Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: "Royal Majesty,King Odudua Olofi Of Rivers state-Nigeria" < kingoduduaolofiroyalmajesty.@yahoo.com >
Sent: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 5:05 AM
Subject: True Facts Behind Your Claim Fund(Read Carefully)
Attn: Beneficiary,This letter may come to you as a surprise. However you are not compelledto believe me but this is just the truth about your contract claims inNigeria.My name is Royal Majesty,King Odudua Olofi Of Rivers State-Nigeria,one of the External auditors engaged by the Federal Government of Nigeriaand World Bank to reconcile the debt profile of Nigeria. I am from PortHarcourt,Rivers State. I have been working for this sub-region for thepast 15 years. This is a very long message but I pray that you will havethe patience to read and study it.My intention is to prevent you fromfurther exploitation.In reality however, in the official records in the Federal Ministry ofFinance ,this contract value and number is in your favor as thebeneficiary.The problem you have is not so much that this contract is anover invoiced contract deal in which some Nigerian Government officials inthe past who initiated you into this deal presented you as the beneficiaryand based on this they raised official documents to facilitate this fundbe transferred into your account but due to bureaucratic bottlenecks andstultifying official protocols, delays as well as interplay of unforeseenand contingencies caused by instability in government policies and changeof government complicated every effort and the fund could not betransferred as at the time it was supposed to. As a result, this contractbecame trapped in the Fraud detective Unit of Central Bank of Nigeria. Allthe files and documents were confiscated by this Fraud Unit.When this happened, impostors and fraud syndicates through their agentswho have access to this information capitalized on this opportunity totake advantage of you by impersonating real, rightful and honest officialsand government institutions, Ministries, Agencies to defraud and extortmonies under false pretences from you.For example, these impostors andtheir syndicates pose as if they were Central Bank Governor of Nigeria,Deputy Governor of CBN, Director of Int'l Remittance Department, some poseas Minister of Finance, as Accountant-General of the Federation. Worsestill, some pose as the Executive President of Nigeria, as Vice Presidentof Nigeria, as Senate President, as Speaker of the House ofRepresentatives, as Secretary to Nigerian Government as heads and chiefexecutives of Federal Government of Nigerian parastatals, institutions andagencies and some pose as World Bank and IMF officials in Nigeria.Not onlythese, they also pose as prime commercial banks in Nigeria such as FirstBank Plc, Union Bank Plc, United Bank For Africa (UBA) Plc, Afribank Plc,Zenith Bank, Diamond bank, Citizen Bank Int'l, Fidelity Merchant Bank,Wema Bank, Nal Merchant bank, Standard Trust Bank and the lists areendless, that the President of Nigeria: Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and theNational Assembly had given them authority to conduct and supervise thepayment of foreign contractors.All these notwithstanding, they go ahead to pose as Citi Bank, ChaseManhattan Bank, HSBC London, Liberty Banks, Bank of Int'l Settlement,African Development Bank and other prime banks in the world. Some pose asinsurance companies like NICON PLC and Nigerian Deposit InsuranceCorporation (NDIC). All these impersonations have one aim: to extort moneyfrom you and based on these false representations they extort money fromyou as bank charges and taxes which ended in the pockets of theseimpostors.Their trick is that once payment has been advanced, they tossyou around, create another problem and convince you to pay and thiscontinues on and on as long as you are willing and capable to corporatefinancially. Do you know that 75% of all the different letters/approvals but normallyfrom the same officials /offices you receive everyday in connection withthis transaction either by mail or fax or phone and currier service arefake from these impostors. Such letters as: From THE OFFICE OF THEPRESIDENT, OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT, PRESIDENCY, OFFICE OF THEECONOMIC ADVISER TO THE PRESIDENT, SCRETARY TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL DUTIES TO THE PRESIDENT, OFFICE OF THE SENATEPRESIDENT, OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, OFFICEOF THE DEPUTY SENATE PRESIDENT AND SPEAKER TO THE HOUSE OFREPRESENTATIVES, OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR OF CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA, OFFICEOF THE DEPUTY GOVERNOR CBN, DIRECTOR, INT'L REMMITTANCE DEPARTMENTCBN,MINISTRY OF FINANCE, MINISTRY OF JUSTICE., OFFICE OF THEATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATION, ANTI FRAUD COMMITTTE/NIGERIAN POLICE (NPF) ,AND MANY LETTERS/APPROVAL FROM VARIOUS COMMERCIAL BANKS IN NIGERIAAND FROM THE One of the greatest problems we discovered is that you andother contractors who are claiming their entitlements in Nigeria arefacing is the difficulty of identifying, knowing and differentiating theimpostors from the genuine, legitimate, rightful and honest officials. Iwant to make it clear to you that there are lots of impostors and fraudsyndicates who capitalized on their access and knowledge of unclaimedcontract information to cheat and defraud unsuspecting and innocentforeign and even their local contractors.However I am not writing to takeadvantage of you but I stand here to tell you the truth.I can with the corporation of some of my colleagues help you get thiscontract fund transferred to your account. This transaction honestly doesnot require all these official protocols and documentations.It is theseimpostors that forge all these papers made it look as if it is much ofofficial, They did all these to extort money from you. The only way out isfirst is to arrange and remove the contract file from the fraudUnit,Legitimize it and negotiate with the key stakeholders concerned Onething we noticed is that most of our foreign brothers prefer short cutinstead of the crucibles.We wonder how you people believe that a whole President of a country orhis Vice or Senate President or Minister of Finance or Central BankGovernor will come down so low to call a contractor on phone, to talkabout his contract payment or even going to the length of giving you hishotline number. This is ridiculous! Can the PRESIDENT of your country dothat? Can the Central Bank Governor?.This is the truth! Should you still be interested in receiving thispayment,having worked for it, I will assist you realize your dream beingin a position to do that because I am on the ground and with my positioncan easily rap up this transaction for you if I hear from you.Yours Faithfully,Royal Majesty,King Odudua Olofi Of Rivers state-NigeriaAlways on +234 8068677949

From: Royal Majesty King Odudua Olofi < kroyalmajesty@yahoo.com >
Sent: Thursday, March 8, 2012 2:06 AM
Subject: Re: True Facts Behind Your Claim Fund(Read Carefully))

You see we don't have to leave the object for shadow,i never intended this long exchange of mails with you,i am not a ghost neither you.for our knowing,there is definitely an aiton of knowing,if you don't exist here,i wouldn't know you,same to me.so please lets do business as i think i thought right before my contact to you.i looked at it that you have spent money and will be very ungodly if abandoned.

The truth is that i am aware and told you the origin of this transaction which is enough to convince you of my humble self and i am a stakeholder in the Nigerian Government and also the Chairman of the Kings Forum Oil Land River State and i have the right in Government, so we are the king makers.

My good friend that is why you have not receive this fund for years now because All the files and documents were confiscated by this Fraud Unit for years now and you can see that is why i told you to contact the Head of Operation Mr.Ashi Bello to retrieve your file out from the fraud unit archive.

It will only cost you $670.00 to remove your file from the CBN Anti Fraud Unit CBN Archive and update it for international transfer.reconfirm your telephone for communication and your bank details.

Royal Majesty,
King Odudua Olofi Of Rivers state-Nigeria
Always on +234 8068677949
Miss Young

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