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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: VALENTINA [mailto:forvanesnika@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 12:26 AM
Subject: nice to hear from you

Hello again dear also is glad to see your answer!!! I so want that between us there was nothing such as lie. I wish to speak you only the truth and also to receive from you. I do not know from what to begin my letter. But I will tell to you once again. For a long time already I to be registered in agency of acquaintances here in my city. And they have placed my questionnaire on different Internet sites. Then a week later I have come to them and they have given me yours e-mail. Thus I write you the letter.
About one year back I tried to get acquainted through the Internet. But it was the bad idea. As nevertheless I wrote in general for the life to several men. And they asked me always naked photos. And I have immediately stopped them to write letters. As I will never send it. I think that you not the such. And you fair will be with me. If I to you is interesting as the girl. Then we can easy continue our correspondence. I will send you a photo me. I have no photo from my city or other nature in my country. I have only a photo for my last 2 years of a life. From 2009 till 2011. I have no other photos.
I wish you to ask also, tell to me better about your residence. It is interesting to me.
I live in Belarus, the city of Minsk and my country is also near to the country Poland. You can look it on a card. Here again there live many people and our president is - Y.Lukoshenko. Also it is the small country in comparison with many. My city is called Minsk and you know much about it? Nevertheless I know nothing about your country and I think that you will tell to me.
I wish to forget all those bad last moments when I wrote before the letter to men. 1 was from Germany and asked naked photos from me. Another was from Switzerland city Zurich also asked naked photos.
As to serious relations. That I had it about 3 years ago. I met the man and he was 40 years old. And you see that to me not important how old are you. I do not see sense to pay attention to age. And the the person - the more experience is more senior. To me not important what age at you ok? Thus we concerned throughout half of year with that man. And then we have dispersed, and as our characters did not coincide. And still it constantly went to walk. And then my girlfriends spoke to me that it saw with other girl at a cinema. And so on. I do not wish to recollect it. I want full confidence. I do not want that to me changed. You understand me? I wish to begin a cheerful life simply. And already about 3 years I live one and to search for other half. I think that through the Internet it also can turn out. Never you know where to search for the happiness. How you think?
I the lonely girl also live now one in apartment which my parents gave to me. My father call Petro and my mum call Vanessa and they live in other city of 250 kilometres from me.
My full name is - Valentina Milunovskih. And still I will write you letters from the real name ok? As all my friends call me so - Valentina.
What do I love? I work as the seller of footwear in shop here in city centre. Also in the evenings I like to meet my girlfriends and to go to the cinema and on dances. Also we sometimes are going to sit with my girlfriends at home and to do each other different hairdresses and to speak about a life. I do not love a disco and also bars. It is not pleasant to me as there is a lot of noise. I do not know what to tell to you still? You can simply ask me ok?
I wish to return to conversation with us. At present we can write letters each other only through e-mail. I can write letters and send a photo. As at present I have no phone. Also I know many programs. But here in Internet cafe have forbidden to use much. Such as skype or msn and such as personal - facebook or in vkontakte. As these pages often break computer hackers. And then the administration does not bear responsibility. Therefore here in Internet cafe I will use only e-mail. I had always a mobile phone but approximately one week ago it has got at me in a bathroom to water and now at all does not work. I will buy soon new phone ok? At this time I have no.
I do not know what to tell to you about me? I live one and I have no children. But I very much love children and probably once would like to have children. It is a pity that still I have no children though to me 30 years. All girlfriends speak me that it not terribly that I still young and beautiful. I wish to find to myself worthy love.
I wish to get acquainted better with you. I will wait still for your answer certainly and you are interesting to me. I do not wish to stop but I think that on first time the information on me will suffice. I want that we have continued to write each other only in English ok? I know only English language.
Here Valentina also I wish you pleasant day.

Mrs From: VALENTINA [mailto:forvanesnika@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 2:28 AM
Subject: Re: nice to hear from you

