Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: Stella Faldon < stellafaldon@yahoo.com >
Date: 2013/1/17
Subject: Hello My Beloved! . Peace be Upon You .

Hello My Beloved! . Peace be Upon You .
I Hope you are in perfectly healthy ? I am glad to receive your email and to know you , but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point in time so do not be afraid of what you may hear about me .
My dear , i am writing with sorrow in my heart  and in expectation that you will be of a great help to me .

My name is Miss , Stella Faldon , a citizen of  Somali Democratic Republic in Africa. My birthday was 6th June 1990 .  single and never married .
My father was unfortunately assassinated together with my lovely mother and one of my elder brother by the wicked gunmen .  I discovered that it was my uncle that sent the gunmen to kill my father and my Mother because of something i will like to disclose to you if we know each other very well because it is confidential and i will like you to handle it on my behalf . It was only me and my younger brother that is alive for out of a family of five, but i can' t find my brother again because of crises in my country that separated us , I don' t know if he is alive or not , but , where ever he is , i believe and pray that  God must surely protect him ,

I managed to make my way to a country called Senegal by the help of some soldiers where i am living now as an orphanage in the Orphanage home , because of the threatening of my wicked uncle and the problems in my country that leads to killing , My uncle wanted to kill me so he will collect every of my father' s property , but , i ran away with some of my father' s files which i know that it content some documents . The most thing that made me to leave my country Somalia is because of crises and famine .

Please my dear , i don' t know anybody in this country or whom i can go to now that is why am living in the Orphanage home here in Senegal and i need your help to come out from here if you can .  (Rev . David Thomas Emmanuel) is the leader here in the Orphanage camp  , He allow me using his office computer to send mail ; He has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am living in the women' s hostel because here they have two hostels one for men the other for women.

The reverend' s cell phone number is ,
NAME .  Reverend David Thomas Emmanuel
PHONE NUMBER : (+221-777-315-275 )

These are my country full Address of the Orphanage Home,

I am from Adwal Somalia and staying at n' dioum
Refugee camp in N' dioum village , Dakar Senegal ,

Name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stella Faldon .
Somalian section. . . . . . . . . . . .Block C 169
Refugee Camp Identity Card No. . . . . . . . . 118
Camp location Address No. . . . . . . . . . . . . .129 Nd Unit kenz Dakar Senegal .

Please i will like you to call him and speak with me if you like to hear my voice.
I would like to know little more about yourself , I have much to tell you when i hear from you again.
Bye for now and i hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regard`s , Stella .

Mr From: Stella Faldon < stellafaldon@yahoo.com >
Date: 2013/2/15
Subject: Please help me contact this bank for more inquires,

Hello my Dear ,
I hope you are doing fine. ?
I am not too fine over here due to my ugly situation but i know with God above and you by my side , i will soon regain my lost joy , happiness and freedom .

My dear , As i told you in my previous mail about something confidential which i wish to disclose to you ,  You may be surprise why i disclose this to you , but please understand the reason and the situation am into now ,

When my Father was alive he deposited some money in the (AFRICAN RESERVE BANK OF SENEGAL .) ($ 8.2Million US Dollars.) Eight Million Two Hundred Thousand.  I have informed the bank about my plans to transfer this money and they only thing they told me is to look for a trustee who will stand on my behalf to this money due to my orphanage status and the law of this country . I have decided not to continue staying over here any more .

The bank contact information are as below:

African Reserve Bank of Senegal Plc.
Address : Unit 44 , No 7 President lane Dakar Senegal .
Registered No : 1137168

Tel :  ( +221 ) 77 710 09 12

Fax : ( +221 ) 33 867 17 02

E-mail :  <inquiriesdepartmentsn@africamail.com>inquiriesdepartmentsn@africamail.com

Transfer Manager :
Mr John Steve Godwin

Information about the deposit code are as follows :

Name of depositor : Dr. Dabo Faldon
Nationality : Somalia.
Next of kin : Miss Stella Dabo Faldon
Amount deposited : ($8.2Million) US Dollars.
Account Number : (45157195712 )

My Dear , please try to contact them now to know the true existence of the money and the possibilities of transferring the money to your account . I have made up my mind to offer you 25% from the total money for every of your effort and any thing it might coast to get the money transferred ,

I want you to send me your details information to show that everything about you is real , Your pictures, International Passport or Driving License or  . . . . .Resident Address . . . .Nationality . . . . . .Occupation. . . . Tell, number. . . . . or your Office or mobile number. . . . . . .

So that i will forward it to bank to make the transfer to your account in your country to enable you send me some money from the money to come and settle down in your country.
I am waiting to hear from you soonest. Yours , Faithfully , Stella .

419t 2
Mr From: Afrikan Reserve Bank < inquiriesdepartmentsn@africamail.com >
Date: 2013/2/18
Cc: stellafaldon@yahoo.com

REGISTERED NO : 1026167 , TELEPHONE : ( +221 )77
7 100 912 ) FAX : ( +221 ) 33 867 17 02 , Email Address :

DATE :  18 / FEBRUARY/ 2013.

