Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.


From: Anastasiya <jerolg@yahoo.com>

Congratulations! My name Anastasiya. My age of 29 years. I live in
Russia. I Write to you from the Internet-cafe. I saw your structure on
a site Friends. I wish to get acquainted well with you. And we can
Good friends, Whom become. Possibly it - is more. I send you my photo.
Thus, you can See me. In mine to the country I had awfully experience
And consequently I have written to the person from other Country. To
me have offered work in your country. I wish to find the person from
your country for creation Family. Please, send me your photos also. To
write to me For my e-mail The address: jeryolg@yahoo.com. I very much
hope, that It washes, The letter does not remain without attention and
that you will write to me Answer my letter. I shall wait for yours the
letter. Anastasiya.

Anastasiya 1
A 2
A 3
A 12
Mrs Greetings my new friend! My name is Anastasiya.I am very glad to
get acquainted with you. And I hope, that we can become good friends.
I am not so good at use of the Internet, but anyhow I have solved,
that it is a good way to receive new friends. For this reason I wish
to explain the reason, why I - here right now. Probably, that I shall
visit your country soon, and I have made my opinion to get acquainted
with the person from your country. And in this item I write to you. I
never was abroad, and I have no friends outside of Russia. I really
wish to know more about you. You could, please tell to me about you,
about your way of life in the following letter. I hope, that it is not
difficult for you. I also shall write about me directly. It is
interesting to learn about your family, it is possible about your
work, friends and a hobby. Well, to me of 29 years. And I am assured,
that it is good age for lady. As I am still young, but however I have
good experience of a life. My height - 170 sm and my weight of 55 kg.
You know, that I am suitable, because I love sports meets. One of the
most important things should care of me .In sound opinion, a sound
body. I send my photos, thus you can see me. You know, that I am not
so photogenic. Photos are usually not so beautiful. But they are
important for the correspondence, thus it is possible to see another.
I hope, that you will love me., how I look forward to see your photos
in the following letter. It is very interesting to me to see the
person you writing. Thus I wish to set to you some questions, thus we
shall know each other better. What concerning sports? Alcohol?
Smoking? Please tell to me about your habits. As to me I am an only
child in family, and I have no my own children, but I have dream. I
have dream to build my own family and to have remarkable children. My
father has died, when I was the child. I really grieve without it. My
mother has grown up me as to me there were 2 years, and it taught me
one. My mother works in hospital. It has good work. It worked in
hospital during long time, and it knows many people. It is respected
in our city. I have some friends to a beloved. I spend the most part
of my free time with them. They speak, that I have common sense of
humour. I like to laugh at a good joke. I am a cheerful person, thus
my friends do. I live in Birsk. It is small city. It is located 100
The km far from Ufa. I think, that this information will help you the
nobility me better. I look forward to know about you, you work, your
city. I have no bad habits, I do not smoke. I am assured, that it is
important for lady not, have bad habits. Gathering with friends I can
drink a glass of wine, but it is no more. I really strongly wish
cookery. I usually prepare an ear, a borshch, salads. You can write
about your favourite dish, or probably your experience of cookery. I
personally as flowers. They really do our life of more beautiful of
the house, outside, on work. Ah, yes I have forgotten to speak you
about my work. I work with children and me is valid as my work. I am a
teacher of foreign language at school. I teach small English language
of children. I think, that - it is enough about me. I have written
really big letter. I hope, that you not tired from my small letter.
So, what you do? Where you work? Please tell to me about your
interests. I am valid with impatience I look forward to hearing from
you. I hope, that my letter will not be lost without attention. I
shall read through your letter with pleasure and certainly I shall
answer, Anastasiya.
Mrs Greetings ! I am very glad to receive your letter. You are
interested in me), …, And these are good news to me. I was afraid to
see negative reaction from your party. I never had friends through the
Internet before. And it has frightened me. But you are a good person.
I see it in your letter. It means, that you have found something in me
and probably wish to know each other better. I have written about my
life as a whole in my first letter. You already know, that I live in
Birsk. It is usual small city in Russia. But I love it so. I like
to have walk on its tiny, but convenient streets, beautiful parks
among the river. You know, that I like to go, together with my friends
or one. When I am outside one, I dream. Dream of the future life.
