Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Halima Mohammed < halima_mohammed232@yahoo.com >
Sent: Wed, April 20, 2011 11:58:01 PM
Subject: My dear will you be there for me ?

My dear how are you today I hope fine, I know that this mail will be a surprise to you and I am sure that you would hardly expect such mail from me since we are just new friends but I am doing it because of the situation at hand and decided to let you know every thing about me because I believe it is mashaAlla(that Which Allah wills)which makes me know you after some prayers with fasting to him, I am also ready to be with you if you accept me with all your heart.

My name is Miss Halima Shusha Mohammed I was born on 18th November 1985 in the ancients(city)of bam within Kerman province in the Islamic republic of Iran, the only daughter of late Dr Mohammed Hadi of the Blessed Memory who was one time senate speaker in Iranian embassies Senegal United kingdom and Canada respectively born into a Muslim family that cherish the principle of comfort of a family but all the same Allah knows the best, I lost my mother two days to my 19th birthday on Friday 16th November 2002in a rape incident when she got killed trying to save a rape victim its was after the death of my mother that my father resigned his appointment as he realize that Iran is undemocratic and not free for girls of which he decided that I will continue my education in Senegal.

Tears will not let me go back to the events that’s took my fathers life when I least expected and expose me to life of competition for survival but for what am and not for my beauty or family background, I have learn to accept and face challenges I am alive writing you today as it was by Bismillahir Rahmani Raheem( in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful)which kept me in Senegal as I did not come back for vacation during the time of the land breaking (Earthquake)which took place in bam citadel on the early hours of Friday 26th December 2003 that cause the instant death of my younger and only brother with other relatives and gave my father multiple serious injuries.

After the incident my father was able to send for me through his lawyer of which I arrived Iran and met him lying under critical condition in a hospital he was flown to with other senior citizen victims he was able to tell me some important things and he instructed his lawyer to hand over some certain documents to me which the lawyer did he also release some huge substantial amount of money to his lawyer to be passing it to me gradually when the needs Arise for my Education, On Tuesday 30th December five days after the earthquake, my father gave up the ghost and after his burial according to Islamic rites, I took some money from the lawyer and traveled back to Senegal.

When it was time to pay my school fees I tried to reach the lawyer but could not, after some fruitless effort it was certain to me that I don’t have any other choice but to seek asylum in Senegal which I did was taken to the camp of united nations high commission for refugee(UNHCR) in grand yoff Dakar Senegal from where I am writing you now but I say alhamdulillah(all praise be to Allah) for keeping me alive till date. Among the documents given to me there was a deposit bond certificate with the sum of $8.500.000.00(eight million five hundred thousand US Dollars) in cash my father deposited with a bank on appriel 1999 which has my name as the next of kin due to my fathers wish during the time of deposition, the bond indicate that the next of kin can only come for the money in the demise(death) of the depositor when she reaches the prime age of 25 of which I have attended now I was searching for a reliable capable and trustworthy person that can assist me for the claim to receive and safe keep this fund in his custody and relocate me to join him to start a new life as the bank said they can not deal with me directly due to my refugee statue and because I had no account, that was why I contacted you to seek for your assistance after going through your profile and my spirit accepted you whole heartedly.

Please tell me if you are ready to help me so that I will give you the information about this fund but send me your full information like 1. Full Name, Your Country, Address and your telephone number, for easy communication and also assured me that you will not betray me when you receive the money, As my Name goes which means desire and hope in Persia(Iranian)language, My dear I did not have telephone and I did not have access to call but you can contact me through the office telephone of the refugee camp master his name is Dr Charles Kumar and his number is +221767548204 I will be hoping to hear from you soonest.

Thanks for your understanding I am with the belief that this transfer will be properly carried out by you and I promise you bismillah(in the name of Allah)that I will give you a substantial part of this fund for your kind assistance in Allah I say subhana Allah(glory be to Allah)for making me knows some one like you, from the one that love and cherish your love with big hugs and many kisses Always Yours Halima

From: Halima Mohammed < halima_mohammed232@yahoo.com >
Sent: Fri, April 22, 2011 4:22:57 PM
Subject: My love am not happy with your suspective worlds towards me remember that am your sister in islamic tribe.

