Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: oddybaby
Date: 08-10-2012 19:10:48
Subject: Hello

Hello, My name is Miss odemira, good looking young girl. After reading your profile here www.chat-date.net, i became much interested in you, i want to have a sincere and lovely relationship with you. My email is ( furudemy@yahoo.com ) Write me soon so that i reply you with my pictures. I am hoping for your mail.

Miss odemira

Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 11:08:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Subject: I feel nice reading your mail

My dearest, I am happy to read from your reply to my request. Thanks for honoring my invitation with your lovely pictures, you are so cute and lovely, i so much appreciate your looks honey. I will really appreciate having a good and sincere relationship with you. It will please me much to build this relationship with one love,trust and honesty.

My full name is Miss Odemira Bryant, from Liberia. I am 25 years of age and about 172 cm tall with average body size. I need real love and a man of my own, a man to be with and share real love with. I am a girl of sincerity, honest with heart of love, passionate with open mind. I believe that truth, sincerity, honest and faithfulness is the master key to everlasting relationship. I do hope that we will build this with one love, one mind and in sincerity, and other things will follow. My hobbies are, reading, sports, i like watching football, tennis,watch firms and comedies, documentary news at free time. I will like to know your like and dislike, what you need from a woman of your choice. I am hoping and wishing to establish a sincere and everlasting relationship with you. I wait for your mail soon, here are my pictures for you, hope you will like them.

Yours sincerely,

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 06:18:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Subject: I will be happy to be yours forever

My dearest in heart, Thanks for your gentle concern on me, i appreciate your words of concern. I do not that the internet will be ok soon so that we can communicate often honey. As i earlier said, i am sincere loving girl, trusted with honest heart. I hate lies,betrayal and cheating. I love been open mind, sincere and honesty. I really wish to establish sincere and lovely relationship with you that will lead us to marriage. I am seeking for my soul-mate and i have to be open and tell you everything about me. I am from God's fearing family. My family, i from a family of two, me and my younger brother, but he died in a car accident with my mother three years ago. My father is alive, he is a great political in my country and served as president, political father, but presently, he is serving in prison because of the allegation imposed on him by his political opponent.

I am writing to you with confidence and trust that you can handle this as yours and in one love between me and you. On 24 September 2010, my father was charged for embezzlement. My government alleged him to have embezzled and kept in prison and as a result of that, I was the next target as the only surviving daughter, which made my father to ask me to ran out of country to where i am now. I am believing that we can be together to share real love together and i also want you to handle this for me as my partner and my investor. My father deposited some money as out family treasure, and as a result of his arrest, he ordered me to ran out and seek for a trusted person who will stand for me as my husband and my investor to claim the money from the bank before my government get to know anything about it. The amount is only ($5,000,000.00). I am telling you all this with hope that you will not betray my trust to represent me as my investor soon because if my government find out, they will confiscate it and i will loose everything. I will tell you more about it and the process of the transfer when i hear from you and i have your sincere support. I am willing to relocate to your country and continue my education, because i can not go back to my country again.I told you all these because you are a good listener. I wait for your reply soon,and i do hope we can meet soon.

Yours sincerity,

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 06:25:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Subject: I adore your word of honesty

My darling , I will starting by appreciating your kind understanding.Yes, i want you to stand on my behalf as my beneficiary, but honey, it is not as business relationship. I want to have everlasting relationship with you not because of the money only, but it is my wish to be your respectful wife if you wish and like to accept me as your wife. Honey, i understood your terms and i agreed to it. Actually you are right that such transfer or money should have proof which i am sending to you to see it yourself. Secondly, i am as well sending a website of my father, you read it yourself. Here is the web,(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyude_Bryant). I attach the deposit certificate which was issued to my father the date he deposited the money. When you view all the proofs, and you confirm the truth of all that i told you, then in your request, i send you the bank contact so that you will write them yourself to confirm again from bank. Thanks once again for listening to me, i adore you darling.