Where all is good, I have good work which brings pleasure and the good
income. I dream, that I shall meet my love. Undoubtedly I had close
relations. But they have not finished anything behind. Many the
Russian men are rough, and I always wished to be we love, to feel
heat. I think, that all will be by way of. And of what you dream? You
like to sit and dream only? I like to see new films at cinema, I also
like to read. Also what concerning you? Please tell to me what is
removed, and books do you as? I really am interested in it. That does
you do in your free time. Probably I set too many questions. But the
knowledge is more about you interesting to me. By the way, about my
city. I think, that you can find it on a card easily. You should find
Ufa. It is the big city near to my city, thus you can see my
city. And it is again short about me directly. My favourite sports
meets float. I am capable to float. From time to time I go to a
swimming pool. My favourite colors are pink and dark blue. My
favourite flower - a tulip. Also what concerning you? You love your
work? Really love what you do? I am assured, that is important. It is
important to love you work. Then you work, will bring pleasure. In my
first letter I have written about an opportunity to visit your
country. Yes, it is true. I work as the teacher. I am a young teacher,
and I am a successful girl), … Which is not timid, but anyhow. I
studied at university to receive this speciality. I also have studied
other foreign languages. My English skill is rather good. And I can
easily study other foreign language. I do not doubt of it. I love my
work. Earlier all was by way of, and the salary was worthy. But now
all changed. Probably the economic crisis has caused it. Russia was
deeply under influence of it and also my work also. But I am an
optimist, and I trust in the bright future. And recently they have
offered me new work in your country. It is very prospective also the
good salary. I thought of it very much. First I was afraid to go to
other country one, and I denied that offer. But later I have made my
opinion to begin a new life, and I have agreed with that offer. Now I
wait for that has agreed on all aspects with my work. But I do not
know when precisely. I be able to soon go to your country and work at
school. I shall teach language of Russian of children. I really wish
to find worthy work which will bring pleasure and the good income. But
please let's not speak about money. I trust in the bright future, and
each person should build its own future. You agree with me? What do
you think of it? I wish to know your opinion. I think, that you have
understood the reason of my letter. I wish to get acquainted with you.
I shall arrive to your country and there will be no one. I shall know
you. And we shall probably have the future, where we - together. You
against it? Well. I shall finish my letter for today. It is also so
greater as previous. But I wish to tell to you so. I hope, that you
understand it. And I hope, that you will be enough patient to read
through this big letter from the unknown girl from Russia. I wait for
your letter Anastasiya.
Mrs Congratulations my dear !! I am very glad to receive your letter.
As You doing? - all is good? I by means of. Today weather is fine. I
love Such weather. How - maintain your party ? I shall begin
mine The letter with history about my family and me. I think, that it
Important for sew the correspondence. I wish to tell very much about
mine Life. Gryvan I also ask, to which you have written more about you
Directly, your life and your family. It is always interesting to me.
And thus we shall know each other better. You agree? I have already
Written, that I live with my mum. We live in one apartment of a room.
But there is a sufficient place for both of us. It is small and
Convenient apartment. My mother - very kind, sweet, useful woman. It
It is respected on its work. It always was my best friend. And we
always Understand each other. I love my mum very much. Unfortunately,
mine The father has died, when I was the little girl. you can
speak me About your parents. It is very interesting. My mother and I
love to Will be prepared together. It taught me many recipes of
dishes. I am very good At creation of various salads, dishes of meat,
soups and many another Things. I think, that my creations are very
tasty. I like to be prepared Simply, because it is creative process.
But sometimes I have not enough From a free time for cookery. My work
demands a plenty of time. But I Love my trade. I wish to continue to
do my work. I have written about It to you. Now I look through some
offers of work above schools in yours The country. Four schools have
offered me work. But all over again I wish to see Them. And only then
choose the best choice for me. I think rather The right. You agree? If
I shall arrive to you, you can show me these schools? But now early to
speak about it. I really hope to See you once Hope, that you liked to
read through my message. I feel, that ours The correspondence is good,
and it will pass further. I with impatience wait Reception of news
from you. Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs Greetings! Greetings ! How you do? I by way of. Weather is not
so good today. In the sky there are many clouds. It forces me to long.
