Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: demydemy
Date: 10-09-2012 11:34:06
Subject: hi dear

Hi dear, I am good looking young girl with sincere heart, full of love, passionate, romantic and caring. I am looking for soul mate, i read your profile and became interested in you. Write me to my email box so that we can share photos and know more about ourselves. My email (bogokhatrid@yahoo.com) I am expecting your mail soon.

Miss khatridina

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:35:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>
Subject: ABOUT ME

My dearest in heart, How are you today? i am very happy for your respond to my email. I really need your sincere relationship. My full name is Miss khatridina Bagosora. I am 24 years of age. I am 173cm in height, with an average body side of 52kg. I am a girl of sincerity, honest with heart of love, passionate with open mind. I believe that truth,s incerity, honest and faithfulness is the master key to everlasting relationship. My hobbies are, reading, sports, i like watching football, tennis, watch firms and comedies, documentary news at free time. I need real love and a man of my own, a man to be with and share real love with.

I am from the family of tow girls, me and my younger sister, from a family of Late Colonel Theoneste Bagosora from Rwanda in central Africa. My father was former military officer, he was sentenced to death by the International Criminal Tribunal Rwanda. I ran into this country, Senegal, in west Africa, for my life after killing of my beloved mother and my only younger sister in our house. I am serving here now as a refugee. I am writing to you now from our Reverend's computer, the reverend in charge of this camp.

My only happiness is that i have with me here some relevant documents, such as a deposit certificate of $4,7,000,000 Us Dollars by my late father and i am used as the next of kin to the deposited amount. I am telling you all this with hope that you will not betray my trust to you to represent me as my foreign partner in making the claim of the deposited money from the bank. I want a trust worthy foreign personality that can help me to clear the fund from the bank, and transfer to your own account. I am willing to relocate to your country and continue my education, as i was in my second year in the university before the ugly situation took place. I will tell you more when i hear from you. Here are my photos for you, hope to hear from you soon. Remain with the best and have a lovely day.

Yours sincerity

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 04:09:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>

My dearest , I am more than happy reading from your lovely reply to the call of my tears. Thanks and God bless you listening to me. God will surely bless you for your heart of concern on me, thanks for your sympathy. My dear, it is not as business relationship, i want to share real love and care with you, be for you forever. On your request, i definitely agree to your requirement, i will do as you asked me. I will send to you the proof of the existence of the money in that bank which is the deposit certificate been given to my father the day of deposit, but i have to scan it and i will send it to you this evening ok. My dear, life is so difficult for me in this camp, i am staying day by day without eating food, living in hunger and starvation here. Please, i really need your help as much as you can ok. I am dying in suffering and stress here.

I want the money to be transferred to your own account, so that you can be able to send to me some money from it to process my international passport, and as well buy my air ticket to come to you in your country and live with you over there because i have no money with me here now to process my traveling papers. This is the more reason i want you to stand as my investor and ask bank to transfer the money to you on my behalf so that when you receive the money in your account, i can then come to join you and we leave together. I wish to complete my education when i come to your country, while you will invest and manage the money in any business you like that can give us a good profit.

You can call me through our Reverend father's telephone number. His name is Rev. Father Lucab, tel: 00221774730035. Whenever you call, tell him that you want to speak with Miss Khatridina from Rwanda and he will tell you the time to call back to speak with me directly. Hope you can call soon. I want to write a nomination letter, nomination you as my investor to bank. I want the following information from you to enable me write the nomination letter to bank to present you as my investor.

(1) Your full name
(2) Nationality
(3) Your account information,bank name and address
(4) Your contact telephone number.

I wait to have them from you soon. God bless you for your support and concern on me.

