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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs From: PerfSpot: Olga Polki < do_not_reply@perfspot.com >
Date: Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 6:45 PM
Subject: Olga Polki has just sent you a new message.

Olga Polki has just sent you a new message.
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Subject: hi

" Hello!!!
Your profile has interested me, and I would like to find out you better.
I think that you will leave to me the information on.
I also to you will tell to you about myself, about the interests, and the
life in general.
If you are interested in dialogue with me.
write on my e-mail: snezhinka23@yahoo.com
I wait your answer.
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From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 10:46 PM
Subject: Hello!

I am glad that you have answered. I liked your profile and I would like to get acquainted with you.
From the very beginning of acquaintance I want that we were fair with each other and for me it really is very important.
that has forced you to search for acquaintances on the Internet?
Now acquaintance to the help of the Internet widespread in the world, here and I have decided to try and as a result I write you the letter!
Now I will tell a little about myself that you could present me.
You certainly already know a little about me from my profile.
I was born 1980, my name is Olga, but friends me usually name Olenka.
And how your full name and when your birthday sounds? I live in apartment with my parents.
Also I have good work, I work as the seller in underwear department, our department is called " Isabella " .
I very much like that that I do, as I and itself show interest to that that I sell.
Always remarkably when you are engaged in business which to you to liking!
Here on work I am am surrounded with good people and the majority of them my girlfriends.
I would like you to ask about your work? She is pleasant to you?
When I have a free time and if weather we with girlfriends leave on the nature allows to have a rest. Not so it is far from that place where I live there is a little lake where we in a warm season bathe, we sunbathe and we relax.
But it is final at me not often it turns out to do it as my work does not allow often where that to go.
Also I like to go with girlfriends to cafe or at cinema on new films and it already almost the tradition for me to go with girlfriends on display of the Premiere of any film. You love it?
Whether have time to have a rest somehow? How you have a rest? Tell to me about it. OK?
In my life sports also take place, I try to support a healthy way of life where that 2-3 times a week I visit an exercise room with my girlfriends, after all we girls and we should behave in the good form.
And you have any sports interests? Tell to me please about them.
It will be very interesting to me to hear it from you! I send you the photo, very much I hope that is pleasant to you.
I also will be glad if you send me the photos!
I would like to know more about you, about your interests, a hobby! What character at you?
I have set to you of really many questions and I hope to see your answers to them.
I think that in following letters we will find out each other more and more. . .
Write to me, I will wait from you for the answer!
Successful day and good mood!!!
From the bottom of the heart, it is sincere yours Olga!
From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 12:03 AM
Subject: Hello!

I am glad to receive your message. How' s your day?
I am pleased that you are interested me and reciprocate my letters!
I would like to talk a little about the place where I live! I live in Russia, in the city Suslonger.
You could even say that this is an urban village, as there lives are not so many people.
I also want you to tell me about your city and the whole of the country? For me it' s very interesting.
Of course you can learn a lot through the internet, but I think it would be better if you tell me about yourself.
Each country has its own laws, culture, mentality and traditions - it is really very interesting.
Here, for example about Russia, I can not say that there are very cultured people, of course they are, but they are not so much.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the country has sharply increased crime, unemployment,
appeared so-called " New Russian" economic state of the country was critical!
Now the country is reviving and improving the welfare of people, but now Russia in many areas lags behind many countries in the world.
I also draw conclusions from the fact that my friend told me she was in France not so long ago and told me about this country very interesting.
She remained there for several months. Actually I said to my girlfriend liked me and she described the beauty of Paris,
how beautiful Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees and that people were much more friendly. Much of course depends also on the heads of state.
Which path of development they choose, and thus will develop the country! What do you think of what was said?
I am interested to know that you heard about Russia! , Something I talked about the countries, let' s talk about us.
I think that the site you' ve read my profile and could see that I have serious intentions, and looking for serious relationship.
I will try to say something about my character, though of course difficult to say something about yourself.
I am very romantic, sociable, humorous woman. As a man,
I appreciate in people - honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience, kindness, but I completely change my opinion about the man, if he deceives me.
I believe in love, and I think it is very clean, bright feeling, and if people love each other,
they should appreciate it and cherish this wonderful feeling. Do you agree with me?
I like any girl I love to hear compliments and it is really very nice!
I try always to keep order around himself and at work and at home! I do not like riots!
I like to cook and I do it every day, and sometimes try to prepare a completely new dishes on the new recipe has read the book.
We in Russia have a saying: " The way to a man' s heart is through his stomach!
All the people in the world trying to find a single person with whom she could relate my life and create a happy family!
No career, or even the most money or something else does not replace the present family happiness and warmth!
For any person family comes first. Our lives need to live shoulder to shoulder with someone you love and leave behind offspring
children, whom I love very much. Some of my friends have babies and sometimes leave their kids with me so I stayed with them in their absence,
and in these moments I feel like a " mom " . It' s so nice !!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell me please what you want in life? What kind of woman you dream?
, I' m sorry that I ask you about such things outright, because we know each other quite a bit.
But still I' m curious to hear from you.
I ' ll wait for you to message .
Your Olga!
From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 9:49 PM

