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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr From: Rev Louis < revlouis67@msn.com >
Sent: Monday, 19 September 2011, 15:24
Subject: From Rev. Louis


Please I am seeking your assistance to receive an Orphan in your country and invest her inheritance in business in your country.

You are to assist the Orphan in few ways (1) to assist her transfer her inheritance to your country. (2)To help her have a stay in your country when she will come over to meet with you and continue her education (3) to help her manage the investment until she is old enough to handle it.

Upon your response I will give you all the details procedures on how to go about this investment but I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under legitimate arrangements that will protect you from any breach of the law.

Please do take your assistance to the Orphan as Charity work and God will pay you back in thousands fold for whatever help you will render to her when she comes to your country.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regard

Rev. Louis
From: Rev. Jean Louis Agama < jeanabj01@hotmail.com >
Sent: Monday, 19 September 2011, 14:49
Subject: RE: From Rev. Louis

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your email.
I can assure you that this transaction is totally free from any irregularities and it is completely honest, straight and risk free.
All I seek is your maximum assistance to help the little girl relocate to your country with her inheritance so that she can be able to live a better life in your country, if not because of my mission here I would have look for a place to go with her. All I can do for her is to give her my maximum protection until she leaves to your country.
The name of the Orphan is Muriel Yacine Gogan. She is only 15 years old. Attached here are her pictures. She does not understand and speak English so well; she speaks only French which is our official language in this country (Cote d’ivoire). Once she arrives in your country you will enrol her with English Class where she can gain proficiency in English after which she can seek an admission to one of good schools in your country. She understands English little and I believe if she enrols with English class she will improve so much because she is a clever girl and haven communicated with her for sometime now I must say that she is a fast learner.
I must let you know that this is God’s mission and whatever help you will render to this orphan God will pay you back in a million folds. The Orphan has escaped deaths in miraculous ways and this makes me believe that God destined her to become her servant in the future. Let us not allow her to die in the hands of those murderers that killed her parents.
All she seeks is for you to take good care of her. Her father left enough money that will take her to any education level. It does not necessarily mean that you must be financially buoyant before you can help; with her inheritance she is not going to be another problem to you. All she needs is your love, kindness and care.
The little girl is with all the documents showing that she is only next of kin of his father’s offshore account. I have spoken with the company that is custody of her inheritance fund and they are ready to arrange bank to bank wire transfer to your bank account but prior to this arrangement they want the little lady to give you letter of authority that will empower you to receive the funds on her behalf, the letter of authority will also make you full beneficiary of the fund after which you will contact them for transfer of the fund to your country. I have contacted the court to help process the authority letter and they agreed to commence the procession as soon as they receive below requested information.
Below is information court requested before they can commence procession of the letter of authority:
1. Full name
2. Name of your company
3. Your position in the company
4. Home address
5. Personal phone and fax number
Please forward the above information as soon as possible to enable the little girl procure the letter of authority.
Note that as soon as the fund is transferred to your account you will deduct 15% of total inheritance fund of the Orphan as your commission and whatever profit that will come from whatever business you will place the remaining fund on must be shared between you and the Orphan. All I want you to do is to handle everything with sincerity. You must take the Orphan as your own sister and daughter.
Giving and Help have long been a crucial element in the believer’s home. By learning to give, not only of our worldly goods, but also of ourselves, of our time, we show that we truly understand God’s love. When we speak of giving, we do not only mean tithing, we mean so much more than that. As believers, we need to cultivate our compassion for others and share with them all that we have to give. What better way to lead others to God than to share with them the abundant love God has shown us. Charity is much more than just another plea for money. There are other ways of charitable giving as well. Every person, whether rich or poor, has something to give. If not money, then talent or any other things that we know that might please our God.
Attached here are the pictures of the young girl.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to call me anytime on this number +22508179267
God bless you.
Rev. Jean Louis Agama

Mr From: Rev. Jean Louis Agama < jeanabj01@hotmail.com >
Subject: RE: From Rev. Louis
Date: Friday, 23 September, 2011, 1:03

Thanks for your email.

The total inheritance fund of the young lady is US$18,700,000.00 and with your compliancy wee can conclude the transfer transaction within maximum of 14 working days but all depends on your communications.

We have applied for authority paper in the law court yesterday. We spent much time in law court but thank God that everything went well. The court gave us an appointment today at 2pm to come and pick up the authorisation paper. The letter of authority that will be issued by Court is what the holding firm (RoossbergFinance Inc.) in Commonwealth of Dominica requires before they can commence procession of release and transfer of the Orphan’s inheritance fund to your account.

I have told the Orphan (Muriel Yacine Gogan) about your full acceptance to assist her. She is so much happy concerning your full acceptance and she has started to feel that she has a new Family now. She is such a nice girl and respectful. Her parents brought her up in Christian way.