Yours love,

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:03:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>
Subject: The deposit certificate and the bank contact details

Darling, Thanks for given me your word of sincerity once again, God bless you for your heart of concern on me. I understood you and i really want to be a free and happy girl again in my life. I know that at your level of education, your wisdom will be enough to handle the transfer and i pray that God will strengthen you more and give you more wisdom sir. Dear sir, i really do not know much about transfer but all i know and i am quite sure is that there is no complication, it is free of no risk sir. As i told you, i have my proof which i attached to you to view. I really do not know if it will cost some expenses, but if it does, i will really compensate you sir. I have decided that as soon as you receive if in your account, you will be compensated with the 20% from the total money, and 5% will be for any expenses you made. Then you will be the one to invest the remaining in any business of your choice because i do not know how and where to invest it and i ca not manage it.

My plan is that after the transfer, you just send t me little money to come to you or you take money from it to come and take me from here to where ever you want us to be, if i am good for you, we can be forever, but if you do not want us to be together, then you manage the money and we negotiate on sharing the annual interest. Please, i said my mind, if it is not good for you, or not as you want, tell me your mind and your opinion. Lets work together with one mind and in mutual understanding as you said. I have send a nomination letter to bank to inform them that i have choosing my investor. Below is the bank contact details, contact them and ask them any other information you wish to know and ask them for the transfer. I am hoping to hear your own opinion regarding the offer.

Yours sincerely,

below is the bank contact information;

1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP,
London United Kingdom.
+44 845 601 5962
+44 (0) 20 7116 1000
Email: BarclaBBarclays@aol.co.uk

From: BANK OF LONDON <barclabbarclays@aol.co.uk>
Sender: <barclayslondonbbl@live.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:30:11 +0000

Barclays Bank Plc London
1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP, London United Kingdom.
+44 845 601 5962
+44 (0) 20 7116 1000
Web: bank.barclays.co.uk
BBPL/BF XIX TM/VOL.2012 Your Ref: BBL/286 Date: 12 October, 2012

The above subject refers.

With great emphasis, it is pertinent to inform you that after due process on verifying the Depositor's name in our data base records, I wish to inform you that in our banking record, Col. Bagosora Theoneste is a citizen of Rwanda, in Central African Republic. In our record, deposit of US$4,700,000.00 dated 10/01/2003 as his family treasure. Her daughter Bagosora Khatridina is the beneficiary next of kin to the deposited Fund. Prior to your request, this is the only information that is liable to you at this moment. As you are her as her investor/mandate, be informed that deposit is in existence and there is possibility of any of her investor/foreign assistant to make claim on her behalf based on the provision of the legal requirements. kindly be informed that your payment File Reg No. 284/AH-BBLUK46911089025 has been accessed and validated by our Legal Services Department with the following legal and mandatory requirements,

{1} Affidavit of Oath and Support replacing all information of initial customer, Col. Bagosora Theoneste currently with our bank with to you, as the investor/Mandate Beneficiary.

{2} A Legalised and Endorsed Power of Attorney signed by Bagosora Khatridina to you, empowering our bank to recognise you as an Appointed Trustee cum Mandate Beneficiary. This Power of Attorney must be witnessed by the Chief Probate Registrar of the Probate Registry Section of the High Court of Justice here in Senegal. Kindly be informed that on provision of the above statutory and legally stipulated requirements in consonance with the British Financial Laws of 1985 on Moribund Funds of this nature, our bank will give value in your favour the sum of US$4,700,000.00 into your nominated bank account accordingly.

Meanwhile your payment file has been forwarded to our Account and Financial Department to work out the interest accruals since placement of the fund with our bank on the rate of 12.8% Per annum which shall be added to principal sum before transmission. You also need an attorney that will represent you to legalise all the needed documents and as well represent you as your legal director for proper and accountability in your file with our BBL BANK and all the relevant stake holders with the British ministrio London. Having given you the above legal synopsis, you are hereby advised to contact our legal service department who will assist you with the above required documents empowering our bank to transfer the fund accordingly.

