Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From zeeyooo
Thu, Jul 15, 2010
12:34 AM

hello my dear.

Hello my dear,
How are you doing. i will like to know you, if you don't mind. if you wanna keep in touch with me let me know so i will give you my private email or you may have it here zeeyanana@yahoo.com

Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2010 7:39:10
Subject: Re: (_") I have received your mail

Hello Dear,
how are you doing, i am very happy to see your mail this morning i appreciate you give it time to write and express your feelings to me, nevertheless, i am interested to get know you more and i want to fine my soul mate from any part of the country before i found your profile on that site, i hope with time nature will prove itself, I am Zeeyan from Medan Sumaterautara Indonesia, I am successful business woman in all kind of cosmetics, i live with my mum here in Scotland while my dad pass away already, i am the only daughter of my parents and i am single never been married have no kids as you are saying you saw my picture in metrodate i think is not me, i am single. i hope you will explain your self to me. take care of your self.

Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2010 13:01:15
Subject: Re: What can I do for you?

Broken the ice Hello Honey, How are you! You seem like you are very down to earth and laid back, and that is good. It's good to see you are affectionate and like showing your feelings. I am the same as well. I believe that partners are 100% equal in a relationship and both should be able to feel they can trust each other 100% at all times. I feel that any woman whoever disrespects a man is not a woman at all. I am affectionate also and I have no trouble showing it for the right man in public or private. I love to cuddle while watching a good movie, when were in bed, I love to hug and kiss my man a anytime and any where it could be a store,mall or just on a side walk. You are looking for long term, I am looking for something permanent :-) and I know it takes time and a lot of good effort to form a good relationship. I want a man to be my best friend at all times, my sweetheart, love of my life, my partner and my soul mate all wrapped up into one lovely man. I would be all of that for him and more,I would love him with all of my heart and have nothing but good feelings for him. he should be Avery caring person, with a lot of good feelings, be honest, reliable,pleasant personality and have a sense of humor.I am trying not to ramble here for you but I am looking for the"One". What does that mean to me? he is the person that waiting until i comes home from work so he can kiss me and sit down and relax in front of the TV or go out and spend an evening together. The person that just calls to see how your day is going but knows that it just got much better because you are talking to each other. The person that can simply lay in bed with my head on his chest and our legs interlocked for hours and talk about what's on your mind. he is my best friend, my lover, and equal and if lucky you my husband and father of my children. If Didn't scare you by being so serious and this sounds like something that would interest you then we could probably hit it off if you are up for it.I'm not afraid to go for it and this is what I want from life because I deserve the best. I am opening up to you because I read what you had to say and I think you could be the best. You have high standards and that's usually because you expect to get what you give from a relationship.This is almost a page long already. I feel that we have broken the ice and have found some very common grounds between us. My dear i don't have a facebook is only yahoo messenger if you want to chat with cam lets chat there in yahoo. i hope after reading my look mail you will tell me your mind. million kisses and hugs.
From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 11:23:46
Subject: Re: Replay

Truly i didn't know how to express my happiness that you are replying my mails but i just felt like approaching you as my spirit directed me. Well my main purpose of contacting you is to seek for your relationship, as I need a lovely man to be my husband, a man to be the father of my kids, a man i can take care of, a man that will make me happy and I want that man to come from any part of the word that is why i came to you, as god may have it i found you, Honey how do you enjoying your day over there, i hope is great over there.
I strongly believe that things is going to work out good for us, maybe later nature will prove itself between us.
I believe that anything that happens in life happens with reason therefore i strongly believe that our meeting is not in vain and shall never be in vain.
My love i hope all you are saying here is true, if that is true than lets chat with webcam to prove you are relay, i don't want to be hurt.
Cheers as I awaits for your prompt response, can you send me some of pictures and feel free to give me a call, thanks. you call me on this number only +447031878552 this number is only for sms +447564163757 take good care of your self for me, million kisses and hugs.
From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Monday, August 2, 2010 16:01:56
Subject: Re: For my Zee

Dear honey,

Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me Happy. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me.

You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a man like you. Please forgive me for not giving you enough time to chat with me, but I promise I will make up for it once we are together.

All that I can offer you is a family. I can offer you a family that will stick together through the good and the bad. I can offer you a family that will support each other every day. Honey, that's all I can give...I hope that’s what you want.

