Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

Mrs Date: Tue 22 Mar 2011 11 09 31 0300
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Hello

Hi My name is Anastasia and I'm from Kazan. it was very nice to
feel your attention and I hope you remember that you gave me your
address on InternationalCupid.com! I want to say firstly that I'm looking for
serious relationships and total trust and I don't want any games from
your side and if you will not like me - say it straightly. By Internet
I usually have correspondence with my friends and relatives.A little
about me: I'm 31, next year I will be 32. By education I'm
archeologist-historic and from childhood I liked history, art, drawing
and I love the history of our country.Also I love water and flowers. I
want to send you my photo, I hope you will like it and send me back
your one. Now I'm archivist working "Central Governmnet archive of
Historic-Politic Documentation of tatarstan republic". I don't have
kids, I have got parents mommy Lida and daddy Misha. Next time I will
send you their photos.By type of character,I'm calm, stable, romantic,
sincere, honest, loving life. My dream is to find love. I'm ready to
cross any ocean to find my true love. And I should attend to one
person in deep blue ocean of love. Someone said that ideal woman
should be "chief on the kitchen, lady in society, and tender in bad".
My life is funny but I want to share that enjoy of life with the one I
love. Ok, I told you about how I am good. I was going to tell you
about my negative characters but as letter is too long I will tell you
that in next letter, more, I didn't ask you questions: Please tell me
about your job: is your job is like your education and is job
interesting to you? Can you tell me about your turn on and turn off?
With glad hi from Russia. Anastasia
I and a gun
Trip to St
Mrs Date: Wed 23 Mar 2011 11 32 08 0300
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Hello

Dear Thank you very much for your letter. It was really nice to
read it. My mood became more funny. This morning I've been surprised
by our cleaning service which called here communal service. Can you
imagine that city is in fall but they cut the trees in the hood?) But
it's how to say... Branch interfere to electricity lines that's why
they being cutted. How is the situation with weather at you? And how
your communal service working? As I promised I will tell you about my
cons) I think you need to know about it as no one is ideal and it
doesn't have a sense to be hidden. Sooner or later you will get know
about. for example, I'm stubborn.) If I started to do something - I
will finish it. And friends say that it's hard to change my mind in
something. Also I like to luxuriate in the bed at the mornings and
sometimes I get late because of that and my boss scolds me for that.
But I think she got used to it. If I wish aggrandizement as I wish I
need to stand up at the same not, but not to lay in the bed 10-15
minutes)) As any woman, sometimes I talk much... Maybe there is
something else which I can't remember. Hope you will open in in the
process of correspondence) I will be glad. What do you like in

Will tell you about my childhood and family. Many human's strains
shown from the childhood. I thankful to God that my parents so good
and rise me such girl. Mom is a teacher in school and from kid's times
I started to love history. Beside the barbies I had wood tin soldier
which I played different episodes from world wars)) With plasticine I
made castles and cannons. No, of course I played with other girls
"daughters - mothers". My father is lover of exact science. He is
truckdriver. And he needs mathemathic)) But I'm not succeed in that.
But he was always calm to me and take from travels different tasty
cookies. With sister we always waited for him. Older sister teach me
life on her mistakes and protected me of older girls which never
harmed me. And now as I see I became well educated and self-reliant
woman rise in medieval aristocratism)) How do you feel about it? Do
you consider yourself as educated knight? I think on this note, your
lady-good-manners will finish the letter and will wait with impatience
for your answer. Because any lady should be tactfulness and don't be
noise with talks to knigh in light armour hasted to heroic deed)) All
my best Anastasia.

