Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 12:35 AM

To::Mrs.Susan V. Foley
Federal Reserve Bank.
Operation and Payment Dept
United States of America.


My name is Dawe Prime,i was one time working as director with International Monetary Fund.(IMF)
In 2010 there was a transfer of usd30.000.000.00m dollars from Federal Reserve Bank of New York in favor of Mr.Louis Warner that i personally advised the federal reserve bank of New York to suspend the transfer and put it on hold due to that the beneficiary Mr. Louis Warner was not able to provide the Marginal Fluctuation Currency Clearance Certificate (MFCCC) at the time of the transfer.

I gave that order and impounded it by putting the transfer of usd30.000.000.00m dollars from Federal Reserve Bank of New York on hold then thinking that the fund is a laundered money arranged to be transferred through federal reserve bank of New York.

Before i retired as a director in November 2011 from the International Monetary Fund(IMF)i instructed Federal Reserve Bank of New York to transfer the sum of usd30.000.000.00m dollars that i instructed to put on hold into a special account in Royal Bank of Scotland in London which was done as i instructed then.

I have forwarded a transfer instruction to your bank(Royal bank of Scotland)to code the usd30.000.000.00m dollars and deposit it with the Lion Head Security Company in London or in their other branch in Malaysia.

I am now writing to know exactly where i can go for the claim/collection of the said fund (usd30.000.000.00m)
This is my second time in contacting your bank for the release of the usd30.000.000.00m as i instructed in my previous mail to you bank.
Kindly view document attached and get back to me for claim advise asap.

Best regards,
Yours Faithfully,
Dawe Prime.
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 1:23 AM
Subject: Re: REFERENCE TO IMF/679CU/VOL.8/10 TRANSFER CLAIM OF USD30.000.000.00M.

Thanks for your mail,i honour you so much for contacting me.
Now that am not working again with the International monetary fund,i will be glad for both of us to work as one to claim this long and delayed payment.

I hope you understand what i am trying to say?
I will be glad to know from you the exact percentage you will like to offer me if we both should work as one.

I will also be glad to know if it will be my own direct account number that will be used to claim this fund? I was a director with the international monetary fund,belive me i know everything about that fund.

You should understand also that there must fees or charges that will be paid to speed up this claim? If such arieses,how are we going to handle such payment/charges?will it 50% from you and 50% from my side?

Before we proceed i will be glad for both of us to spell things out to avoid misunderstanding in the near future. I will be glad if you should give me a call on my direct mobile number to discusu in full details.

My direct mobile number is +447035926121
Get back to me as you suggested in your mail to me,i will be expecting your call.

Mr.Dawe Prime

From: "JK WILLIAMS"jk.williams_esq@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 09:28 PM
Cc: "dawe_prime" < dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
Subject: Copy of my passport and my account details.

cc:Mr Dawe Prime.

How are you today.
I have visited the bank today and have applied to sign the final release order on your behalf this week;
Everything about your fund transfer is ready except the signing of the final release order.
As soon as the bank signing fees is paid and fund transfer release order signed then your fund will be transferd to your account in China.
The bank cannot allow me to sign the fund transfer release order without settling the signing fees of $30.000.
There is nothing i can do i wait your advise to this regards.

Attached is a copy of my British passport,and my account details .

A/C NO:02/01775774
SORT CODE:60-24-04
IBAN GB33-NWBK-60730101775774

Yours Sincerely.
Barrister J.K.Williams. Esq
Tel :+447031836502.

发件人: "Dawe Prime"< dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
发送时间: 2012年8月28日(星期二) 下午4:34
主题: Re: Regarding USD30,000 charges from RBS the resolution way

Thanks for your email.
I was with barrister Williams yesterday immediately and after he concluded with the application of fund transfer release order which he officially applied on our behalf.
I asked him so many questions concerning this signing fees,he further explained to me that it is applicable .He made me to know that the signing of the fund transfer release order is the final stage of this transfer.
I have told you so many times that all documents needed by the bank have been secured through barrister Williams and have been tendered/submitted to the bank,and our fund of $30m was approved for onward transfer to your account in China after all due verification by the bank.We do not need to pay any fess or charges again,i have paid for everything except the $30.000 signing fees charged by the bank.That is the good reason we have to hasten up to fufill this signing charges immediately.
We are not going to pay any more charges such as: Transfer charges? Bankers charges? Government tax charges? FSA (financial service of authorities) charges.