I really wish that you were near me. I wish that I could just call your name when I needed you and that you would be there. However, knowing that you love me so much is enough for now, and if I can be your wife and a mother to your children, then I would wait forever to be with you. You're the only one that I want. i received your sms right now that is why i am writing to you now. i am looking forward to have a commitment with you in other to tell you that my smile is from my innermost heart. if you are willing to settle down with me than lets us have a engagement now and oath so we can keep our self holy till when we meet in person, do you agree with me?
From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 9:58:53
Subject: Re: My sweetest thing

Our friendship is destined My Dearest one and that is you, There are things in life that are inevitable; I am powerless to control them.The Sun will rise and set, the tide will come in and go out, the seasons will change, the birds will fly South for the winter and return in the spring, and the caterpillar will transform itself into a handsome butterfly. Somehow,I feel reassured by this because many other things in life are so transient - so-momentary. From the moment we met on here till now , I knew that our friendship would develop into something lasting and precious which we are now, just as I am sure that the caterpillar will one day become a handsome butterfly. Dearest love, I believe that our love and friendship is ordained by god. It is a union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness. Thus, you have truly become the star of my life which brings me light in this dark world, and warmth when I need it. You offer me the promise of renewal, the joy of living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and that shoulder to lean on in times of stress. You are my Swallow from Capistrano - my precious butterfly, and I will cherish you and love you forever if you promise that you will take good care of me , i think life has been very harsh on me but notwithstanding i must continue to stay with some one like you that can fill the gap i am not looking at an outward appearance i look at your heart, darling we have the same religion and we are going to star our own fasting on 10 of AUGUST. honey from what i have been saying before now about engagement is for we to keep our love holy until when we are going to meet in person for the commitment i will buy the rings we will use than after you have received the rings i will start processing your visa to come and stay with me in London as husband and wife, i have already let my mum know about our relationship, as i trust you with all my heart, i hope you will trust me too and keep what so ever we are doing between y ourself don't tell people about our relationship until every thing walk out successfully. million kisses and hugs.
for me
Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 18:40:59
Subject: Re: You're My Star

Darling, Need you in my life Thank you very much for your reply i am so grateful that you are so serious and i am here to let you know i am also serious hope you gonna take good proper care of me these is making me really wanna be with you so badly course life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways.. I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you and the email u just sent to me .That no other men on earth have done or say to me.So my love, Our love started over the net and everything seemed almost perfect then. We had never met but the love we felt was so big and true already, and could only become complete by meeting each other,honey am very happy for all the love you have been given to me and i will always be there for you in all things in life you need my kind. The very first day I'm going to met you in person, we are going to hold one other so tightly. we wont want to let any one go, and time will stood still. We had a perfect day and we knew it could only get better and better if we only stood by each other, held, kissed and hugged. After that moment we never went through a day without saying how much we love and need each other for the rest of our life,Being far away from you is killing me rite now, not sharing every day with you and not being able to hold you whenever I want, hurts so much but I know that at the end of all this pain I will find you.my love i am so excited reading your beautiful mail all the time. now i know you are there for me and i am willing and able to be your wife. i have already tell my mum about you and she is very happy with us and she said go ahead my daughter Indonesia men are caring and lovely, i hope you will give all that to me.darling i am looking forward to engage with you now. So babe i need to stop hear now and try to finish what am doing and then e-mail you back when u reply this mail.with love
From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 14:09:25
Subject: Re: Reply

My feelings Hello,Thanks for the mail,Immediately i got your email my feelings turn over on you and it seems you are the right man which i have been searching for to bring joy in life, For a good relationship to grow we need to trust and we have never met before ,Never shaken Hands or even truly hugged and yet!I know for sure you care for me by the kindness that you give.And our keyboards keep us together doesn't matter where we live or our religion so I am emailing you to put a smile on your face and to let you know in my heart you have a special place.The sun is always shining just above the cloudy haze,as we share friendship across an online maze.We express love and kindness without a face.It comes from deep inside our hearts from a special place. Within our lives we share special dreams, unusual and unique,and it is with our keyboards that we speak.You are a friend of mine from the emails we exchange,I wouldn't know you on the street and it doesn't even seem strange.You have brightened my life with the thoughtfulness you show.Your words encourage me more than you could know.As people change and times keep changing too,one thing stays the same ~the way I feel for you.For this friendship we possess we owe a world of gratitude and debt,because we would not know each other if it wasn't for the net,I will want you to tell me your feelings about me and what you think we can do to achieve our goal. as for me i am going to get our engagement ready what you have to do now is tell me your finger sizes in rings your sizes in shoes and your sizes in cloth do you like to spread perfume honey. send the sizes as soon as you received my mail. Hope to hear from you soon. million kisses and hugs.
From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 14:17:15
Subject: Re: Whatever