Dear  , 
           The African Reserve Bank of Senegal Plc . ( ARBS ) through the office of the Transfer Manager/Director of Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer says welcome and wishes to formally write to you in respect of the mail and information which we have received from Miss Stella Faldon the Next of Kin to our late customer late Dr. Dabo Faldon and his substantial Money Deposit in ( ARBS ) .

Actually , we have earlier been formally informed about you by ( Miss ,
Stella Faldon ) that she wishes you to be her trustee/representative to claim her late father' s deposit with our bank . With reference to the letter she wrote to this bank , in which she officially informed this bank of her interest to transfer this fund . Late Dr. Dabo Faldon , is our late customer with account Number (45157195712) and substantial Deposit of Eight Million , Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars Only ( $ 8 , 200 , 000 . 00 ) in African Reserve Bank of Senegal .

Hence you have been formally appointed and nominated as a trustee to represent the Next of Kin/Beneficiary . (ARBS) is here to serve you . However, before our bank will transact any business concerning the transfer of the fund , you have to provide the followings :

(1) . A power of attorney ( Certified ) and affidavit of oath permitting you to claim and transfer the fund to your bank account on her behalf .
Note ( i ) : This Power of attorney must be endorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer ( as the money originated from Africa and the Next of Kin/Beneficiary is currently residing in Senegal ) .

(2) . The death certificate of late Dr. Dabo Faldon ( Our deceased customer ) confirming the death .

(3) . A copy of Certificate of Deposit of the account issued to late Dr. Dabo Faldon by African Reserve Bank of Senegal Plc. ( ARBS ) .

Note ( ii ) that the above are compulsory , and are needed to protect our interest , your interest and that of the next of kin , concerning the claim . These shall also help (ARBS) to diligently serve you to ensure a smooth , quick and successful transfer of this fund possibly within Forty-Eight ( 48 ) hours of acknowledgment of reception of these documents .

(4) . You are to provide your account information which will facilitate transfer of this fund into your Account in your given Bank as soon as these documents are provided .

African Reserve Bank of Senegal stands on the policy of best service to satisfy to the best interest of our customers .

We promise to give our customers the best of our services . Should you have any question ( s ) , please contact our foreign transfer officer Mr. Jonahs Steve Godwin on telephone number  ( +221 ) 777 100 912) for more directives/clarifications .

Yours Faithfully ,
Mrs. Celine Leeds .
( Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer Dept. ) .

                        = = = =END OF MESSAGE= = =

The African Reserve Bank of Senegal Plc , Registered in Senegal No. 1026167 . Registered Office : No. 7 President lane , Dakar Senegal Authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority . This e-mail message is confidential and for use by the addressee only . If the message is received by anyone other than the addressee , please return the message and do not replying to it and then delete the message from your computer . Internet e-mails are not necessarily secure . African Reserve Bank of Senegal Plc does not accept responsibility for changes made to this message after it was sent . Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to avoid the transmission of viruses , it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that the onward transmission , opening or use of this message and any attachments will not adversely affect its systems or data . No responsibility is accepted by The African Reserve Bank of Senegal Plc in this regard , and the recipient should carry out such virus and other checks as it considers appropriate .

Mr From: Stella Faldon <stellafaldon@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/2/25

Good Morning Darling .
How are you doing over there and also your family and friends ? I hope
all is well ?
Darling , i am writing to let you know the development on the
transaction , i received this mail below from bank and i believed you
receive it also because they copied it CC to your mail box regarding
the required document needed for the transaction , i am here with me

I will discuss the issue with the reverend on how to find a good
lawyer hence they said that the (POWER OF ATTORNEY / AFFIDAVIT OF OATH
) must be indorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer . Immediately i
receive the contact of the lawyer from our reverend father , i will
send it to you , so that you will contact the lawyer to know how he
can prepare the remaining document , ( POWER OF ATTORNEY / AFFIDAVIT

I will get back to you as soon as i receive lawyer's contact , please
don't hesitate to call me as soon as you receive this mail . Take very
good care of yourself and remain blessed and protected . Yours ,
Stella .

Mr From: Stella Faldon <stellafaldon@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/6/10

Hello My Dear .
How are you today , I hope you are perfectly healthy ?
My dear , I can`t express how i feel for all your effort , I pray
that God will help us . Please my dear , i am very very sorry for
being so long to respond to you , Reverend Father was not in town that
is why i could not be able to mail you .

I discussed the issue of finding a good lawyer with our Reverend
Father , as the bank said that the documents must be endorsed by a
Senegalese resident lawyer here , hence the money originated from
Africa and the Next of Kin is currently residing in Senegal .

However , After my discussion with Rev . David Emmanuel , He gave me
this lawyer contact below . The lawyer is a Senegalese registered
lawyer . As i told you before , I have with me here the deposit
certificate and death certificate of my late father of which Reverend
David Emmanuel collected it from me after spoken with the lawyer ,
the lawyer said that he have to start the process immediately , also
said he will go to the bank with those document then if the power of
attorney is ready we will submit it to the bank for the transfer ,
Please i need your help to contact the lawyer with his contact below
for preparation of power of attorney and affidavit of oath which i do
not have .