P.S. Hope. you will write me your opinion about my
parents. Do you like their photo?
I and my parents
I-SINGLEQUOTE-m a monkey
The parents
Mrs Date: Thu 24 Mar 2011 14 59 49 0300
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Your friend in Russia

Good day,

Thank you very much for your letter. It's not hard for me to read your
letter letters and moreover it brings me pleasure. don't be afraid of
telling anything and write me whatever you think. I'm not
offence-person and will understand everything. I think you can share
your mad dreams)) But be carefull, we live in a real world but not in
world of fantasy. But sometimes we wish it to be another. You can
speak with me on any theme. Be assured that you've got a good friend
who can listen to you, understand you and try to help. By the way
about fantasies. Today's morning 3 buses go ahead of me and no one has
stopped. And in every of its - a lot of people and no places to stand.
Of course I was late with job and the boss asked me again: Buses
haven't stopped again? Was needed to say that neighbors flooded me. I
afraid that with such work of buses my fantasy will not be enough ))
Here will tell you about my job. What do you know about government
archives? Don't know how it's in your country, but here it's almost
all are from paper. Can you imagine huge hall filled with bookstands
of paper documentation. Hall divided to several sections and in each
of its papers are sorted to alphabetic order. There is a secret
documention. But it's a secret and I didn't tell you)) My job is to
keep order in archive than documention from "A" letter didn't be in
the box of "B" letter) But most important job for archivarius is to
keep the integrity and safety of documents. Once per half of year we
used to do desinfection, cleaning and repair damaged documents and
halls. We got a lot of enemies) from mould to small insect which eat
paper and glue. But I like that all. I feel me a link between past and
future, the keeper of great secrets of past. I think in your country
all archives are keeping in electronic form? But I think that's not
right as they don't have a "soul", they are grey and faceless. Another
deal when you take to read book. which somehow read Stalin or
Pushkin)) I started again to imagine)) Oops, maybe I need to start to
write books? Could I do that?

It's interesting how much you know about Russia? Ot's always
interesting to speak with people with other cultures to learn
something or to study)) What do you think about Russian Federation?
About relationships between woman and man: what do you feel in
relationships, what you can't take, how do you see your ideal partner,
what are you ready to forgive, and what you can't forgive ever? I
think it's not too personal questions? I will answer the same
questions in next letter. And please don't grudge the words) It's
interesting. Beside thank it's telling me about respect and without
mutual respect can't be build relationships. I think that way) Now. I
think it's time to send you this letter and to make you wait eternity)
Kindest regards, Anastasia.

P.S.Can you send me photos of you and places which you wanted me to
show? I sent you photos of "museum on open air located at
Kozmodemyansk" which I visited by assignment. You'd like that place)
Mrs Date: Fri 25 Mar 2011 16 58 20 0300
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Hello

With warm regards,

I'm grateful for your openess and honest story about yourself. i
really appreciate it. Hope it's mutual? Our correspondence means much
for me. I will not look in future but I want than you know - it's
serious for me.

What the most I appreciate in relations between woman and man? Of
course, trust. There can't be respect without trust, and without
respect can't be relationships. Also I like the aspiration for
understanding the partner. Even if it will come good but there is a
desire. It tells about much. It tells that he really loves you and
ready to change for you. I don't accept violance in relationships.
I've been hurted by no one and will not let to it to nobody. Ideal man
in my imagination should be tender, sugar, sincere, honor and carries.
Than I feel me as safe as houses. Of course, I should be support in
everything. And I can forgive cheating but will never forgive lie. I
don't like liers)

You know, today one classmate send e-mail on my letter. Part of the
letter I will write you - it's parable. I seem it very interesting.
Here, just read it: "Woman loved very strong the man. It seems she
prayed on him. And I would give him my life if he would wished that!
But he can't fall in love with her! Instead of disappear from her
life, he made her hurted. At evening he came to her and tell he loves
her, at the morning he disappears and not appear for a long time. Then
came back again, prayed to forgive him and disappear again... And the
story continued... Woman cried all the nights until she got one thing,
"that no one is not deserving her tears, and the one who deserves
couldn't make her cry". After that she forced her and haven't forgive
him. But she knew that there is such person which "never make her

Nice parable isn't it?) Have you been the reason of woman's tears?
Mom's for example?) Somehow the letter became sad today) So I will not
make you sad no more and will finish the letter with questions as
usual) Tell me please more about your past relationships, have you
made some concerns od that?

