best Regards,
Dr Dinh Boem.
Foreign Remittance Manager.
. When Liam realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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