Yours faithfully,
For: Barclays Bank Plc London
Mrs. Catrine Josse
Deputy General Manager
Legal Service Department
Cc: The Director-Legal Service Department
Cc: The Director-Account and Financial Department
Cc: The Director-International Payment Office

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 12:31:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>
Subject: Darling,please write this lawyer for his assistance

My darling, Sweetheart, i am so happy that bank has replied to your request of the transfer. I read the attached letter of the bank but noticed that they required about two documents from you and me which stated as,

{1} Affidavit of Oath and Support replacing all information of initial customer, Col. Bagosora Theoneste currently with our bank with to you, as the investor/Mandate Beneficiary.

{2} A Legalised and Endorsed Power of Attorney signed by Bagosora Khatridina to you, empowering our bank to recognise you as an Appointed Trustee cum Mandate Beneficiary. This Power of Attorney must be witnessed by the Chief Probate Registrar of the Probate Registry Section of the High Court of Justice here in Senegal. Which means that the two documents has to be in your name and must be gotten from the Probate Registrar of the Probate Registry Section of the High Court of Justice here in Senegal.

After reading the letter, i have to run to our Reverend father who is the general overseer of this refugee camp to guide me because i do not know how i can get the affidavit of oath and support and power of attorney from federal high court as bank demanded .I explained it all to him and showed him the attached letter from bank. He said that the two documents are the right and power you will have as my investor to enable bank transfer the money to your account. He said we need a lawyer from senegal do get them in your name I told him that i do not know any lawyer here and pleaded him to assist me with any good lawyer he knows that can do it for us. He told me that he knew a good and trusted lawyer who can get them in your name, but you as my foreign investor will be the one to contact him. I pleaded him to give me the lawyer's information, he gave me his contact. The lawyer contact honey

His name= Barrister Philbert Sanga
Telephone No: +221 778370682
Email= ( mcbennaads@live.com )

Please, do your best to write him and ask him for his help in getting tow documents in your name to enable bank transfer the money to you soon. I wait to hear from you soon as you this letter below to lawyer email. Yours sincere love,

Yours lovely,

From: MCBEN LAW <mcbennaads@live.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 16:42:30 +0000

Dear Client,
Sequel to your letter sent to my noble law firm, it was read and quite understood. I will start by letting you know that such transaction is in existence but requires much proofs which I must get from Miss Khatridina Bagosora in person so far she is under refugee stature here. Every refugee here has their overseers and before proceeding in this deal, I must in person meet with Miss Khatridina Bagosora. I want you know that I know one of Reverend Father, ordained Priest who is a good friend and he is working with United Nations as the general overseer. He will make it easier for us to make contact between me, him and the young lady. By Tomorrow, I am going to get every information about the girl and the money been deposited by her father. There are some vital issue your appointee who is the initial beneficiary must give to ensure that we are doing the right thing. This is my legal working rules to avoid involving my legal firm in any illegal activity. Only on getting the main facts from her and the Reverend Father,i t will then give me confident to proceed on the preparation.

On the issue of Bank not requesting for Death certificate/Deposit certificate from you. You where appointed by a sanctified beneficiary next of kin to the deposited Fund and every records of such deposit must be with the Bank in quote. At this level where you were been appointed as the new investor/beneficiary to make such claim on her behalf, the first thing Bank should request and need from you as the appointed investor are:

(1) A legalized Power of Attorney: This Attorney is a vector power you will have as an appointed investor, and such Attorney must be signed by who appointed you at the probate registrar of the registry of office of the High Court of where your appointee resides.

(2) An Affidavit Support of an Oath: This document will be signed and legalized in your name to change every name(s) and information of the initial depositor to you, making you the current and the present appointee, by a legal luminary in where your appointee resides. This documents must carry your information and banking details.

These two documents are the vector power to you to make any claim on a particular Fund been Deposited by a different Depositor, because such Fund is not been initially deposited by you, but you are been newly appointed to take over such Fund. When you get such rights, and present to Bank, Bank will then recognize you and then may need the Death certificate of the initial deposited if necessary. On the issue of the Deposit Certificate, such document of the Fund must be in position of any Bank. The need of asking you for that might not be necessary if your appointee has earlier notified Bank about you.