Will wait for your answer. Anastasia
Mrs Date: Sat 26 Mar 2011 18 39 39 0300
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Hello

Hello, my friend

Thank you for your letter. It touched my heart. But as usual) do my
letters touch you? What do you like the most in that?)

Ok, I will tell you now about my past relationships. As any other
girls I've been not very success with men. But it's because of I have
got another plans in my life. I wanted to finish the school without 3
mark, and I did it) Then I started to prepare to university and I did
it. And it's began again. I gave myself to education and I liked it.
And not so long ago I started to think seriously what I need to have
in my life to feel happy. I think maybe that's because of me? My last
relationships with man finished with nothing. I mean not good. We
dated for around year and once he said that he doesn't have enough
money for buying the car and he asked me to take a loan. I loved him
and wasn't been able to say no. And it finish very sadl. We have been
break up and now I pay the loan. But I'm good, it's a few months and
it'll be done. Now my family is me, cat and blanket. We even sleep
together.)) Oh, have a photo somewhere of me with Barsik (name of my
cat). Now I will finish the letter and look for that. I will send you,
enjoy) he's very beautiful. He got the eyes similar to your.)) Can you
send me pictures of your pets? Which relationships do you have with
your pets? I speak sometimes with my cat. Hm... TO speak with cat is a
paranoya or not yet?.. No, it's not that. Paranoya is when you scare
to talk much to cat)) Ok, I scare of talking much to you. That's why I
will finish the letter and will wait for your letter. Hurry up with
that, but think it over) Anastasia.
Mrs Date: Mon 28 Mar 2011 18 52 32 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Hello


Thank you for sincere words and for assistance. It was very nice and a
pleasure to read and realize that you care about me) You know, of
course I'm still know English bad and it's hard to write on English
what I want to say. And sometimes I think about 20 minutes how to say
correctly then you understand me) Pople say that for easy speaking
foreign language you need to know about 2500 thousand words. Last week
I learnt 2 new English words. If it will take so much time then in 25
years I will know English in brilliant) Hm, would you start to learn
Russian because of me? Or maybe you know something on Russian?

How do you feel about religion? I don't care: are you protestant,
catholic, muslim... I'm not about this, it's intersting to know. Which
place in your life holds God. For example - I'm protesnat and my
parents are Christian. But I just believe that God is and trying to
live by conscience. I don't think that will go to hell for that
haven't hold the posts)) Also I have another question to you.) How do
you think, our life is beforehanded and on the sky all have been
beforehanded? Or everyone is a owner of it's life? Sometimes I think
that I owe my life, but there are moments when life gives
unpredictable surprises, happened so unbelivable coincidence) And then
you really start to think - is it ocassion or something else? And I
think maybe it's a test? And with more hesistation you start to work
to grab your aims and no look at occassions ) Do you have sometimes
that? I think everyone had such in their life.

So, I've got another mission - to send you letter asap (the new word))
Then you didn't decided that our correspondence is an occassion) With
thoughts of you, Anastasiya.
Mrs Date: Tue 29 Mar 2011 14 17 47 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Comes warm it is time year

Hello as your affairs it is a pity to me that you are silent, didnt
receive your last answer, i think that you can shortly answer me, at
me all former, but on me the melancholy because is not present a
number of the strong person, i will be glad to receive news from you,
a city soon summer the most good season as passes in mine winter the
foliage on trees starts to turn green sing birdies, whether i at all
do not know costs to rejoice to it, think yes, but will be pleasure
more if i can tomorrow read your letter, in general i will finish on
it today i wait for news from you and the answer yours Anastasia
Mrs Date: Wed 30 Mar 2011 17 31 09 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: hi

Hi, my !

I was very glad to got your answer and waited for it with huge
impatience. You know, I'm started to think about what you're doing and
what the time at you now. Sometimes I catch myself on "maybe you're
writing me the letter or read my one?"))