But your letter does me by happier. I wish to arrive to you to the
country and I shall choose together with you school in which to work.
I am glad, that you do not forget me and read my letters closely.
Please tell to me, how - your work? All is good? I succeed. I wish to
tell to you about one amusing accident at my work. Today I am lecture
and informed with children. And one of students has asked a question
to me. I shall be always the teacher? I really did not know what to
answer. Children always loved me. And they were always glad to arrive
to my lesson. All teachers notice this fact. Children never are late,
and during that moment I have heard such question. I did not know what
to tell. A life not comfortable existence. And from time to time you
do not know that happens tomorrow. I shall probably work above this
school or probably was not present. And then I thought of you and
about an opportunity to go to you. I thought of a life, work in your
country. It is my chance. And I wish to use this opportunity. I have
explained to students that there will be other teachers during their
lives and that I be able to not remain with them all time. I wished
them more good teachers. And I think, that it is important. And they
have understood me. We continued our lesson with smiles. When the
lesson was on, I thought of you all brake. And I have made my opinion
to change my life. And I think, that I shall change my life to the
best, if I shall go to your country to influence a new place. I wish
to tell, that you thank you. You have enabled me to think of my life
that it is possible to change its own life to the best. Thanks. I hope
to receive your letter soon also. I think, that we can speak easily,
and then I shall come to the final conclusion about my future. I look
forward to hearing. Your best girlfriend Anastasiya.
Mrs My greetings ! I am glad to receive your letter. I wish to
arrive to you to the country and I shall choose together with you
school in which to work. I think of work in your country. I think,
that you understand, that it is the important decision in my life, and
I could not make my opinion, weighing all pro and contra. I have
divided my ideas with my mother. I have told to it all about us. It
has smiled and has understood me. My mother can always understand me.
It approves my decision. It trusts you. It thinks, that you - very
good and fair person. And you can show me you the country and meet me.
I think also so. I wish to write more about my plans concerning the
future. I shall speak with my Director. They have offered me to go to
your country during long time. And I have decided to agree. And it
occurs because of you. I shall tell to my Director, that I have agreed
to work in your country. I think, that it will not be against it and
will be pleased with my decision. Also it is the correct decision.
Director advised me to go during long time. We will suit some items
with those schools where I shall probably work. I should make a
choice. I shall arrive to you, and we shall think together of it. You
will help me with advice? Unless it is not difficult for you? Well
anyhow now early to speak about it. My trip is not planned in
details nevertheless. And now I wish to consider my trip. It is a step
by a new life. I want it . I shall tell about everything, that I
am going to do. I look forward to hearing. Hope you are happy, what I
have decided to go to you? I think, that you agree! While while. Yours
Mrs Hellooooo, mine !!! I am very glad to see your letter and
Especially in such day. Today - very important day, and I have
Accelerated to write to you. I am in high alcohol today! You know,
That I have solved to change my existing life and the future, and me
Have made Wash opinion to enter your country. I shall work there in
yours The country. Also this My last decision. I have risen earlier
today in Morning, have entered School so, I could speak with a head
before The begun Lessons. It was already on its workplace. We spoke
once again, And I have told to it about my decision, and it supported
me. We spoke As, We were Friends. It or it - promote also the
competent person. It Has cleaned phone, also has named the Ministry of
Public Formation. Director has asked, it They have begun registration
of all necessary Documents for me. Satisfied some items, thus it for
me is possible Will enter in your country, they will be, To do the
tourist visa, When I shall choose school in which I shall work. I
shall require to Arrive to itself in the country within one week, and
then I shall make The working visa to me and the international
passport. They also will order The ticket to your country, on all
degree Again to Moscow and a hotel room There. It There was the long
Conversation. We discussed my trip, documents And on money. The
ministry of Public Formation and our school will be Give money for
Registration of the document and the order. Write to me The name the
airport which is close to your place, where do you live? They
Promised, that everyone will be soon ready. I think, that all
Possible, and soon I shall pack things my Luggage for arrival Trip. I
am very glad and happy. I believe, That such chance arrives Only once
in the Life, and I should use it the Opportunity. I think, it You also
very happy, which I have solved to arrive to you! Please Write about
the latest news what Interesting happen in your life? I Think, that we
Shall see each other Soon, and I wish to know more about Your life),
Well here, I enter the end with this letter, and Tomorrow I shall be
divided with you with the latest news rather My preparation. I Think,
that you will wait Impatiently for mine The letter), yours Anastasiya.
