Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Loritta Majid < loritta.majid@yahoo.in >
Sent: Mon, August 29, 2011 11:44:26 PM
Subject: This is all about my life please i need your help.

Hello dear,
How is life over there? I got your reply to me. I hope all is well with you, I am happy to receive your mail, thanks for your response to my mail.

My name is Loritta Nhiany Al Majid from Sudan in North Africa . I am presently residing in the camp as a refugee here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country as you can see from here


My family history, My late father Engineer Noni Nhiany Al Majid, a petroleum engineer by profession. He was the managing director of a petroleum and gas company called Nonican Petroleum Ltd in Sudan. He was also the former minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources during the earlier regime of President Omar Hassan .

Unfortunately the rebels attacked our house and killed all members of my family while in school. And after the burial, I had to run away for safety with the help of the United Nations Refugee to Senegal.

I don't have any relatives now or whom I can go to all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is (Rev Fr Lonic Bogo,) who is the pastor of the Church here in the camp, he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the women hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women.
I am a refugee here and as a refugee I don't have any right or privilege to anything be it money or whatever because it is against the laws of this country. I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year as a medicine student before the tragic deadly war that lead to my being in this situation now took place.

While leaving Sudan, I collected my family vital documents including banking information and death certificate of my father. Right now, I am looking for a good and reliable person to entrust them with who will manage them for me to enable me finish my university education. I am only 24 years of age and I need a help. So if you feel that you are reliable and can be trusted, please response to this so that I can give you full details on how to help me with huge amount kept in the bank by my late father.

The amount deposited with the bank is US$5,600,000.00 and my name was used as Next of Kin. And since I do not have the the privilege to operate bank account due to my refugee status and when I contacted the bank, they advised me to get a foreign partner who can stand for me as trustee to receive the money . It is because of this I contacted you to help me receive the money. And part of the money will be use to take care of my university education.

Dear i tried to contact the bank if they can transfer some money for me to get my papers from here and move to Europe but unfortunately' I did not know that my late father signed an agreement with the bank that the money should not be released directly to me if i am not married or up to 30years.That is the time i went through the agreement deposit certificate and know the meanings,The agreement states that I should appoint a trustee/investor any time I want to take the money from the bank before I am 30 years. I understand that the investor is to invest and manage the money for me in a good business.

So l will like you to help me receive this money to from the bank into your bank account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. If agreed I will offer you 25% of the US$5,600,000.00 and kindly provide these information to nominate you to the bank as my trustee to receive the money for me.

1. Your Full Name
2. Contact Address
3. Telephone Number
4. Occupation
5. Date of Birth
6. Nationality

As soon as I have all these information I will forward it to the bank and also give you the information of the bank account for you to contact them and make the verification you said.

In case you want to discuss with catholic reverend father, Rev Fr Lonic Bogo, his telephone number 00221771181948 and his email address is [revfr.lonicbogo@yahoo.com ]. In case you want to call, Remember to ask of Loritta Nhiany Al Majid the girl from Sudan, when you call me. Tell him that you want to speak with me he will send for me in our hostel to come and answer you call. When you call back in about 10 minutes I will be there to answer your call.

Finally I attached my picture for you to know who I am and would like to have yours if possible.

Yours lovely,
Loritta Nhiany Majid




From: Loritta Majid < lorittamajid@yahoo.in >
Sent: Tue, September 6, 2011 1:12:48 AM
Subject: Madu silakan hubungi bank untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang transfer.

Hello love,

How are you today and your work with hope everything is well with you.
Thanks for the mail you send to me and your promise to help me out of this critical situation,

I am pleased with your consideration to lead me out of this situation ,I pray that the grace of our God will lead you to finish up this transfer so that i can leave this sorrowful situation that has taken my happiness away for a while, i am more than happy to read this beautiful mail of promise from you. And i believe that through you the Lord will perfect everything about my life and my late fathers money, So that my life will be in order like other people, and i will come out of this painful situation to meet with you over there in your country for a better life immediately after the transfer of the money into your bank account, My earnest prayer is that the Lord will see us through in every way. My love i want to plead to you to help me from your heart with all sincerity,

Please on your own time try and help me thank Reverend Father Lonic Bogo by sending him mail via his email [revfr.lonicbogo@yahoo.com] for his wonderful assistance by allowing me to be using the internet in his office. He asked the officials to allow me more time in the internet than other people.It has not been easy have such a great opportunity to speak on his phone.

Here is the contact of the bank in London as I told you, please use below information to contact them today. I have already sent mail about you as my nominated trustee to receive the money on my behalf.

