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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 8:01 PM

Nokia Loko
12 Bridge Street,
Staines Middlesex TW18 4TP
United Kingdom.
CustomerService/Claims Department

Ref /Uk/940x2/68
Batch :074/05/ZY369

Your Reference: NGP/ 2011/19513-29.

Attn. Beneficiary,

Good day to You, I want You to Accept My Sincere Congratulation As Your Email Address Has Been Shortlisted as One Of the Beneficiary Of thisNokia Grant Promo(NGP). You are advised to Read and Understand the Explanation Of this Scheme as Analyzed Below.

Firstly, I want to officially introduce my self as Dr. Jim Harris, the 2011 Nokia Grant Online Sweepstakes Programme Fiduciary/Claims Agent. I have been mandated to DIRECT YOU in the remittance of your winning Fund. On behalf of the Claims Department and Members of Staff of the UK Gaming Board, I will Like to Congratulate you on yourAward Winning as you have won yourselfEight Hundred and Fifty ThousandGreat British Pounds Sterling (£850,000.00) From the Category 'A' Of theNokia Online sweepstakes International Programme held recently in the UK Head Office.

The Online raffle draw which made you the winner of thisprize is the annual draw that is been conducted Once in a year in the NOKIA GRANT PROMOTION OFFICE, This is to Enhance E-commerce and Trading as the Chief Executive Officer of the Microsoft Company have once advised thatLottery Company should start Online draw by taking Internet into another exciting dimension of Life. It is in view of this that the NOKIA GRANT PROMOTION, a renownedPromo Company In the United Kingdom decided to start what is known to be the OnlinePromo draw making them a stakeholder in this development that is highly related and Useful to Mankind.

You have won thisprize as a result of random picking of emails, your email address was selected among others andsix of these e-mails including yours was selected at random, which subsequently won you a total cash prize ofEight Hundred and Fifty ThousandGreat British Pounds Sterling (£850,000.00)in the Category 'A' Of theNokia Online sweepstakes International Programme from the UK Gaming Board, The Official Sponsor of the NOKIA GRANT PROMOTION.

To continue the Verification of your winnings, You are expected to fill in the FUND RELEASE VERIFICATION FORM (by clicking on reply menu on your mail box to fill in the required information’s) and submit via e-mail to your claims officer and so it can be file in for your claims. Once Again Congratulation!!! And We Hope to receive your Claims Verification Form within the next 24 hours.

Your Funds Will Be Released to You any Moment From Now, But Before Any Further details, We Need to Have Your Information Registered On Our Database, Please provide us with the following information.

1. Full Name:

2. Residential Address:
3. Sex:
4. Age:
5. Occupation:
6. Mobile Number:
7. Fax Number:
8. Country:
9. Next of Kin:
10. Lucky Number:
11. Nationality:
12. Scan copy of your valid identity i.e. International passport or driver's license:

Please Note That Your Lucky Number is2011/29 As you were The 3rd Beneficiary Selected. As soon as we receive The Information Above, You Will Be Duly Informed On What Next to Do. Please If You are Not Interested In the Endowment Scheme, And You Like to Turn Down The Offer, Please Write a Letter Addressed to the:

Director Of Welfare,
The Nokia Grant Promo
12 Bridge Street,
Staines Middlesex TW18 4TP
United Kingdom.

Get Back to Me With the Information Required Soonest So that Your Funds Can Be Officially Released Immediately. On behalf of all members and staff of NOKIA, we congratulate you on your winnings and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune.
The options to receive your winnings are:

1. CASH PICK UP:You can come down in person to collect your funds here in the UK (CASH). You will be required to present a valid International Passport as proof of Identification amongst other documentation which will be required if you choose this option.

2. COURIER DELIVERY OPTIONS( DIPLOMATIC SERVICE DELIVERY): In consonance with our policy in this regard, be advised that if you option for the courier delivery option, you are to notify this office that we may give you the modalities to deliver your winning cheque to your place of residence.
You are also required to state your Delivery Option,you would prefer:
I __________________________________________ hereby confirm that all the information given above and attached copies of Identification is to the best of my Knowledge and is true and correct. Any tempering or falsification of the above data render this claim invalid and void.
We await your response to proceed.

Thank you for being part of our commemorative Anniversary Draws.

Yours Faithfully, Dr Jim Harris(Esq)
Tel: +447035960777
Fiduciary Agentfor NOKIA2011 PROMOTIONAL DRAW
Sweepstakes International Program

Miss Young If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

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