Mrs Congratulations my Congratulations ! I have greater news to you
Today. I wish to arrive to you to the country and I shall choose
together with you school in which to work. Write to me the name of the
airport which is near to you? I Spoke With my director. My preparation
passes well. It has Told from which the ministry of Public Formation
has begun registration All Necessary Documents for a trip to you. I
have my salary and the Some people Additional Premiums which is 750
dollars, the Good sum of money. I Will conduct it of Money for my trip
to you. It also has told to me, it All is arranged About it. They will
make quickly tourist visa and The international passport. I should go
to Moscow in Embassy to receive The visa and conversation. It happens
very soon. Tomorrow I shall be Enter into the bus, and I shall go to
Moscow. I very much It am very happy. I have so not enough time for
packing, and trips Will be such Long. But I am not afraid of
difficulties. I am assured, That I shall consult With it. Hope you are
glad for me also. You will be happy to meet me It is very fast?!
tomorrow I shall be ready to mine the Trip. If It is required
it - a lot of time. I should be at school in Morning, that to sign all
documents to tell, while to mine Colleges. It was good Work, and
people were good. I worked above the best School Our city. At Midday I
wish to meet my friends and relatives. I I hope, That you understand
this need. I wish to tell good while My end Relatives. I shall pack
luggage in the evening, and I shall be Unsuccessfully Vainly waste
time with My mum, it will go with me to railway station. Gryvan I I
promise to write, when I reach Moscow. I think, that I shall find The
Internet-cafe also which I shall write to you as soon as I reach
Moscow. I break Without you). Wait for my letter. I shall wait also
For yours the letter. 100000000000000 kisses!!! Anastasiya.
Mrs Greetings my road ! I am very glad to read through your letter.
Now I can tell with pleasure, that I am in Moscow. I have reached
there by the bus and remain in hotel. Spent for some time for the
others. Now I am going to visit embassy to have Conversation. Today I
shall transfer it and I shall receive my documents. I have learned
about the Internet-cafe by means of hotel Workers. It - near to hotel,
and I can easily arrive to the Internet-cafe. And first I have decided
to write to you a The letter and only then goes to embassy. I shall
try to write other letter in the evening. But the best way consists in
having a Real telephone conversation. I think, that I can name you,
and we shall speak about a meeting. Write to me the phone number which
is always near to you. It or that way wait for mine The letter or
inquiry. Now I shall go to embassy and then I shall go to the airport,
thus I can see, what flights are accessible. I shall be Buy the ticket
at once. Wait for my inquiry or the letter. All is going to be by way
of. I am assured of it. And I am very fast Will fly by the plane to
you. Expectation of your letter. Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs Congratulations my dear ! How you do? Today weather in Moscow is
fine. How - weather in your city? I have good news. Yesterday I have
visited hospital and have received medical insurance. It borrowed
time, it - only formality. I have paid some money for insurance, and
in 20 minutes I have received papers. Then I have gone to embassy, I
should tell, that it was no easy trip. Moscow - huge city. 4 hours
also are obliged to reach embassy! I could continue the whole city,
using this time))), …, Thus me there, and have successfully
transferred conversation, I have received my visa and the passport. I
am very glad, that I have made all this so quickly! And now I have all
necessary documents for my trip to you! I am very happy! I wish to
begin a new life! We shall meet very soon! And I worry about it now.
