Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Hoping to hear from you soon.
日期: 2011年5月23日,周一,下午7:01

Dear ,

Thanks for your response. I hope that you are doing fine over there. My full name is Lauren Mark. I was born on 22/02/1966. I am 191cm height and weights 72kg.Am originally from Germany , but am presently residing in UK, i also hold British Citizenship. I’m glad to meet you here.

I am looking for someone who understands life and who I intend to build a relationship with. I do not want to grow old alone. She doesn't have to be a princess, but someone with a big heart and sense of humor. I value loyalty, courage and honor the most in my life.

Ok, the basics. . .I am widowed. I am marine Engineer by profession. I prefer early morning judging and swimming as part of my exercise. That’s all for the time being. Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day. Find my pictures attached to this email. I would appreciate if you can send me yours and tell me more about yourself.Please reply me on this e-mail thanks and have a nice weekend.

Best regards



发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Thanks for your reply.
日期: 2011年5月25日,周三,上午6:31


It is my pleasure to hear from you, thanks a lot I appreciate your response and i do hope that if we do everything right it will works out for us. We need the basic understanding and we must be honest to each other, and then communicate regularly. I received your pretty pictures you attach for me. Thank you so much for the picture. When did you take the picture…?

I never been to china and that is my next destinations to visit now. I have friends who marry a Hong Kong woman and they are living happily now and I pray to be fortunate like my friend. He introduces me to that site to look for Asian marriage. Have you try distance relationship before…? Did you think it will work out for us…? Are you living on renting apartment or in your own house…? How many of you in your family members?

I would prefer a telephone conversation and e-mail shearing can you understand English…? Do reply me and have a nice Day .Take care and do reply soon

Yours ever


Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Geting more closer to you
日期: 2011年5月27日,周五,上午8:34

Hello dear

How are you doing over there and how about your work…?Am overwhelming the way your responding to my e-mail regularly, every time you read my e-mail you always right back with immediate effect. That shows much seriousness to me and to our relationship. Thank you so much for been honest to me which I valued most in my life.

My life with my family here is very incredible.We normally live a well settled life together since we came here in England.I have my own house here and also in London i have an apartment too.In fact we deliberated on your issue last weekend and my mother really love you and also my son Kean.They were very happy indeed to have you in their life.Attache a photo of my son for you and hope you will like it.

Meanwhile I will be appreciating if we can have telephone communications so that you can feel closer to ourselves. Please can you drop your phone number for me on your next e-mail and I will do the same to you. We have to be serious to each other and then communicate regularly there is no time to waste on my side right now.my feelings have been growing much on you. please do reply me and have a wonderful day.

Yours ever

Lauren. .

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
日期: 2011年5月28日,周六,下午5:20

Dear ,

Its really a great pleasure once again to hear from you.I do appreciate.Hope everything is fine with you over there now.

Kean,took the single picture last two years and he is the one on light red with bag.This is taken last month.He is really growing so fast both is reasoning lol. wish you can just spend a day with him and realize what he is up to.I told him on phone that i sent his picture to you and he said he love it and wanna see yours. i now send to him.

To my parents,i have only my mother who is staying now with Kean in London.she is 72 years old but still very smart lol. .i have already told her that i have gotten someone am beginning to trust and would make my wife in near future and she was very much happy indeed. Maybe i gotta send you her pics tomorrow.

Do you like your job?Who is living with you or are you living alone?. well i wanna stop here for now and hoping for your dearest reply soon. kisses

Yours ever

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
日期: 2011年5月29日,周日,下午5:50

Dear ,

Thanks so much for your message and compliments on my family.I do appreciate so much.Hope your having a nice and funny weekend.Did you go out for fun?. Kean is always happy whenever i tell him about you meanwhile am i told him now that he have gotten a good friend Andy. he became more happy. .

As for my job,i i am an engineer in a big shipping company.I will attach the companies overview for you here.Sometimes i do have contracts in some other shipping companies in other countries even in Asian countries.It is a nice job cos it pays for life comfort ability.The weather is somehow cold in UK now.It is my mother and Kean that lives in London but i do visit them every weekend.I live alone in my own house here in Manchester City.It is very near to my company.I hope you do understand all. Well i would prefer to have a phone conversation with you so my number is. .00447031810935. . .I hope to have your number too.

Do reply me and have a nice weekend. . .

Yours ever
Lauren. . . . . . . .

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Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Have a nice day
日期: 2011年5月31日,周二,上午8:50


How are you and how is your work?Hope everything is fine with you this day.Thank you for the compliment for my mum's pictures and she really love you so much.Everyone of us is really in love with you so please keep in touch always with us.

Your company is very nice and has better products. I think.
Well babe,am truly falling in love with you and wanna make you my everlasting wife indeed if we can work it out. "Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.God is wise when he did not put a price tag on you darling. If he did, I won’t be able to afford to have a Wife as precious as you
" Hope you have a nice day.

