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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: < maryagogo@e1.ru >
Date: 2011/7/14
Subject: Supply Needed


Supply Needed
Dr Miss Mary Agogo
Dear Sir,
My name is, Miss Mary Agogo,  I am an Agric science teacher with University of Cocody and I work as a part time consultant with an international marketing firm here in Abidjan.
Three weeks ago,I went to a seminar at Cape Town South Africa, where I helped to present a paper on Dogs our guards,pets and Friends where forward for healthy relationship.I was invited by Rotaract International as they were the organisers of this great occassion and sponsored by The President of the South Africa,through the Ministry of Agriculture.

In attendance were the greatest and biggest names in Africa with respect to Agriculture.Fortunately,I was able to meet with one of the greatest business Mongols of all time.We are talking about Alhaji Mabolo Dongo.The president of Dongo Group of Farms.The owner of the biggest cattle farm in West Africa and The Biggest fish farmer.This is the man they call the food basket of Africa. His cocoa and palm tree plantations are the biggest and his vegetable oil plants are located in the 16 West African countries.Now my former boss supplies this Business magnet an essential vaccine at the price of US4,900. per carton, and sometimes we supply up to 2000 or 3000 cartons.

Briefly,I am contacting you because my former boss traveled to china and he will be there for two month. Presently,I intercepted a letter from the Dongo Group, requesting two thousand cartons supply of the vaccine.I have called back to the Dongo Group and informed them that my boss traveled,he will not be back soon and since they need the vaccine urgently,that I will introduce them directly to the Manufacturers of the vaccine from where my boss buy.
The President of the Dongo Group invited me to his Presence and I confirmed my word to him, and he promised me his confidence and to deal only with me if I can do this.
I know where my boss buy this vaccine in Europe. The Price of the vaccine is US$2000. per carton.
 I will need you to contact Alhaji Mabolo Dongo and Inform him that you are the manufacturer of the vaccine and that you will sell to him at the price of US$4,400 per carton. You will inform him to make 70% advance payment as is the Procedure.He will not hesitate to send the money immediately.
If your organization is interested to be my partner in this transaction, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately in my private mailbox. The box is: agogo_mary@yahoo.fr that we can discuss on how to execute this lucrative deal,
Truly yours,
Miss Mary Agogo

Mrs From: < maryagogo@e1.ru >
Date: 2011/7/16
Subject: Re: Supply Needed

Dear ,

I am glad that you were able to send an urgent reply to me.without wasting much time,I am giving to you all the details of the business.I will expect you to call me anytime immediately after you read this mail.The phone number in this mail is my private.This email address is also very private,I therefore prefer our communications to be through this mailbox.
While thanking you for your quick response,I hope that this will be the begining of a great family and business relationship.I am of 33years of age, anything that I do for the sake of my family.I beleive we will have a good relationship.

The first step in this business is truthfulness and honesty. Although I have made up my mind to trust you.I will still need you to write a separate mail to me with your full address and in the mail,You will promise that at the close of this business.You will send 20% of total profit to me as my commission in this business.

The second step is that I will send the contacts of the buyer of this vaccine and the manufacturer.You will first contact the buyer and tell the buyer that you have been contacted by me.And that you are a genuine distributor of this vaccine and it is from you that people from Africa buy the vaccine and supply to farmers. (The Buyers of the vaccine knows that no African has been accepted to become a distributor of this vaccine).
In your mail,you will inform the buyer that you will supply the vaccine to them at The distributor price of US$4,400 per carton. Now this price is a good price compared to the price my boss sells to them which is at the price of US$4,900.00 per carton.This means that they will be saving $500 by dealing with you.
Naturally,they will jump at the offer, but you will inform them that they must make 70% advance payment before you can supply to them.I beleive, they will have no problems with the advance payment since I had already informed them that my boss usually make advance payment to you.

However this will be a scenario to them because my boss usually supplies all the vaccine before they make payment to him. Now they will accept to make advance payment of 70% after they have become sure that you are serious and that you have the vaccine. THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL EARN YOUR SHARE OF THE PROFIT.YOU MUST CONVINCE THEM THAT YOU HAVE THE VACCINE AND THAT YOU WILL DELIVER THE VACCINE IMMEDIATELY THEY MAKE ADVANCE PAYMENT INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

The next step will be for you to contact the manufacturers of this vaccine. With the funds paid into your account, you will pay the manufactures and the difference will be our profit.
Eg; Let us say that Dongo farms( AKA IVOIRE GROUP) group,the buyers of this vaccine decides to order 1000 cartons of the vaccine.The 1000 cartons at the price of 4,400$ will give us this. 4,400$* 1000 carton = 4,400,000$ selling price. We buy at = = = 2000$ * 1000 cartons = $2,000,000. Our expected profit = 4,400,000$( our Selling Price) 2,000,000$( our purchase price) The balance = 2,200,000$. Our Profit.
Out of the above profit, you will send 20% to me. And you will NOT contact my boss in anyway. We will continue with the business and the secret will be ours only.
You are now welcome completely to join the boat with me. But you must write a separate mail in which you will promise never to betray me, but to be sincere and offer my 20% commission in each deal. When I receive the commitment letter with a copy of your ID and your complete address including your telephone numbers, I will forward the contacts to you and also give you the name of the vaccine. I will wait to hear from you.

Yours Truly

Mrs From: < maryagogo@e1.ru >
Date: 2011/7/17
Subject: Re: Supply Needed

Dear Brother

I got your mail well and will like to kown more about you too you pic is very sweet and you are ver sharp guy and lovely. Pls in your next mail pls tell me all about you and more about your pass life and if posablie you open up to me i want this great deal to done before the coming back of my boss is the deal is done i jion you there to change my old life in your country then we can supply the company more and we can live our life well there i am not promising you any thing.Once you send your informations pls call me so that i can you the contact of the two compaiens here and in london. dO YOU KOWN WHY WE CAN ACHIVER THIS FAST IS THAT THE ALIJAH IN QUSTION DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL. So jion hand with me to get this deal done and fast.

My old boss called me now and ask about the office work and mind you i have called the fammer and promise him that we can supply him within tow weeks.Then all is in your hand now.I am send you my pictuer and my passport then send me yours fast


Miss Mary


Mrs From: Mary Agogo < mary.agogo@yahoo.fr >
Date: 2011/7/17
Subject: Dearest

You can also write me through this email.Since i wrote my mind is feeling you can you call me now
Mary Agogo
Mrs From: Mary Agogo < mary.agogo@yahoo.fr >
Date: 2011/7/18
Subject: Re : Dearest
I got your mail but you did not talk anything about the business and what is our next deal are you coming here to handle things yourself and see me face to face then you can tell me more about your famliy.

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