How it will be? I imagine our first meeting, it so seizes. What do you
feel now? How you imagine our meeting at the airport? Please write to
me about it . Yesterday I had a lot of business and not capable
to reach the airport. I wish to buy tickets right now or tomorrow. I
learn about the most close flights, and I shall buy the ticket at
once. I am so glad, that all approaches, and this fact are pleasant. I
hope, that you are glad also! Today there was a steady day, and I am
tired. I should go to hotel to have some rest. I really wish to arrive
to you as soon as possible. Before rest I go to dream of our first
day, I have already written to you about it). Tomorrow is going to be
in the steady afternoon also. I shall write to you, that I study at
the airport. Wait for my letter or inquiry. I shall wait also for your
letter. With love! Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs My congratulations ! I long thought to write to you this letter
Or No. I have written, That I Shall be, Go to the airport to buy
Tickets, thus I can to fly to you. I Knew Approximate cost the ticket.
It not So is cheap, but I had Money to buy it. I have reached here
Early in the morning, I have learned, it They cost to the ticket. I
Had such the sum, but They Have told, which, - the ticket, and I If to
buy two tickets, Reach you and returning. It is a rule. I Should Buy
the ticket, Arrive to you and to come back, Which The country - the
law, Is pity To me, But to such Conditions, and rules have been made
for me by Mine The government. It Guarantees, That I shall not remain
to live there When Mine the visa Arrives in the end. I go to you in
the tourist the visa. As the working visa is given Only when I shall
know the Exact place Works. Therefore I should arrive, Also renew my
visa on the worker. It is the order, and I should follow It. This
greater Surprise for I. I Never was abroad, and I never Idea
concerning it ! Now I Have paid for both from my of the ticket.
My flight will pass only In Some days. I should pay my hotel, and me
have no absolutely money For Payment of my residing. I at all do not
do, Have money to buy it it Directly. I tried to name mine Director
and to ask money for residing In Moscow. Director has told, That my
government I shall appoint me it Money, but this money, can Receive
only in 4 weeks. Now I - one in This big city. I cannot Find Such
Greater sum of money right now. It Is impossible. I have, there was no
Gift, They are 450 euros, that I could Will pay my hotel and my food
Before my flight, it is a shame to me to ask From you this money, but
I have no choice. You can help me With this money. I Hope, That you
can help me. Please help me Approximately 450 euros. I cannot arrive
To you if I shall not pay mine Adaptation in hotel and my charges in
Moscow. I shall give it Money When I receive this money from mine the
government. My government Promised me it. I Hope, That you Understand
Me, it is correct. I write This letter with Tears on mine the person.
It Dishonours for me. I Never Asked the help. I Should write the
letter to you Also asks the help. You became more than the friend For
Me, I wish to see you, to be to relatives To you, you are necessary as
I. I Wait yours Understanding for me, your letter should wait. Yours
Mrs Mine !! I have received your letter, mine I have Paid all
of money for my tickets in your country in both parties. I Should make
it because such rules in my country. Now I have no money Which I could
pay to my hotel and my residing, and I enter Moscow. My flight will be
only in some days, but I cannot be in Moscow All these days, because I
have no money to pay for my residing. It is necessary for me 450
euros, that I could pay all charges. Yesterday I have called for my
director, it has told, that to me will be Will pay all my charges and
will give indemnification, but I can receive This money only in 4-5
weeks. I cannot wait within 5 weeks because Academic year already soon
begins, and I should have time to choose School in your country. I
think, that I shall make a choice quickly As I want, will choose
school to be close to you. I want it, us Could be frequent together.
Me pulls to you, I think that ours Acquaintance it - is more than
friendship? Mine please help me with This money, I shall give
you your money as soon as my government will be Will pay to me this
money. I want it, we could meet each other. I spoke with the manager
of hotel, but it You have given me not, what data on whom could send
me this money. The hotel addresses to the Cosiness, it is small hotel
and director of hotel Has told to me, that I should pay, my residing
only exchanges for money. I descended and have made a copy of my
passport that you could see that I actually wish to arrive to you and
to be near to you. I shall be Wait for your letter. Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs My darling !! I have received your letter. I understand
that I ask from you greater money. I spoke with the manager of hotel
but it you have given me not what data on which could send me this
money. The hotel refers to the Cosiness it is small hotel and director
of hotel has told to me that I should pay my residing only cashes.
