Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

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Mr On 4/10/12, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:

Hello My Dear,

I am very happy to see your prompt
mail including your nice lovely pictures and
the one with your lovely
both of you look alike mostly at your nose. I also understand that
the interest to be with me in the
conference which the dates in question are for the US conference will
14Th to
18Th of June and the African side will be from 22nd to 27Th
of June of 2012.

I am happy you have demanded for
more details about the whole things from the organization through the
contact I
gave you in my previous mail and i have also send a letter of

your behalf to the organization so that they will reply your mail on

Please I want you to understand that
the new law now is that every new members will pay half of their
reservation money while the organization will pay the other half,
I want to let you know okay.
I hope you people in that part of the
world have been following the obama era administration as
great nation. With the election still 13 months away, handicapping a
presidential campaign is a tricky business, but already there are
place that will drive 2012.

First a flashback: In 2008, Obama won 28
states and 365 electoral votes, with the support of 90% of liberals,
centrists and even 20% of conservatives. It' s hard to believe that
he' ll
able to meet or exceed those numbers in 2012.
He' s proven to be more
than advertised and it' s never good to be below 50% but a look at
reason for some optimism at the White House. At this point in their
Presidents Reagan and Clinton had approval ratings below Obama' s 41%
respectively. Each went on to easy re-elections.Unless Obama can hold
least Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, his re-election prospects are
his significant scores higher on
his personal qualities than his
him to earn 60% according to cnn in in last election in january. I
best in 2014 election because of his charisma toward the American

As for Barack Obama, he is
exceptional as a candidate because he seems to be able to stir the
nation' s
soul and America
is in desperate need of a boost though the democrate are not seeing
The country needs a voice of
courage, intelligence, compassion and
seems to tick these boxes. He speaks the words Americans want to hear
speaks them with elegance. So I think, in straight choice of the
merited to be the president of United
States of America and to be re-elected. I
think that he represents the best opportunity the US has to reclaim
standing in the world. He has a plan to guide us out of the political
economic decadence of the Bush

Please in case you contact the org
and they did not reply you on time do not worry for they will
mail very soon as you know there is so many people who want to attend
event, so they have to screen people as to know those whose
being accepted by them, so if you did not get mail from the org
worry for i am sure they will answer you very soon after they have

who are qualified.

Have a nice time and bear in mind
that somebody cares for you from here, have nice lovely day but let
out this and meet each other then you will know me the more.

Yours Sincerely,

7101 South 90th Street, Newark,

New Jersey 05103-1200.
Call: +1 862-955-4098/ +12017938360.
Fax :+ 1 801 805 0119/ 1-530-326-8392.
Dear Participant,
Greetings from INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ORG USA. The Forth coming
international Conference is designed to achieve a certain purposes
such like (eliminate violence among our youths, educate minds and
eradicate terrorism within our societies and the important of national
economic integration).It is not open for everyone to Participate, We
can only accept participants under recommendation but since your
recommendation come from one of the students participants. We will now
give you the
opportunity to participate in this coming events,
International Youth Affairs Conferences. The Conference is scheduled
to take place in International convention hall NJC New Jersey , United
States from 14Th to 18Th of June and the second conference POLITICAL,
HIV/AIDS INFECTION will take place at  Maison Dé La Culture DOUTA SECK
in Dakar Senegal West Africa from 22nd to 27Th of June of 2012.The
first Conference will take place in New Jersey  , NJ USA, while the
second Conference is schedule to take place in Senegal (West Africa.
The aim of this Conference is to impart on our youth s the need to
avoid Street Life, Violence and Gangsters, which is on the increase
today among the Youths. The importance of education in every human
life, Bad Leadership and its effect in the society. This event is
sponsored by INTERNATIONAL YOUTH AFFAIRS Relief fund in United States
in memory of those who lost their lives in the World trade center
bombing of the September 11th in New York and Washington DC.
Every one is entitled to Participate in the coming Youth' s Conferences
regardless of your Religious believe. You can attend alone or only
minimum of Four (4) or maximum of Seven (7) is expected to participate
together as a group from one Country and none of them will be less
than eighteen years of age. They are advised to participate in both
Conferences. It does not
necessary means that you must belong to an
organization before you can attend this event. A group of persons with
a minimum educational back ground could be invited to represent their
countries. Any group or participants are allowed to come with their
own agenda or suggestions during the event. You are advised to follow
the instruction immediately. The information' s requested as shown in
the below mail will be forwarded to the U.S Bureau of Immigration and
naturalization for their Visa process.
Any group visa request not forwarded on that same day will miss the
visa assistance. The independent Donors and the Sponsors will take
care of your entire flight tickets from the participant’s home
or country of residence to US and from US to Senegal and back to the
participant home country or country of residence, accommodation and
feeding throughout their stay for the conference in the United States.
You are only responsible for your hotel accommodation in Senegal (West
Africa) where the second conference is scheduled to take place. The
participant will only book for their accommodation in one of the
chosen hotels in Senegal by the organization during the other event in
Senegal West Africa. The organization has chosen three hotels in
Senegal for the participant' s reservations. we have discussed with the
hotel management to give all our participants an official rate which
the organization will pay some part of the money
and the participant
will not have to pay their normal customer' s rate and the rate in
which the any of these hotels that participant will be attached to
book with them will give to the participant is the official rate which
includes your three square meal and the Standby Car to take you to the
conference venue and to also bring you back to the hotel at the end of
each day. If you are interested to participate in the conference, we
will like you to send the following information' s below:
Your name /s:
Date of birth:

Passport numbers:
Country code number:
Country of
Country of residence:
Tele/Fax Number:
We will open your participation file as soon as we receive your names
and you will receive the conference Participation forms. We will now
direct you to Hotels in Senegal where you or your group will make your
reservations. Your African Hotel reservation confirmation receipt will
only prove to us that you must attend the Africa stage after the U.S.
Conference. Please note that we are not the U.S Authority authorizing
your visas but we are working in connections directly from the U.S
Bureau of Immigration and naturalization, the authority that is in
charge of issuing visas. We cannot add or
reduce any given
requirements for the authorization of participant' s visas
participating in these Events and as such all requirements must be
meeting by participants requiring the U.S Visa and Senegal visa
assistance. We remind you to forward your information' s immediately in
order to open a file for you or group. You should endeavor to contact
the management of this hotel below at Senegal via phone or E-mail.

BP 426, Rue Blaise Diagne St Louis, Senegal, West Africa.

E-MAIL: :( cityholidayhotelsenegal@voila.fr )
(info_cityholidayhotelsenegal@yahoo.com )

TEL: +221-76- 887-88-79
FAX: +221-33-844-555-0
Point to note: when you make your reservation in the above hotel, you
should ask for confirmation receipt for your booking as you will need
it to send the confirmation receipt to the organizers in the U.S for
the processing of your documents.

