Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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From: GAY ROMEO < planet_romeo@itbox.ro >
Date: 2012/4/11

Online Buddies, Inc.
P.O. Box 425338
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Dear, Winner 

How are you doing today? I am in receipt of your mail, I must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of the five persons luckily selected in this year lucky dip sweepstakes! Gayromeo Company offers Reward to Lucky Users which we enjoy their patronage. The selection was made through a computer draw system

At Gayromeo, we believe that every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world and its people, what this means is connecting people and communities to build social and economical prosperity. Gayromeo.com and its partners believe that by embracing technology and connecting societies, our users will be able to achieve the most from their studies, their businesses and their life ambitions because ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our users and partners is a core component of business at Gayromeo Company.

Promotion is a company-wide strategy to increase customer satisfaction and improve experiences with our products, programs, and services. By doing this we aim to contribute to

the continued success and competitiveness of the world and enhance the quality of life for our customers. With the information I received from you, we have been able to verify and process your Payment of £150,000.00 Great British Pounds Sterling.

After the conference meeting held on behalf of all our lucky winners that submitted their personal data for the Validation of their claims, i wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully pass the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report test conducted for all winners. This sum is gathered from our Sponsors consisting of over 1,000 Gay Sites Company and association. All necessary documents that will facilitate the clearance of your Cheque
of £150,000.00 Great British Pounds Sterling’s in your Ticket Number ( 0000-000  ) has been processed and sealed in a Parcel, this parcel contains the following original documents below: All you have to do is to, go to the bank with it as soon as you obtain the Cheque and get your payment.

All the necessary documents are contained in the Parcel which has been securely sealed in order to make it impossible for anyone to view its contents until it has been remitted to you in your country.

To get your funds transferred to you, we would recommend our affiliate Scarlet Courier Company for the delivery of your certified bank cheque valid of £150,000.00 Great British Pounds Sterling as they have been under a contract with us for quite a long time.

NOTE: Your Parcel has been assigned to (Sir ALLEN WILLIAMS)

of the Scarlet Courier Company, whom will be coming to your country, Also there will be an update to you on when he would be coming to your country, so you should be prepare for his coming.

You are hereby required to send an email to the below Email address of Sir Allen Williams so as to get processes and requirements for the delivery.

TELEPHONE: +44702 408 4954
FAX: +44 (0)700 605 7620 

It’s imperative that you add your LUCKY PIN NUMBER: ( XXX0000/000 ) as the subject of any correspondence with him to ensure they respond in a timely manner. You are also advice to follow up by phone calls for quick response.

You are also advice to provide him with the under listed information for verification and processing;

1. Winning Pin:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Nationality:
4. Full Names:
5. Occupation:
6. Medium of identification, either a copy of driver’s license or international passport or any other legal identification {scan copy}.

7. Address in Full, i.e. a physical address where you want your
parcel to be delivered to.
8. Mobile Number:
9. Amount Won:

We ask that you keep this award personal, till your claims have been processed and your funds remitted to you. This is a part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted participants or imposter' s, taking advantage of the situation.

I will require a concise update on the proceedings with the firm as soon as you are in contact with him.

Mr. James Roland.
The GAYROMEO Welfare Officer.

Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and contains confidential and privileged information.Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message

From The GAYROMEO Company Promo.

gay certificate
Mr From: SCARLET COURIER LIMITED < scarlet__courier_ltd@live.co.uk >
Date: 2012/4/13

ScarLet Couriers LTD

Head Office: 658 Ajax Avenue, Slough, SL1 4BG.Berkshire.
England. United Kingdom.
                                                avion02.gif (20271 

octets)                         van_wedeliver_md_wht.gif 


                                   WE SEND BY AIR.                                                         WE SEND BY VAN.   
                                             SCARLET COURIER DELIVERY SERVICES©

