Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Date: Thu 8 Jul 2010

softhelin27: what are you doing 419tn2
ME........: had to shut mahine down- mal ware problem
softhelin27: oh i c
softhelin27: what do you have for plans today ?
ME........: work
softhelin27: babe things are not really going well for me here i have things running on my mind and i just don't know where else to go about it
full story
softhelin27: things are just not going well for me on my job
ME........ why
softhelin27: my materials just came in from china is at the dock in CA,...i have to go clear it i never expect such bills this is my first time ordering from china i have invested so much in it darling
ME........ so are you saying you need money or want to come live here and get out of the rat race ?
softhelin27: I need money to clear my materials at t he dock first of all and get everything sales i already have buyer for them and i have gotten upfornt payment
ME........ why don't you just dump them ..
softhelin27: baby i really would love that but i have invested so much on my business i wouldn't do that ron
ME........: how much do you want ?
softhelin27: I need 5k to get my materials out of the seaport
ME........: that's no much
softhelin27: i never expect such charge i though i already paid for everything from china
ME........ well i can give the 5 if that makes you feel better
softhelin27: oh babe i really would appreciate it sweetheart
ME........ how soon ?
softhelin27: Can you get it for me today baby,...will get you payment info in CA Los angeles
ME........ I'd need it now if you want today
softhelin27: yes babe
softhelin27: Thanks alot babe i really would appreciate it i will do anything for you too ron
ME........ i'm not trying to buy your love.
ME........: still don't know if we can be lovers because I met someone near me-sorry
softhelin27: Oh no babe i will never sell my love for you,..I do love everything about you and i am willing to spend my whole life getting to know you sweetie
ME........ so you need this today ? told you I have a girlfriend-remember ???
softhelin27: Yes babe
softhelin27: can you do it this morning sweetheart
softhelin27: what time is it now?

ME........4 where do i sent it ?
softhelin27: hold on babe
ME........: why don't you let me pay china--that would be ez
softhelin27: yes you will wire the funds to california los angeles wanna get the wire info
ME........4 yes
softhelin27: bank of america
ME........ jst to BA ?
ME........ NO NAME
softhelin27: wait for the info babe
softhelin27: BANK OF THE AMERICA.
Routing Number; 122000661
ACCOUNT NUMBER ; 03139-13332
3077 GUIRADO STREET 3077 Guirado St
ME........ what is you address ?
softhelin27: Don't need it to make wire babe
ME........: what is your address ?
softhelin27: Texas,Houston
ME........: what is your address
softhelin27: my hhouse address or what you mean?
ME........: yes
softhelin27: sorry got booted
softhelin27: my house address or what you mean?
ME........: yes
my house address or what you mean?
ME........ yes
ME........ here
ME........ never left
ME........ : what is your home address ?
softhelin27: are you not getting my message
ME........ honey your stalling..makes me smell a rat
ME........ : yes
softhelin27: my stalling??????????????????
ME........ what is your address ??????????for the last time
softhelin27 has signed back in. (7/8/2010 9:27 AM)
softhelin27: babe i am scare you will not come take me at night i am a woman you have to understand me
softhelin27: promise me something ron?
ME........ well I am going off line- your not being honest with me
softhelin27: hey am here
ME........ your talking in circles
softhelin27: Hey no
softhelin27: i am here
ME........ your talking in circles
softhelin27: Hey no
softhelin27: i am here
softhelin27: i am just scare of been taken advantage
ME........ : of me ?
softhelin27: i don't want to lose all i have here in my apt i have been hurt alot in my whole life ron understand me
softhelin27: i want to trust you with my whole heart and make you my one and only but i am scare all this is a dream
ME........ what does that have with giving me your address ?
softhelin27: yes you might have other intension in minds ron,.....
ME........40: like wha ?
softhelin27: i am a woman ron understand me
softhelin27: like kiddnapping me

ME........: ok...you don't trust me...see you later
softhelin27: Oh ron i do trust you
softhelin27: here is my address
7: 5050 Sunflower St, Apt 96
Houston, TX 77033 5050 Sunflower St
ME........ ok, now you phone numer
softhelin27: You want to call me?
ME........ yes
softhelin27: now?
ME........ is something wrong with that ?
softhelin27: 678-216-4803
softhelin27: i am on dial up babe
ME........ ok, here's what we can do.....I'll call Andy..and have him met you somewhere safe and give you the cash..ok
softhelin27: Oh ron no babe
ME........ where and when can you meet my cousin ?
softhelin27: baby can't you wire it?
ME........ yes but I would feel better if I get it in your hands
softhelin27: Oh ron don't bother yourself then see what i am talking about you want your cousin come give me money you want your family to get involved that you are helping a girl you have never met
softhelin27: oh ron this does not sound right maybe i should not have told you this ron
ME........ he's cool..he will help you
softhelin27: i want a life with you i don't want anything to happen to this new found relationship we just start building i really want to meet you and see how things goes between us,...Once all this is over i just need to take care of mjy business and once i get my rugs from the dock i already have client that have paid upfront payment for them
softhelin27: Ron forget it