Today I haven't heard the alarm-clock again) But today is my off-day
so there is nothing terrible in that. Once some of my friend have
joked... Nastya, if you need to get up in time at the morning, you
need to set your alarm-clock not one hour earlier, but on cupboard))
Today I wanted to go shopping, need to find some beautiful clothes,
maybe gifts for friends. Hm, which one present would you like to
receive? Do you have such secret present? So, I will finish the letter
and go shopping free-hearted.
I think now that if it's off-day so maybe I need to call all my
friends and gather together? By the way, how often do you meet with
friends? Where do you rest and which way? For example, I like variety
in everything. Few months ago I invited friends to theathre. And 14 of
friends said they will go) Do you imagine, that we're 14, knowing each
other good and stay in hall kidding and chatting with each other.
People go among us and surprising Also sometimes we go to watch
football. Do you know about Kazan soccer team "Roobin"?) I like an
atmosphere on the stadium. Thousands of people in one impulse!)) It's
so good. When summer comes we often go to picnic with friends or
relatives. Make the barbecue, swimming, having fun, playing the
volleyball. But I'm assured that you got a lot of such days which you
can share with me) Also I got a friend who is like to visit cinema.
But it's not interesting to watch movies alone, so that's why she
always invite someone. And often that someone is me)) But I like to
watch animated cartoons. Maybe I haven't became older)) My last
animated cartoon is "Despicable me", which in cinemas here called
"Nasty me". It's very funny and beautiful, and it's finishing good. He
is kind, white and fluffy)) Have you saw it? Did you like it?

I speak English bad, but I would like to hear your voice. Can you send
me your phone number and the time when you're free. I would call you
and we speak well) What do you think about it? I hope positive way and
in next letter will see needed numbers? Now I need to go shopping
untill shops get closed. Else I will need to crash shop's window and
rob them))) Of course, it's joke)

I wish you all the best, Anastasia
Mrs Date: Thu 31 Mar 2011 15 17 55 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: hi

Hi my dear friend )

You know, today I got some mood... Mood-autumn) I love the park not
located around our office. There is quiet and comfortable, and I love
to sit there sometimes, relax and think about nothing. Do you have
such mood? And today I got such mood...

Today I sorted diplomatic correspondence of time of USSR. And found
one letter of diplomat to her wife. He worked at Closest East (you
call it Arabic East). I read and cried, like letters been written to
me. I felt like the hero of love novelle) Can you imagine that I sit
alone in a hall of dusted papers, in the dark and read the letters of
person who isn't alive anymore... By the way, we got almost the same
situation) Do you think that way? But we live and enjoy our lifes)
let's imagine like we're heroes of some novelle... You're spy and far
away from Motherland and write letter to your beloved? Will you play
your role right?) But don't overwork, don't write me about secrets))
Also you will busted as same as your beloved without you. I will not
go through that and will jump from the tower to escape prison) So
let's continue where I've started from. This diplomat in one letter
wrote so wonderful letter about Love that I decided to note it down.
On Russian it is wonderful, but in English - I don't know but I should
write you it)

I came to sage and asked him:
"What is love?" He said - "Nothing"
"But I know a lot of written books:
One looks for eternity - other for the moment
Will burn with fire or melted like snow...
What is Love?" "It's all human!"
And then I looked into his face:
"How should I understand you? nothing or all?"
And he smiled: " You gave the answer:
"All or nothing!", - there is no middle!"

It lost beautiful, but the sense stays the same. How do you feel about
it? What is love in your opinion?)) The question is hard and I don't
require the answer. Trully, I don't know it. Hope you will tell me)
So... I will finish the letter faster and will wait for your answer,
my spy)))

With care, Anastasiya
Mrs Date: Fri 1 Apr 2011 18 57 23 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Hello

Hi my beloved spy)