Thank you for your letter.
Every day I learn something new about you and that' s fine.
I want to tell a lot about myself, but not always possible to fit it in one letter, but with time in our correspondence, you will know me more!
I had a normal day, but I received your letter, and now my mood became much better, it' s really nice to me, that you write to me.
Thank you for your answers to my questions.
I send you another my picture. I hope that you like me I' m on my photos. Tell me about your family.
You have many relatives? How often do you meet or do a family dinner?
In turn, I want to say that I have a very good family.
I live with my parents in a two-bedroom apartment. I has its own separate room.
His parents, I very much love. They gave me life and raised me, for this I am very grateful to them!
In the family I was the only child, but always wanted to have a younger brother or sister to take care of them and look,
Yes and it would be with someone to play, when parents are involved in their affairs.
My mom and dad are very kind and good people, always understand me and give good advice in life.
I always try to listen to them, as all parents want only the best to your child.
Our parents love is mutual and we feel each other warm the soul.
My mom name is Marina, she - very sensual and kind woman.
Previously she worked as a salesman and later became the manager of a small shop, but now it does not work.
My dad name is Mihail. He - the strict but fair man. He also worked, was engaged in repairing flats.
He is now retired as my mom. I love my family and we try to often spend time together.
I want to tell the story of how met my father and mother. I think you would be interested to hear.
This is really a wonderful story. Before my birth, my mother lived in the capital Moscow, and my dad lived at the time the depths where we now live.
And this is really far from each other and seemed to learn not just no chance.
One day my dad went to work in the capital to carry out another order,
and they met by chance in a small shop in Moscow, where she worked for my mom, and in the words of the Pope
My mom loved it to him and he said that it was truly love at first sight.
At the same time he became Turns acquaintance with her, but she did not answer his feelings, because it was quite a stranger to her.
But he was persistent, and thus he began to visit the store quite often and still has the location of my mom.
Then everything went well, he courted her, gave flowers, dinner at a restaurant and going to the movies.
This is really great! And six months later they married. They realized that for each other.
I understand that the impossible is possible in this world, even if you look at the acquaintance of my parents, it' s really unbelievable
they lived so far away from each other, and yet their hearts are joined.
Every day in the world, millions of people find each other and many are happy. Unfortunately in my personal life I have emptiness.
I was not married. I had a relationship with a guy and he was my age, we were with him together almost 2 years,
but he was a bad person, frequently deceived me, at that time when I thought that all is well, it' s really unfair.
I thought he loved me, but this was not in fact, he deceived me, for his friends were far more important than I am.
For him, our relationship was not in the first place and he did not respect me, nor relations
so I told him bye and did not regret it, so now I' m looking for a more serious and sincere,
indeed, an adult for a serious relationship. "
Among the people around me here I do not see anyone for a serious relationship.
And just a few days ago, I started to look a man through the site.
Perhaps here I can find someone who will love me, respect, appreciate and understand.
For me, no matter the wealth, work or the situation of people in society.
I hope to find someone that values women and who can take care of the woman.
I ' ll be ready to give all of herself in the relationship, and I think that the main advantage of women - primarily devotion and sensuality.
I want you to write me your thoughts about my letter.
I look forward to wait for a response.
Sincerely yours Olga.
Mrs From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 12:25 AM