Mr. Juan Collins
Group Executive Director
Foreign Payment Dept hsh Nord Bank Group
Moorgate Hall, 155, Moorgate
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax No.s +44 2076813376
Email: juancollins@hshnbgroup.com

Account Information

Name of Depositor: Engr. NONI NHIANY AL MAJID
Name of Next Kin: Miss Loritta Nhiany Al Majid
Amount Deposited: US$5,600,000.00
Date Deposited: 7th January, 2004
Account No. IO451210055478-541

Appointed Trustee Information as requested by the London bank

1. Your Full Name-
2. Contact Address-
3. Telephone Number-
4. Occupation-
5. Date of Birth-
6. Nationality -
(please verify the above information and send it to the bank)

This morning before writing to you, i have already send an official letter of nomination to the bank appointing you as my partner/trustee who will stand on my behalf to receive the money because of my refugee statues and law of this country, please contact the bank today as i have told the bank everything about you and my plan to transfer my late fathers money into your bank account.

Please always try to pray for me. Because here in the camp there is serious hunger, no good water and even medicine. Many people are dying here but I hope with you,I can survive it. Sometimes we do not have food to eat, except those who are lucky to have people that send money to them for feeding.Honey here is a terrible place. The Rev Fr Bogo and the church are trying his best but their efforts are not enough for everybody that is why I am very happy that you there for me.

Your lovely

Loritta Nhiany Al Majid

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Halo cinta,

Bagaimana kabarmu hari ini dan pekerjaan Anda dengan harapan semuanya baik dengan Anda.
Terima kasih untuk surat yang Anda kirim ke saya dan berjanji untuk membantu saya keluar dari situasi kritis,

Saya senang dengan pertimbangan Anda untuk memimpin saya keluar dari situasi ini, saya berdoa bahwa kasih karunia Allah kita akan menuntun Anda untuk menyelesaikan transfer ini sehingga saya dapat meninggalkan situasi sedih yang telah mengambil kebahagiaan saya pergi untuk sementara waktu, saya lebih dari senang untuk membaca email ini indah janji dari Anda. Dan saya percaya bahwa melalui kasih Tuhan akan sempurna segala sesuatu tentang hidup saya dan uang saya terlambat ayah, Jadi bahwa hidup saya akan berada dalam urutan seperti orang lain, dan saya akan keluar dari situasi yang menyakitkan untuk bertemu dengan Anda di sana di negara Anda untuk kehidupan yang lebih baik segera setelah transfer uang ke rekening bank Anda, doa yang sungguh-sungguh saya adalah bahwa Tuhan akan melihat kita melalui dalam segala hal. Saya suka saya ingin memohon kepada Anda untuk membantu saya dari hatimu dengan segala ketulusan,

Harap pada waktu Anda sendiri mencoba dan membantu saya terima kasih Bapa Pendeta Lonic Bogo dengan mengirim dia mail melalui email-nya [revfr.lonicbogo @ yahoo.com ] untuk bantuan yang menakjubkan dengan memungkinkan saya untuk menggunakan internet di kantornya. Dia meminta para pejabat untuk membiarkan saya lebih banyak waktu di internet daripada people.It lainnya tidak mudah memiliki sebuah kesempatan besar untuk berbicara di telepon.

Berikut adalah kontak bank di London seperti yang saya katakan, silahkan gunakan informasi di bawah untuk menghubungi mereka hari ini. Saya telah mengirimkan mail tentang Anda sebagai wali amanat saya dinominasikan untuk menerima uang atas nama saya.

Mr Juan Collins
Kelompok Direktur Eksekutif
Departemen Luar Negeri Pembayaran HSH Nord Kelompok Bank
Moorgate Hall, 155, Moorgate
Britania Raya
Telepon / Fax No.s +44 2076813376
Email: juancollins@hshnbgroup.com

Informasi Akun

Nama Deposan: Engr. NONI NHIANY AL Majid
Nama Kin Next: Nona Loritta Nhiany Al Majid
Jumlah Deposited: US $ 5,600,000.00
Tanggal Deposited: 7 Januari 2004
Rekening No IO451210055478-541

Diangkat Informasi Perwaliamanatan sebagaimana yang diminta oleh bank di London

1. Nama Lengkap Anda-
2. Kontak Alamat-
3. Nomor Telepon-
4. Pekerjaan-
5. Tanggal Lahir-
6. Kebangsaan-
(Silahkan memverifikasi informasi di atas dan mengirimkannya ke bank)

Pagi ini sebelum menulis kepada Anda, saya sudah mengirim surat resmi nominasi untuk bank menunjuk Anda sebagai pasangan saya / wali amanat yang akan berdiri atas nama saya untuk menerima uang karena patung pengungsi dan hukum negara ini, silakan hubungi Bank hari ini sebagai saya telah mengatakan kepada semua bank yang tentang Anda dan rencana saya untuk mentransfer uang ayah saya terlambat ke rekening bank Anda.