These are the rules and international laws of transfers related to yours. I did Banking and Finance and I am good in handling this kind of transactions. On the procedures and there cost, I will only notify you about that when I am sure that the transaction is legal. Then, my law firm will only require our consultation fee which will cost you €665.00 only, but remember again, must be after my legal finding Tomorrow, you will be updated.

Your Legal Adviser,
Barrister Philbert Sanga
MCBEN LAW FILM DAKAR SENEGAL 1880 Grand Medina Dakar Senegal ,221
Tel.:+221 778 370 682
Fax: 221 82 58 7960

From: MCBEN LAW <mcbennaads@live.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 13:04:29 +0000

Dear Client,
How are you today dear client? I am updating you regarding the promise I made to you. I am able to locate the young lady through the assistance of Reverend Father Lucab Louis Peter. I was even made to know that it was him that gave Miss Khatridina my contact when I drove to his office this noon. He called Khatridina and we all spoke for a length, and she was interviewed regarding the Fund and it's purpose of deposit. She brought the carbon copy of the deposit certificate, and the Bank in quote is Barclays Bank Plc London. I read the certificate and as well the letter Barclays sent to you with their requirements. They are in consonance with the international Financial Laws of transfers, in law of 1985 on Funds of the nature, where you are been appointed the Investor/Mandator.

At this juncture, I hereby declare my interest of processing the required documents as Bank demanded. Be informed once again that the two documents required from you according to the letter of Barclays Bank Plc London are; (1) Affidavit Oath of Support and, (2) Power of Attorney, of which are to be obtained at the probate registrar of the registry office of the High Court in your name as her Investor, and then legalized and endorsed at the Ministry of Justice. You are required to forward to me as follows, they are very important, and most appear in those two documents.

1. Your Bank name and bank address
2. Your bank account
3. Account holder name

These following information are needed for processing the required documents with your personal information already with me but if there is any change in them, do that and send all correct information. Be reminded once more that you are required to pay for our legal law firm consultation service fee of €665.00 (Six Hundred and Sixty-five Euro only), before commencing on your work. As soon as you post the fee, your case will be officially registered in my chamber and will as well register it at the probate registrar of the registry office to have power in obtaining the two documents. When they are obtained, they will be prepared, send to you to sign, you sign on them, then send back for official legalization and endorsement at the Ministry of Justice. You are hereby to make the payment with our firm's treasury name below, via western union money transfer, then we will proceed on the preparation of the two mentioned documents in your name.

Name: Hammed Musah
Address: 1880 Grand Medina Dakar Senegal.

Note: As soon as you post the money via western union money transfer, and send the 10 digital control MTCN number, question and answer via this email and call on telephone number.

Legal Advocate,
Barrister Philbert Sanga
MCBEN LAW FILM DAKAR SENEGAL 1880 Grand Medina Dakar Senegal, 221
Tel.:+221 778 370 682
Fax: 221 82 58 7960

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 09:39:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>
Subject: My dearest in heart

Darling, I really do not understand where you do not trust lawyer.I told you that he personally drove to camp yesterday and the reason of his coming to camp is to see me and and be sure of what is he about to do. He was allowed to come inside the camp because he is well known lawyer,not even every lawyer will be allowed to come inside here due to killing of some of the refugees last two year, but he did due to his level in this country. Even when you see him, you will know that he is advanced man and wealthy.

Yes, he explain yesterday that you send your personal information to him, but for preparing such documents which is for transfer of money, your own account and bank information must appear in the documents, like your account number, bank name and your bank address only, nothing more than that, which is said that he will personally contact you for that and explain everything to you.
Honey, you are well educated as well as the lawyer, why cant you write him, ask him any question on what is not understandable to you. It is for you and whatever you do not want to appear will not appear, discuss everything with him as man on man, call him on phone to explain whatever you do not quite understand honey, than you stand and take conclusion yourself.