Yours ever
Lauren. .

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Hey sweetheart
日期: 2011年6月2日,周四,下午4:56


I thank you once again for your message,meanwhile am so sorry for a late reply of this nature.Was Really kinda busy since two days ago in a general meeting of all staffs of my company.Hope you will forgive me.

Honestly honey,i do always think about you and i do beleive that you also think much of me that way.The true way of this relationship is trust and mutual appreciations to each other even though we never meet nor been together for a while.Lets understand each other and give our hearts the true trust and feelings in life so as to make life better.

Thank you so much for your wonderful and cute pictures.I so much like it and really feels very good whenever i look at it.I would really like to have the same feelings with you all the time babe. KEAN and MUM always ask of you and they really love you so much. Take good care of yourself and do reply me soon.

Yours ever
Lauren. .

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Re: 回复: Hey sweetheart
日期: 2011年6月3日,周五,下午8:35


The life we live becomes more good whenever there is true love between two partners like this.Truly and honestly,your heart has already filled up my spirit and this have made me to be truly in love with you and everyone around you.I really love you.

This weekend am going to enlarge one of your picture to place it in my sitting room for quick recognition of you my love.Your now my priority and there is nothing i can do or think without you.Please always keep praying for me to got the offer in Asia then we can meet very easily. .I hope you can always pray for me.

I wish you a very wonderful weekend this week.Please always do remember that i love you so much and wanna always be for you till death.

Yours ever
Lauren. . .

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Have a nice weekend
日期: 2011年6月4日,周六,下午1:25


It really always exciting to me anytime i hear from you and believing that life has brought us to a point of affectionate feelings.I hope that you really have a great weekend and festival.How is it going now?. .did you enjoy the festival together with your family?I wish am there to celebrate it with you.

i will travel to Edinburgh by tomorrow for a little confirmation of the contract i will have very soon.I wish i can get through in the contract very soon so that we can meet together and do marry soon.As for me am really tired now to be alone.Sometimes i do think much about you,feeling like to be with you even for a while.I do love you and wanna keep you forever and ever.

I will not visit MUM and KEAN this weekend cos of some documentary preparations concerning the meeting i will attend by tomorrow.But i will keep in touch with them on phone and gonna extend my greetings to them lol. Thanks for your care. I love you so much.

Yours ever
Lauren. . .

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Have a nice day
日期: 2011年6月6日,周一,下午1:21


Am really overwhelmed whenever i see your lovely message more especially your warm and sweet love and caring words indeed.You are so great and really wonderful to be in my life babe.hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Sometimes when my heart begins to beat,it beats for you.when it begins to think,it think much about you.When it begins to draw,it draws nearer to you.I never met anyone in my life that i could love the way i do love you.You seemed now to be the true joy of my life honey.I will love you in all conditions of life and i wish you can love me so.

As for the contract,i will have a confirmation letter from the company by the end of this week when i will be going for the contract but i think its gonna be either Singapore or Malaysia according to the company.Do you know those countries?. I think whenever i move for the contract, we can then meet very easily and that will give us a rise to marry so soon cos i always missing you so much and cant wait again to meet you my dear. .Hope you will reply me soon and have a wonderful day. .kisses

yours ever
Lauren. . .

Mrs 发件人: Mark Lauren < laurenmark23@yahoo.com >
主题: Have a nice day
日期: 2011年6月7日,周二,下午10:08

Dear ,

Am so happy once again to hear from you and i beg you please to forgive me for a late reply.I was very busy since yesterday in the office.I hope everything is going fine with you.Am happy to hear your lovely voice when i called you. hehe. your voice is so lovely and sexy lol. .

Am so happy again that you have traveled to Europe before and that will really make things so easy when i wanna arrange for your coming here.
i truly love you and cherish you.This is why i always think about you lol. i really do think much about you and will always keep to love you till the end babe.

What did you do on the weekend?Did you went out for fun?. .i hope for your reply while you have a nice day. kissess

Yours ever
Lauren. . .


VVV (2011-6-9 19:25:05): hi dear, where did you got your wife's death certificate? is that the real one?
VVV (2011-6-9 19:30:35): Dude!

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:14:46): what kinda question is that AN
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:15:04): I really dont like the way you say things to me
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:16:06): can you be the one that has given it to me?

VVV (2011-6-9 21:38:01): I just want to imporve that is ture. . I hope you may read my email to you
VVV (2011-6-9 21:38:41): why I am going to doubt something between us. .
VVV (2011-6-9 21:39:00): if I hurt first, I am really sorry, but that is the way we have to pass. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:40:17): ok but i would love you to trust me so well because a sucessfull love in life goes deeply with good trust

VVV (2011-6-9 21:40:36): right, same with me this point. .
VVV (2011-6-9 21:41:24): but we could not to be loved by blind . . right? I think you also doubt me sometimes. . thats normal. .just spoke out as frankly. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:42:15): lol

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:43:05): your rigt though but i promise you that i trust myself and if you trust yourself there will not be any fear between us

VVV (2011-6-9 21:44:47): thats right, but I have fear, not because dont trust on you, just because I got cheat more times than you i think.
VVV (2011-6-9 21:46:38): I just want to prove who I am inloved with,

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:47:45): i see
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:47:56): i saw your email about my details
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:48:24): if i give you those details are you gonna comfirm whom your dealing with?