darling some times i wonder the way you think, don't you know i own a shops and my workers are few if i am not there with them my customers will disappear and want to another person shop, how are wish you are here to see how things is moving you shouldn't have saying all this, i use to online early morning after that time i want to work come back in the night some time feel tired and sleep, but i will make sure i keep in touch with you via email because some times i check my email with my hand phone and reply with it. like i said in the previous mail. i wanna get our engagement rings ready i will buy it here and send it to you, i will let you know when i coming to Indonesia. just bear with me i am yours and you are mine. i miss you darling. i am going to shop now.
Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Thursday, August 5, 2010 10:38:42
Subject: Re: just me and you

Darling in life, we receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love. Love comes in many forms..... You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. Love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning. for the people you though of i don't have any time for any body online you should have no it by now. secondary i was born on 31 MAY 1979.
I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms, only to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything. You are everything to me.
You are everything I do. You see and bring out the best in me. You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart feel full. You are such a source of inspiration for me. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have brought to my life. So, to repay you, I promise you my heart and all the love in it for the rest of my life....my love the ring sizes is very important to us for other items i will buy it after my work okay maybe i will send it by tomorrow been Friday before traveling to business trip in Venezuela after my business trip i will let you know when i coming to Indonesia okay. i miss you so much darling. million kisses and hugs.
Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Friday, August 6, 2010 18:07:35
Subject: Re: My Address

Honey i wonder why you chose to give your information one by one why i told you i will send this items today before traveling. please send your full name in my mobile phone number as soon as possible.
Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Saturday, August 7, 2010 0:09:30
Subject: My love this is the items i have already send it with marriage certificate.

I bought my ticket and confirmed my flight to Venezuela for my business trip late, it was urgent so I was busy running around to make my journey and also send the parcel that I promised.

I have sent the parcel containing a new brand 1, HP lap top.2,Blackberry.3,male cloths $ watch 4, teedy bear 5,set of jewelries.7,2pairs of male bags.8,shoes.9,My album pictures and perfume including the original marriage Certificate in that pack, my love this marriage document i attach in this mail you will fill it and send it back to me when i am back to Scotland i will summit it to the immigration in other to process your visa, my love they told me there will be a little charges you will required to settle at the receiving point, i hope you will take care of it and make sure is been settle, you can still rich me with my number because i roam my number for easy communication..........Just accept this token from me.
This is the courier website where i register the package you can keep tracking the package to know the movement of it, http:// www.skyway-logistic.de.tl you can long in with your user name

I sent it to your name and address you gave me

From my enquirer the pack will arrive to its destination 3 to 4 days time .Below attached is a picture of the pack containing the items so that you can identify it.Please let me know when you receive the pack.

Dear you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have met and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so i willingly decide to share with you .
I will always be here for you. I have to go in a hurry now . Just few minutes away to departure. I will contact you when i arrive in Venezuela okay .With love

package 1


Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Saturday, August 7, 2010 13:43:26
Subject: darling this is the Airwaybill i forget to send it that yesterday due to i am in a hurry.