My dear am happy to read from you today to know that you are there to help me to see that I claim back my inheritance money out and to see that I live a better life with you inch Allah, my dear am not feeling fine in this refugee camp am dieing of hunger here no food and my provision is finish am begging from hand to hand before i eat,My love why are you still having doubt in mind after all my trust in you, see darling am a true dedicated Muslim who believe in our Islamic religion like I told you before that the money is right there in the bank and am the rightful next of kin to the fund, like I told you before am for real am not a Nigeria as you said am from bam capital city of Iran ,if you did not believe me then lets stop all this process I don’t like been sincere to my lover he will be having doubt, am passing into hell here in this refugee camp begging from hand to hand before I can eat food, am suffering passing into hardship here no one to go for help that’s why I try to claim the fund so that I can come out from this camp to live a better life and to continue with my studies, like I told you I have try to claim the fund out but the bank manager told me to look for a foreign partner trustee representative who can stand to assist me in the claim that they can not deal with me directly due to my refugee statue and that I did not have any bank account that’s why I contacted to you seek for your help and love to join you for a better future, My love I give you the bank contact information for you to contact them and asked them if what I have explain to you is the truth or not all you have to do just contact the bank and asked them about the fund so that you can here from them, if am lying to you will the bank in London lie to you ? my love regards to your mail am not happy with your suspect word about me if you don’t want to help me please kindly tell me, I don’t want to start remembering the pains that I have gone so far after my lost ones, I decided to attach my refugee ID Card to you and the deposit certificate of the fund with my late fathers death certificate so that you can go through it, that I told you not to tell any one about this transfer is not a purpose for you to be suspecting am doing it for security purpose and to see that the fund is transferred successful, am not hiding any thing there the fund is legal which the bank manager knows me as the rightful next of kin to the fund is just because am in the refugee ,and is against there laws in dealing with the statue. please as you said that you have contact the bank try and update me your conclusion with them I have also writing them mails to inform them that you are my life partner and representative trustee in the claim ok,please if we can go ahead in this process to see that this fund is transferred successful stop having doubt in mind about me I will never cheat on you I swear and made a promise to you in this that you will never regret knowing me in life, please my love I was happy talking with you today on phone with the happy and I come to reply to your mail as you told me that you send email to me and I saw your last mail my spirit was no more happy because you are doubting in me, please try and called me so that you can make me happy again, my love my dream is to have a good future and a good family with my husband and children inch Allah, please am hoping to read from you to know your conclusion with the bank ok,I did not have Dr Charles Email address but I promise I will asked him to give it to me so that I can send it to you inch Allah, I love you with all my heart and I pray that Allah will bless and rewards you in abundantly for been there to an orphan like me inch Allah, from the heart that love,care,and cherish your love,
Always Yours Halima.

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From: Omar Ahmed < bar_omarahmed.chambers@ymail.com >
Sent: Sat, April 23, 2011 1:14:10 PM

P. O. Box 28874,
Tel: +221-77-2439201
Notaire SN 102 Dakar , 1st Floor Dakar Senegal.
Email: bar_omarahmed.chambers@ymail.com

OUR REF: JLC/01541
: LMC/0549


Thank you for your friendly Email and your retainership inquiry / willingness to retain my humbly service to help you and your partner Miss Halima Shusha Mohammed secure Bank requested document as stated Below.

Am going to work on contingency basis thereby retaining only 1% of the principal sum due to be transferred to you on successful completion of the transfer but to proceed with the documentation you are to make available to me the stated Amount below.

1. Affidavit of oath / facts deposed to before the senegal Crown High Court stating the true facts of your claim before the bank.

2. Letter of Administration from probate Court / giving you legal powers to represent Miss Halima Shusha Mohammed as her nominated next of kin with legal power to transfer the deposited fund to your bank account as her act and deed.

I need your personal contact address to start the documentation as it will appear on the documents,

It is my sincere previledge to inform you of what the whole process will cost you as stated below

The Affidavits of oath and power of attorney/claim will cost $ 150 Dollars for stamping, official fees payable to the British government and the court registry.

The LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION application fee is $ 100 Dollars this includes official stamping fees payable to inland revenue board and the probate court registry.

While my legal processing fees will be the sum of $ 250 Dollar payable to me for my proffessional service to you.

Hence the total cost of the documents inclusive of my fees is $ 500 Dollars.

I have your information now as it will be use to process those legal documents in your favour at the Federal High court here in senegal.

I wish to receive the $ 500 Dollars Today immedaitely through Western Union Money Transfer to start work immediately and do notify me through mail or telephone call as soon as you have done that. Use this data below to send the money,

Name: Mr Omar Ahmed (Barr)
Address: Dakar, Senegal.
Code: 00221

Once you completes the payment, send the transaction information below as i have to use it along with my personal identification paper at the Western Union agent location here before they issue me the cash.

1. Name of the sender,
2. The MTCN number (Being the money transaction control number),
3. Test Question,
4. Test answer,
5. Amount sent.

Note that the appilcation will take 3 working days to be processed from the date i receive your payment.

Best Regards,
Barrister Omar Ahmed
(Legal Principal Attorney.)

From: Halima Mohammed < halima_mohammed232@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sun, April 24, 2011 12:38:51 AM
Subject: My love please send the money to him so that he can get the documents to us ok.