VVV (2011-6-9 21:48:33): yes, sure. .
VVV (2011-6-9 21:48:38):

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:49:01): cool
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:49:47): but truly dont be afraid of me ok

VVV (2011-6-9 21:51:02): I am really not afraid of you, just really worried I met other bad one again. .
VVV (2011-6-9 21:51:38): just felt that you are so nice one, I really like you much, that's why I need more becarefully. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:53:33): i dont understand what you meant by meeting bad once again
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:53:42): can you tell me your meaning?

VVV (2011-6-9 21:54:15): I was met a few guys are cheater. .from internet. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:54:34): in netlog?

VVV (2011-6-9 21:54:50): netlog, yahoo, and other . .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:55:08): ohh.
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:55:31): i never experienced such cos i never tried online dating

VVV (2011-6-9 21:55:45): me too. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:55:52): it was my friend that introuced me to netlog few weeks ago

VVV (2011-6-9 21:56:18): you were on Netlog since last year,

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:56:45): but not active since then
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:57:23): just become active few weeks ago

VVV (2011-6-9 21:57:51): oh,

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:58:12):

VVV (2011-6-9 21:58:49): then I hope I really lucky then. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:58:57): lol
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 21:59:00): me too

VVV (2011-6-9 21:59:55): so may I see your Passport or ID, or driver liscense?

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:00:46): gotta send to you when am at home cos am at the office now

VVV (2011-6-9 22:01:09): ok, thank you honey, hope I am not hurt you
VVV (2011-6-9 22:01:33): but I really fear myself fear internet sometimes. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:02:03): lol

VVV (2011-6-9 22:02:10): also your family group of photo to me. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:02:24): everyone fears internet but many good people still exist in internet

VVV (2011-6-9 22:02:43): right

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:02:55): lol

VVV (2011-6-9 22:03:59): about death certificate are difference because of difference cities?

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:04:53): do you have divorce cert?

VVV (2011-6-9 22:05:01): yes, I have,
VVV (2011-6-9 22:05:05): that is Chinese.

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:05:18): i see
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:05:24): can you send to me?

VVV (2011-6-9 22:05:43): sure. you may asking your chinese friend to read for you. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:05:54): hehehe
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:06:02): no problem

VVV (2011-6-9 22:07:33): I compare with your wife's certificate with other, totally are not same . you one looks more fake. .lol. .sorry. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:07:58): which people are you talking about?

VVV (2011-6-9 22:08:18): I am not talking to anyone, I check out from Interent

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:09:03): check out other people death certificate in internet?

VVV (2011-6-9 22:09:11): sure

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:09:17): mmm

VVV (2011-6-9 22:09:59): I also can check out your home address. . lol

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:10:17): what did you see

VVV (2011-6-9 22:11:06): is there address on the certificate same with address where do you living?

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:11:40): i have gone out from there now
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:11:54): thats where i live with her before her death

VVV (2011-6-9 22:12:11): oic. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:13:09): yeah
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:13:15): thats true babe

VVV (2011-6-9 22:13:34): why move out

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:14:16): mm. .bought a new apartment and have to move to there

VVV (2011-6-9 22:14:50): oic. your wife is a banker?

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:15:07): yep

VVV (2011-6-9 22:15:17): so great.and also so younger. .
VVV (2011-6-9 22:15:33): how come have car crash?

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:16:37): her car faild break while ging from manchester City to edinburg

VVV (2011-6-9 22:18:08): faild break while ging? what is the meaning, does she drunk?
VVV (2011-6-9 22:18:27): or too high speed

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:18:36): mm. .its out of the servicers fault
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:18:44): i dont know why it happpened

VVV (2011-6-9 22:19:35): how far from manchester to edinburg
VVV (2011-6-9 22:19:43): by driving

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:19:50): not very far

VVV (2011-6-9 22:20:05): ic.
VVV (2011-6-9 22:20:31): just unexpected
VVV (2011-6-9 22:20:43): sorry for it dear

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:20:58): i have already forgotten all
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:21:16): thats life and sometimes it comes to someone and we need endurance

VVV (2011-6-9 22:22:12): right. .I knew it. so when I driving, I am very be careful. . I have no any crash for now. .

laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:22:45): thats nice
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:22:53): please hold on ok
laurenmark23 (2011-6-9 22:23:27): will be back soon
419My wifes death certificate

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