Very nice to see again your letter.
I hope that you all are well and you have a good mood.
Sorry I can not answer you quickly. I spend almost all day at work.
And immediately as soon as I get the opportunity, I am writing this letter.
The working day starts with me at 8.00 am and ends at 20.00 pm.
Also, I have a lunch break and I think that sometimes I can write you in the middle of the day.
, I am pleased that we continue to learn each other.
I am very pleased that you are interested in some of my thoughts in the letters.
, I' m usually with no one talking so openly and nobody is open,
but I made a great desire to speak frankly with you, and also reveal to you my soul.
For each person it is necessary that was the only person who can open up and trust. Do you agree with me?
It is so nice when you feel that you need someone something and that there are people who can support you at any moment.
It is really important, just to feel that you are not alone in this world.
I ' m glad I found your understanding. Thank you, very nice.
I can say that I feel you spiritually, and thus in some moments, I find this particular spiritual affinity between us.
You feel something like that?
I would like to ask you, how do you feel about your neighbors?
For example I am surrounded by very good neighbors and our family in a wonderful relationship with them.
All the neighbors we have a very hospitable and nice people.
I would like to know also how you treat animals? Do you have any animal?
I just love animals, especially domestic.
When I was little I had various pets, hamsters, a parrot, a turtle.
Now I am a woman and I certainly do not have time to care and pay attention to animals.
For these beings need care and concern. I can not give them that, since most of my time is spent at work.
By the way, I want to say that, I told my friends that I met you, and also parents.
Have a good day.
Waiting for your letter.
Your Olga.
Mrs From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 1:16 AM

I am glad to see a letter from you.
Luckily, today I have a light work schedule and I worked all day.
So I had enough free time to do several things.
I went shopping with my girlfriend and we went shopping. I admit I really like this class.
Many girls like to walk to the shops is constantly in search of something new.
Also today I went to the orphanage, he is not so far from my work.
I brought the little kids some unnecessary things to me and also a large soft toy that I bought in a store before visiting this orphanage.
I try to do it regularly and think it is good and noble cause.
From time to time I look down to the children and say honestly, I sometimes tears appear in her eyes when I see children abandoned by their parents.
This is really for me to understand why some parents abandon their children.
Children - the color of life and how you can reject them. I do not understand this!
Send me your thoughts on this .
I wrote to you earlier that some of my friends left me for their children. And these kids can see how happy they are because they have a father and mother and they are endowed with love and care.
Of course there are differences between children who are in the orphanage and see how they lack is parental care.
Only the teachers give them care and they are all really good people.
, You have children at home? You visit them?
I want to say that tonight we are going to go with friends to relax. Relax in good company.
You like to relax with friends? How are you doing?
It is very interesting as you relax and rest if you do?
, I hope that you will answer me soon.
Thank you for your attention.
Waiting for your letter.
Your Olga.
beautiful tree
Mrs From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 10:49 PM
Subject: Hello!

