Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: alimat jeleel < loovey_city@yahoo.ca >
Subject: KARAMALAHI WAJIAH. . . . . .
Date: Thursday, 8 September, 2011, 9:06 PM

Asalam alaikum,

Thanks a lot for your mail and your interest, dear i greet you in the name of Allah the saviour hoping you are in good health condition of health and also pleading you not to disclosed this to anybody till this consignment trunk box reach your care.

Dear, i also told you that nobody out of my father relative have access to this fund and my late father did not include any friend or relative name to the documents that the security company issued to him except my own name as next of his kin and for your information this security company did not aware that this box contain money because my late father deposited this fund as family value and he has warn me before his death that i should not tell anybody including the security company official untill i retrived this box out of their custody.

That is the reason why am pleading you to help me out of this country with this my Fund that is deposited with the security company here which i believe you will never betrayed my trust on you that is why i decide to give you the Contact of the security company that this consignment trunk box is in their custody with this information,and ask them on how the consigment can be deliver to you in your country through their diplomatic courier cargo service and bear it in mind that this consignment was deposited as family valuable so dont disclose the real content of it to the security company for my own security reason and do contact the company with this information below.

Name of Depositor : Mohammed Hassan Jeleel.
Next of kin: Miss Alimat Mohammed Hassan.
certificate of deposited number mpfsc/ bun /xxiv-78j/ 01
refrence number 233/mpfsc /101/33023
security code mpfsc /2006/ dhx /576
transaction code 233 /mpfsc /101 /33028

StandardTrust Security & Finance company.
Address :Avenue Joseph Anoma1ot 25 ilot 11.
Telephone : + 225
E-mail :infostfscabidjan@yahoo.com
Contact Person : Rev Dr Akoto Marthins.

Meanwhile do contact the security company manager incharge of this trunk box and tell them that you are my late father foreign business partner who is going to retrived this consignment trunk box on my behalf ask them how they can deliver this consignment trunk box to you in your country but remember you should not disclose the real content of this trunk box to them just tell them that it contain family Valuables.

Cheer and remain blessed till i hear from you and do contact the security company today and feed me back your outcome with them for me to know the next step to take from here also have attached you the documents issued to my late father for you to see and verify the document including my picture and the existence of the consignment and Inshallah biqudrati lahi you will never regret your assistance over this transaction, waiting to hear from you that you have made a contact with the security company.

Yours sincerely.

Alimat with love

Mr From: alimat jeleel < loovey_city@yahoo.ca >
Subject: SHUKURAN. . . . . . .
Date: Saturday, 10 September, 2011, 2:09 AM

Asalam Alaikum,
Thanks to hear from you and may the Almighty Allah will continue to shower is blessing upon you till the day of your life for helping an orphan like me,And for the question you ask i believe the security company will not ask you anything concerning my person life so you dont need to worry yourself about that or scan the box and the last time i visited the security company to ask about how this box will be deliver to me and they made me understand that they have all the right to deliver this Trunk Box to any country of my choice without immigration and custom checking to the end of the delivery.
But incase they ask you just tell them that you are my Fiance and we are going to marry soon that is why you want them to deliver this trunk box which is in their Custody down to you in your country,With this you need to know their requirement and condition to released this box to you.

And here is little about me I'm an attractive inside and out classy lady who just turned 24, and youthful at heart I am presently living Refugee camp herein Cote D'Iviore I enjoy dancing…listening to music………traveling. Extremely independent, confident, secure, emotionally, mentally and spiritually stable. I am full of surprises, educated, sound-minded, and can carry a great conversation.
Dear I lost my father due to my father sickness this lead my mother Paralyzed both hand and legs till she give hope to Ghost as well Eight month after the death of my Father,Since then have stop schooling since there is nobody to help,And later we discover our father was poison by his wicked uncle just because of his Wealth.

This matter really thought to the extend that he his planing to kill me because of our father property which he left for us that is how i come down to this country just because of this Fund which our late father deposit with the security company here as i told you,But is a pity that i lost my younger brother as well here in this country through their Political Crises which lead to Civil War just of recent.

I believe if you watch news always you will be hearing a news about this country which is ivory coast though i lost my brother but i give thanks to Almighty Allah that am still alive with lots of hope,I want the right man for me in life that i can live my life with in the soonest future because love is not about looking for the wealthy one but the right one that one can live life with like you that is why i confide this transaction on you and i believe you will help me Morraly and Financially but as you think think transaction will take a lot of time is not like that because the director have told me before that if we can provide them with the terms and conditions it will not more a week before delivery of this Trunk Box concerning yourEnglish you mention in your mail if you can not speakEnglish very well you can get back to the security company through their email address giving to you in my previous mail and ask them on how this box will be retrived and deliver to you in your country.

With this i will advice you contact the security company today and ask for their requirement and condition to released this box to you,Cheer and remain blessed till i hear from you that you have contact them.

Yours sincerly.