How are you doing, i hope you are swimming in ocean of good health and love. Honey i forget to send the receipt of the company and this is they company site www.skyway-logistic.de.tl you can long in with the user name and the password that i gave to you yesterday and know the movement of the package. darling what i am saying is that after registering the items in the country they told me there will be a little charges you will pay in Indonesia before they will deliver the package to you, they said is a little money, before i forget i put 10000 pounds in that the same laptop but i didn't tell you company about this so don't let them know when the package bring to you. after you have received the money take some money there do your passport and rent car we can use when i come and book hotel for me, i will let you know when i coming to Indonesia.
where i sent the gift, below of this mail is Attachment of your Receipt, So you can have it printed out in color in case if they may demand for it at the receiving point.
Honey i am now in Venezuela for business trip, i will give you an update when i will be true with every thing i am doing over here, than i will confirm my ticket and send a copy of it for you to know when i am arriving in your country, please honey take good care of yourself for me, i love you so much i can't wait to be with you soon, bye for now.
iid tri atmodjo
Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sunday, August 8, 2010 17:04:19
Subject: Re: I'm sorry I'm late to replied honey

Darling, how are you doing, i hope you are doing fine, honey i so worried because i want to hear your golden voice yesterday, i calling your number but is not connecting, darling about the hotel any where you want me to stay i will stay with you there because you are my darling husband. moreover my mum is the one who get the document i sent to you so she is already bless our relationship and she waiting the day we are going to wed. i hope you have informed your family about me or is that gonna be a surprise to them. my love please keep up date with me as soon as you received the package kindly fill up the form and return through my email. one love keep us with faith.
Mrs From: Zeeyan Ana < zeeyanana@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sunday, August 8, 2010 17:09:45
Subject: Re: Checked

Darling there was something special about you when I saw you in the crowd. And I instantly fell in love when you finally spoke aloud. I called you on the phone every chance I could get. Enchanted by your voice since the day we first met. I can’t believe it has only been a month. I can’t believe my fortune to be standing with you here. It’s a perfect day morning, there’s a crispness in the air, People are bustling, there’s commotion everywhere.
As I finish dressing, music begins to play inside. Suddenly I become filled with pride. In just a few moments I will seal my love for you, as we say our vows and swear, “I do.” Together we will spend the rest of our lives, happy forever as husband and wife. may god be with you over there.
from your wife.
From: Skyway Freight Logistic Services < enquiry-skywaylogistic@eb2a.com >
Sent: Monday, August 9, 2010 10:27:15


Skyway Logistics Services Malaysia.

Lot 726, 1st Floor, Bangunan Mulajaya,
Jalan Masjid, P.O. Box 169,
96400 Mukah, Sarawak
website: www.skyway-logistic.de.t

Email: enquiry-skywaylogistic@eb2a.com

United Kingdom Tel: +44703 183 3501
Fax Number: +44(0)844 774 2327
Malaysia Tel:.(+60)166244855
AUGUST 09TH 2010


Dear SIR,
This is to notify you that we have been mandated to deliver a consignment from Mrs ZEEYANAN ANA of the bellow address as stated here in,
Address: 13 Scotland Street Glasgow Lanarkshire G5 8NB

Registered with your credentials as the final beneficiary to you at your door step
in INDONESIA . Hence you are hereby requested to make the necessary arrangement for proper identification of your claim.
(1) Please confirm if the given address of yours is correct before we commence for the delivery of your consignment to you.
(2) You need to pay (300 dollars), being the cost of our service and delivery charges, as your wife Mrs, ZEEYANA ANA
has paid for all the necessary fees before conveyance. Kindly get back to this office asap for the details of where the payment charges should be made, SIR bellow of this mail is Bank Account details or you can pay in the Western Union with this Name on the bracket (RICHARD ASUMANING) Address in Malaysia, Sir we have a time limit.

Bank name-------Hong Leong
Ac name------------Zi Jad Demirovic
Ac no---------------15051093047
Swift code---------HLBBMYKL
Bank Address-----29-1 & 29-2 jalan sp 2/1 taman serdang perdana 43300 seri kembangan selangor darul ehsan

You are expected to comply with us asap, as the modality of the delivery of your consignment has been completed.
Give this requirement the urgent attention it deserves.
Awaits your urgent response in other to proceed your transaction.

Thank you so much for using SKYWAY LOGISTICS COMPANY for your delivery
packages and for your business needs.

For more inquiry call: (+60) 166244855

Email: enquiry-skywaylogistic@eb2a.com

Present your order number wen calling so we may honor your calls.

We are glad to be of service to you.

Yours Faithfully.

Mr Yusuf Abu Bakar
South East Asia Regional Co-ordinator
Skyway Logistics Services Ltd Malaysia.
Tel: (+60) 166244855
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