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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: pierrette.anderson@yahoo.com
Sent: Thu, Sep 20, 2012 2:21 AM PDT
Subject: Am Mrs Pierrette Anderson

Dear friend,

I am impressed with your message by contacting me...it gives me relief out from pain and thanks for all your message that lightens my heart , well...as you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I believe everyone will die someday, I am sorry to use the medium in communicating with you but unfortunately it is my last resort to seek for a capable and honest individual or organization that will support my dreams and decided to email you for a permission to go ahead. I am mixed race with dual citizenship, Aussie-American and a Merchant in Canada I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts, I have particularly lived my life so well, as I have not always cared for anyone,even myself but my business.

�I am presently undergoing treatment for the Cancer of the lungs (Esophageal Cancer) which makes me weak, I have since lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only a few weeks to live and in fact several operation makes my breath painful.

Though I am very rich, I was very Generous, I was always free to people and always focused on my business as that was the only thing I cared for that other people benefit from. Despite the fact that i don't have child before this age of myself and after the death of my late husband pual Anderson, now I regret all this, as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world.

I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to this world I would live my life the same way by giving alms and helping the needy. I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul,so Right now,I have decided to give alms to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations in the United Kingdom, U.A.E, Algeria and Malaysia, Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself anymore, I need your help, so when you contact me via my email so that i can tell you more and you can assist me in this project.

My happiness is that I lived a fulfilled life and l don't have any regrets in life Please note that any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for another individual as I stated here in for more details to proceed Hoping to hear from you soonest and do notify your interest to help me assist charity.Hope to hear from you soon.

I await your urgent reply. You are blessed.
Mrs. Pierrette Anderson.
Mr From: pierrette.anderson@yahoo.com
Sent: Thu, Sep 20, 2012 10:53 PM PDT
Subject: More About Me

Its a great thing to have a contact with you, I deleted my profile cause i could not see what am looking for. People there need a relationship and i need an honest humam who can handle a charity project for me , Little more about me, i am a dual nationality by citizenship also more of a mixed race, Aussie-Amercan and Canadian descent but Originally from Australia, got nationalized after my long years of relationship with some high personalities, Right now i am in Isreal under medical treatment for 6 month now.

I am a widow, with a lot of compassion, i am a warm person, very caring and loving woman who is looking for a special someone i can confide in him i am very heart broken as i have miss the companionship of someone to share my life and time with,with whom i am very close and they mean the world to me.

I realize that the best is yet to come and i know what i am looking for in a relationship or companion. I believe that love can be wonderful the second time around but it is to my sadness that i cannot leave to see this second chance with whom i love. I love to laugh, can be quiet at times, but for the most part i love to have fun. I am a very positive person, and would give the world for the right partner. I am very giving and often put myself last, thinking of others before myself.

I believe in laughter and happiness are so important in life. I am looking for a kind hearten man �Or woman who is God fearing and will take over the WILL of me and my late Husband to invest the sum fund kept secretly with a security company for charity foundation projects on the Name of me and my late Husband as we don't have any child before and now as i have few days to pass away.

I need someone who will hold my word and make effect use of this fund to ensure that it is utilized on what is meant for the needy and poor,and appreciate the little things of life.I would love to meet someone who will engage in long conversations,someone who loves music,fun and laughter and realizes that its not what you do together but rather who you are spending your time with that makes those moments so special.

I believe this to be true "for at the side of all Great Man there shall stand a Great Woman and it is how they believe in each other that they will gather their strength and perseverance. Any relationship needs to consist of trust, respect, good communication, compromise and friendship.

I will be sending you my pictures and identification so that we can get more acquainted and familiar with each other and i will also be expecting you to send me your pictures . I will be hoping if we can meet in person with you and hold hand with you before i pass away finally. Please get back to me as soon as possible if you will be capable to handle this fund charity project transaction on behalf of me and my late husband and even after i have pass away.

