Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: nataliya-red < nataliya-red@rambler.ru >
Date: 2011/1/9
Subject: Hello!

I thought you did not answer me, but when I saw your mailbox for your letter was very surprised and pleased.
The first time I communicate via the Internet. Yesterday I saw you on the site and you are interested in me and I decided to write to you. I' m really happy for what you paid attention to me and wrote me. For me it' s very interesting to talk with the man through the Internet. Have you been long acquainted with the girls through the Internet? How seriously do you think of online communication? Do you believe that through the Internet you can find yourself love? What is your name, what is your name??
Now I want to tell you a little about yourself. I am a single woman I am 27 years old, I want to find a life partner. Families and children is my main goal in life. What is your main goal in life? I live in Russia in city Cheboksary. My city Cheboksary beautiful city, my city by the river Volga. I have a lot of years trying to find a man, but decent, I could not find. All the men I have ever known drink too much alcohol and do not respect women, that' s why I decided to try to find happiness through a dating service.
I want to say that I do not smoke and I do not use strong alcoholic drinks alcohol, but sometimes I can slightly drink in good company, but it happens very rarely, or on holidays.
My height 170 cm and weight 53 kilograms. I am sending you two pictures and I hope that they like you.
I work at a dealer store of lingerie, I like my job because I always talk to visitors and to learn many interesting things.
What would you like to know more about me? I asked with pleasure will answer you. Tell me .. What do you like in women? Which character? That it should be able to do? I would love to know.
I like to include in the movie and listen to different music.
I love traveling, but I never went to the borders of Russia.
I want to have a serious relationship with you, to find love and create happy family.
I ' ll be very pleased if you want it just as I am. Please send me your photo I' ll be glad to see her.
I ' ll wait with impatience your answer.

From: nataliya-red < nataliya-red@rambler.ru >
Date: 2011/1/10
Subject: Hello!

I had a lot of joy when I found your letter again. How are you today are you? As the mood you have today? I' m okay. How was your day? As the weather you have today? In Russia - 4 degrees.
I hope that in future we will be with you good relations. Do you want to continue our pleasant acquaintance and to study me better?
Well now I will tell you about my family. From my family I have left only my mother. Her name is Aleksandra, her 51 years. Now she is no one working, since she retired. My mom is the best woman we are discussing with her any problems and she always tells me good advice, I always listen to her opinion. I live separately from my mom, but I often visit. I appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and good attitude towards others. I like the clean, cozy. When I come home I' m always happy, because the house is always clean. Do you like to cook?
I just adore. I asked you about what you like women. For example, I like men who are calm, sincere and do not cheat.
I love and who loves me. Do you think you can be to them? Or not? I think that soon we will know it. When we learn each other better. Many thanks for the photo I was glad vdet it, I really liked it. To write me your name.
What did you do today? I hope that when you receive my letter, it warms you and makes your day a success.
I look forward to wait for your answer. Remember in this world is a woman who is thinking about you.

From: nataliya-red < nataliya-red@rambler.ru >
Date: 2011/1/12
Subject: Hello !!!

Hello !!!
Many thanks for your sweet letter, , I was very pleased to get it. How are you today are you? As the mood you have today? How was your day? I have all excellent! I hope you also cross well. How is it going to work? As the weather you have today? Here in Russia - 3 degrees.
It made me feel very good, and you know, I get this feeling every time I open my mailbox and find a letter from you. So good to know that there are people in this world who thinks of you and worry about you, the one with whom you can talk about anything.
My dear , I would like to ask you a question.
It is very interesting and important for me to know. You' ve corresponded with other women?
As for me, , I would say that I do not want any misunderstanding in our relationship, so I' ll be honest with you and tell you that there are no such men who would meet me. Only in your letters, I feel is serious to me and our relationship. I love to read your letters.
Yesterday I had a little problem in my apartment. Neighbors above me flooded with water. I went to deal with them, and in response I heard only one offense. When I got home, I wept. How to live with poor people in one house, I do not understand this, instead of apologies, they curse as if a flood I am guilty. Well let' s talk about us.
You know, , I do not think that external beauty - the most important thing you can be beautiful for some time,
Even the most beautiful, but after a few years this beauty is gone, there will be other people who are going to look better.
I think the real beauty - in your soul that some stay forever. The person should be beautiful inside, in my opinion.
Would not you agree with me ?
, I see in you a man with whom I can talk easily, who is interesting for me, the one who makes me want to know you more.
I would like to know your soul, I would like to know all about you. I see that you do not play with me or joking around, many of our thoughts are the same, our values are very close, and we are looking for the same things we are looking for a special. I see that I can set an emotional connection with you, I can talk with you on any topic, it is very easy for me, it' s like I know you for a long time.
I love your thoughts on life and the relationship between a man and a woman. Your letters, I can tell you - a decent man with serious intentions. I love that in you. I think we' re even a little bit like this.
I ' m also serious about our correspondence. I love to read your letters, and I think that I would really love to talk with you in person, you seem intelligent and well educated man.
Well, , I end my letter now, and I hope you all will be well.
From: nataliya-red < nataliya-red@rambler.ru >
Date: 2011/1/15
Subject: Hello !

