Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Dari: Suzanne Iroche < suzanneiroche@ymail.com >
Judul: From Mrs Iroche. Re: Acknowledgement Form.
Tanggal: Jumat, 25 Februari, 2011, 1:37 PM

Find by attachment your payment notification form, acknowledge, sign and return as soon as possible.
Note that the wire is completed and funds is scheduled to reflect in your account on monday the 28th.

Treat as urgent and most important, you are to send the marginal cost on monday through the information given therein.

I will call tomorrow or next to talk with you and also send my cell number for mutual communication, you are to send wu information through sms and not by email for security reason, the job is already done ans congratulations once more, bye for now.

Mrs Suzanne Iroche,

Head Of Banking Supervision.

CBN Payment Acknowledgment
[... send the marginal fluctuation fee of $500 by western union ...]
Mr Dari: Suzanne Iroche < suzanneiroche@hotmail.com >
Judul: urgent
Tanggal: Selasa, 1 Maret, 2011, 1:11 PM

I am using my second email to write you because my yahoo email was congested when i wanted to send this mail, so dont mind as this is also my genuine email, i will still call to confirm this and i have sent a copy to mr President.

Your sms of this morning was received and everything is ok except that there is going to be a little delay because you did not send the money on monday as agreed. we have concluded all transfer procedure and have just sent your payment instructions to our correspondent bank, NATWEST BANK but they disagreed with my request because of the one day lateness as they have to cancel the old payment code for a new one.

I wish to let you know that NATWEST will dispatch your payment code to the bank of Indonesia for further crediting to your BANK MANDIRI, but your funds is going to reflect on thursday this week because you have caused a day delay and because of the fact that a new payment code has to be sent to Indonesia you are responsible for the cost because i warned you that i am not going to be responsible through my mail of saturday, you can check it out your self.

I am a woman of principle and i will never compromise my stand for anybody, you can find out about me and everybody will tell you that i dont tolerate lateness of any form and i will never also fail in my duty, NOTE that NATWEST is going to debit our bank and we should not be ordinarilly responsible for your failure to send the required money on monday due to your countries inability to operate western union and you are supposed to have put us on notice so that we can advise our bank not to process your payment code over the weekend.

I want to let you know that it is a new process of international banking and it is to ensure that no funds is diverted illegally by bank officials or proxy and that inform why payment code is released in less than 24 hours before the transfer and because you were supposed to send the money on monday and you failed, the old payment code had to be cancelled and a new one will have to be sent. I have told NATWEST to wait till i hear from you because i am not going to let them debit us again because of any lateness.

i ask you and i need a straight answer, are you ready to send the RE-ACTIVATION FEE of $500 immediately for lateness and when are you going to send it, if it is today let me know and if it is tomorrow moring let me know and if you say it is tomorrow morning let your yes be yes because if you fail again it will atract another RE-ACTIVATION FEE, so think well and let me know when you will send $500 which is the RE-ACTIVATION FEE.

Please note that as soon as you send it tomorrow your funds will reflect the next day which is thursday this week but if you fail to send it tomorrow then you are now going to send $1000 and the more you continue to waist time, the more money to be sent as RE-ACTIVATION FEE for a new payment code, this is not from us, it is from our correspondent bank which is NATWEST BANK, they have already debited us and the only way to go about it is to impose the fee on our client, this is my position and you will agree with me that i have not changed anything because i warned you that i am not going to be responsible if you fail to send it on monday.

Please if you want your funds to be in your bank account on Thursday this week, then make sure you send the money through our bank accountant name used today, send it tomorrow and send all western union details to me early in the morning and everything will be ok, please dont fail so that you will not be required to pay another money, dont say i did not warn you because if you fail then you will have to pay more money, i have given you my word and i want you to contradict me, if you send the money tomorrow and i fail then call me a liar but i know that i will never fail because it is my job and i have done my part and i can not tell our partner NATWEST how to go about their transaction, in Britain banking, everything is money, they dont play with time, not like Africans that play with time, they are very time conscious , if you are ok with my suggestion then send sms that you will send it or not and i will know what to do, no need for too much mail or sms or call, i have told you what to do, just YES or NO, that's all,good day.

Mrs Suzanne Iroche.
cc: drgoodluckjonathan2010@gmail.com
Mr Dari: Suzanne Iroche < suzanneiroche@hotmail.com >
Judul: Final Assurance and Question.
Tanggal: Selasa, 1 Maret, 2011, 1:20 PM

I want to say that Mr President was worried when i sent a copy of my mail to him because he replied and was questioning me why i have to cause another delay but i have explained to him that it is not my fault and that our correspondent bank NATWEST did not accept to get a new payment code because of the one day delay and i have asked them to wait untill i hear from my client which is you, tell me if you wil be able to send the $500 tomorrow or not and if you can not remember that the fee will go up, i have warned you again because i dont want you to say that i am not a woman of my word, if i can not do something i will never agree to do it and i told you that it is not going to be mt problem if you fail to act on monday, although i see your reason, it is not your fault but the fault of your country that does not operate western union on monday but NATWEST does not bother about that, they must be paid and they have already debited us and if i fail to ask you for the amount then i will be the one to pay the fee so understand my view.

My assurance is that if i say a word i must follow it up and i have said that if you send the $500 tomorrow your funds must be in your bank mandiri account on thursday but if you fail then dont blame me again, period, best wishes, i wait for your sms or call, although i may not be able to pick call now but you can still send a mail and i will try to check my mail later but i must certainly call you to to know if i have to ask NATWEST to get a new payment code tomorrow to allow your funds reflect on Thursday as i guarantee, bye for now.

Mrs Suzanne Iroche.
Mr Dari: Suzanne Iroche < suzanneiroche@hotmail.com >
Tanggal: Selasa, 1 Maret, 2011, 1:25 PM

How dare you call me names, no body has ever done that, what for?, do you know you are talking to Mrs Suzanne, the head of operations or whom do you think you are insulting, because i told you the truth, ok, i will not say anything again since you are like this, i dont know you behave this way, i thought you are a gentle man, i will report you to his Excellency now because you can not just tarnish my good image i have built over the years because i told you the true position of things.
Mr Dari: Suzanne Iroche < suzanneiroche@hotmail.com >
Dikirim: Rabu, 25 Mei 2011 22:25
Judul: I am not a criminal Sir.

I do not involve in 419 scan, my name was used by some criminals, i have said this over a number of time, i am not a criminal, i am not a criminal please, i want to do your job and you will not be disappointed, i wish you send the money tomorrow as we agreed and i will complet my job, i will also give you the real outcome of your compensation which will hit your bank account on friday, cheer's.
Mrs Suzanne.

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