Yours Beloved,
Pierrette Anderson
My Pics
Mr From: pierrette.anderson@yahoo.com
Sent: Fri, Sep 21, 2012 11:39 PM PDT
Subject: Mrs Pierrette Anderson

Dearest �Friend ,

It is nice to hear back from you on here again and thank you for understanding my message but I want you to carefully understand the content of this letter following your assistance and team work on this project and i need to emphasize that if we come into agreement to work this out then we need to exchange some vital information for more familiarity and i can assure you that this Charity fund delivery to you is risk free and my late husband legal/financial consultant will ensure that you have all the back up documents legally processed on your name to get the trunk box.
�I have decided to continue this with you after been prayerful to find an honest and God fearing person that will make use of this fund project for the right purpose because my husband family and all relatives have quarreled rivalry and killing themselves even attempting to murder me before my death because of my husbands wealth but I am lucky to have escaped all their evil plans.

�I have no choice than to take this risk knowing that we have never met before and it is a Big risk on my side entrusting such charity fund project to a stranger, but the fact is that this is my last resort as i have less than 4 weeks more to be in this world and i cannot afford the dream of me and my late husband to fade away and allow his so called wicked and deadly family or the government to find out about this deposited charity fund kept with a security company by my late husband, i have a little problem with my health my family abandoned me in the hospital because of my health my husband family sold my husband property and ask me to never come back to my husband because my husband is late, and the people who i ask to manage my husband business,they all flee away with some fund which still ended up by my husband family.
�Please know that communication is very essential in this kind of transaction, most importantly with me because of the limited period that i may have to live , the communication with me have to be rapid so that i could pass you all the necessary information as regards this fund, the deposit and the documents inquest, this explain the limitation of time which the doctor gave me.The distance between us does not matter but it is simply an issue of adhering to instruction or instructions. Me and my late husband were both involved in charity organization work before his death,and after his death,the organization still went on until i was stricken with this strange illness.
�The actual reason i contacted you is that you will stand in my place to make a good FOUNDATION which shall be named after the name of my late husband and my name if i end up the ghost after all (Pual and pierrette FOUNDATION) and also donation of this fund in quest to be use for fund-to-fund charity,orphanages and less privileged , widows and to ensure that these set of people are well maintained as many as you may know all over the world,your role is in two phase,the first phase is to claim the fund in quest from the finance and security firm and to make a good donation of this fund.
�I have contacted you after been prayerful to find an honest person to stand in my place to make this claim and use this fund in a rightful way.This is a deal I am offering you and I want you to know that it requires only a matured mind to understand all I am saying and I believe you are matured enough . Note that this transaction has to be kept within the two of us alone, in fact my dealing with you has to be confidential not known to any body . Be assured that this transaction is absolutely trouble free and it is legitimate, it's just like i am transferring my inheritance to you of certainty that "A WILL" could be passed to whomsoever . All that is required from you is absolute privacy as regards this transaction and not known to any fellow than you.

�My country of origin is Australia. But at the moment, I am in Israel undergoing some medical treatment right now. As we proceed,you would know how safe this fund where kept. Also as we progress on this transaction,you would find more out about me in particular. Other details about this transaction would be unveil in my next message. The detail i wish to know about you are supplied in your response to my proposal. As you know, we have never met or done any transaction prior to this time and its not so easy starting with a transaction of 6.8 Million Dollars (six Million and Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ).
�I have to be sure that you will not grab the opportunity and seat on the money when it gets to you in your country. Therefore please re-confirm these detail information to me so that there would not be a mistake when i would be issuing an authorization letter,actually i would require some of these details to write a fund authorization letter,for your recognition by my late husband Financial & Legal consultant who shall assist you in all paper/document process to deliver the fund to you in your country.
�1) Full name......
2) Your contact Address......
3) A valid form of identification.......
4) Telephone number.......
5) Age......
6) Occupation(Work/Employer).....
7) Country of Origin.....
�When I have your consent and the above information, I will send you a Legal Letter of Authorization, which you will send to the Finance Institute/Consultant to start up this transaction. If required you may need to travel to meet up with the fund managers having fulfilled the rightful processing.
Mrs. pierrette.anderson
Mr From: pierrette.anderson@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, Sep 25, 2012 8:03 AM PDT
Subject: My Proposal

My Dearest,

How are you my dear ,sorry for my late response because i need to pray more to confirm your trust and also i have been under a medical restriction as i cannot speak or talk louder and so weak to eat or drink,thank you for the response, thank you so much for the information you sent and i now feel so comfortable and can trust you at this stage, hope you read and digest my previous message to you, how is work? hope everything is fine with you, At this stage and time , my trust in you is ascertain and i give you the go-ahead to carry out this vital fund project for me and mylate Husband.