Hello !
I ' m really happy to receive your new letter. How are you today? Business? As the mood you have today? I have all excellent, and I want you to have, too, was all excellent! As you will spend your weekend? As the weather you have today? In Russia - 6 degrees. I have a feeling begins to appear that we are becoming more than friends. You think so?
You like me more and more. I want to know you more and more. The more you learn, the more I like you.
Today I walked down the street and looking at what surrounds me. I had a lot of things had not noticed. Can you imagine? Walk down the street, where walking is not the first year and I notice a lot. I do not know how to describe it.
After acquainted with you, it seems to me that my life has changed. And only the good.
And you how are you? How do you feel? You had a good day?
What ' s new there? Today I met with my girlfriend. She offered to go to the movies. But I did not have time to. And I refused. Do you like movies? What? Love going to the theater? A dance? Danced before? Perhaps you have a good dance.
I love watching movies. Especially about love and comedy. How do you like to relax? I do not want your money.
At this point I will finish my letter.
I am waiting for your answer, and I miss you.

From: nataliya-red < nataliya-red@rambler.ru >
Date: 2011/1/18
Subject: Hello my dear !!!

Hello my dear !!!
I ' m really happy to read your letter again. How are you doing? As the mood you have today? I have all excellent!
As the weather you have today? In Russia -14 degrees. I do not understand what was happening to me, but I' m starting to think about you. Well, I want to tell you that my heart was beating faster when I think about you. My heart beats so that I think about you! Your letters help me to feel your presence near me. I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, your hands. I' m so in need of warmth and caring and I think that I ask not so much. I find pure love and romance in a relationship. I love when everything is beautiful, beautiful, gentle and romantic!
I wish to have a family, a loved one nearby, feeling care and constant support in difficult moments, here' s something to aspire each person in my life and I do too. I have quite a few years, and I did not have, then what I' m talking to you. I was close fortunately in the past, but my trust to break my heart. I have to believe the person with whom I whole life. To believe his every word, gesture, glance and a smile. The world is now so much meanness and deception that have to be very careful about the people who surround you. I can not tell you what should be regarded with mistrust to everyone, just need to know the people so as to be totally confident in him. I know you did not last long, but I can tell you that you are very honest and open and it is very attract me and make me believe that I can love and be loved! My mom taught me that I should always be open. I tell her that our relations develop successfully and she is happy for us. She dreamed that I finally was not alone, and have a family.
I would really like to have a good and strong family, based on a good emotional connection first, and understanding, and of course love. I think that these things are most important. I would like to have my other half about me, to feel that I' m safe, that I love and that I am a man near me, which I give all my tenderness and care that is in me. I do have a lot to give, but for right now there is no one special, someone I can give it, and I do not want to waste it just to anyone - what I want to meet my only, my special. I am very sorry for your son.
I think a lot about you, and I' d love to hear from you soon.
Well, I finish my letter now, and I' ll look forward to your quick response!
With warm hugs Natalya



Lähettäjä: nataliya-red < nataliya-red@rambler.ru >
Päiväys: 26. tammikuuta 2011 15.54
Aihe: Hei.