Harap selalu mencoba untuk mendoakan saya. Karena di sini di kamp ada kelaparan yang serius, tidak ada air yang baik dan bahkan obat-obatan. Banyak orang yang sekarat di sini tapi aku berharap dengan Anda, saya bisa bertahan. Terkadang kita tidak memiliki makanan untuk dimakan, kecuali mereka yang beruntung memiliki orang-orang yang mengirimkan uang kepada mereka untuk feeding.Honey sini adalah tempat yang mengerikan. The Rev Fr Bogo dan gereja mencoba yang terbaik, tapi usaha mereka tidak cukup untuk semua orang itu sebabnya saya sangat senang bahwa Anda ada untuk saya.

Anda yang indah

Loritta Nhiany Al Majid

From: HsH NordBank Group London < joachimlorenz@hshnbgroup.com >
Sent: Wed, September 7, 2011 1:21:36 AM


Fund Deposit File No.PS101454/HSHNBGL/7908 refers.

We wish to inform you that we have received your nomination as an Appointed Trustee cum Mandate beneficiary by your partner Miss. Loritta Nhiany Al Majid who is currently staying in a refugee camp in Senegal, to receive the sum of US$5,600,000.00 (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand United States) on her behalf which has been deposited with us since 7th January, 2004 by her late father in which he legally pencilled down Miss Loritta Nhiany Al Majid as the Next of Kin .

And to legally give value in your favour of the sum of US$5,600,000.00, we would like you to provide us and satisfy us with the following requirements which are also in conformity with the British Laws on Payment of Moribund Funds to a third party.

1. Original Fund Placement Certificate issued by our bank to Late Engr. Noni Nhiany Al Majid, which must be legalised and endorsed at the Probate Registry Office of the High court of justice in Senegal.

2. Original Certificate of Death of (Engr. Noni Nhiany Al Majid) legally confirming his death which must be sighted, legalised and endorsed by the Probate office of the high court of justice in Senegal.

3. An Affidavit of Oath from the Probate Registry of the High Court, fully stating, declaring and replacing your information with that of Engr. Noni Nhiany Al Majid currently in our data base.

4. To provide to us with A scanned copy of your Passport or Driver’s Licence as form of Identification.

5. To provide to us with Power of Attorney from Miss Loritta Nhiany Al Majid to you , Legally Mandating you as Trustee to receive the sum of US$5,600,000.00 plus its interest accruals. This document, must be witnessed by the Chief Probate Officer of the high Court of Justice also in Senegal where Miss. Loritta Nhiany Al Majid is residing.

And to fasten this arrangement, you are advised to contact Miss. Loritta Nhiany Al Majid to help you get a financial attorney who will procure these documents for you. This is whereby you will not be able to fly down to Senegal. Therefore, on receipt of the above legal documents, we shall then be empowered to give value to the sum of US$5,600,000.00 plus its interest in your favour.

And since you have now opened your payment file and for security reasons, you are given up to 5th July, 2011 to procure these documents and make it available to us through your lawyer in Senegal.

While hoping you will comply as directed accordingly.
Yours Faithfully,



cc: Juan Collins - Executive Director - Foreign Payments Dept
Cc: Director - Legal Services Dept cc: Data Processing Dept
Cc: Credit Administration Dept
Mrs From: Loritta Majid < lorittamajid@yahoo.in >
Sent: Wed, September 7, 2011 1:38:28 PM

Halo cinta.
Bagaimana Anda hari ini dan bisnis Anda dengan harapan bahwa semuanya baik dengan Anda .
Aku ingin tahu apakah Anda telah menghubungi bank untuk transfer dana sebagai i diarahkan Anda dalam surat terakhir saya, kapan mereka akan mentransfer uang ke rekening bank Anda? Madu silakan mencoba dan hubungi bank saat ini sehingga mereka akan tahu bahwa kita serius terhadap transaksi ini bagi mereka untuk mentransfer dana ke rekening bank Anda, dana ini almarhum ayah saya dan saya ingin ditransfer ke rekening bank Anda di sana di negara Anda ok . tolong katakan padaku cinta saya, seberapa jauh Anda telah dengan ok bank. sehingga saya akan tahu ketika transfer akan selesai ok . menunggu untuk mendengar dari Anda, Anda Loritta bayi .


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