My love am happy to read from you today, how are you and your health I hope fine inch Allah, as for me darling am not fine here because of my critical condition here in this prison camp, My Love With much delighted and happiness, am using this great opportunity to thank you for your mail to me regarding the issue we have at hand now and i still thank you for the mail respond about securing the banks requirement to commence the transfer, Firstly all this mentioned documents by the bank gives you the legal authority to represent me, The problem is how to get this documents which I gave you a contact of a law firm who will first, draft the power of attorney bearing my signature, and empowering you to act on my behalf.
Secondly, The same lawyer will represent us to get the affidavit of support from the federal high court here in Senegal, he will stand to take an Oath on our behalf, which also will be fully signed by the federal magistrate bearing the signature of a notary public.
This documents mentioned above gives you fully authority and credibility to represent me to the bank and to any where, Again I have no any intention to disclose this fund to any one here is only you that I trust and believe that with your assistance this problem is over.
Please worry the law firm immediately, so that he will start up the process, there is no need for us to delay our self since the Bank are now waiting for us, My love please try and settle with the lawyer so that he can get the documents for us, so that we can reach the bank so that they can transfer the fund to us, my love am suffering here passing into pains I don’t want to continue like this that’s why am worried to see that the fund is transferred so that I can come over to join you for a better life and to continue with my studies in your country with you inch Allah, Please my lovely honey, try to do something faster so that he will start up the process immediately OK. My prayers are with you and I know that once this documents are ready, the Bank will make the transfer and you will also balance the person whom you might obtained the money from ok.
My traveling documents won't be any problem because I can easily get my passport with the help of camp master as soon as i got money, camp master promised to easily assign a travel agency to handle my travel documents and visa within few weeks and I will join you so long as we provide their requirements which has to do with money because camp master does not have money to give me except if I claim my father's money out and use part of it to finance myself, that is why I'm hurrying you to make everything faster with the attorney in other to reach to the demand of the bank Ok.
Please try as much as you can to work according to their instructions in other not to delay the process. I am looking forward to receiving a good news from you showing your ability in putting things in order so that I can now come over to stay with you for my future carrier.
Please My love ! I'm sure when I needed you most, there you were. I didn't have to say a word, you just knew. Just like you always do. We're connected with a special bond. For of you I am so very fond. We're friends connected at the heart. Nothing can succeed in tearing us apart . Am Thanking you for all your efforts towards the successful of this transfer and your concern towards my freedom inch Allah, it's was really appreciated Allah will bless you for me in abundant and all your family as i will be waiting to hear from you again soonest. Big Hugs and Many Kisses
I Love You From Yours,

From: Omar Ahmed < bar_omarahmed.chambers@ymail.com >
Sent: Wed, April 27, 2011 8:05:15 PM

P. O. Box 28874,
Tel: +221-77-2439201
Notaire SN 102 Dakar , 1st Floor Dakar Senegal.
Email: bar_omarahmed.chambers@ymail.com

OUR REF: JLC/01541
: LMC/0549


As i told you on phone that you are the person that is now delaying in this process.

All you need to do just try all your possible best to complete the money and send it to me by tomorrow morning so that i can go and get the documents from the court.

Like i told you that i started the documentation yesterday and i know that if i should pay the court there fee by tomorrow morning they will release the documents to me so that you can send it to the bank for them to transfer the fund with out any more delay.

How ever i have given you my world all you need is to complete the money and send it to me so that i can go and get the document for you.

Try all your possible best to complete the money and send it ok so that i can go and get the documents ready.

Am eagerly waiting to hear from you by tomorrow morning,

Best regards
Barrister Omar Ahmed

From: Royalbank Scotland < royalbnkscotld@rocketmail.com >
Sent: Thu, April 28, 2011 6:45:02 PM
Subject: Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer Dept.


Make it happen.  Find out how ingenuity can help you make  
it happen here.
Head Office Address:9, High St, Perth,
Perthshire PH1 5JS
Tel: +447031805907
Fax :+447031927635
E-mail : royalbnkscotld@rocketmail.com <royalbnkscotland@gawab.com>
Date: 28/04/2011.


With due respect Sir, this will be the last time we will write you in this hence you are not adhereing to our banking protocol, We are the leading and globalese bank that work according to our banking rules and laws of transaction.

We honour that you and your partner have chosen our bank into your confidence in this very important profitable transaction. Please, be 100% assured that our correspondence with you will be treated with the utmost legal financial regulatory process,confidential and with anonymity.

Matters related to huge transaction of this magnitude has to be treated with maximum carefulness following all our banking policy, to avoid unwarranted claim/ taken of advantage of our client's fund(s) by unknown individual(s).

In accordance to our banking policy to ensure security,better services and reliability to our clients, we urge you to provide us with the details that we need urgently by sending the legal documents that permit you to stand in the claim for the immediate transaction.

we want to conclude this transaction with you as soon as possible we have recieve the death certificate and deposite bond certificate of our late customer Dr Mohammed Hadi,therefore we are waiting for the remaining documents to remite the fund in your bank account in other not to cancile the transaction that have been sign and sealed by the two countries.

We advice to you to send those legal documents for the immediate transfer with in 72 Hours in other not to cancil the transfer.

Your Urgent and quick respond is needed immediately within 72 HOURS,

Sign By Manageing Director Credit Administration Wired Transfer Department Mr,
Hamton Philip.

Yours Faithfully,
Manageing Director Hamton Philip.
(Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer Dept.)

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