But no, don't offend at me, but you're my bad spy) so I will just call
you .) Thank you for your letter. It always make me happy and
please send me more your photos. I don't forget about this) How are
you doing and what is your mood today? tell me about your news) Today
I got good mood) You know, people say that as you start your day then
it will be finished. Today I got good morning. And I went in time to
job) and we got new security guard. He asked my surname, and then said
"I didn't see you here earlier". Then he thought about few seconds and
then said "Oh, yes, I work here for first day")) You see that it's not
an important thing but the enjoyable one. And it's light, kind and
funny on my soul. I don't remember I told you or not... But when I
don't have good mood then I try to make it better by speaking with
unknown people. For example I go to the shop and speak and joke with
seller. But if I ride in bus then speak about nothing with conductor.
And I do it good!) I energize myself and other with positive) MMM.
it's interesting do you energize by positiv and funny mood after
reading my letters? And do I do it goo?)) What do you do with your
mood and don't you make other people's moods terrible in such cases?)
Oh, I asked too much questions)

On this funny note I will tell you: "Good bye, my sugar" and will go
to watch TV) or... Write a book about romantic relationships of one
Russian girl with one foreigner. Hm, who could it be?) Don't you know?
With thoughts of you, Anastasia

Mrs Date: Sat 2 Apr 2011 17 18 16 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Poem

Hello my darling. Once again thanks for the letter. Thanks that
you dont forget the girl on earth suburb.) and i in turn dont
forget you.) it can destiny?) and you believe, what the person is one
half of single whole? Also that at it where that on the earth is
other half. And if they find each other they will incorporate in a
single whole?))

I nevertheless have decided to esteem yesterday, instead of to have a
sleep. Also read the book with an English translation. It is
necessary studies in me to English language I. They reflect my
relation to you... Esteem attentively, please, dear.

I count the hours,
I count the days.
How much I miss you,
I count the ways.

I miss your voice,
I miss your touch.
And I miss the face,
That I love so much.

How to describe it,
There is now way.
I walk around,
In a permanent daze.

I long to feel,
Your warm embrace.
And to see a smile,
Upon your face.

I will not sleep,
Won't close one eye.
Until you're home,
Safe and alive.

While you're overseas,
And I'm safe at home.
I think of you out there,
In danger and alone.

I miss you so much,
To the moon and the stars.
And this feeling will go on,
Until you're safe in my arms.

What you on it will tell? Write me the opinion... Actually it was
difficult to me to write and send it to you. I long thought, before to
you to send the letter... Anastasia.

Mrs Date: Sun 3 Apr 2011 17 42 35 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Rest

Is very glad to write to you to this day off, i wish to wish your of
all most good good luck of love to me, i so do not have not enough
your care, think that you can give it to me i wait for it, i wish to
tell to you that you have spent perfectly well this day and did not
forget about me, tomorrow again i will write to you and I will as wait
for your answer, for today will be short and i will write to you
tomorrow whole yours Anastasia
Mrs Date: Mon 4 Apr 2011 16 58 14 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Big hugs and tender kisses

Hello again )
Thank you very much for your heartfelt letter. You have no idea how much joy it brought to me) though
... although probably know. confident of my letters to you bring no less joy)) I'm right? and just try
to lie to me - come and punish)) What are you most afraid of? oh, what a deep philosophical question
turned out) And yet, what are you afraid of life? I like ... I am afraid of snakes and spiders)) But
seriously, I'm afraid of loneliness ... not in the sense of being alone, namely loneliness. One in
this world can not stay, but many people are alone ... All off sad thoughts.
I now have male friends), so here they told me that the man is very difficult to recognize in love.
for it is very difficult to say: "I love you." They say it's a big responsibility and must be
accurately verify this. I do not know, maybe they're right. Then what should happen to a man said to
his girlfriend these cherished three words?) Here you are dear, how often do you confess to love a
woman? how you did and how hard it is for you? or can you even Casanova?)
I never played other people's feelings. In my this is too cruel. Physical violence is much less pain
than the word, which can hurt even more. so I try to tell the truth, and as delicately as possible))
Something like: "Honey, throw out the garbage and go home ... to his home.")) I'm joking, it was not
me this and never will. hmm, nice, but what do you think who is the first to say I love you: man or
oops, I already talked a whole book "War and Peace")) me today thought in my head like a swarm of
wasps - circle and toss in my head is small and poor), and none of them can not stop, jump from one
another . You keep up with my thoughts, my sweet? Do not get lost, I do not want to lose you in my
Again, nonsense said) all the time to stop writing and go to treat head of bad thoughts) Well helps in
that one drug - called a cartoon) I love to watch cartoons. They distract from everything, as if
immersed in the story) that would have a look ... I do not advise you anything for the future? All
right, enough to read my letter, write the answer already) And do not forget to answer questions)
Big hugs and tender kisses, Anastasia.
Mrs Date: Tue 5 Apr 2011 12 30 03 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: my love