Yours Sincerely,
Madam, Hilleda Allison Mathew,
Board Secretary General.
Mr On 4/16/12, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:
Hello My Dear,
I am very happy seeing that the org have replied your mail which makes
week happy ,so have you been able to send them all the information they
asked from you? please try to do that on time so that the org will
process your visa and do not fail to contact that hotel they directed
for your hotel booking receipt which is very compulsory and your to pay
six days which is the information i got from the org. I will not write
as i have a lecture to catch up.Have a nice week and remain blessed.
Sincerely Yours Jenny.
BP 426, Rue Blaise Diagne  St Louis .
Senegal, West Africa.
E-MAIL:( cityholidayhotelsenegal@voila.fr )
(info_cityholidayhotelsenegal@yahoo.com )
TEL: +221-76- 887-88-79
FAX: +221-33-836-409-1
Dear Client,
CITY HOLIDAY HOTEL St Louis Senegal. In responds to your mail and the
directive of the organization, i will like you to understand that we
are aware of the upcoming conference and working according to the
order and instruction received from the organisation INTERNATIONAL
YOUTH ORG. Our hotel is a newly established hotel here in Senegal and
can be located with the above address. So we are hereby welcoming you
all to our country on this special event. Once more any condition
stated herein is not by our hotel but by the
organization because we
are working according to the instruction given by them the
Organisation. The International Conference on WAR AFFECTING CHILDREN
AND HIV/ AIDS INFECTIONS taking place here in Senegal. We still have
few rooms. Thanks for patronizing our service. We wish to inform you
that below are the available rooms and official rates for the
International Youth Organisation (IYO) participants. All rates are in
EURO/ DOLLARS and in our local currency which is French CFA. You are
to make 6 days/night reservation according to the instruction of the
organisation, from the date of arrival to the end. The organisation
has paid half while the prize below is your part to be sent to us
depending on your choice of room to be paid for. Point to note, no
confirmation receipt will be issued without the payment as
quoted below, please contact the organization for confirmation.
SINGLE ROOM 85. Euro/ 115 US Dollars =(57.000 FCFA)1 PERSON
DOUBLE SUIT 150. Euro / $200 US Dollars=(87,000.00 FCFA) 2 PERSON
FAMILY SIZE 250. Euro/ 355 US Dollars =(165,000.00 FCFA) 5 PERSON
The above rooms have modern facilities like Telephone, Internet and
Standby Car to take you to the conference venue and to also bring you
back to the hotel at the end of each day. Also there are swimming
pools and
sports facilities in which your payment covers the use of
all these facilities but damage of any facilities will be reimburses
by the client.
We are sorry that our management does not accept the payment of credit
card because of high credit card fraudulent act from people and for
our security purpose. Making payment through our bank account is
possible but due to delay in transferring payment from outside
countries, your payment might get to us very late. Transferring of
payment from other countries to our country through bank account takes
between 20 to
25 working days. We advise all of clients to make
his/her payment through the use Western Union Money transfer, Eco bank
rapid transfer, Money Express Services or Money Gram money transfer
Method for instant receiver in order to reach you with the
confirmation of the hotel reservation receipt on time.
Point to note, no reservation is successfully made without payment of
the hotel amount as directed by INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ORGANISATION and
online booking reservation is not accepted by the organization. Direct
your payment to our hotel cashier MR NICHOLAS IBEXwith ADDRESS: St
Louis Senegal and send to us immediately the payment information that
will be use to cash the payment from the Western Union Money transfer,
Eco bank rapid transfer or Money Gram
in our country. On receipt of
your payment, we shall forward your RESERVATION CONFIRMATION LETTER to
you. When forwarding your payment information, you should also attach
it with your name.
By virtue of section 3B of our agency/ representative payment Act/
agreement with organizers of INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE.
Sub-section 7ef, stated that payment will be refunded to any
organization, group or participants. If for one reason or the other
could not attend the conference but the participants have to be aware
of the transfer chargers by the
bank, and a night charge of the hotel
will be removed from his/ her payment.
As soon as your payment is received. We shall send to you the
reservation confirmation letter which will carry your room number
within 24 hours, which we will also send a copy to the U.S office on
your behalf for confirmation. Feel free to call the hot line if you
have any question. We advise you to make your booking immediately
since we have only few rooms for the conference participants.
You can contact the under signed for more directives.
Dr Morentis Selgad
Mr On 4/17/12, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:
Hello Dearest , How
are things in general with you, your family and friends over there?hope
all of you are in sound and perfect condition over there? well if so
let us always be in line of glorifying God all moment in our life for he
is King of kings.- I understand your mail which was base on the issue
of the hotel reservation in you last mail, really it touches me when
you talk about your financial problem which
without been
told i know that you will need my help but sincerely you have to
understand that i am still a  student who derive her living under the
umbrella of her parent, really if i am working
presently nothing would
have stop me for taking up your total responsibilities in attending
this program as i am the one who recommended you to take part for this
occasion. Really it was not quite two weeks ago my parent gave me money
for my handout, preparing of my project and other personal expenses,
which will be very difficult for me to ask for another money so early
now. I want you to bear with me and see reason into all that i have said
because deep down in me i really felt your first request from me and i
know how hard and tough some of the world is like because most of them
are the third world country which is the main reason why the
expansion of this conference is
expanding every year as to see that standard of living in most part
the world is changed and improved before the year 2014. And following
the problem which people in the past have caused by running away after
the event in US.
right now my dear if i can assist with some money, i have to meet my
aunt to see if i can get some money from her, then i will inform you on
what i can be able to raise from her soonest and please you don' t give
up nor discourage and try to raise something also because it will be big
burden on me now. You already know that it is because of lack
of seriousness
and running away of most participants in the previous event when they
arrive America have made the organisation change their system now and
make it
mandatory for all new members in other
part of world that needed visas
to come to America to make their reservation in any of their respective
hotels before processing there visas and other documents as the rules
and regulation of the organization demands.  Sincerely
i will be very pleased if you will make it with me and look for money
also so that we will share the problem since a problem shared is a
problem solved. Please once more see reason with me in this mail because
if i am working class nothing would have stop me helping you completely
but my present condition as student deny me of giving full assistance
to the way i felt for you. I will stop here and extend my lovely
to all members of you over there while expecting to hear
from you on my next action for
you my dear. Yours
Mr On 4/19/12, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:

Atten Hotel
This is to inform your office that i have send the sum of 200 euro on
my friend who will be staying in your hotel for the up coming
conference, below is the full information you will use in withdrawing the
money from any western union office in your country.
Name of sender. . . . . .Jennifer Kennedy.
Address Sender. . . . . .Depart of International Relation University of
London UK.
Name of Receiver. . . . Muhammed
Sillah.( Hotel Accountant)
Address of Receiver. . . Senegal.
Control Number. . . . .6524875214
Amount. . . . . . . . . . . .200 euro equivalent.
Question test. . . . . . . .Reservation.
Answer test. . . . . . . . part payment.
He will be sending the balance of 310 euro to complete this money so as to
enable your office send his reservation confirmation receipt to him and a
to the organizers of the conference for it will be use in the processing
Thanks for your co-operation,
Yours Jennifer from UK.
Mr From: Infocityholiday Hotelsenegal < info_cityholidayhotelsenegal@yahoo.com >
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Subject: Notification Hotel Manager Office.

