Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: glory west < 77777111111111w@att.net >
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 3:39 PM
Subject: Hello

My name is Glory west i seek for true friendship and partner, so i contact you, please if you don't mind I will like you to respond to my mail so I can send you my picture and tell you more about myself,
From: glory West < glorywest10@yahoo.in >
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 7:35 AM
H el lo my dea rest,
How are you toda y? I am more tha n ha ppy in your reply to my ma il. Mine is a little bit cold over here in Da k a r Senega l.
Brief introduction about mysel f, my na me is Miss Glory West, I’m single and i never ma rried before, I am 5"7 ta ll, 23 yea rs old. I’m a medic a l student but i ha ve not yet completed my educa tion a l ca reer as result of some politica l and ba d government we ha d which lea d to wa r in my home country. I am from Rwa nd a but presently sta ying in Senega l under asylum due to this problems and crises tha t ha s displa ce my entire rel a tives and lea d my pa rents to dea th. I ma n a ged to ma ke my esca pe only by God's specia l gra ce with the h el p of united na tion pea cem a king to a ne a r by country Senega l whe re i am lea ving currently.
Its just like one sta ying in the prison and i hope by God's gra ce i will come out here soon, i don't ha ve a ny rel a tives now whom i ca n go to, all my rel a tives ra n aw a y in the middle of the w a r the only person i kno w here is Rev.fa t he r Pa trick Jude who is in cha rge of the church here in the c a mp,

T he rev, fa t he r's Tel number is (00221706055830) whe n ever you ca ll, tel l him tha t you wa nt to spea k with me the n he will send for me from the hostel to come and spea k with you . As a refugee here i don't ha ve any right or privilege to any thing be it money or wha tever beca use it is a g a inst the l a w of this country. I wa nt to go ba ck to my studies beca use i only attended my first yea r before the tr a gic incident tha t lea d to my being in this situa tion now took pla ce.
My la te fa t he r Dr.Pa ul West wa s a successful business ma n and director of Industria l priva te Foa m & Dun lop compa ny who wa s killed by rebel s during the l a st crisis in my country, respectivel y my mothe r na me She il a West. Plea se permit me to inform you my mind, beca use i ha ve ma de up my mind to write to you this wa y. Never be offended for me beca use i fel t to ma ke a good friendship or even more tha n a friend with you.

Briefly,I will like to disclose much to you if you ca n hel p me to rel oc a te to your country with the subst a nce tha t i inhe rited from my la te bel oved pa rents.w he n my fa t he r wa s alive he deposited some amount of money in one of the le a ding ba nks in Europe which he used my na me as the next of kin, the amount is $4.5M (Four million Five Hundred Thousa nd Dolla rs),

I ha ve my la te fa t he r's dea th Certifica te here with me which i will send to you la tter, So i will like you to hel p me tra nsfer this money to your account and from it you ca n send some money for me to get my tra v el ing documents and air ticket to come over to your pla ce in order to furthe r my studies, I kept this secret to people in the c a mp here beca use i don't wa nt to loose the money or my life.

So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yoursel f and don't tel l it to anyone for i am afr a id of loosing my life and the money if people gets to kno w about it.
Remember i am giving you all this informa tion due to my bel ieve in GOD a nd hoping tha t you will not disa ppoint me.I like honest and understa nding people,truthful and ha rdworking person.My loca l la ngu a ge is french but i spea k English very fluently.

Ple a se, i am hono r a bly soliciting your kind assist a nce as follows.
1.Your Full Lega l Na mes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2.Cont a ct Addresses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3.Phone Number. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
4.N a tion a lity. . . . . . . . . . . . .
5: A ge. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
6:Wh a t percenta ge of the money will be good for you after the money is tra nsferred into your account?
7: ca n i trust you as a genuine friend ?
Me a nwhile i will like you to ca ll me like i sa id, i ha ve a lot to tel l you.
H a ve a nice da y and think about my condition here
A tt a ch here is my pictures for you,
with love Glory.