Your sincere love,

Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 03:40:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Subject: My dearest in heart

My dear, I am happy reading your mail once again, especially on your questions.Yes, i said that i am the next target because my father's political opposition are so much against us and they can do anything to wipe off my family as they know me as the only surviving daughter. You know that i am a woman and in Africa, women does not have equal right with men. Presently, i am here in senegal. When things got out of control by my father, and he was held for the second time, he asked me to leave my country and go far place where i am not be located because the new government might come after me as the only daughter.

Yes, my father is alive,but his life is in danger because before i left my country, they poisoned him but by the grace of God, he survived it, but not at his full health condition. All those deadly attempt made him to ask me to go out of the country and seek for my better life. The account is in his name, but i am the next of kin, and the money was deposited as our family treasure. Yes, you and me can claim the money from bank because i am the next of kin. Actually, my father did not sign power of attorney to me but he gave me the right to choose whosoever will assist me to get the money before our government get to know about it because if they do, they will confiscate the money.

I believe that we can get the power of attorney and i sign it to you, but i am suggesting that we hear from bank and follow bank's directions to avoid mistakes. My especial reason is that my father asked me to look for someone who will stand for me as my investor. Secondly, i do not know anything about transfer and i can not handle such money because i do not know how and where to invest it. I am following instructions from my father. The reason my father can not give you power of attorney myself is due to his present situation, but he gave me the right to choose who i want. Now he does not know whom i choose and i can not go to my country for him to sign it to you,we can do everything from here through bank's direction. Hope you understand it all now sir. I wait to your mail soon.

Yours lovely,

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 05:13:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Subject: I so much apreciate your lecture honey

Darling, I read your mail many times and i understood all your explanation honey, you really got it all. You teaches me what i never know, thanks for this great lecture honey. You are really great and i appreciate your kind knowledge and wisdom. Honey, like i told you earlier, i do not even have account of my own to claim the money and as i told you, i can not manage the money, and my father warned and asked me to get a trusted person that will stand for me. If i know that power of attorney is needed in such, i would have done my best to ask him to do it. I want you to know that the money is not even deposited here in Africa, the bank was in london and i have never be in london, it will be so difficult for me to handle, that is the reason i am trusting everything in you sir. I know you have enough knowledge to handle it honey.

The reason i said that if my country find out they will confiscate it is because my father is in their custody and if that he wanted to get power of attorney then, they will know that he deposited money out of the country, it may be the reason my father did not want to do anything at that moment and ask me to go out of the country and seek for my trustee. It does not mean that it is my country's money, no, it is our own money he deposited as our family treasure and for my education abroad. You do not stand for any risk sir, no one knows about the money except me and my father and now, you have nothing to do with my father, all will be between me and you. I came to senegal through a help of our church member's direction, and when i come here, i went to church where i am now staying.I am sleeping in church. Yes i have my passport, and it is still with me here now. Honey, i can not go back to my country, it is risk for me sir. Please, understand my fears of going to my country, my father is in their custody, if they see me, i will be hold again. I am so much willing to come to your country and marry you if possible for me to come soon, i will definitely love to come to you by any means.

Yes honey, i am understanding you well and i believe that we will get a suitable solution to get everything settle without me going to my country, i know my fear honey, please,understand me in that area. Honey, i will follow all you are telling me because you know more than me, but please, do not ask me to go to my country, please and please! Honey, i heard all you said regarding the power of attorney and i will seek on how i can get it here. As you said that it will be a lawyer that has the right to get it and legalize it, i will ask Rev. pastor of this church if he knows any lawyer that can do that in your name ok. Only that i do not know that cost and i do not have enough money with me here again. As you said, i am promising you that any money you spend must be paid back to you before even you seek for the investor as you said. I agreed with all your instructions and guideline honey. I can not work against your instructions ,you must be greatly compensated, all i want is my happiness, and the success of the transfer. The only area i want you to look at is to get an investor. I accepted on that,but you will be the manager on the investor,you can not just leave everything to him or her, or we will not invest all the money, we can invest half and leave rest in your account for our family use, or what do you think? I must tell you that i so much appreciate all your words of sincerity, thanks for everything sir.

Yours lovely,

Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 07:55:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Subject: Follow me to share my happiness!