 Dear Winner,

              You are welcome to Scarlet Courier LTD Dispatch UNIT an affiliate of the PLANETROMEO   INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION. We are pleased to be at your service. Scarlet Courier is regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA), the financial institutions that govern all financial activities in the United Kingdom. This office has been notified by the   PLANETROMEO    GAMES/LOTTERY COORDINATOR of the amount won by you with their PLANETROMEO    PROMO. This means that you have been officially cleared for payment by the Verification Department at the headquarters of the   PLANETROMEO    LOTTERY BOARD. 
To ensure and provide a professional cover over the delivery of your parcel (winning package) or transfer prize money, the insurance cover has been provided for you. This option allows for full responsibility of the courier company or the bank on all issues concerning the delivery of winning package or the transfer of your winning funds. If we do not ensure this option and something goes wrong with your winning package, a reverse payment cannot be made and the courier company or the bank cannot be sued by either us or you to recover the full value of the funds as stipulated in the draft because this option was not taken at the point of mailing or transfer.

The selection was made through a computer draw system attaching personalised Gayromeo ACCOUNT attached to ticket number 0x0x0x0x0x0x which subsequently won you £150,000.00 (won ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS)as one of the jackpot winners. As part of International Promotions Program, which is conducted this Month  2011 in Britain, London.Gayromeo is a trading name of T101 Ltd., PO Box 46567, London N1 3XF United Kingdom
Registered in England: 03877939 VAT number: 778288366.Registered office address: 191 Sparrows Herne, Bushey Heath, Herts. WD23 1AJ United Kingdom
This promo is approved by the British Gaming Board and also licensed by theInternational Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). This promo is the 1st of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.
Your Certified Bank Draft of 150,000.00 GBP, the original copy of your winning certificate, together with a covering document (Money Laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claims) from the British government stating that the money was obtained legally through the   PLANETROMEO  2012 PROMOTION will be sent to you as soon as you meet with any of the option selected.
You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the couriering of your won prize to you. With regards to this, there are three options open to you, you are required to select the most convenient of the three below. 
24 hours delivery services: TOTAL COST OF DELIVERY HERE : £300.00 GBP

Max Delivery Duration. . . . . . 24hrs 1 working day
Mailing:        £80.00
Insurance:    £100.00
Vat:             £120.00
TOTAL:       £300.00 

48 hours delivery services : TOTAL COST OF DELIVERY HERE : £240.00 GBP


Max Delivery Duration. . . . . . 48hrs
Mailing:        £ 70.00
Insurance:   £90.00
Vat:             £80.00
TOTAL:       £240.00

3 Working days delivery services : TOTAL COST OF DELIVERY HERE : £220.00 GBP


Max Delivery Duration. . . . . .72hrs
Mailing:       £ 60.00
Insurance:   £80.00
Vat:           £80.00
TOTAL:       £220.00

1.Full Name:
3.  Full Address: 
4. Photo Identity:
5. Mobile Number:
6.Option Of Delivery:
Note that your prize money is protected by a hardcover insurance policy by GEOTRUST INSURANCE COMPANY, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before it has been remitted to you. This means that the above charges cannot be deducted from your prize money and hence must be provided by you before your prize is transferred to you.
Very Important Notice: The Delivery Charges cannot be Deducted from your winnings, and also the Delivery charges are to be Paid by you upfront before we shall commence delivery to enable us secure your Parcel insurance and cover your mailing and VAT fees. This is in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the National Gambling Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds and win Situations. So, the payment must be paid before delivery as payment after delivery is completely ruled out due to our past experience.
Please respond to this email by making a selection from the three options above. So we can provide you with information for payment immediately
Send your response to indicate your option within the next 24hrs, also you are to send the scanned copy of your medium of identification to us via email.
NOTE:  As soon as payment for delivery fee is made you will receive from us your dispatch slip which will state the exact time your parcel will arrive, so inform us about your choice of delivery so the information on how to go about with the payment can be release to you.
Your prompt response will be of good help to you in this matter.
Treat with dispatch,
Mr. Allen Williams.
Telephone:  +447024084954        (Working Hours)
Registered in England  No 929027
Registered Office: Link Place,  BRIGHTON,
Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
© 2012 ScarLet Courier LTD.
The information contained in this message is confidential and/or privileged. This message is intended to be read only by the person named above. The unauthorized use; disclosure, copying or alteration of this message is strictly prohibited. If you are not the addressee, (or responsible for delivery of the message to the addressee), please notify the originator by return message and destroy the original message.
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