And here again I am meeting me))) How are you dear? brrr ... hackneyed
phrase, I can not stand her. But as that without it, the letter is not
written. here and has already written such a letter can be and to
continue ... All of it must somehow get rid of) you help me with
this?) Thank you for not forgetting about me and attentive to my
letters, so to me) Now I know how I'll punish)) joke, of course. I am
white and fluffy and do not wish anybody harm.)

Yesterday went to the girlfriend for a visit. She is married to the
son grows. And she found on the shelf tutorial in English. Decided to
watch it. And do you imagine, has found a fun poem. You probably know
it. but to me it seemed so ridiculous and absurd)), it is named "Ten
green bottles hanging on the wall" on one falls and breaks, the
remaining nine, and so long as all the bottles do not smash)) I was so
much fun after that. as if the poem is written for those who can not
be considered)

Incidentally, the meeting ... confident of my fantasies and stories
from my life, enough for another million words and thousands of
letters. But not sure whether they have enough for you, not sure that
we both have the patience and desire to continue communicating in this
way. Feelings are the same as they fade away if they do not saturate.
For example, hate it saturates the memories, familiar faces, past
photos ... Faith feeds wonders, incredible situations and accidents
... Fire sympathy as to be maintained, to grow ... mmm ... I want you
to hear, see your eyes, feel your touch, to evaluate your actions. You
really do not want? I think you would have wanted it too, dear))
That's how you see our future? what will happen next? to which we
arrive at your letters? Sure you do not know) I'm too)) specifically
for this and need to look into each others eyes ... Oh, something I'm
starting to panic)) confused thoughts again ... moreover, this English
language. so many would like to say, but not sure that you understand
everything ... in general, expect from you is a reaction to my letter,
and with bated breath waiting for the letter) and say do not worry,
I'll try to understand.

With all my love, Anastasia
Mrs Date: Wed 6 Apr 2011 16 16 36 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: my dear

Good day to you, my dear ) As always, i am very surprised to
read your letter and my lips did not leave a smile. I think i even
became more wrinkles)) I have so the mood is very bad ... Although
your letter pleased me) I really like any girl, very vulnerable ... I
just was not used to talk about their problems. All my seeming
strength and resilience is only a mirage) I just need to man's
shoulder, which will support me in difficult times ... need a male
breast, which i would hide and cry ... and now i really miss you ...
the thing that bothered me, my director. mmm ... I dont know how it is
in English, but he had his eye on me. so they say in Russian. he
wished that i were with him, but he does not like me at all. and today
i gave him a slap in the face - he pinched me in the ass ... it's hard
to write, but i need someone to speak out ... in the end i fired, i
could no longer tolerate his advances! Thus here, dear ... I opened to
you entirely on the other side?) I hope i'm not upset? But you must
agree, dear, this is not in any frame is not included, I had to do
with this boor? I believe that I was right.) And do not blame me if
you think that I did wrong, it's best we just forget each other. But I
am confident that you are not the same and the real man and support
me.) I'm rarely wrong people, at least I think so, or would like to
think)) So I burst into tears on your shoulder) felt better, as if a
stone with soul sleep) now will be looking for another job. Hmm, my
dear, what do you think, what kind of job I could find in your
country, your city? By the way, I'm here you have not asked ... Do you
think a wife should work or just household chores?) I ask because I'm
not going to sit at home while you work) I also want to work and not
be something you have to)) I visited an interesting thought ... but I
have yet to you about it will not tell) I'll write about it to you
tomorrow) Do not die of curiosity. Wait for the letter and learn
everything. Yes, the answer is do not forget to write. I cried, but I
want to and you wrote me a couple of warm words) A million kisses for
you, my dear, your Anastasia))

