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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Lähettäjä: Vera < veraz@wippies.fi >
Päiväys: 13. tammikuuta 2011 10.20
Aihe: Kiitos, etta olet kirjoittanut minulle

Hei minun ystava . kiitos vastauksesta. Kuinka voit? Sinun nimesi ??? Olemme hyvin kaukana toisistaan, mutta toivon, etta se ei esta vuoropuhelua.
Etsin vakavaa suhdetta varten vakavista perhe-elaman. Meidan on ymmarrettava se yhdessa sen jalkeen, kun kirjeenvaihtoa. Haluan kertoa sinulle itsestani. Toivon, etta voitte kuvitella minun elamani ja luonnetta.

Asun Venaja, olen 35 vuotta vanha, oma syntymapaiva 14 elokuuta. Minulla on vihrea silmat ja musta hiukset, Olen brunette :) Voit nahda sen kuvani. Lahetin teille tanaan. Oma kasvu on 168 cm, oma paino 59 kg.

Luultavasti sinulla on kysymys: miksi tama kauneus ei naimisiin Venajalla :) Tosin en voi menna naimisiin Venajalla, mutta venalaiset miehet ovat erittain ajattelematon.

Minulla oli aikaisemmin poikaystava ja vakavia keskinaisia suhteitaan, mutta se on aina paattyi huonosti. Ensimmainen poikaystavani ei halua lapsia. Han puhui - lapset liian suuri lasti. Toinen poikaystava " rakasti " alkoholin (vodka 1 litra Standard). Sanoin hanelle: Valitse, mina tai pullo. Han kertoi, etta vapaus hanelle ennen kaikkea. Olen pettynyt Venajan miehet.

Nyt olen paattanyt loytaa miehia muusta maasta. Ja olen pettynyt miehia nuorempia. Haluan aloittaa keskinaisen suhteita miehen vanhimmat ian. toivoisin, etta te tiesitte, ikaan katsomatta ei pelota pois minua. Olen erityisesti etsia ihmisen vanhinta ika ja siksi olen kirjoittanut teille. Toivottavasti ette vastusta vastaa nainen nuorena.

Asun minun aiti ja isi vuonna Kaupunki Samara. Tietoja minun vanhemmat kerron seuraavalla kerralla enemman. Haluan etsia, miten elamassa. Joka paiva menen keskustaan Samara tyota. En loytanyt tyota reunalle kaupunki. vain keskustassa Samara, on helpompi menna paivittain keskustaan Samara tyota, kaytan bussikuljetus.

Tyoskentelen tavallinen myyja kaikki korjaukseen asunnot, mutta minun tehtavani :)
Se monimutkaisia ja vastuullista tyota, mutta mina en pelkaa vastuuta. :)

Kirjoitan teille Internet-kahvilassa. Voin kirjoittaa sinulle joka paiva.
Toivon, etta kirje ei pelota pois sinua.
Haluan, mita tiesi minun luonne ja minun elamankaari.
Nyt minulla on joitakin kysymyksia teille.
Kerro minulle elamastasi.
Kerro minulle about your city.
On erittain mielenkiintoista minulle.
Sinulla lapsia?
Jos sinulla on lapsia, etta se ei ole ongelma minulle.
Olen hyvin paljon rakkautta lapsille, ja toivon saavani lapsia joskus.
Olet ollut naimisissa? Mita sina viela haluat tietaa minusta?
Toivon, etta saat vastauksen nopeasti :)

Terveisin Vera

Mrs From: Vera < veraz@wippies.fi >
Date: 2011/1/26
Subject: Hello my heart

Hello my love ! How is the weather in you?
Yesterday I' m spoke by with my mum. I have told her that soon I am going to meet you in personally. She it is glad for us. She has told, that it very much an good prospect  for me to have a happy life. :)
I have good news to. My director has invited me yesterday in cabinet and has told, that i can soon begin my holiday Duration 30 calendar days. I have certainly agreed. It is very good. :) It is good news to me and I am very happy. I very much would wish to lead the holiday with you. It is a hint again. :) You have very good soul and very much like me. I think, that we necessarily should meet and is very fast. Our mutual relations can have continuation only if we to meet. Correspondence it is good, but the meeting will replace 1000 letters. I want learn you better, I wish to look in your eyes. I wish to touch yours skin. I never felt such strong desire.
Please tell to me what nearest international airport to you???
I went find out about the visa and tickets to travel agency. I worried about the visa a little. Me have assured, that it easy make. Thank God I live not in the USSR!!! Thousand Russian people visit other countries every day also are not present what problems for this purpose.
I was a good mood all day today and my colleagues asked me what happened with me, but I did not say them.
I ' m just glad that in my life who - it appeared, who understands me and shares my dreams. The man - you, my dear.
I thank you and God that we met each other.
I very much wait for your answer to my letter. And I hope for our fast meeting.

