Miss Young

Sharon Smith says: "you are ready to marry me now"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Martin.

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Mrs Date: Tue 28 Aug 2012 21 44

Good day Miss Young

Even do I wrote,not interested,she,well hi still goes on
No prewritten messages from this one,only short once
So when I wrote that I expected a decent letter from a company manager
Thats when it ended


- - - - - -

Sharon Smith(sharon2012) sharonsmit499@yahoo.com
New York USA

Noway,Africa yes.

First contact,

hello,how are you doing?

am fine thank you. .i would like to know you more. . do you have yahoo messenger im so we can chat there and gets to know each other better. . if yes,you can add me on. . . sharonsmith 499@yahoo.com. . so we can meet and chat. i do really hope to meet you soon. .thanks. .

hello, you can mail me on sharonsmith499@yahoo.com. so <.sharonsmith499@yahoo.com..so> we can meet ok. .cos i really need to know you more. .am expecting your mail.

ok. . i really want to know you much better. . am looking for a real man that would be my husband and inherit my late father's company which will given to me if i get married.my father hand over the will to a lawyer. and is only that i get married is when the company would be released to me and my husband to be. . thats why i came in here to see if i can meet the right one in my life. . if you are interested in been my husband you can make me to understand please. .am very serious about this. .

ok. .but i don't mind the distance as long as the man remain faithful to me,and i will love him like i have never done before in my life. am just looking for a responsible man that stand for me to inherit my dead father's company. .the earlier we get married the better for us cos the says i should do fast to bring my husband. .no one i trust in my country cos they are all cheats and liars. .so i want somebody thats faithful and real. .tell me if you can be my husband and inherit the company for our own good. . please.

ok. .i will come over there if that will please you ok. . but,before i will do that you have to stand for me as my husband so that my father's lawyer will release the company to me. .but you have to tell me about yourself first. what you do for a living,do you have kids?. .me,am single,am a manager in my father's company. my father is dead ,my mom is still alive. .and what about you. . please?

i still want you . . cos am dying to have you. .the company is in my country,new york. usa. .and we deals on chemical. you never told me what you do for a living.

am really serious about this okay!. . .but you never told me what you do for a living.

honestly,i really need a man in my life. am the manager of my father's company and before the company can be release to me finally. thats why i need a man to be with me in life to help me take control of the company cos am woman. .

am really looking for a real man that would be with me till the rest of my life,responsible one.

honestly if you are ready to marry me now we can contact my father's lawyer whom the willed is with. .so he can release the company to you. if you really wanna be my husband. .

Miss Young When xxx realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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