P.S. I sent you the photos that no man could see) and does not show
them to anyone))
Mrs Date: Thu 7 Apr 2011 19 16 01 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: trip

Hello, my sweet That let the saliva on me?)) More and more do
not ask for such pictures. I generally shy and shy girl and I do not
know what sex is)) And stop smiling, you're embarrassing me))

I know that you will support me. you're so, so, so - GREAT) I'm
starting to feel not a single entity, but actually half)) And do not
even know it is bad or good) Well, you just wanted to ask - will not
return to the topic of my departure from work and to this dog. ok?) I
do not want to recall this, the mood is getting worse. That is, now
that what I say in my last letter ... Remember, dear Oooooh, I'll send
a poem about what is love? "All or nothing"! time to change your life,
you're ready for change?) in general, I was in a travel agency. pelted
them with his silly questions)) Oh, you'd see their faces, loved
)) explained to me that I need to do a lot of inquiries, gather
documents, etc. I also need to know your data. First and last name,
city and nearest international airport, and your exact phone number so
they can connect with you. I will not beat around the bush, I decided
to come back to your guests)) I promised to punish you, that's coming
soon)) actually, I thought: "What did I lose?". and agreed to all or
nothing. how much can be afraid to change your life, so it is possible
to the grave heavy sigh that life is not formed. But our lives in our
hands, feet, minds)) I consulted with my mother. She sighed and said:
"Girl, I love you and want you to be happy. If for that you need to
fly, then fly away. Just know that we'll always welcome back, if you
will be unbearable." In fact, my mother had grown accustomed to the
fact that I own and decide all by herself) and she knows, if I so
decided, then I'll do it)) I think you already said that I was
stubborn? Just loved , do not confuse obstinacy with
perseverance. Call me stubborn, just punish)) Do not think for a long
time favorite. everything will be fine. only need to believe and act
without doubt) I look forward to you your data and name the date when
you'll be able to meet me)) You are forever in my heart, Anastasia.
Mrs Date: Fri 8 Apr 2011 11 43 11 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: Nothing or everything

Hello my sweet .

Happy to write you today, are you glad? I think he is very happy, am i
right? I always watch for you))) All my thoughts are of you.

Today, through the night could not sleep because so much was
captured with our meeting but still asleep and i had a dream like you
have next to me and i embrace you, but when i woke up it was just a
pillow, i was disappointed, but i'm not going to stop there that you
do not, i will strive to be with you as soon as possible.
Now i think that we should not dream and to take action for our good
and happy future, this morning as soon woke up, washed, eaten, and
then a quick step went to the agency to be in time because in the
morning is a lot of people and needs to take place, well here a very
long time standing in line about an hour, even tired and sick feet,
but for me it's not scary because i do everything that can to be with

When all was over, i went to the travel agent's office that serves me
in the office he has spent a very long time, he explained to me all
that is needed for my trip to you, now I want to tell you.

A tourist visa will cost in your country 79 usd last for 3 months,
then i can prolong it indefinitely but it will be then when i'm in
your country, but if we decide to become husband and wife, then i can
get citizenship in your country for this i should be married about 5

Medical certificate i also need to be insured person in case of an
accident scene with me it will cost 120 usd and is ready in 2-3 days.
Will also need to pay for airport fees, travel to Moscow 200 usd. The
most important thing a ticket, the main thing because without a ticket
i cant come to you, for me it would cost 660 usd, i will issue a
ticket only when'll put all the money in the travel agency. After
that, the agent will give me information of my flight. The exact time
of the date of the airport terminals, which are sure to send you. Dear
write me at what date should i come to you. , i've
figured out what i bring as a gift from Russia)

