Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

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From: olivia luis < livialuis02@att.net >
Subject: HAI,
Date: Saturday, 26 February, 2011, 18:44

Happy weekend dear friend,

How are you enjoying your weekend over there I hope very fine?mine is fine I was home this weekend to see my family members,I docome back every tw weeks from school I live in the school hostel.My dear i have the feeling that this piece of mail will reach you in a perfect state of mind and in a better healthy condition.While searching through the(yahoo serach),i came accross your contact address and decided to contact you.I believe and also have the feeling that in todays world, neither race, nationality nor religion will any longer posse a barrier to male/female relationships.

Although, we do not know each other well but i will really like to have you as a friend or pen pal if that is better for you.I am a single lady of 25years old, currently studding international relations at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a citizen of the United States of America residing in Los Angeles with my parents, brothers and sisters. Presently, I am doing my final year in the University and so anxcious to graduate from the University into the free world. While I hope to hear from you soon.

I also look forward to receiving some information concerning you, your family, country and even your personal life experiences.. This will give us the opportunity of knowing each other better and be able to understand ourselves more.wait to hear from you soon through this email address I wish you a happy weekend. (olivialuis@rocketmail.com)

Sincerely Olivia.

From: Olivia luis < olivialuis@rocketmail.com >
Subject: Re: HAI, Dear friend
Date: Friday, 11 March, 2011, 20:22

Greetings my new friend ,

It is a great pleasure for me seen your mail today,how are you doing today with everything in general i hope very fine with you together with all the members of your family?am doing very fine and happy seen your mail today but i will like to tell you more about myself and will be happy if you will do the same too.

Well more about me as I told you in brief in my first mail that I am a 25 years old from Los Angeles California USA currently studing international relations at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA),a citizen of the United States of America residing in Los Angeles with my parents,brothers and sisters.who is about to graduate soon & from a Christian family,(sensitive in humour)I work out my daily activities & love to read in English variety of books,I think I am sensitive and kind to people,my mother says that.I am good looking take a good care of my body and my look,also I think I have a good sense of humour enjoy going to theater,concerts and be a good Christian.And that teach me to be open minded,forgiving,loving and of my hobbies like to laugh.

I am single but with my past experience with my ex-boy friend i don't want to go into any immediate relationship with anyone until I have been healed by the past experience,pls do not ask me more about the problem cos it is like opening a healing wound.So I can say like Paul,though I am not what I ought to be nor what I wish to be,nor yet what I hope to be,I can truly say I am not what I once was only can be tell by people.

I'm a people person very warm,giving,committed to family and friendly funny.My favorite things include my family and my education mostly followed by other interesting things.I have one sister and a brother behind me.Hobbies and Interests.I like being at the library or hostel, reading, watching movies,camping, hiking,riding bicycle,and laughing I am a keen follower of the English FA premier League (To be very sincere I have developed and become a soccer fanatic)my team in the premier league is Chelsea and I intend to be an Chelsea fan for life! In Spain I support Barcelona FC.I don't smoke but at time take alcoholic occasionally.

1)Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own joy.Robert A. Heinlein

2)A successful marriage requires falling in love many times--with the same person.

3)Marriage permanent tag-along.Hope to hear more from you soon extend my greetings to your family and friends over there,i wish you a nice and happy day.

Yours Sincerely One Olivia.


Ur baby and friends

olivia ur baby

olive baby

Sweet Olivia


Mr From: Olivia luis < olivialuis@rocketmail.com >
Subject: Am so happy to see your mail
Date: Thursday, 17 March, 2011, 19:21

Hello my best friend,

Seeing your mails bring so much happiness to me, please bear with me for my little bit late reply to your mail which was not my intention but my exams My dear am happy now that we are friends,you know that true friends are rare and hard to find just like treasures two of a kind my dear you will always remain my one and true friend,and i pray that we can develop a relationship that can be acceptable to both of us in the future.Really i am very impressed with your mail as you sound sincere and honest in your mail which made to like the content of your mail so much.I am really sure some like you will surely mean a lot to your family and people around you.Well how is life generally with you over there?As for me life goes on here smoothly only struggling with study presently.