His Contact Detail are :

NAME...........(Barrister Wetayah Hassan Alabadah).

EMAIL ADDRESS............... barristerwetayalawchamber@lawyer.com

PHONE NUMBER................ 00221 772-217-641

Please try to contact the lawyer immediately both email and phone
number and let me know what you discuss with him .
Take very good care of your self and remain blessed and protected .

Truly Yours ,
Miss Stella Faldon
Mr From: Barrister Wetaya Hassan Alabada Law Chamber <barristerwetayalawchamber@lawyer.com>
Date: 2013/6/11
Cc : stellafaldon@yahoo.com


TEL: +221-77-221-76-41 ,

EMAIL: barristerwetayalawchamber@lawyer.com

OUR REF : JLC/01541 REF : LMC/0549 / 11 / 06 / 2013 .

Attention :

Dear , Client ,

Sequel to the mail we received from you; on how to prepare a
((POWER OF ATTORNEY AND AFFIDAVIT OF OATH)) allow you stand on behalf
of Miss Stella Faldon as she already informed us about you .

I wish to inform you that after due confirmations from the bank


of the true existence of the money , its legitimacy and inquires from
appropriate quarters about the needful for successful completion of
the transfer process , that i hereby accept to dutifully handle the
case .

Prior to my conversation with the bank , I made to understand
from the Bank Transfer director (Mr JohnSteve Godwin) that the actual
credit balance at the moment is Eight Million , Two Hundred Thousand
US Dollars Only ( $ 8 , 200,000.00 ) .
The Transfer director also mentioned that you have already being
nominated by the next of kin and bank expecting your urgent respond
for further transfer to your account .

I have seen the documents even as your partner shows me , The
young lady father's death certificate and the deposit slip issued by
the bank . I was made to understand from the bank that these documents
are required by them for the transfer .

(1) . I have drafted a tentative power of attorney/affidavit of
oath based on your request and information which will be notarized on
my chambers letter head after the signature of party involved at the
Federal High Court Here in Dakar Senegal .

(2) . After due consultations from Dakar Federal High Court , I
understood that it will officially cost the sum of (($250.00)) ((Two
Hundred and Fifty US Dollars only)) to legalize the power of attorney
, but poverty alleviation levy imposed by government of Senegal on any
investor in the country in the category of such fund income is
(($340.00)) ((Three Hundred and Forty US Dollars Only)) which must be
paid to inland Revenue Office .

The payment receipt would be tendered to the Federal High Court
before the power of attorney is notarized . My chambers' legal fees is
(($350.00)) ((Three Hundred and Fifty US Dollars Only)) .

Therefore , To speedy the process , you should arrange and bring
to my office the total fee of (( $ 590.00 )) (( Five Hundred and
Ninety US Dollars Only)) to enable me commence and conclude actions
on the authentication of the power of attorney/agreement in the
Federal High Court and validate the power of attorney and Notary
Republic respectively . My legal fees shall be payed after the
confirmation of documents to the bank .

AMOUNT NEEDED......(( $ 590.00 )) (( Five Hundred and Ninety US
Dollars Only))

Do not fail to contact me for more clarifications needed on the
receipt of this mail .

Thanks .
Faithfully yours ,
( Dr ) (Barr) , Wetaya Hassan Alabadah .
( Principal Partner ) , ( Esq )
Wetaya Hassan Alabadah Chambers

EMAIL: barristerwetayalawchamber@lawyer.com

;;;;;;;;;;;;LEGAL DISCLAIMER;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

This message has been sent from Wetaya Hassan Alabadah Law Chambers
Solicitors/Advocates/and financial Attorneys based in Senegal Caution
: this message may contain legally privileged and/or confidential
information . You may be liable for any disclosure , copying , use or
retention by you of the information in this message , which is not
expressly authorized by Wetaya Chambers . If you are not the intended
recipient , please notify the sender by return email and delete this
message and any attachments from your system . Statements and
information in this message that do not relate to the official
business of Wetaya Chambers are
not given or endorse by it.
Mr From: Stella Faldon <stellafaldon@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/6/12
Subject: Good morning my dear .

Good morning my dear .
How are you doing over there and your family as well ? I hope God is doing
something very miraculously . I thank you for all your effort to bring me
out of this prison i found myself today , I pray that God most High will
reward and bless you .

I have seen the mail from the lawyer and what he is demanding before
preparing the documents needed for the transfer . I thank God that the
lawyer accepted to do everything for us if he receive the money he charged
for the documents . Please my dear , you are my only hope of survival , as
you knew my situation here , i can not afford even a dollar to feed myself
talk less of paying the lawyer for his fees , please do not feel reluctant
because of the money involved . I promise you that you will never regret
helping me , please i need your help to discuss with the lawyer how you can
settle him for the fees so that you could be able to start the preparation
of the documents immediately .

Please try all you could to help me out of this horrible condition i
am into now . Try to contact the lawyer to know how you can settle him . My
God will help you and provide the money for you .

Take very good care of
yourself and remain blessed and protected .

Yours , Stella .

419t 2
Miss Young

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