I - niin monta onnellista kuulemaan sanaa uudestaan ja uudestaan. Miten menee? Kuten tuulella olet tänään? Miten sinun päivä? Olen tekemässä peliä. Koska sää olet tänään? Täällä Venäjällä - 18 astetta. Haluan sanoa, että kirjeet ovat iso osa elämääni ja minua. Sähköposteista auttaa minua edelleen elää ja olla hyvä elämänrytmin. Jäljessä lukeneisuus sinun kirjeenvaihdon, tunnen kevyt ja lämmin sydämessäni. Olen tullut pisteeseen, että ihmiset ajattelevat minusta tässä suuressa maailmassa. Kuten aina, olen hämmentynyt, koska olen kirjoittamaan kirjeen sinulle. I - vain onnellinen lukenut viestisi. Jokaisen kirjeen tunnen sinun ja erityisesti maailman. Nachenaem tunnemme toisemme paremmin ja saan tunteen Tutustuminen. Minulla ei ole tarpeeksi sanoja ilmaisemaan tunteitani. Nyt minun päivä tulee riippuvaiseksi sinua. Oma mieliala vaihtelee päivän, orja uutinen, että saan teiltä. Et vain voi kuvitella, miten tärkeää minulle on saada selville kaikki tapahtumista sinulle. Olen niin paljon halua osallistua elämääsi, anna sen olla olkapää voi itkeä tarvittaessa. Haluan teidän tietävän, että on olemassa joku, joka on tuhansien kilometrien päässä ajattelu, muistaa teitä.
En ymmärrä, mitä tapahtuu minulle. Joskus en voi uskoa esiintyminen ihana, ylellinen, mielenkiintoinen ja älykäs ihminen maailmassa ja että olet joko pelkkää puhuu, tuote unelmieni. Näen, että se on typerä, mutta halusin jakaa tunteeni teidän kanssanne haluan kertoa teille muiden tunteita. Toivon, että olet kiinnostunut käsittelyssä minun posti, joka minusta oli hämmentävää. Olen ohita yhdestä teemasta toiseen. Kirjoitan jotain, laita itsesi minun mielestäni. Miksi minä todella kirjoittaa seuraava lause? Olen halu luottaa minun salaisuuteni sinulle. Odotan että anteeksi. Jos et ole, jotta kuunnella, puhua minulle keskeytyksettä, kiitos, ja I' ll stop heti pitää.
Kun luin kirjeesi, olen sitä mieltä, että olet rehellinen ja vilpitön minun kanssani, kerrot minulle paljon sinusta, joten haluan antaa sinulle saman asian. Tiedätkö, minulla on unelma. Haluan löytää todellisen rakkauden, erityinen henkilö, joka on menossa rakastaa ja huolehtia minusta ja minä teen saman hänelle. Haluan rakkautemme oli ikuisesti. Luulen, että tavatessani että erityinen, annan hänelle kaikki minun hellyyttä, huolenpitoa ja rakkautta. Ja mitä - unelmasi? Mitä haluat eniten elämältä? Kerro minulle. On erittäin mielenkiintoista minun tietää, mitä mieltä olet ja unelma.
Tiedätkö, minun pitäisi kertoa sinulle jotain. En ole koskaan ajatellut sitä ennen on mahdollista löytää erittäin hyvä ystävä, joka on - niin erityisiä Internetin välityksellä. Mutta nyt voin sanoa, että tämä tapahtui minulle, kun tapasin sinut, ja minusta tuntuu kuin Tiedän pitkään, vaikka me vain vaihtoivat muutaman kirjaimen. Nyt voin sanoa, että on ihmisiä maailmassa, joka ymmärtää minua, minun kantani elämän, unien ja jonka aikeet - on lähellä minun. Sinun pitäisi tietää, että olet lähellä sydäntäni, olen aina valmis kuuntelemaan, ymmärtää ja yrittää auttaa, jos tarvitset sitä. Miksi sinulla ei ole mitään kirjoittaa? Voit kirjoittaa minulle nimesi.
No, minä lopetan kirjeeni nyt, ja minä odotan vastaustasi!
Ajattelen sinua !!!:)

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