About the bank to give us a loan or to deduct the signing charges from our fund i have instructed the bank to do that for us and the remittance director told me that it is impossible due to that our fund($30m) have been coded and ready for onward transfer to your account in China,he said that their bank will only issue a bank guarantee to us which they have done already and issued to our attorney Mr JK Williams Esq.

Barrister Williams is just our lawyer we cannot ask him to pay signing fees for us,and i don't think it is copreate to solicit for such help because it is not going to work out,you can write barrister Williams and ask him to assist us in paying for the signing fees,whatever thing is his response to that you kindly let me know.
I will scan and send all documents to you including retainer consultant fees receipt maybe today or tomorrow,it depends how busy i will be today,if it is possible i will send it today to you,but if not possible today i will send it to you by tomorrow ok.

What we have to discuss is how to raise this fund,pls give me a phone call to this respect.

Dawe Prime.
Mr > 发件人: "Dawe Prime"< dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
> 发送时间: 2012年8月29日(星期三) 凌晨2:11
> 主题: Re: Check your attachment four doc sent.
> It was a busy day today.
> I have attached the four documents you requested for your view and update.
> The four documents i have attached to you are all vital documents which should be kept very safe.
> Make sure you give me a phone call reminding me that you have received the four documents i forwarded to you,pls it's very important.
> The email i received from barrister Williams today shows that there will be no fees to be paid again except the fund transfer release order signing fees charged by the bank.
> With all the explanations from barrister William and the bank i think we have to try and fulfill that payment.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Dawe Prime.
> +447035926121.
发件人: "Dawe Prime"< dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
发送时间: 2012年8月29日(星期三) 晚上6:44

How are you today.
Thanks for letting me know that you are in receipt of the four documents i sent to you yesterday,though i would have forwarded the four documents to you early enough but i was not able to forward it early enough due to that i was very busy through out yesterday,i apologies for the little delay in forwarding the four documents to you.

Sir with due respect i must let you know that our attorney barrister JK Williams esq is not happy with us due the mail you wrote him calling him all sort of bad names,i am not in support of you calling barrister JK Williams bad names.
Even as he is working for us he deserves some good respect,and they say that respect is a reciprocal,all of us including you deserves respect from each other no matter how little it may be.
Anyway i have spoken to barrister JK Williams and have apologies to him on behalf of everybody,he has accepted the apology from me and it is a forgotten issue and i know that it will not be repeated again.Try as much as possible to trust people,i have given all data about me i don't know why you are still not trusting my personality.Don't be discouraged by people,be focused please.
The issue we have to talk about now is how to settle this issue of banks signing fees.
What is your suggestion,do i send back the 500GBP you sent to me?
Our fund is to be transfer d out to your account in China by now,we are delaying on this issue so much.

I have inquired to know if there will be any other fees/charges we have to pay from the bank and from barrister JK Williams,and the answer the bank and barrister JK Williams gave to me is capital no,which means that there will be no other fees/charges again,that was one of the reasons that made the bank to raise a bank guarantee for us,if they fail to transfer our funds we can sue them to court and no bank will like to go to court with its client.
I have tried severally to reach you on phone but could not get through,it might be some technical problems.

The phone went off as we were speaking this morning and i tried to reach you back but could not get through,please try and reach me on phone today or barrister JK williams ok.
Is important we talk about the issue of signing fees.
I have paid barrister Williams $12.000 for his legal services to us.
I have noted your airport and hoping to see you in person.
Lets work with one spirit in unity.

Congratulations and best regards,
Dawe Prime.

发件人: "royalbankscotland_file012" < royalbankscotland_file012@rediffmail.com > ;
发送时间: 2012年8月29日(星期三) 晚上7:40
抄送: "dawe_prime@yahoo.com" < dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
主题: Regarding USD30,000 charges from RBS.

Dear Valued Customer.