Having received your information and i feel so delighted to hear back from you with all requirement information by you. Now i see you to be a open and honest person and with this effect i have forwarded your recommendation and approve your right as the beneficiary of the consignment trunk box containing the said amount of $6.8million USD which is confidentially kept with a security.

Right now i want you to follow my instruction; My dear, you will be contacting the financial/legal consultant with this letter of fund authorization which have been drafted and signed by myself to proof my consent approval of you as the next of kin to the consignment fund.So,on contacting the financial consultant.You are to tell him in your email that you have known me for some years and now i am asking you to claim the consignment trunk box as belong to me and my late Husband.

It's a good news to tell you that the letter of fund authorization is now ready for you to get the legal consultant to start the paper work needed for legitimate delivery of the said consignment trunk box of 6.8million usd to you in your country. I have attached below �the fund authorization letter to this email and i want you to forward only a copy of the authorization letter to the legal/financial consultant.

I have forwarded to him already a copy of the authorization letter from my side and it is compulsory you forward to him a copy of the documents so as to confirm from both of us. and please remember what i told you that we have known each other for long years in case he ask you how long we met. and also remember that i told him that i have meet you in person and we never met on internet.

Here below is the contact information of the legal/financial consultant to handle the delivery of fund to you in your country so you are to forward to his email the attached letter of fund authorization as signed by me for the release process of the fund transfer/ delivery of a consignment trunk box inside it is the said amount of 6.8million USD to be delivered to you in your country.

Name: Mr (Barr.) Steven Jacob
Tel: �+44 704 571 5362�
Tel: �+44 753 481 1031
Email: infojacoblawconsultantservice@gmail.com
� � ��
So right now,that is the information of the legal/financial consultant,So you are to therefore to contact him by introducing yourself and also forward him the fund authorization document to proof your approval by me Mrs Babara to represent the interest of me and my late Husband as the beneficiary of the said fund amount of 6.8million USD.

Kindly make sure you contact him as soon as you receive this vital information and also i will like you to forward to me every step and response from the legal/financial consultant.Please keep me in touch as soon as possible as you contact the consultant.
With Love
Mr From: infojacoblawconsultantservice@gmail.com
Sent: Wed, Sep 26, 2012 10:14 AM PDT
Subject: FROM THE DESK OF Mr (Barr.) Steven Jacob: SJ & chamber Consultant Service

Tel: +44 704 571 5362
Tel: +44 753 481 1031

Our Ref : ST373/2012-ST838
Your Ref: JJ/B54/2012-757

Sorry for the late response,I am in receipt of your email of september
26th,2012 reference to the content that is contained in your sent email
concerning a deposited fund trunk box inheritance belonging to the late
Mr.Paul Anderson and Mrs.Pierrette Anderson.

This is to inform you that Mrs.Pierrette Anderson has got in touch with me
concerning the release of the fund trunk box to you in recommendation of
you as her partner and also a trusted old friend well known by the family,
please confirm this in return for personal relation with you and also with
the assurance that you will be capable to handle this transaction
effectively without any delay or attempt to bypass Mrs. Pierrette Anderson
of her right to the fund
after been confirmed delivered to you in your country.

I am Esq. Steven Jacobs a consultant in financial matters.I Specialize in
fund investing / investment offshore companies handling for high network
individuals, blue chip operations and this is based on recommendations and
directive from some group of Financial institutions globally.High network
individuals who are well connected who would on the other hand would want
to make an undisclosed investment are most times referred or directed to me
by their financial institution. My attachment to financial cooperation is
limited and often recommendation are made by High network individuals
and politicians.