Mine why you do not wish to send me this money for my data you
do not trust me? If you do not trust me then your money are not
necessary to me. I shall not come to the person which does not trust
me. I go to other country to begin a new life. I wish to begin эу a
life near to you. But if our attitudes begin with mistrust then it
will be better to not meet each other. You need to solve you want that
I was near to you or not. I shall wait for your answer. Yours
Mrs My favorite !! All is good, but pity to me, in which I still
Mine the country instead of close to you, I wish to see you, I want
It, you have as soon as possible shown me, the majority of places in
Yours the country is beautiful. I was happy to study, With which you
will help me of Money For me, I Promise, that I shall give All of you
your money so Soon, as I Shall work in your country. It very much
regretted to me, But in I was not present any bank account. I have
gone to work bank, to study, As You Can Send me of Money. I have
learned, There such system, western The union. To Me have told to it
after to you, That you can Send it I From Money. Also it almost at
once I can Remove them. To it The person Who Sends Money, the
information from the person who will be, Receives It, Will be
necessary!! This full name And necessary a Surname!! Concerning me
Have told, it it On Reception of money, is Necessary For to have in
Direct the passport And the information More probably the person Who
sends!! It will be necessary For to have the Full name and a surname,
The country and City, And as, Number From Translation MTCN!! Gryvan in
bank To me have told, which will be the best if you Should send me the
Copy The form of Money of transfer. Thus I can Remove This money
Without Problems or its full address, the name and the Surname.
Without them Data I cannot receive your money. You Can send Money
Behind of the name. Here Full Data: Anastasiya Stepanova, The country
Russia, Kozlovka, Street Gagarin, the house 2, an apartment 21. The
postal index 429060. To me have told that I without problems can
receive this money. Because the western union works without problems.
You can Study It!!! I Really wish to meet You, We Could study everyone
Another, And it is destiny Which will be Connect us For ever, can!! I
with impatience Should Wait the letter from you! You Always in My
ideas! I very much Want it, I have the found school which It will be
close to you. Then, we Can to be Together. Kiss! Anastasiya.
Mrs My dear I waited for your letter. My darling all my documents
are on the customs control. I still had only my passport. My
you has written to me that you went to the western union the given
transfers of money send me. My if you do not trust me then I
shall not come to you, I do not wish to begin our attitudes with
mistrust. I wish to arrive to you to the country and to begin a new
life near to you. I wait for your letter. Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs My darling !! All put I wait for your letter. My you have
written to me that you want that we could be together. And itself you
do not write to me. What happens? If you do not wish to help me that
write to me about it. I should arrive to you to the country I wish to
begin my new life near to you. I have risked and have decided to
arrive to the country where not when was not, I have much spent money
for it. I promise I shall give back to you your money as soon as we
together shall choose school for my work. I wait for your letter
Mrs Mine I have received your letter. It has very much regretted to
me, it I still am in mine the country. Mine I cannot be in
Moscow It is more. In me does not remain absolutely money for Residing
at Moscow. If you will not help me from money, that I could arrive to
you to me It is necessary to refuse a trip to you to the country and
to arrive Back in my city for work. I do not want it, I want we could
meet The friend the friend also could be, are happy together. I Think
that we already It is more than friends? I want, will work above
School to be close to you. My darling I just go from the western union
there to me have told that those data which I have sent you, to you
will suffice that you could transfer me this money. I already wrote to
you that all my documents and the ticket are at customs for check. I
still had only my Russian passport. My please make so that on
Monday I could receive your money to take away my documents and sits
down aboard the plane up to your country. I wish to see every day you
and to hear Your voice. But it only dreams. Please find it Money, and
then you can Soon meet me at the airport. I shall wait for your
letter. Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs My dear I has received your letter. My that I could pay
my hotel accommodation to me it is necessary to pay 450 euro. I am
glad that you can to send to Monday to me this money and as soon as I
shall pay my hotel accommodation. I can sits down aboard the plane and
to arrive to you. I write to you all data of my flight. As soon as I
shall be registered by the plane. My soon we shall together. I
am glad that soon I can to see you. Yours Anastasiya.
Mrs My darling I have received your letter. My write to me
you you will help me with this money, I am tired from your mistrust to
me. If you want that I came to you make so that already tomorrow I
could receive your money. I wait for your answer. Yours Anastasiya.
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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