Hello again dear and you the good man. And I like you. I wish to answer you now.
I do not like men which speak lie. I know now that you not the such. I think that you speak me the truth. I think that correspondence will be fair.
If I with the man that I go with it up to the end. It is very difficult to trust men. But I will try to trust you through letters. Also still very early to speak about a meeting. I think that we can discuss it later? But not now. I never flied to other country and also I have no documents. At the given stage I simply wish to learn you better.
Nevertheless I should consider the important question with you. I wish to argue. If the girl has no children. Then it can have children then. If already at the new partner - men are children. Then it is possible and not to have children. Easier to care of other children. It is necessary to know simply that near to you there are children. Also it is necessary to love them as the and it is correct? It nevertheless.
As to again me. My birthday will be on February, 3rd. Now to me 31 year. And already on February, 3rd I will be 32 years old. I feel that I need to be already with the man. And not only because of age. And also because I already want real love. I do not wish to be already one and all games are not necessary to me. I the serious girl. I think that you understand it reading my letter?
Also my weight of 56 kgs and my growth of 168 centimetres. I not too small? I think that was not present. And the age difference and also between our countries does not excite me. OK??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I have already told, I never travelled to other countries. It will be interesting to me to look the world. But I do not wish to do it one. As I should receive this pleasure together with my man. I am pleasant like the world. Till this time I can look it only through the Internet and also through the TV. I want that you to me have more told about your city. Nevertheless I think that there in perfectly summer and in the winter?
We have cold winters in Belarus and it not to avoid. But at our place very warm batteries and thus people not a frost. At my place there is an additional battery. Thus when in the evening I sit at home I there can be in heat (smile). What temperature at you approximately in the summer? And also in the winter?
Here in Belarus it reaches nearby-30 degrees of Celsius in the winter. And approximately +30 summer. It is logical.
I also would like to tell to you that usually is pleasant to me and it is not pleasant.
I like red colour and my favourite flowers are roses or a camomile, also there can be a carnation. If you know it?
I like to listen to music of the house and everywhere where it is. Only it is not loud, and it is pleasant to me usual Pop style of music. Also I sometimes like to hear rock music. But not especially music. As most of all to like me the voice of the girl for example which sings a song.
I also do not smoke and I do not accept drugs. But I will tell to you fairly, that my last guy about 3 years ago gave to me of 1 time in a life to try cigarettes. But I then more never smoked. I think that the girl should not smoke. As to alcohol. I not to drink especially spirits. But it is necessary to face the truth. Why is not present? It should not be frequent. Only it is rare on a holiday. Or in the good company. I think that you agree? I think that it so. I do not know that further to you to write.
I sit now in Internet cafe and it is necessary to go a little more for work.
I should sell footwear every day. That the chief did not demand from me much.
I already many times received the award. As I am able to work with clients...
Nevertheless it only work.
And as to my hobbies. I like to go to pool on Saturdays in the evening. I and 2 more my girlfriends we go to pool. We take masks or points, also a cap on a head. Also we bathe 40 minutes. And then to go and drink hot tea. Or sometimes wine if there is a mood. I think that so.
I also wish to tell to you. What most of all it is not pleasant to me in people? When any person tries to show it that it above others. Not to like me it.
Also that that when the person brags that it has many money. In general it is disgusting for me. It is never important.
I work fairly in shop. I cannot reach the big. Though I can more and work with diploma higher education. But nevertheless.
Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak that they have expensive things. It not the main thing in a life...
Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak lie. I learn at once it. And in general any truth will be learnt sooner or later. And then then it will be a shame to the person.
I already have it in it experience when a vein with the man 3 years ago. I spoke already to you. It is not necessary for me lie.
It is pleasant to me when the person can always tell greetings. Or always to rejoice or support. I like positive people.
I think that you such? Tell to me more about it.
That that should like me in the partner? Not important where it works and how many earns money. Main this happiness and trust. I think that people should trust each other in the relation.
But also where there is a belief - there should be and check. It is necessary to check the favourite person silently always.
I should see in the partner always support. And if I have a relation - then the love and pleasant actions from which at me will be a smile.
I think that you think also.
I want that we have never deceived each other. I will never ask you things which you do not wish to do. I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also do not want that you asked me those things which I do not want. And then all will be good. And at us much can turn out. I will try to trust you through the Internet.
I send you the photos. And it I on a photo and you am pleasant it? Tell to me.
Also would like to note a question on a food. I want that you knew. That I the simple girl which eat all. And also meat, fish, a potato. I not captious to meal also eat almost all. But also I to watch my figure. I to eat 2 times a day. It is necessary to eat for a breakfast I go. And also then very densely to eat during the lunchtime. And then in the evening I do not eat. As after 6 it is impossible to eat. I to come from work every day about to 20 o'clock in the evening and any more I do not eat. What do you think of it and what your diet?
Nevertheless I will finish probably my letter. As wrote to you much today. I will tell only a little more on my family. That I one in a family the child. Also that I have no brother or sister. And also I have no house a pet. I completely live one. And I work much. If I had a pet then it is necessary care of them. And at least to walk both in the morning and in the evening. I cannot. I wish to change my life but till now it is impossible.
I will wait now for more news from you. And the interesting story. I want that you also wrote the big letters. I send again to you a photo!
Here pleasant day, and Valentina!!!!!!!!!!
Miss Young

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