Therefore,To begin the claiming of the said fund trunk box containing and
undisclosed amount of $6.8 Million United State Dollars consignment content
family treasure trunk box.Though i have received all your information and
identification copy from from Mrs. Pierrette Anderson but I will still
require you to reconfirm to me back.You will be officially and compulsory
required to re- produce on my desk, your; A copy of authorization letter
given to you by Mrs pierrette Anderson .

1) Full name
2) Your full contact Address
3) A valid form of identification ( e.g ; Valid copy of driver's
license or international passport/National ID)
4) Home/Mobile Telephone number
5) Age/date of birth
6) Occupation
7) Country of Origin
8) Name of your Company/Address of Company
9) Name Of Bank/Address

You may send all details of information by fax provided Or Email,also
attached by email.

As soon as I re-confirm the above information once again then I will
proceed to issue you a Power Of Attorney which will attract a compulsory
consultancy fees as required by my professional ethic, which will be used
on tax level with the finance institute to start up all the necessary legal
paper work transfer/change of documentation ownership to your name
which is required to deliver the consignment trunk
box to you legitimately in Nigeria .

All I need from you is your full cooperation and effectiveness and also
beware that the delivery of the fund to you is strictly confidential and
should be kept out of any public notice or third party until the fund is
delivered to you in nigeria and deposited in your designated Bank account.

I will await your swift response,Sir.Please feel free to contact me anytime
of the day through this email address because this fund DELIVERY
transaction will have to be speed up for delivery to you on or before 5th
October, 2012 as schedule.

Yours faithfully,

Steven Jacobs.
CEO/Director of Operation.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:The information accompanying this email may contain
confidential information which may be legally privileged.The information is
intended only for the use of the named recipient.If you are not the
intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying,
distribution or other action concerning the contents of this email except
by direct delivery to the intended recipient is strictly prohibited.If you
received this transmission in error, please notify the sender and
immediately delete the contents.
Mr From: infojacoblawconsultantservice@gmail.com
Sent: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 5:43 AM PDT
Subject: FROM THE DESK OF Mr (Barr.) Steven Jacob: SJ & chamber Consultant Service

FROM THE DESK OF Mr (Barr.) Steven Jacob: SJ & chamber Consultant Service
Legal Practitioners,Notary Public and Legal Adviser Henry Duncan
Drive, 120 George Street London,EH2 4LH,UK.

Tel: +44 704 571 5362 : 44 753 481 1031

Our Ref: ST373/2012-ST838
Your Ref: JJ /B54/2012-757

Good day,hope you receive my previous message,It has been so ethic for me
combining and also trying to accomplish a lot of legal papers across to you
knowing that time is not our friend concerning this fund delivery
transaction.I acknowledged your correspond information and identity copies
as regard your willingness to proceed with the delivery of the fund
inheritance of Mrs Pierrette Anderson the wife of late Paul Anderson as
recommended by her wife Mrs Pierrette who appointed you as the beneficiary
of the kept fund.

Right now ,i need first of all to receive and acknowledge your signature
been signed on the Power of Attorney to confirm your agreement to work with
me to have this fund delivered to you in Nigeria and also you will be
require to sign a Proof Of Fund Certificate which i will forward to you via
email attachment or by fax and you will be require to print this documents
out and sign them and forward them back to me your signed copies.

Kindly note ;As soon as you are signing the Power Of Attorney as will be
attached and forwarded to you also with your Proof of fund certificate you
are to be in agreement to pay a legal consultation/processing and
documentation fees of #650Pounds (Great Britain Pounds)this is a
normalization fees and official requirement proceedings and i will send you
the information to send the fees by western union money transfer to us in
United Kingdom.

The said consultation/ documentation fees is a start off for my
associate/office/chamber in running official tax concerning some Levyfees /
documentation expenses as required for legitimate delivery of your
consignment trunk box fund to you in Nigeria as you know that before your
fund must be transferred legal documents and papers must be change to your
name as the new beneficiary of the said fund amount of $6.8million USD to

Also please note that this fund will be delivered to you as a consignment
directly to you in Nairobi Kenya or alternatively by online Banking
transfer so as to avoid high tax charges by the Nigeria government or
create any sort of awareness as regard the transfer of the fund into your
bank account on delivery to you in which could be too expensive for you to

So therefore the fund will be arrange as a consignment in a trunk box and
will be handle for shipment to you in Nigeria which you will have to take
care of the delivery and inspect the consignment trunk box and also
count/cross check the money in inside the trunk box to confirm the total
amount of $6.8million USD to you in your country.You will be call once the
truck box arrival in Nigeria.