I am pleased once again to speak with you! How are you?
Yesterday evening brought me and my friends a lot of fun.
We visited Banya. I think you' ve heard what the " Russian Banya (sauna).
It is really wonderful kind of rest, we had a great time.
You go to Banya? If so, tell us about your feelings.
Also, we went to play billiards. You like it?
To be honest, I am not a very good game, but it' s fun when a number of friends.
The evening turned out to good and I had a wonderful mood. How was your day?
Some of my friends were with their men last night and I watched as they kissed each other and hugged.
I covered envy at this moment.
I wish that you were also close at this point and we would be happy together.
I was thinking about you a lot yesterday, during our vacation with friends. Everything went very well yesterday.
I want to say that today I will cook. I would like to know what you prefer to eat? What you love:
sweets, meat, fish? Tell me this .
My parents and my friends like what I cook.
Who knows, maybe someday you try my food:)
I remember that my mother cooked when I was little, this is my favorite salads, such as " Winter salad it is a very popular salad in Russia, he always comes to the table for the holiday.
Also one of my favorite salads is the " Caesar " .
I try to eat calorie foods to keep track of their figure and the little eat mayonnaise.
As for soups, then of course it is the most common is " Borsh " .
Have you heard anything about the dishes I mentioned?
You like to cook? I think what you say a few words on the topic of cooking. well?
I am writing to you about this and I have appetite and I wanted to eat. I think that you also want it.
Have a nice day!
I hope soon to see your letter.
Your Olga.
me and bilberry
Mrs From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 10:36 PM

Hello my beautiful .
I am glad to see your message.
I am very pleased that you support the idea of our meeting.
I think that we will discuss our meeting and will be able to set a date for our meeting. We can examine this in more detail. OK?
I want to tell you dear, it' s very nice for a woman who knows that there is a man who waits for her and wants to feel in his arms.
This idea affects women in their opinions and behavior.
So thanks , what you made me feel it.
Do you have ideas and imaginations about that day when you meet me? Tell me about it, I will be glad to hear.
Dear, I have a lot of ideas how we can be together for their time.
Also, I' ll make you some surprises, I think you' ll enjoy them.
, I will tell you about some of my ideas in the following messages.
When you' re in my arms, you can not get out.
Well . . . I will not write you about this that I want to do with you as soon as we' re together I think I can all implement.
Now I finish the letter. I' ll wait for your letter. My kisses for you!
Your Olga!

From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 9:30 PM

Hello my dear .
How are you? I' m all good!
I am very glad that you wrote me a letter!
With each new letter we' re getting closer and closer to each other!
When I started looking for a man on the internet, I even could not imagine,
that I could find such a wonderful man like you!
, But through the letters, we can not very well know each other.
I think that, for the continuation of our relationship, we need a meeting.
Thousands of letters will not replace us one meeting.
We need to test our relationship. When we meet,
we can understand whether we really made for each other! What do you think about this?
I very much want our meeting!
If you want, then tomorrow I can go to a travel agency and learn all about my possible trip to you!
I look forward to your reply!
Kisses, yours Olga!

Mrs From: Olga < snezhinka23@yahoo.com >
Date: Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 11:05 PM
Subject: Re[2]:

Hello my love.
I have long thought about your proposal. Not so easy to decide to go to an unfamiliar country.
But my feeling is stronger than fear. I really want to be with you.
I think that you can trust. you are the man with whom I would like to live the rest of his life.
you would like this?
If possible, I would not want to postpone my trip to you. I am very afraid of losing you.
Today at lunchtime I went to a travel agency. And learned about my possible trip to you, and what documents do I need.
On the one hand I am very happy that everything was not as difficult as I expected. On the other hand I am a little upset.
To all my expenses I would need 1450 USD. this I found it at the rate of exchange of the Central Bank of Russia.
And transferred to USD.
This amount includes the cost of tickets, visa for 90 days, the cost of passports and services agency. As I said, I will need to apply for a visa, and it' s best to do a tourist visa.
I shall have to come to Moscow and stay there for a few days to get a visa.
I think that the tourist visa is a good way to meet in the near future.
This is the quickest and most convenient option.
Of course, I assumed that all costs a lot of money, but that would be so expensive! And I' m even a little upset.
For us in Russia it' s just a lot of money.
And I can not find them anywhere. I am very sorry that I can not pay for it.
I was very uncomfortable to tell you this.
But I must ask you, maybe you can help me with paying my trip.
I really want to see you, but as you see I have no money. And the only hope only on you. This meeting is necessary for both of us.
If my expenses for you to be great, I am, of course, I' ll understand, no doubt.
After all, sometimes have to deny themselves in many ways.
Waiting for your answer. Goodbye. I hope to soon.
Your Olga.
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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