Love and Kisses! Yours Vera
Mrs From: Vera < veraz@wippies.fi >
Date: 2011/1/27
Subject: Hello my heart

Hello my love ,

I have very good news to you! I can arrive to you at the end of this week or at the end of the next week. I shall tell about it to you precisely in the following the letter. I can arrive to you and to be with you of 30 calendar days. Because it it is long my holiday. For this time we should learn each other maximum better.

My beloved and the future husband. You have understood that at us with you ahead the happy future? Because we have all chances to open and create new family. I think that for the sake of it we with you to meet.

I have just returned from a cabinet of the boss. As though it did not sound, but it is the truth! The boss does not lend to me money. In other words now I do not know where to take money what to arrive to you. I have nobody to on loan (borrow) these 500 euro. I do not have other output (exit) how to try to ask the help you. I ask you to
lend to me these 500 euro. I ask you this money in on loan. In the future I shall return to you your money. Because I do not like to remain in debtors. On this money 500 euro I can buy the ticket to you and back (in both directions).
I am going to arrive to your airport HELSINKI

I can ask you?? What do you like to eat? What do you like to drink? I think that when we a meeting we should note it with a bottle of champagne. You love champagne? I adore it, and I think that you will be glad to open a bottle of champagne and to drink for our meeting?? I shall be the happiest woman when I can see you personally the eyes. I shall wait this day.

I ask you about something because it can destroy our love. Among my girlfriends I see envy to me and consequently I today have made the decision to tell to you and to ask you to not speak to whom about our meetings.. Because is such people which to envy another' s happiness and from for it the love can collapse. I to not speak to whom anything about us that would happen nothing. All those people which to envy irritate me. Because I do not like when who that to envy me. It is very bad feeling. When who that to envy that in a life to happen all against me, it so is bad. Therefore I ask you to not tell to whom of anything about us while we not a meeting. When we a meeting then I think that you can tell about us. You to understand me.

I with it the letter to send to you my most pleasant kisses. I finish this letter and I shall wait for your new answer as it is possible soon! I love you because you in my heart and I cannot throw out you from him NEVER! It is the naked truth!

ps. For that what, you could be confident to me, I to send you a copy of my passport. So you can see that I the fair woman, and you can trust me.

Yours Vera
Mrs Lähettäjä: Vera < veraz@wippies.fi >
Päiväys: 16. helmikuuta 2011 11.04
Aihe: Minulla on hyvia uutisia!

Hei minun rakas!!!
Minulla on hyvia uutisia! En voi lentaa voit kayttaa halpaa Aeroflotin! hinta on hyvin kohtuullinen. Haluan luoksesi taman viikon lopulla, 19 helmikuuta kello AirPort. Olen pahasti halua nahda sinua. Mutta minulla ei ole rahaa ostaa lippuni. Yritin lainata, mutta kukaan ei voi antaa. Jaa minun pyytaa apua vain sinua. Toivon vain sinulle. Minun tarvitsee vain 180 euroa. Se on niin pieni. Se ei ole iso raha, se on leikkia.
Lahettakaa minulle 180 euroa tanaan. Ja mina juoksin ostaa lippuni sinulle.

Jalleen kerran, en halua kertoa teille sama asia, vain eri sanoin. Olen niin iloinen, etta olen oppinut etta voisin saapuvat kaytat halvinta Aeroflotin. Se lentaa sinua. Minun tarvitsee vain 180 euroa. Tama raha riitti minulle ostaa lipun sinulle ja painvastoin. Toisin sanoen kayttamalla 180 euron voin ostaa molempiin suuntiin. Aion olla kanssasi 30 paivaa. Tama on hyva sinulle?

Ole hyva ja laheta se minulle tanaan, 180 euroa.
Laheta mennessa

Olen odottanut.

Rakkaudella Vera

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