Dear Client,
CITY HOLIDAY HOTEL St Louis Senegal , we are notifying you about the sum of 300 euro received on your behalf for a room reservation in our hotel, this money was sent by one Jennifer Kennedy from UK.

The balance money you will have to send is 310 euro which will complete the total amount for the six days the conference will last in hotel. As soon as you send the balance we will immediately send your reservation confirmation receipt to you.

Please bear with us as we are following the instruction given to us by the organization, we have notify the organization about the payment made on your behalf today while waiting for the balance before issuing your reservation receipt to you and a copy also to be sent to the organization according to their directive.

Your to use western union, UBA rapid transfer or money gram to send the money from your country with the information' s below.

Name:Muhammed Sillah
Passport No: PC257875
Address: Senegal
Address Sender:
Control Number:
Question test:
Answer test:

Dr Morentis Selgadoz.

Mr On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 1:23 AM, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:
How are you doing hope fine? have been a while have not hear from you hope
all is well, i hope you spend the weekend with your family in good health ?
thanks and God bless Jenny.
Mr On 4/23/12, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:
Hello My Dear,
Please for God sake, i do not want this conference be little me because i am
too big to involved in anything scam, the org have their web site and every
others that is related to the org but if your insticnt is telling you that
it is scam we better call it off and from the tone of your mail that is why
your saying not to attend the African conference because you do not have
money, i want to ask you one question, you want to travel without supporting
yourself? you want to have good thing without any of your financial support,
honestly people like are those that will run away when they arrive US for
the conference, so if you have no money no need of contacting the org
because it is must you must pay for your hotel reservation in African and
will not be allow to attend the US conference only if your running away to
book for your hotel fees.If because money is going to be involved then you
were now thinking of this been scam, well i am sorry we have to
forget about the while time wasting communication here.So bye.
Mr On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 1:04 PM, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:

Hello My Dearest ,

 Thanks for you’re for your mail and i am very sorry for my late reply to your mail which caused by my busy schedules and tight daily activities, please bear with me for i am with you always despite the late reply to your mail. How are you doing presently? Hope every one around you is in perfect state of good health? Well if so let always give thanks to God for the present condition we all finds ourselves today.

  Please my dear i understand what you said but will advise you to stop telling your friend your reason of asking them money because not all of them have your interest at heart, yes in life there is good and bad but not all that shines are called gold, so my advise is to keep away from such enemy of progress and fine a way to solve your problem my dear.

I will be happy to hear your voice on the phone, so i have decided to give you all the numbers you can reach me in UK. Please some times my line is off because of lectures or when there is any call i do not want to answer because of the disturbance of my ex boy friend whom i do not want again in my life but he keep on calling me, so some time i switch it off if such arrive. You can call me around 8 to 9 am in the morning or late night around 22 to 23 pm GMT.

Mine No: +447045788350/ +447045786907

Stopping here till  your next mail and extend my warmest regards to all members of your family where ever they are for me.

Yours Lovely& Cheerful,

Jenny .

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 4:30 AM, Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com wrote:
I read your mail which was understanding, so you want to say your unable to complete the money? if yes let me know so that i can recall the one i sent because i needed it and enable me to cancel your attendance before it is tool ate which will not be good for me before the org. I hope to hear from you soon for me to act me and i am sorry for your situation which i can not help more than i have already done my dear.
Have a nice day and bye.

Mr From: Jennifer Kenndy < jenniferkenndy@yahoo.com
Date: Fri, May 4, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: How are you. .

Hello My Dearest,
I am very sorry for that incidence because my phone was stolen from my bag before your call which i am sure it is the person that stole the phone that is answering my line, please stop calling that line okay. So how are you and life in general? hope doing pretty fine ? well let always give thanks to the almighty for he is good all the time. So what was your arrangement base on the hotel reservation booking because that is with holding the processing of your document by the org. I hope to hear from you soonest and have a nice lovely day.
Sincerely Yours Jenny. .
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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