I will wait for your attachment of the signed copy of Power of Attorney and
Proof of Fund Documents then i will later provide you with the information
to send the consultation fees so that we can get this started this week and
get it done quickly as i want to assure you that the trunk fund box will be
delivered to you in Nigeria on or before 10th October,2012.Kindly also
note that ; I am not a baby lawyer and i don't argue with my client i have
never meet you face to face about consultation fees,I hate to deal with
clients on internet and so i have advised already Mrs Pierrette Anderson
and strongly warned her about taking any beneficiary risk before her death
but she assured me of your intimate relationship and trust worthy/
capability to handle this fund delivery transaction .

Mrs Pierrette Anderson have given me all assurance of you
is capable and honest to handle this vital fund transaction and
also hoping that you know that this transaction have to be handle secretly
or confidentially until the cargo shipping agent arrive in Nigeria with the
consignment trunk box fund wish you are entitle to open it
confidentially/privately after shipping payment because the shipping agent
must not know what is inside the box.

Every documentation process concerning this transaction is all about
official protocols and steps which will definitely require some legal fees
talk of Levy fees, VAT Tax Clearance ,Custom Clearing at the airport,Trunk
box Mobility with full security,fueling the car,flight ticketing to
Switzerland to secure documents for you at the world bank,phone bills and
all other legal involving expenses so that is why a consultation
/processing fees is LEGALLY demand able to proceed with any transaction
like this as you are concern.So no forcing or pushing at this point as i
have you concerning the consultation fees in my last mail i hope you keep

Have a good day as i await your signed copy of the POWER OF ATTORNEY &
Certificate of Proof of Fund to proceed with this fund delivery

Thank you for your cooperation
Yours faithfully,

Steven Jacobs.
CEO/Director of Operation.
Mr From: infojacoblawconsultantservice@gmail.com
Sent: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 10:00 AM PDT
Subject: Re: The power of attourney

Sorry for the mistake, It as be corrected. You can go ahead and sign it..
Here is the western union details to send the consultation fees to us here.

Name...... Steven Jacob, Country.....United Kingdom .... State....Central
London ...Address.....140,Fellows Court,Wey Mouth Terrace,Hackney . London

Waiting to read from you .

Best Regard

Steven Jacob
Mr rom: pierrette.anderson@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, Oct 2, 2012 4:37 AM PDT
Subject: what do we do ?

Thank you for updating me ,i have read and understand the content of the letter you got from the legal consultant,my dear i wish i could be responsible to help you pay up this fees because that is the only fees to be involved in this transaction as i told you in one of my previous message that you will be entitle for 20 % of the fund for all you expenses ,,,,�

My dear i am confirming to you that the trunk box contain $6.8million usd and i want you to believe me in this course of charity work .My dear if you want the fund to be transferred into your bank account directly my late husband have make provision for this with the consultant but �you need this fees paid up to start up this charity fund process .

So right now what do we do ? I don't know who i can meet to help you with the fees? i am sorry i am not in any position in a sick bed to make provision for this as i was hoping that you will be capable to handle the paper work expenses since my late husband have make provision for other transfer or delivery expenses.. and please be aware that my late husband legal consultant must not know that we met on internet !!! �

My dear ,Kindly look for help from your friends or family and you can pay them back when you get the fund delivered to you .I �will be glad if you can trust me and raise the fees so that the legal consultant can get started the paper work for you as i wish to see you realize this dream before i die as this is my last word and if you cannot afford the fees then i get this pending till i can find someone else that will be able to cover up for this fees so as to get this done on time ,i appreciate all your effort and concern in this matter as i hope you will make it up to my dream.

Good Luck

Pierrette Anderson
Miss Young

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