Dear Sir,

Re: Usd: Fund Transfer.
Account No. 719855817585

Based on the banks approval of your thirty million dollars [Usd:]
We propose to effect a wire transfer of thirty million dollars [Usd:]this week to your account as clearly stated below,

Amount to be transferd Usd:30Million.

Be advised to contact your legal counsel MR.J.K.WILLIAMS that is your representative to visit this bank for the final fund transfer release order with a mandatory signing fees of thirty thousand dollars [Usd:]to enable us effect a direct wire transfer to your acoount in China.
NOTE:There will no order charges after the due settlement of our signing fees of thirty thousand dollars [Usd:]

Thanks assist us to serve you better.
Make sure you copy to our official email below:


We await your acknowledgment.

Yours faithfully

Yours in service,
Ms.Helen Olden
Director, Corporate Banking

Customer service Enquiry |RBS Global Markets
RBS Bank London , United Kingdom
RBS Holdings 36 St Andrew Square Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 2YB.

Royal is incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability by Royal
Charter 1853, under reference ZC18 and the Principal Office of the Company
is situated in England. Royal bank is
authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority

Mr > 发件人: "JK WILLIAMS"< jk.williams_esq@yahoo.co.uk > ;
> 发送时间: 2012年9月4日(星期二) 晚上8:23
> 抄送: "dawe_prime"< dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
> I have told your partner Mr Dawe Prime that i can raise just $4000 for you people.
> Now Mr Dawe Prime has again promised to raise $2000 making it $6000.
> To be fair you will need to raise just $1000 immediately to round it up to $7000.
> If that is alright for you i can easily talk to Mr Dawe Prime to forward his $2000 to me while you make effort to forward your own $1000 i hope that's ok with you.
> You can send it to me through western union money transfer using my information below.
> Receivers Name: Jeffery K Williams.
> Forward the payment slip information to me asap.
> Yours Sincerely,
> J.K.Williams.
发件人: "JK WILLIAMS"< jk.williams_esq@yahoo.co.uk > ;
发送时间: 2012年9月5日(星期三) 上午10:58

I was called this early hours by your partner Mr Dawe Prime.he told me that you wrote a mail to me that ishould read it immediately which I did and saw your abusive mail calling me that helped you liar and a crook Mr Philips that is informing you that am not a lawyer should prove him self by forwarding his legal permit to yoi if he is a lawyer.Is Mr Philip a lawyer he cannot assist you to pay just one thousand dollars
.I know how many times that I habe raised money to assist you and your partner.How much have you assited with financialy just 500 pounds.I was even trying to calm down your partner today. I was planing to pay the $1000 for you and you calling me a liar.
Have you paid any money to me.
Ask Mr Philips to send his legal permit to you if he is actually a registerd lawyer.
am so disapointed in you.
And I will still help you.
Yours sincerely
JK Williams Esq.
My lawyer Barrister J.K.Williams advised me to contact you.
Yeah i have finalized with the global security in China.
I will traveling to Peru on Friday the 14th-sept-2012,then from Peru to United States Of America to rap up investment proposed to me.
Am not a bad person and am not a scammer as you always address me to be.
Yes i signed a memorandum of understanding with you on the 12st of August 2012 which you only supported me with GBP500 only.
I am going to compensate you with a draft of million dollars( $1m )only .
I have handed over the draft to my secretary and have detailed all information's to her.

Below is Mrs Alice A Brown email address contact ,
a.alicebrown @yahoo.com <a.alicebrown@yahoo.com>

She can be reached through the above email address contact.
Contact her for the of draft of million dollars( $1m )i left for you as a compensation.
As soon as i am back from my trip to Peru and the United States Of America i will try and have a meeting with you in your country China.
But i must not left to let you know that you insulted and neglected my personality and that's too bad of you.

Have a nice day.
Dawe Prime.
Mr My boss gave me a draft valued one million dollars($1m)to be sent to you.
He gave this information to me before he travel led to peru with his lawyer mr williams jk esq this morning.
Sir i cannot just dispatch this draft to you without verifying things myself to know if you are the real person he instructed me to dispatch this draft to.Please do not misunderstand me sir.
There is an identification that was forwarded to this office,please i will be glad and kind if you can resend your identification to me as to be very sure that you are the real person that i was directed to dispatch draft to.
I will appreciate you to do that immediately and aswell forward to me $500 which i will use to pay for the dispatch fees.