Hmm ... I didnt tell you what colors i like to get at the airport
when i come to another country? ))) I love tea roses), but no more
bouquets, roses ... I'm sorry And why me a big bouquet? Against the
backdrop of a huge bouquet of beautiful roses i'll look ugly)) Plus,
because so many flowers i have not seen to be expensive. I stumble and
fall, then just have to take insurance, but i`m afraid of horror as
hospitals)) Well, i have to go, unfortunately, otherwise i could have
a lot of what to write about that, we could befall)) I kiss you. Your
Mrs Date: Sat 9 Apr 2011 18 24 19 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: A million kisses for you my dear

Hello my dearest man )) how are you? all wonderful and great? for
a person like you, or should not)) I also still good. I do think that
life is beautiful in its ups and downs)

you know, dear . I have long wanted to tell you ... I treated you
so nice to talk to. everything is very simple and easy. usually, you
know how it is ... Well, you know, look up words, thinking like that
is not to say that would hurt)) and since you can easily ... you seem
to feel me across thousands of kilometers) know how to say: "A friend
who, whenever you need it on this guess." It seems to me that we have
just as well be obtained. What do you think, dear , I get to feel
your mood and distract you from bad thoughts?

today went to a travel agency and signed a contract. Has made an
initial contribution, gave the documents to the design, leaving their
data and gave a bribe. that it was all skillfully done)) Just kidding,
of course. did not give anyone a bribe), but has built his eyes, cute
smile, and they promised to do everything at its best and without any
problems) I know, I'm very bad, should not have to do it)) but you're
not angry?) all this just for us)

You imagine that soon I'll come to you? Soon I'll be right there with
you. I can feel you all, to touch you, to breathe the smell of your
body. To feel and enjoy you ... mmm ... my imagination begins to play
out ...)) Well I'll write you the news. Waiting for your letter, yours
and yours alone Anastasia.
Mrs Date: Mon 11 Apr 2011 17 41 53 0400
From: Anastasia <vesenobostrine@rambler.ru>
Subject: With thoughts of you

Hello, my sweet How are you? as your health, your loved ones?
If you want to inquire about my health, then I'm good. I also have
people close to you?)))

You know, my , I have some sad news for us. I dont know even how
you say it ... I feel a bit uncomfortable. so that there is a little
... very uncomfortable feeling)) Do you think a loved one should care
about its second half, especially if this half of a woman?) Oh, my
God, that i walk around it, still dont know how to do so. I say all at
once and in the eyes. Loved , i need your help ... I didnt count
on such costs ... and even this loan. Do you remember I wrote to you
about it. The fact that my former man has issued me credit. A fool I
am agreed. And now to get a visa I need to repay this loan. there
remains very little bit and tomorrow i had paid. But this is again
unplanned costs ...(( So i had to turn to you for help. I dont have to
pay $ 660 a trip. I think you're a man who can help me with this. It's
only natural when a man cares about his woman. You'd think we just you
and i go to a restaurant)) As i said, my dear , i signed the
contract and has already paid part of it. needed in the coming days to
make the rest of the way i would be subject to a penalty. On the part
of the money that i made, they already take out insurance and another
part of the documentation needed to make the remaining amount of money
$ 660 for tickets, visa ... so disgusting to realize this. I do not
like to be someone you should ... and dont like to acknowledge their
weakness, but ... I am writing to you as to the closest person to me.
man in which i'm sure, and who then will not remind me about this
weakness, my mistake, my request ... , i hope you'll be able to
contribute to our meeting? and i dont much bother you that ...

Tickets, insurance, dear to the airport and some other necessary
expenses ... All it takes so much effort and cost, i feel like a
squeezed lemon. and even apply to you with such a request ... Once
everything is paid for, I'll post the date and time of arrival,
airport, terminal number that you'd met me, my dear . and do not
even need to meet me with roses, I'm willing just to you) I'll just
dream about one thing: your sweet smile and hug you and fall asleep on
your shoulder. I'm tired of everything ...

well, I'll look forward to your reply. And please send me all their
pictures, they warmed my dark lonely nights)) With love, yours

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