ME........: ok, if I wire it, I need proof it's really you...some pictures, otherwise the deal is off
ME........ : ok see you later if you feel that way
softhelin27: Meaning you don't trust me or something ???
ME........ remember my died friend ??????????
softhelin27: I just have to be me not because you are giving me money i should now start telling you things you like to hear i am not like that i have my own money and it been tied up that's why i am having so many difficulties at this time
softhelin27: i will be emailing you more pictures of me now
ME........ I just called Andy and he said he willing to help you...quicky
softhelin27: where does he live?
ME........ : he will drive you to your local BA
ME........40: in your town
softhelin27: Oh ron don't involed your family in this i wonder if we will have secret when we get together finally
ME........ he's a policeman for 20 years- very honest- I'll have becky come with him-
softhelin27: who's becky?
ME........ if she comes your feel better
ME........ what time is it there now ?
softhelin27: babe don't send anyone here,...wire the funds to the info i gave you sweetie
softhelin27: i will give you back whatever you borrow me okay and i will get you paper work of everything i paid for okay
ME........ honey, it's too late---had him on the other phone and gave him your address......he will be driving a black car
ME........ : said he's very happy to help
ME........ : my first cousin
ME........ we are like brothers
softhelin27: That's so sick of you ron
softhelin27: i will call the cops right away i am scare now
softhelin27: you sending someone to come kidnapp me right ron?
ME........ should we get off so he can call or can you see the car from your parking lot ?
softhelin27: i just don't know why i gave you my address just because you want to help me you are using ghetto power on me i don't need your money anymore okay
ME........ : honey he is a cop
ME........ are you scamming me ?
softhelin27: why would you involved such ron
softhelin27: have him stop wherever he's and have him go back
softhelin27: i will never do such why would i scam you ron
softhelin27: 845am here (yea right in Texas and we are in WV) (one hour diff )
ME........ sweety don't worry if everything is cool...and your picture matches your face....your fine..chill out
softhelin27: Oh i am who i am why would you have the cops after me for nothing will don't ever try to hurt me because if you do i will harm you
ME........ he said if you want to call the police then he will met them there...also...so go ahead and make the call so everyone is there and your not scared
softhelin27: i want more of your pictures oo
ME........ he just buzzed me..said he is 5 minutes away//traffic
ME........ : do you want the number to your local police dept ? I can give you my cousins full name so they can call him
softhelin27: oh really?
softhelin27: are you serious about this ron
softhelin27: give me your cousins number?
softhelin27: yes i need that
ME........: hold on
ME........: hold on
softhelin27: what kind of proof you want ?
ME........: pictures of you
softhelin27: that's all?
ME........ well yes-you could be some Lad from Africa
ME........ don't know why your getting so excited
softhelin27: i will email you more pictures of me right away ron
softhelin27: call him not to worry i never want anything to happen here that will call my neighors notice okay
softhelin27: excited about what?
softhelin27: i will be sending you 3more pictures of me now
ME........ 713-884-3131 this is his number but I can call and stop him -( this is the real police )
softhelin27: yes babe do that
ME........ you mean stop him ?
softhelin27: yes babbe
ME........ women..gee........hold on give me time
softhelin27: alright darling thanks
softhelin27: i am sending the picture now
ME........ here ?
softhelin27: email
ME........ my account is closed
softhelin27: what account?
ME........ : my new girlfriend doesn't like me talking to other girls-so i closed it.
softhelin27: your email account?
softhelin27: why babe?
softhelin27: what email you want me to send it too?
ME........ don't have one now..let me view it on here
softhelin27: and why are you mad at me ron
ME........: we talked about it yesterday - I have a girlfriend- just met her yesterday...she might not understand this..
softhelin27: it's okay i am so glad we are back on track now i want you so bad i realy can't wait to meet you
ME........ : send the picture..need to go to work
ME........ when did you take these pictures ?
You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.
softhelin27: they are recent pictures of me
softhelin27: last 2wks
ME........ : none came
softhelin27: downloading it to my computer from email babe
softhelin27: what are you doing?
softhelin27: give me your address and phones # too
ME........ : waiting for pixs
softhelin27: give me your address and phones # too
You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.
ME........ : no pictures yet
softhelin27: give me your address and phones # too
softhelin27: give me your address and phones # too
ME........ can't see anything in the pictures
softhelin27: i already attach one
You have received 1 file from softhelin27.
Open (Alt+Shift+O) tn6
34 Share
softhelin27: downloading the rest two
ME........ ok , i my cousin just called....your phone number belongs to a construction company in Ga ? what do you say now ?
You have received 1 file from softhelin27.
Open (Alt+Shift+O) tn7
34 Share
softhelin27: The # is from GA accepted but it belongs to be not for construction compaany ron
ME........ : why did you give me a Ga number ?
softhelin27: that's the # i use here
softhelin27: i have gotten it for long
A problem occurred while transferring the file "helin111..jpg". The transfer has been stopped.
ME........ something doesn't sound correct here-Helin
softhelin27: what does not sound correct tell me what you think?
softhelin27: my ex is from GA
ME........ Well- Andy said your pix's are of another girl...would you like her names ?? she is a porn star- did you know that ?
ME........ : your ex..you said your never marrried..now what gives..another lie ?
ME........ : remember..yousaid never been married when you contacted me through Match.
softhelin27: yes my boy friend when i was in collage
softhelin27 has canceled the file transfer.
softhelin27: ron i am who i am believe me all this is evil work don't let things like this distory us
ME........: the photo's are not you-they belong to another girl...do you know thepenalty for this under the state law ?
softhelin27: i am who i am ron
softhelin27 is typing...
softhelin27: i will never be someone else okay
ME........: Andy ran a search on the dept Bigeye system and it located all these photo's...now do you want to be honest or are we finished ??? I have made contact with the police-your IP address has been recorded- and located on Google search- so get ready to be arrested and you and your friends are going to jail......
ME........: i am hear with questions
softhelin27: pls ron dont want to go to jail please help me am sorry ples dont tell
ME........ : sorry it is too late, you should have thought about was this causes people-
softhelin: has signed off





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