Is easy through western union money transfer.
My name: Alice Brown.
Location: London uk.

Remember to forward the western union transfer slip information to me via my email address.

Yours faithfuly.
Alice Brown
发件人: "Derek Josh"< derekjosh002@yahoo.co.uk > ;
发送时间: 2012年9月13日(星期四) 凌晨5:38
主题: Re: Lodgement Bank of China (Your documents has to be corrected)

I have been on a very serious investigation within RBS towards Mr. Dawe Prime on your behalf. Though, i was too discreet with my investigation within RBS to avoid jeopardizing your transaction with them if it is true. But it was a total fake and falsified documents by these criminals, i was personally confirmed by the manager of RBS that they have no one bearing Dawe Prime in their bank.

Do not listening to them as they have no money available to you for compensation as they just came with another deceitful way to steal more money from you. It is never possible to conclude and complete a transfer of such amount of money for that days and make a million available for you, the transaction should have taken at least 5days if it is a real one. Stop all your communication with them as warned by Miss Young, they are no where to be found in the address they provided. The FBI & International Police have confirmed that these Criminals cashed the 800USD you sent to them with a fake address. But the FBI & Interpol have seriously promised to get them on handcuff before three weeks from now. They have just warned us to keep our mouth shut and to avoid letting them know that they are tracking them presently through their telephone communications.

I called the Lawyer just now and he said that he could not get in touch with you due to his tight legal schedule these two day but promise to leave a message for you before going to bed. Stop your communications with Mr. Dawe Prime and J.K Williams as they are fake, even if they are real, your transaction with them are not safe now and is dangerous because everyone knows about it now including Miss Young. This is because all these people that knows about it now will make a report to the RBS which they shall execute a later trace to your transaction and arrest you people as none of you owns the fund. But the your transaction with them is just fake as finally confirmed by me through my physical investigation.

I have been trying all my possible best to see how i can get something for the 2900GBP needed for lawyers trip this week but all my efforts has proved abortive. Please let me know if you have succeeded on your side as we do not have time anylonger. Pls how can you help to this last predicament for our success? Call me on phone so we can talk.

Best Regards,
Mr. Derek Josh
发件人: "Dawe Prime"< dawe_prime@yahoo.com > ;
发送时间: 2012年10月5日(星期五) 晚上7:01
主题: Re: Attention DAWE PRIME & Jeffery K Williams

You see the problem you have is that you dont trust yourself and you dont trust ;people as-well.
If you dont belive me go ahead and investigate about the whole thing.

Dawe Prime.
发件人: "thirdeyeexcorts" < thirdeyeexcorts@rocketmail.com > ;
发送时间: 2012年11月26日(星期一) 晚上7:32
主题: Re: Reply

Kindly forward to us all relevant documents as to jail Mr Dawe Prime. Meanwhile he listed your name as partner in this crime.
You are accepted to get a good services of a reputable lawyer through us to represent you in this case.
At your advise we will forward to you a contact of a good government lawyer.
The first hearing have been heard and Mr Dawe Prime is still in detention.

Jogi Brown.
Third Eye Excorts & Investigation.
发件人: "thirdeyeexcorts" < thirdeyeexcorts@rocketmail.com > ;
发送时间: 2012年11月27日(星期二) 晚上6:03
主题: Re: Reply

What are you trying to say: Are you now teaching us how to carry out our duty????

We hereby advise you to pick a date for interview with us and the news agency. (as soon as i receive USD100,000.00 from your side assist I'll arrange my trip to your place acordgy)

Make a right arrangement to get the services of a government lawyer here in the United Kingdom that will represent you in this case/investigation since your name is listed as one of the fraudsters and not a victim,nobody is advising you to release your partner Mr Prime.
We need you to forward all documents that makes you a victim.
Bear in mind that you need a lawyer to represent you here.

You are accepted to get a good services of a reputable lawyer through us to represent you in this case.
At your advise we will forward to you a contact of a good government lawyer.
The first hearing have been heard and Mr Dawe Prime is still in detention.

Jogi Brown.
Third Eye Excorts & Investigation.

Miss Young

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