Hello My Dearest, Still Remember me? I am your friend Miss Odemira Bryant. It is with my great pleasure to inform you that the transfer has been made with the help of my new associate partner, Mr. Barryton, from Ireland. I have left Senegal to Ireland for investment projects with him. But, i can not forget the effort you made to see that the transfer was made successfully, but due to certain reasons, we did not achieve our arms. I really appreciated your past effort and concerned.

Do accept this little gift to show my appreciation. I left a draft of 250,000 Euros (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Euros only) to Reverend Father Peter in Senegal to compensate you and to glorify God for my libation from suffering. Kindly get in touched with him and instruct him how he will send it to you successfully. I left instruction to him on your behalf to receive the draft, he will send it to you without any delay. Thanks and God bless you.

His name: Rev.Peter Louis
E-mail address; (rev.peter_l@yahoo.com)

Your faithfully,
Mr From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/4/13
Subject: Darling,this is about me

Hello my dearest,
How are you today? I really need your sincere relationship.
My full name is Odemirafan Bizimungu. I am 24 years
of age,height 174cm with average body size of 54kg. I am a girl of
sincerity,honest with heart of love,passionate with open mind.I need real
love and a man of my own,a man to be with and share real love with.I believe
that truth,sincerity,honest and faithfulness is the master key to
everlasting relationship.I do hope that we will build this with one love,one
mind and in sincerity.
I am the first daughter of Mr.Augustin Bizimungu from Rwanda in central
Africa,he was former chief of staff and general in the Rwandan Armed Forces
(FAR), but was arrested and poisoned to in prison.His opposition party
rebels attacked our home and killed my mother with my younger brother. I was
brought to this country Dakar Senegal,in west Africa by the UN rescuing
team,and they kept me in Senegalese refugee camp, where i am serving as a
refugee. I am writing to you now from our Reverend's computer, the reverend
in charge of this camp.
My only happiness is that i have with me here some relevant documents,such
as a deposit certificate of $4.8m Us Dollars by my late father and i am used
as the next of kin to the deposited amount.I am telling you all this with
hope that you will not betray my trust to you to represent me as my foreign
partner in making the claim of the deposited money from the bank. I want a
trust worthy foreign personality that can help me to clear the fund from the
bank, and transfer to your own account. I am willing to relocate to your
country and continue my education,as i was in my second year in the
university before the ugly situation took place. I will tell you more when i
hear from you. Here are my photos for you,hope to hear from you soon.
Remain with the best and have a lovely day.
Yours sincerity
Miss Odemirafan

Mr From: Odemira Furuma <furudemy@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/4/13
Subject: My love is for you only you

My sweetheart,
My darling, I was a student before the death of my parents,but since i
lost my parent,i drop out of school,and come into this country
senegal,where i am serving as a refugee,facing difficulties,suffering
in this camp,i am staying day by day without eating food,living in
hunger and starvation here. Please,i really need your help as much as
you can ok. I am dying in suffering and stress here,but now that i
have you in my life as my love,i feel better.
I want the money to be transferred to your own account, so that you
can be able to send to me some money from it to process my
international passport,and as well buy my air ticket to come to you
and we be together.I will also like to complete my education when i am
with you if you wish,while you will invest and manage the money in any
business you like that can give us a good profit.
Call me on (00221778370703),but the telephone number belongs to
Reverend father Peter. He is in charge of this refugee camp
ok,whenever you call,tell him that you want to speak with and he will
send for me to come to talk with you ok.
I want to inform bank that you are my investor to enable bank transfer
the money to you. I need your information to write a nomination letter
of transfer to bank, to tell them that i chosen you as my investor and
my foreign partner.
I need the following information from you to inform bank first that
you are my investor;
1. Your full name,
2. Your Nationality,address, and
3. Your telephone number
With this your information,i will send a letter of nomination to bank
and then,i will send to you contact details with transfer application
letter which you will send to bank ok.Thanks once again for accepting
me as your love,i will love you with all my heart,i so much appreciate
you darling.
I wait to hear from you soon.
Yours love,

Miss Young

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