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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: Anita Ahmed <anita_ahmed@hotmail.fr>
Date: Fri 18 Nov 2011 07 36 06 0000

Hello My Dear,

Thanks for your email. I'm very happy for your response. Meanwhile, I want to tell you about myself. I have not been to your country before, but I'll be there by the grace of God. I am an orphan of Sudan. I lost all my family members as a result of civil war in my country. Do not let this worry or discouragement you. I am 25 years old and single and never married before.

Now about my family, my late father, Engr. Ahmed Hassan was the Chairman, Gruv-Melton oil and gas, a private oil company in Sudan Darfur. My father was killed alongside with my beloved mother and our family house burnt down by the rebels during the last crisis in my country. I was able to escape the West African country called Togo, where I am now leaving in a Church camp under the United Nations attached to the Catholic Church in North Oakam, 12 km from the capital, Lome, Togo.

I am seeking for help from you who fears God and trust that you will help me and take control of the amount of 4.3 million U.S. dollars my father deposited in the bank. After the money is transfer to your account, I will join you in your country to complete my education and to initiate a new life. While we live to understand our self better and get
married if possible.

If you think you are very sincere and trusted, please reply to me, so I can give you more information. Meanwhile, for agreeing to help me I will give you 10% of $ 4,300,000.00. While you will invest the money in any good investment in your country, because I know nothing about business. I wait for you to see if you can handle this situation with honesty and fidelity.

I would appreciate an urgent response indicating your willingness to handle this transaction perfectly, please kindly keep it with you alone until everything is finally agreed. I will send you my pictures in my next email.Bye and have a wonderful stay.

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Mrs From: Anita Ahmed <anita_ahmed@hotmail.fr>
Date: Mon 21 Nov 2011 08 02 14 0000

Hello Dear,

I have read and understand your letters, i hope you had a lovely weekend. As for me, my weekend cannot be complete without you.

About my plans,

I want the money to be transfer to your account while i come over to meet you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life, like i said before age does not matter in love but the feelings between us. I know age will not be a bearier to our relationship. When i am with you, i want you to make me feel high to bring out the real woman in me. We shall live together to understand ourselves. Still on my plans, once the transfer is complete, you will send me some money to get my new passport and other traveling papers to join you.

I will like to finish my studies when i come while you invest the money in a good business. The money is now in Lome, Togo. The date of my birth is 10th December 1986. I hope i have answered your questions, i wait for your news soon with your details information.

Yours New Love,
Mrs From: Anita Ahmed <anita_ahmed@hotmail.fr>
Date: Sat 19 Nov 2011 08 57 10 0000

Hello My Dear,

I thank you for your email that I received, your email is really giving me joy because nobody has cared about me since I came to this church camp, all i need from you is to help me out from the church camp and also transfer the money to your account while i continue my education .

Here in the camp I am living a life of tick and tack no food to eat no good water no medical attention. So I decided to lay a more trust on you to transfer the money of my late father left for me in a bank, I guess trying to seek your help in transferring the money into your bank account even if we don't know each other is giving me a hope to live a better life in the future. Because I have in the back of my mind that you will not betray me in cause of this transaction.

This is what you have to do after the transaction:

1) After the transaction you will withdraw some money and send to me for pay my flight ticket to your country.

2) You will send a letter of invitation to me so that they will give me a VISA urgently to travel and join you over,You will help me to get my international passport and traveling documents to join you over there to continue my education then you will manage the money for me in any good investment.

So I want you to indicate to me your intention toward my demand for your assistance.
I will like you to send me this below information so that i can write an authorization letter to the bank for the release of the money into your account as my foreign representative.





5. YOUR DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER for easy communications with you

As soon as i receive the above information indicating your readiness to assist me, i will be sending to you the contact of the bank and other detail information's concerning the transfer of the fund.

I have prepared all the information of transaction of the money into your bank account, As soon as I received your next email indicating your willingness to help me I will instantly send you all the necessary information to commence the transaction to get me out from this hell as soon as possible.

I do not have any telephone number, But you can call me with the Reverend Father office telephone in the church, the number is +228-91 257 020 When you will call remember to ask of Anita Ahmed. He would send for me, i have attach my pictures to you. Please send me photos in your next mail. I will be waiting for your call and your next email

Love With Care From,
Many Hugs and Kisses!
Your Friend Anita.
pic 1
Pic 2
Mrs From: Anita Ahmed <anita_ahmed@hotmail.fr>
Date: Thu 24 Nov 2011 12 21 37 0000

Hello My Love,

I am sorry for the late response, I was working out the best to enable us succeed this transaction.I thank you very much for the notification of the reply you received from the bank I greatly appreciate the love that you are filling into my empty life,Indeed it is natural and nothing can turn us apart,I hope to come to you soon to meet you in person.

I hope you remember my position here in the church camp,and that I have no means of handling this transaction perfectly without your help,So it is your duty to be in control of this transaction and to make sure that everything is well done,you must be constant in communicating with the bank since all communication is being directed to you,You have to always be sending to me any letter received from the bank for further advice. According to the bank request,

After reading the message you received from the bank I understand that they required a backing documents signed by African lawyer, Since you can not come here in person I have been thinking that we will need the services of a lawyer here who will represent us to the federal high court to get the affidavit of oath and support, the lawyer will also help us to prepare the power of attorney on our behalf.

I have the Original statement of account,Deposit and Death Certificate which I will send the original copy to the bank as they request for it while the scan copy will be sent to you. You have to contact the lawyer now and ask him to provide the rest of the documents for us.
Please keep this matter strictly confidential, I can always trust you, Because I do not want anybody to know about this on any account,as you can see that we are almost at the end of this matter, God will help us.

Now there is no need for us to keep waiting since the bank are ready to make this transfer once the documents are ready,I have ask the Reverend Father here and he gave me a contact of a good indigenous lawyer here in TOGO who will help us to get this documents without wasting much time,
Bellow here is the lawyer contact The Reverend Father gave me,

Barrister: Martins,
Phone : +228 907 39 258
Email :supremelaw@live.fr

Please,I will like you to make contact with this law firm immediately and ask him to help us to get those needed document for us to enable you send them to the bank for the wire transfer of the money into your account ,as you can see that everything concerning this transfer is complete, please help me out to see that this lawyer get this document within this week OK, my prayers are with you and I know that God will surely see us through.Send the letter you received from the bank to the lawyer for his more understanding.I will never forget you in my life, God bless you for me, waiting to hear from you with the response from the lawyer, please call the lawyer on the telephone so that he will know our seriousness OK at the same time send also an email.
Thank you for your concern, always put me in your daily prayers.

Best Love,
Statement of account
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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