Her parents were murdered in cold blood by the militia of present president of Cote d’ivoire during the presidential turmoil. They accused his father of helping the ousted president to purchase War Helicopter and as a result they entered to their house and killed her father, mother and other members of her family. The little girl happened to escaped with bullet wound on her left hand. Nobody knows that she survived the incident.

Prior to the death of her parents I do go to their house to pray with them and her mother did attend my church sometimes when she was alive, her mother was even the person that helped me financially to build my small Church.

Name of my Church is “Rocher des Siecles” (mean “Rock of Ages”) and the church is located in Dabou Town. Dabou is about 80KM from commercial city of Cote d’ivoire. I opened the Church on June 2010 and the Church has very small congregation attending it before Cote d’ivoire political turmoil that wasted more than 10,000 lives between January and May.

Presently, I am with the Orphan in a city in Cote d’ivoire called Bassam and we intend to stay here until she leaves out of this country. As I said in my previous email, what the girl needs is not financial help. The fund her late father left for her is enough for her and the fund will take her to any education level. All she needs is your assistance to transfer her inheritance to your country. After her inheritance must have transferred to your country she will travel to your country to continue her education. (2)To help her have a stay in your country when she will come over to meet with you and continue her education (3) to help her manage whatever lucrative business you will set up for her until she is old enough to handle it.

Since you are interested to help the Orphan, I would like to know how you intend to take care of her and also how you intend to invest the fund.

I would be glad to have answers to below questions:

Are you married?

Do you have kids?

What is your profession?

How old are you.

I will wait to receive your kind response.

Thanks and God bless you.

Rev. Jean Louis Agama

From: Rev. Jean Louis Agama < jeanabj01@hotmail.com >
Subject: RE: From Rev. Louis
Date: Monday, 26 September, 2011, 14:54


How are you doing today? Hope well.

I have not been able to write you for some days now but I have been busy processing the necessary paper required to make you the rightful person to act and receive the young lady’s inheritance funds to your account.

With the prayers I said before contacting you to help the Orphan I believe you are the right person to help the young lady. All the signs I asked God to show me during my prayers are manifesting. The most happiest sign is that the young lady has started feeling that she has a father, she always ask me every minute to know if I called you or if you send email. I can see joy in her eyes every morning she wakes up. I believe that God is in control of the whole thing.

I am God fearing man and I cannot in any way take advantage of your trust and that of the young lady. I am doing this because of the young lady's mother. Her mother helped me a lot when she was alive. As I said in one of my previous emails, her mother was the person that single handedly built my Church and equipped it with Air Condition, fans, Musical instrument etc. Though she is dead but this is a way to show appreciation of what her mother did for my Church. During the political turmoil that left thousands of people dead, the militias missed there target and mistakenly shell the Church and damaged almost everything in the Church. Up till now the area is not yet recovered due to the presence of pockets of militias’ opposition in the area but Government military is still planning to launch offensive to liberate the area.

Within very short time we will know each other. I am a kind of person that likes to maintain good reputation and dignity. I cannot in anyway carried away with worldly things as we will die someday and leave our wealth on earth. I am satisfied of myself. When the transfer is completed the only help I will seek from you and the young lady is little money I will use to put my Church in good shape so that we can be able to commence our church services. As soon as the young lady must have relaxed very well in your country I will invite you to this country so that we can see each other and also for you to see my church.

My request means no harm to you and your family. Everything concerning this is truth and nothing but the truth and I believe that our almighty God will make you to understand the reality of this.

I and the young lady came back from court about 4 hours ago. The court has finally issued the authority letter (Letter of Administration) and we have faxed it to the holding firm to enable them know that from now upwards you are the appointed person that will act on the young girl's inheritance fund and also the person that will receive and invest the funds on behalf of the young lady until she is old enough. Copy of the authority letter is attached in this email.

Now that court has issued authority letter on your favour you are required to immediately establish communication with the holding firm. You are to write them and apply for release. Below is contact information of person in-charge in the holding firm.

Name: Malcolm Brooke

Account Department Director

Email: accountdepartment@roossbergfinance.com

Tel: +1 829 249 6932

You are to contact them via email address and when contacting them do include the authority letter for their confirmation.

Do email me as soon as you contact them and also do let me know when you hear from them. This is for follow up.

Please advise how I should send copy of the Letter of Administration to you. Do you want it to be sent via email attachment or via fax? Please let me know and do send me your fax number in the event you want it to be sent via fax. Email attachment will be a lot cheaper for me.

NB: I attached my international passport as an email attachment in this email.

Thanks and God bless you.

Rev. Jean-Louis Agama

My international passport

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