I want you to get in one understanding with him honey, he is a good man ok. Even from his speak and explanations, you will see that he is talking sense and be honesty in his heart. As he asked you to pay 665 euro for their la firm consultation fee, it is not a big money for you darling because i believe that when you pay it to him, he is going t get the two documents, but i do not know if it will cost any other fee which it is your duty to know everything from him direct because he is doing it in your name honey. Please, try to understand me ok. You are more educated and you should know all this more than me, and i believe that we the level of your education and knowledge, you are capable of handling the transfer.

Honey, i am expecting that you get in touch with lawyer, conclude everything with him, discuss with him with one understanding honey so that he can get the work done. I hope you are not expecting or asking me to start searching for another lawyer. Please, lets work with this one that i have seen with my eyes and i feel he is quite honest from his word. Please darling, do this for me, i am not asking you too much ok. Do it with trust darling. I am expecting to hear from your decision honey.

Miss Khatriina

Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2012 03:52:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>
Subject: Happy weekend sweetheart

My sweetheart, How is your work over there? hope all is well my love. Honey, i just want to inform you that i have been communicating with bank since then and they finally accepted to continue with the transfer honey. It is a happy news that they will not require any document or documents from us from here and they will contact you according to Mrs Catrine Josse to update you on the transferring process honey. I am hoping that everything is done successfully soon darling. My trust and hope is in you sweetheart. I am hoping to read from you soon. I miss you so much, missed even your mail, please, write me soon ok. I am wishing you a happy and lovely weekend.

Yours lovely,

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 17:45:40 +0000
From: Barclays Bank Plc <accounts@barcagroups.co.uk>
Subject: Notice of Payment

From: Accounts Department
Ref: BARC/EUEC/269/2012-52
29th October 2012

Attn: Sir,

We wish to confirm the receipt of further payment order from to credit the outstanding deposit sum of USD$ $4,700,000.00 only in your name, through ATM MASTERCARD payment facility or transfer via bank wire transfer. Please reconfirm the complete account details or a billing address where you want the ATM Mastercard delivered and also send us a valid copy of your Identification. The transaction will be processed as soon as the requested details are received. For further enquiries, do not hesitate to call me on this direct telephone number: 00 44759 4567 443

Mr. Donald Hughes.
Barclays Bank Plc
1 Churchill Place
London, E14 5HP
Tel: 00 (44) 871 915 2130
Fax: 00 (44) 871 915 2131

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 08:20:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Khatridina Bogorosa <bogokhatrid@yahoo.com>
Subject: I am happy that you are fine and bank has contacted you

Darling, I am happy to know that you are fine, but i am not happy the way you are handling the transfer. Remember your first word to me sir where you told me that we should first focus on the transfer and get it done and at the level of your education, you will handle it very well which i believe you and i know you are well educated to ask whosoever questions in any way or manner you do not understand. why are you doing it now as you have lost interest in doing the transfer? Remember you are already in communication with bank and they know you as my investor, should they remind you again on what have known? I believe that so far bank knows and recognize you as my investor, they need not to refer you back again on what you know already and i believe that the department that contacted you is from the transferring department, which they must need your bank detail to where to transfer the money.

Remember that lawyer asked you the same and you get angry honey, why? Can transfer be done without your own account number and your bank name? Ok, if you do not want the money to be transferred into your personal account, then you have another account for the money honey. Honest i am confused on your reactions, because i trusted everything to you, believed in your faith honey, which i know that at your level of education, you are quite capable of handling the transfer successfully. You know that right thing to do, please, do it to see that the transfer is made soon. If you do not understand it well, feel free to ask bank question because you are my investor, you are my representative and you have every right to correct bank if they goes wrong. Hope you understand me and do this with your full heart as your money. Please, reply bank and ask them any question in anything you do not understand or you do not like, work along with bank to get a successful transfer for my sake please.

I remain humble to you,
Miss Young

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