Mrs From: glory West < glorywest10@yahoo.in >
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7:56 AM
Good Day Darling,

It really gave me joy to hear from you, i was very happy after reading your e-mail indicating your willingness to hel p me, I have also introduced you to the Bank as my trustee and partner to rel ease the fund to your account on my behalf. Actually it is possible for us to meet after we must have concluded the transfer into your account in your country .i will like you to contact the Bank to verify from them.

I have my father's death certificate with me all the same I will be there with you very soon, after the transfer is completed to enable me start my education, and also invest the money with you in a good business in your country after the transfer is completed.
All you need do is either call the bank by phone or send an email requesting for the claim, the closure and transfer of funds in my name to your account. Tel l them by email that you want to know their procedures to transfer my fathers money that is he deposited in there bank on my behalf. It is there duty to let you know their procedures.

Here are the contact details of the bank that I think you might need. So that we can now proceed, please contact the bank, either by phone or via e-mail to find out their protocols. When you contact them, this is the information you have to give them to identify with me. This is the name of the bank and there contacts bel ow:

Royal Bank Of Scotland.
Forthstone,56 south Gyle Crescent Edinburgh EH12 9LE
London, England

Direct E-mail: smithhampton.rbs@accountant.com
Direct E-mail: inforbscustomercare@accountant.com

Contact person: Sir. Smi th Hampton (DIRECTOR Foreign Operations)
Direct Tel : +44-7035912800
T el / Fax: +44-700 593 06 68.

Information about my late father and his account details are as follows.

Name of the depositor: Dr. Paul West
Nationality: Rwanda.
Account Number: HBM09000750006061
Deposited amount: USD $ 4.5M
Next Of Kin Miss Glory West

Inform me as soon as you contact the bank. I expected to hear from you soon.
with love and warm rel ationship with,

Mrs From: Smith Hampton < smithhampton.rbs@accountant.com >
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2011 10:36 AM

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group logo

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In view of your request for claims, closure and transfer of deposited fund belonging to late Dr. Paul West's family to you on behalf of his daughter who sent us a nomination letter introducing you as her partner / trustee, thorough investigation has been conducted and information coincided with what we have in our records.

Be informed that before we can effect further transfer of 4.5M USD, we need to receive the following documents from you to prove that you have been mandated by his next of kin in Senegal.

(1) A scanned copy of your identity must be sent to us by email attachment.
(2) A copy of late Dr. Paul West's death certificate.
(3) A power of attorney which must be signed/notarized by a Senegal based lawyer.
(4) A sworn affidavit from high court of Senegal.

We hope that you will understand that our request for the above information is part our security protocols to avoid fraudulent claims or an unwarranted taking advantage of his absence by some individuals or some other distance relations who might have had access to his privacy.

On receipts of the above mentioned, we shall verify them and shall process your claim to effect the transfer into your nominated bank account without delay.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,
Sir. Smith Hampton
(Foreign/Transfer Department)

Fax:00- 44-700 593 06 68.
Forthstone,56 south Gyle Crescent Edinburgh EH12 9LE
From: Bar Sheriff Azeez < azeezchambers@lawyer.com >
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2011 2:18 PM
Subject: From the Desk of Azeez Chambers.


Our Ref: Dcc/Vol.16 Case No.14-3-7/05/14
Your Ref: Power of Attorney/Affidavit of oath and Changing of Ownership of support
Mobil Phone: 00221772159028
Email : (sherrifazzez@lawyer.com )
Email : (azeezchambers@ymail.com )
Address : km3 Avanue Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar Senegal.

From the Desk of Azeez Chambers.



Sorry for my late reply due to holidays, How ever Sequel to your mail which i received on behalf of your partner, Azeez Chambers, has been approached to assist in the preparation of POWER OF ATTORNEY and Affidavit of Oath, by your name for transfer of your funds to you in your Before my law firm will commence the proceedings. you have to send across your information’s like;

(1) Your full name.
(2) Residential or office address.
(3) Nationality.
(4) Profession.
(5) Telephone number.
(6) Age.

So that i shall go to the Federal High Court of Justice to enqiure on the cost of Authentification and validation of the POWER OF ATTORNEY
I shall wait to receive your informations for the preparation of the document and will also get back to you after my due inquiry from the Federal High Court

Bar. Sheriff Azeez Mohamed. (Esq )
Law Chamber.
Miss Young

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