I don't know if you’re worried about the present problem all over the world now?the International Atomic Energy Agency says the situation remains serious but has not significantly worsened,the confirmed death toll from has risen above 5,400 about 9,500 people are still missing.The rise in radiation in Tokyo and that levels remained far below those dangerous to human health,We look forward to a year that the world has to come to terms with the effects of the credit crunch.People losing employment,other becoming refugees and death increase due to malnutrition,dumping of kids born out of wedlock,conflict in Somali, transitional leadership in Africa look at Libya today and all other countries, Israel bombing in the Gaza strip and many more where are we heading to is the million question? look at the endless crisis in Iraq which has kept a lot of worries in me. This war in Irak has lost its whole purpose and value which never existed as predicted by Bush administration.The news of people losing their lives is very disturbance in the society. As my father who have been a navy man for 19 yrs and I was even born and brought up in Military environment in US, wars really upset me. Look at the world as it face a financial crisis and what do you think can end this catastrophe,I suggested that The financial world must return to normal,which means deflating the enormous debt bubble that has inflated over the past decade.The economy must be rewound. Credit positions must be settled and less debt created,which means property values and share prices must come down by 50%.

The shock of everyday lost of life and catastrophe made me to shade tears and at time i wonder if we are approaching the end time cos things which never happened started happening, so this kept me wondering where the world heading to as a question to myself? They are facts that the Men does not control; the storms, the sexisms, the inundations and the tsunami are things, which are not forcing related to the man.However,the human activities have an unquestionable impact on the environment.For example The greenhouse effect one for example is related to the pollution of our atmosphere.It is in that which I think that all the large industrialized countries must take their responsibility and thinks of the safeguarding of this common good that is the ground,water and atmosphere.The human did not create anything,the life and the ground is a gift of God;we must preserve it under penalty of causing its anger.it pains me why African leaders will not copy the west in some certain ways of governing, rotate the leadership not for one person to cling and seat on power as a life inheritance even if it is the people choice but there must be a change in order to move ahead a country,

Look at the Mugabe now the way he cling to power since the independence which have brought the economy of his country to stalk and stagnant also Gaddafi for more thank 40years he has been there a man of 50years now in Libya the only Precedent he or she knows is one man,but US President Barack Obama has denounced the Libyan government's actions as outrageous and unacceptable.He said he had ordered his administration team to prepare the full range of options for dealing with the crisis,but gave no details.how can Col Gaddafi who calls himself a leader using jet fighters,mortars and rockets to fire on the opposition after killing them who is he going to rule then,just today forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi are moving into rebel territory in the east,taking the small town now the city's defenders are expecting an attack killings every where even in Pakistan where the Pakistan's Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti died after gunmen opened fire on his car in the capital Islamabad,in Africa Mr Gbagbo refuses to give up the presidency after November's elections.

Mr Ouattara is widely seen as the winner of the poll recent clashes between Mr Gbagbo's and Mr Ouattara's supporters have prompted the UN to warn the country is at risk of relapsing into civil war,my dear is only God that will help and put a stop to all this things that is going now around the world,i will stop here for now but will be hoping to hear from you soonest,my regards to all the members of your family.

Yours sweet friend Olivia.

From: Olivia luis < olivialuis@rocketmail.com >
Subject: I think of you today darling happy Sunday
Date: Sunday, 20 March, 2011, 12:34

Happy Sunday my sweet darling,
Blessings of a new day,

Am so happy seen your mail today,how are you enjoying your weekend over there in your country i hope very fine?mine is fine darling and on seen your mail today it makes me have the strong feeling that we are together.darling i have a warm and friendly feeling as i think of you today and i wish that we could see today but you are many miles away separated by such distance yet your letters bring you near,through the miles we share a friendship that's become to me most dear.Darling through correspondence of our mails we shear feelings but only Still need to see your face for your soul shines through the pages every time you write to me.Good news i will be privilege to visit Africa this year 2011,in my department(International relation)we have been selected to attend International conferences which are to take place,firstly in America and also in West African Island.

