Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr > > From: Hong Lee
> > Sent: 01/23/12 06:36 PM
> > Subject: For Your Interest!!
> >
> > Hello,
> > I have a business deal i would want to discuss with you, please reply for details.
> > Regards,
> > Hong Jae
Mr > From: Jae Hong
> Sent: 01/24/12 07:04 PM
> Subject: Thank You For Your Reply. (FOR YOUR PRIVATE ATTENTION.)
> I want to thank you sincerely for making out time out from your schedules to reply my email. I do not mean to be a bother, but my desire to seek
> your assistance in securing an asset compelled me to contact you. My
> decision to reach out to you is out of the best of intention and not in
> any way to bring you any discomfort. Please kindly and patiently read
> the following and get back to me with your position, which I hope will
> be positive in view of the meager time left to achieve the objective.
> Please read…!
> I am Hong lee Jae, of the global asset management division of the shanghai commercial bank Hong Kong and I got in touch with you regarding an asset portfolio investment placed
> under my management some years ago, precisely, 2006. this matter
> requires your prompt response and expedient execution of the process in
> achieving the set objective, as a deadline has been giving by the
> People’s Central Bank of China (PCBC) for the asset to be claimed or
> risk it been confiscated by the government through the PCBC I
> respectfully request that you read through this disclosure very
> carefully and have me know your position with regards to the help I need to secure the release of a cash asset and (other capital market
> portfolio) invested through us by a foreign concern, before it is
> confiscated. In fact, administrative action concerning the confiscation has already commenced in that direction.
> Why I need your help.
> The peculiarity around the confiscation of the funds clearly validates my
> reasons for asking you to help stop the confiscation. so many
> unthinkable things and under hand dealings go on in the name of banking, a sector that is supposed to be a heavily regulated and monitored
> branch of any nation’s economic, nonetheless, too many under the table
> and back door activities take place every day. such that those who are
> put in position of authority to regulate and control the financial
> sector are the same set of people who connive with banks’ c.e.o’s and
> directors on the board of banks to perpetrate all sort of unethical and
> illegal practices. this fund I need your help to secure is one of such
> asset affected by the confiscation order of the PCBC it is of my
> privilege understanding as an insider that some top directors in my bank and their government
> officials/collaborators are planning to carry out the confiscation
> before the fullness of time allowed in law, so as to satisfy their
> inordinate pecuniary interest and intention. Hence, the reason I need
> you to stop the funds confiscation before the PCBC follows through with
> its plans. if not, the confiscation order will be executed, but the fund will be diverted to their private pockets, as the government officials
> that ought to see to the disbursement of the confiscated funds are also
> in on the deal with them as the fund is shared amongst all of them.
> Thus, creating the unending circle of ‘‘the rich getting richer, at the
> expense of the poor''. In all honesty, I had made several attempts to
> locate any and all of his relatives, immediate and extended; but all
> attempts came up empty, as findings later proved that the deceased
> obviously did not have an easily identifiable survivor. Why he didn’t still baffles me until date.
> However, I have exclusive access to his file and records, as such, I crave your
> indulgence to allow me perfect the process and present you as the long
> sought next of kin to the deceased investor/depositor, as to cause the
> asset and its yield be paid and remitted to you in full. As an insider
> in this matter, rest assured that I would use my insider’s advantage to
> manipulate our inter-banking system to make things work for us.
> I understand we’ll need to obtain certain probate documents i.e. (last
> will and testament, attestation of witness, sworn affidavit etc) from
> the court to show that the asset investment deposit was truly a bequest
> to you by the benefactor (now deceased). This can be achieved in a week
> or less. all that I need is your yes / acceptance to assist me in
> stopping the management of my bank from carrying out the confiscation
> and forfeiture of the asset, which like other previous confiscation, is
> seen as free money that is shared between the board of directors and
> their government collaborators, this, explains their eagerness to
> confiscate this funds too. What do you say?
> With the assurances of my warmest regards,
> Mr. Hong Jae Lee
> Shanghai commercial bank global asset management (H.K.)
> Hong Kong, special administrative region (S.A.R)

From: Jae Hong

Sent: 01/26/12 02:54 AM

Subject: 回复: Thank You For Your Reply. (FOR YOUR PRIVATE ATTENTION.)

I am pleased with your response and I am even more pleased with the fact that we will be doing this together. Like I said in my preceding email, I mean no harm, but the best of intentions. At this point, i ask that you do not use the information I shall share with you in the course of securing this fund against me. One, who brings good fortune, is one who means well. So goes a Chinese saying.
I want you to know that this is a very serious transaction that would need your seriousness to for a successful completion. It is a once in a life time opportunity and i have personally done a serious home work on it so i am very careful not to loose it and i hope you understand me very well and i also believe that you are capable to move along with me . I cannot say that I have a particular reason why I choose you, it was as a matter of necessity that I contacted you for this transaction without further investigation about your person, as I have compelled myself to regard you to be of a responsible personality so there is no standard criteria for chosen you, but I am certain that I shall ascertain you person before long, as I would get to know you better as the transaction progress.
To kick start the process, we will need to secure legal probate documents. These will be used to prove and confirm your ownership and beneficiary status of the funds before the asset liquidation and confiscation committee, set up by the H.K.M.A to liquidate all unclaimed and untitled cash assets. In view of this, I had to source for a willing probate lawyer to produce the documents, but then I had to be careful in my search, as disclosing this plan to the wrong lawyer will mean disaster for me. However, I was able to get one, with whom I had not concluded discussion with as I wasn’t sure of your response. But on the strength of your response I had concluded discussions with him this evening and he has accepted to do the job, but at break neck cost.
His job description as i stated, is to prepare documents that will state you as the beneficiary of the said asset in its true deposit value. But the approach will not be stated as an inheritance fund for personal benefit, but an 'INVESTMENT FUND FOR HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS'' so as to avoid attracting local inheritance Tax in your country. I don’t know what the percentage is in your country, but it is up to 40% here. Now, after the attorney secures all the probate documents, he will them personally by hand to the legal department of bank for verification to ascertain their authenticity. Management will thereafter meet to determine how payment will be made to you as soon as the funds is approved and cleared for transfer to you by the Hong Kong Management Authority.
The cash transfer will be made to you directly I am meeting with the attorney in the morning on my way to the office, to discuss the modalities of the contents of the documents in greater depth; I will revert to you immediately after our meeting. Meanwhile, I need the below information from you for proper filing/records titling and the lawyer sure will need them too to accomplish his task of the documents.
Your Full Names:
Your Address:
Age and Sex
Personal/Private Phone/
Marital status:
Please do oblige me with the required details immediately. So I can engage the lawyer to commence action by tomorrow without further delays. I will let you know should he need further info to enable him perfect his services in this regard and finally we will be sharing into half that 50/50 between the both of us, please also attachment for certificate of deposit so you will know how much is involved here and note that this document I am not suppose to send to you but in other for you know how much we are dealing with here that is why I sent It to you.
With the assurances of my warmest regards,
Mr. Hong Jae Lee
Shanghai commercial bank global asset management (H.K.)
Hong Kong, special administrative region (S.A.R)
Miss Young

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