Alimat with love.
Mr From: alimat jeleel < loovey_city@yahoo.ca >
Date: Saturday, 10 September, 2011, 6:39 PM

Asalam Alaikum,
Good day to you and The best of my compliment of the season as a new brand day have broken I give thanks and praises to the almighty Allah for his infinite mercies upon our life expecially for not recording all our shortcomings to which if recorded we may not be able to stand in the day of judgement and for that i say may all adouration,all kingdom,all praises,all kingship,heaven and earth,all creation be unto his royal majesty now and forever.
Darling i dully believe with hope and faith that where there is life there is hope and no dream is gone till death cometh. I must confess that it is indeed a thing of joy and happiness with faith that I am writing you this mail which I know and believes that it must surely find you in good condition of health which remains the most important aspect in every living endeavoures and with Allah i hope you are swimming in a sound health condition.

One is not bound to have all the joys in live as you may have everything in life but there are still those things which must be share with someone else as every one has his or her own share of pains to bear in life but when problem comes like this let have faith in Almighty Allah and continue to pray everyday but to me i believe that we shall overcome our problem.

Finally , am very grateful for your Advice but i want you to know that my situation here is terrible that is the reason why you are saying that am rushing things but i pray that all thesurfer am suffering here i pray that non of your relations will not witness this in their lives, At a tender age of my life i have not been in comfort but i believe you can help me and i believe Allah will make away from your side.
Awaiting to hear from you that you have make a contact with the security company as you promise that you will make a contact with the security company today, if truely you have come to help me out of here as you promised and remain blessed till i hear from you.
Yours Sincerely.
Alimat with love
Mr From: alimat jeleel < loovey_city@yahoo.ca >
Date: Sunday, 11 September, 2011, 6:38 AM

Asalam Alaikum,

It is my pleasure to read your mail, how are you and your family hope you are all in sound health and good condition? if so let give praises to Almighty Allah.

Now you are proven to me that you are in total support of this transaction because i believe at the end of this transaction will both rejoice together and am using this opportunity to tell you that am assuring you with 99 names of Allah that you will not regret assisting an orphan Girl like me, Because am assure that as soon as you can finalize everything with the security company this Trunk Box get deliver at your Door step in your country,because is from this Trunk box you will send me some money to prepare my travelling papers to join you in your country to begin a new life after all thehectic life in this country.

Finally , i will be waiting to hear from you the outcome from the security company in delivery our trunk box to you in your country.May Almighty Allah that guide all his servant from every evil should always guide us from evil, with this i am telling you to pray hard for me here so that i can be able to join in good health because the standard of living here is very difficult to the extent of eating is very horrible those are the reason that make me want to join you in your country as soon as you retrieve this Trunk Box and i must say that you are my everything as you can see that idon't have any family or anybodyexcept you, therefore have agreed to spent the rest of mylife with you but promise me that you will not maltreat me when i get to your country, but i will always loyal to you and you wont regret helping an orphan girl like me. I will be waitingimmensely to read from you.

Yours in Love.
Alimat with love.
Mr From: alimat jeleel < loovey_city@yahoo.ca >
Date: Sunday, 11 September, 2011, 11:34 PM

Asalam Alaikum,

Thanks for your prompt reply , because it a things of joy to read from you everyday and i hope you continue doing thisalways ? if so i will be very glad and full of joy because you let me really understand the real love of parent because i miss parent love since the death of my parent and i pray to Allah to grant them Aljanat Fridausi.

Concerning you financial status you are mentioning always i want you to know that as soon as the security company let you know the rules i want you to know that if this paper work can be done on your name their wont be any worried any more, but let be waiting for the security company to get back to you with this we will know all the details because i trusted you and i believe in you, meanwhile kindly keep this transaction secret between me and you and you should be the only person to know this in your country because of my security purpose so that the security company can deliver this Trunk box successfully.

May Allah theomnipotent omniscience guide us in all our doing, Always put it in your mind that somebody care. i will be waiting to read from you.

Yours in love.

Alimat with love.

Mr From: alimat jeleel < loovey_city@yahoo.ca >
Date: Thursday, 22 September, 2011, 6:25 PM

Dear Sir,

How is everything and Allah bless you, hope all is well with you. I am managing myself to write you this mail, although, I am under heavy pains. No one prays to meet difficulties of this nature in life, but since I have seen myself into it, I cannot reject myself. I have been having series of difficulties in life since I came to this country for the shipment. In fact, I am getting weaker everyday, but one thing I know is that I lived a righteous life on earth.
I am praying that my Father's wealth and his vision for humanity will not go in vain, even if I die, you will still actualize our dream and goal for which I contacted you for. Right now I am in hospital receiving treatment, I am having heartache, I don't know if it is because of the situation I found myself.

The manager of the security company visited me yesterday, having seen my present condition, informed me the out come of the board meeting they had concerning the shipment. They came to a conclusion that, the best way to ship the consignment without having any kind of problem or unnecessary delay is to arrange with the diplomatic courier service so that they will bring it to your address.

Therefore, you should not pay any money here any more, rather the Security Company will make all the necessary arrangement, while you pay them once they arrive with the consignment in your country, So based on this, I agreed with them totally and deemed it necessary to furnish you with the latest development. Every arrangement concerning the shipment has been perfectely concluded by the security company.The final shipment arrangement will be determined once you contact the Security Company again.

Waiting to hear from you and remain blessed till i hear from you.

Yours sincerly.

Alimat with love.

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