I will like and be happy if you can take a time out of your busy schedules to attend both conferences with you as my lovely pal or friend.This is only on the grounds if it pleases you to attend the conference with me.It is totally your choice.please let me know whether you would be chance and like to attend the conference and if you would,only forward your full name and contact address to enable me contact my friend the organizing secretary of the organization to prepare and send invitation to you and i will give you the link to the organization secretary in order for you to contact them.Pls dear,i will be happy to use this chance to see you on time as to make this relationship reality.Darling i will love to pen down here for now do take good care of yourself till i hear from you extend my sincere greetings to all the members of your family and friends over there in your country i wish you a happy and nice weekend.

Yours Sincerely sweet one Olivia.

Mr From: Olivia luis < olivialuis@rocketmail.com >
Subject: Here is all about the upcoming international conference
Date: Wednesday, 23 March, 2011, 11:44

Greetings my sweet Darling,
Blessings a new day,

Thanks again for your well interested mail and how is things with you and your family presently?hope everyone is in fine condition,well let give thanks always to God the almighty,darling am praying for you to make it well on your exams you know am doing mine too so we need to pray for eachother i love you from my heart.I am very pleased of your interest to attend this conferences with me to be held in New York and in Dakar Senegal West Africa. You don't need any invitation letter for visa approval if only the organisation will accept your attendance.

The main Aim/Reason of this conference is to teach people on how to help reduce violence among our youths,eradicate terrorism in the world and the importants of national economic integration.The issues to be disscuss in the second conference in Africa are social,economic,polical problems in Africa.including the hiv/aids issue and the children being affected by war.

I believe that it is God who have made us to met in this golden opportunity and lucky co-incidental period.This conference was supposed to have been held last year but for the crises in Iraq couldn't allow it to take place.It will be so kind of you to take a little time out of your busy schedule to attend this conference and would have like you to tell me when you can free exactly so that i can crose check from here the dates in questions for this conference. If it would please you to attend the event,you can equally contact the organisation through this E-mail address for more information and for better understanding all about the conference
youthsrigths.organization@gmail.com or youthsrigths.organization2@gmail.com contact them immediately to avoid daley.If you would like to attend this conference with other friends,group or organisation.For them to be considered for participation in the events.They will have to forward to the above address the following requirement.
(1)The organisational/group profile.
(2) The aims and objectives of your org.
(3)They will have to summit an affidavit declaring that at the end of the conference,they will return to their country of origin or country of residence. these information will becomplied by the committee of your group/organisation and sent to organisation office email address.The organisation is a non profit organisation and its independent donors who will take care of all the invited participants expenses including flight tickets from the participants home country or country of residence to US and from US to Senegal and back to the participant home country or country of residence, accommodation and feeding throughout the participants stay for the conference in the United States.

The organisation will have to process the Visas for all the invited participants who requires entry Visa to the United States and Senegal. Participants will only book for their accommodation inone of the chosen hotel in Senegal by the organisation during the other Event in Senegal West Africa. I have invited you to be the principal representative of your country during this conference.Please contact the conferences secretary for more details and information on registration procedures and inform the organiser that I(Miss Olivia Luis)recommended you.

Do this as soon as possible now to enable the organising committee to process all your documents And forwarded to U.S Bureau of immigration and naturalisation for visa approval.Dear remember any individual,group or organisation that need entry visas to US or Senegal have to submit the requirements on time for visa assistance.I truly hope to see you there.Pls concerning this conference,try to see that you make it with me in this conference so that we can see each other in person i wish a nice day.

Yours Sincerely one Olivia.


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