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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: sofia2uuuu
Date: 10-07-2013 13:45:11
Subject: Ms.Sofia Johnson

Hello My Dear,

Greetings, it is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile. I expect that you are not going to let down this trust am about to repose on you for the fact that we have not yet known or written to each other before. Though I will not compel you to honor this proposal ,against your will, but first let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Ms. Sofia Johnson from Ivory Coast West Africa. I am the only child of my late parents and that has made me to run away from our family house because my uncles and my step mother is after my life as they want to have full access to my inheritance.

My dream is to find somebody overseas whom I can trust with my future life and inheritance, also who can be able to assist me for relocation abroad and also assist me in my investment plans abroad. I am seriously searching for a very reliable person, who will assist me in this investment plans over there.

I have some reasonable amount worth 4.500,000$ USD which I inherited from my late father who was a traditional ruler and an international business man before his sudden death. Presently I am ready to relocate out of this country and come over there to your area, in order to secure a resident permit and investment establishment in luctrative avenues. I wish to invest in areas like (Hospital Equipment, Transportation, Agricultural Project and Real Estate).

I need to invest the money in your base because of my the political instability here. Please your assistance is highly needed to enable me achieve my educational career in your country. Your urgent response is needed so that I will give you full details on my plans for relocating to your country for these establishment. Please should in case if you are not in a good position to work with me on this aspect. I will appreciate you inform me immediately. waiting for your urgent response.

Reply to my private e-mail box. (jsofia288@yahoo.com)
Ms. Sofia Johnson
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 07:08:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sofia Johnson <jsofia288@yahoo.com>
Subject: DETAILS AND PHOTO From.Sofia Johnson

My Dearest  �,

Thank you for your message of concern and willingness. Reading from you urgently has given me joy and restore happiness to my soul once again. As I have told you in my previous message about my predicament, I have all the covering documents concerning the money and I want you to know that it only take one day for unknown to known.

My late father is a wealthy international businessman, he deal on Gold, Cocoa and Timber export, Am the only daughter of my parents, I lost my mother when i was 6 years, my father is all i have until he was poisoned by his brothers associated with my father's business partner due to his wealth, after the burial of my late father, life became hell to me because his brothers (my Uncles) claimed all my father's wealth and belongings as the tradition demands, according to the traditional of the land, if a man died without a son, even if the man have ten daughters all his wealth and belongings will be shared among his brothers and relatives, i believe this is the main reason while my father deposited the money without the knowledge of his brothers and made me the next of kin to the fund, My uncles planned to kill me thinking that i am going to revenge, that is why i ran out from the family house so that i can secure my life till the bank release and transfer the fund out from here then i will leave this country to join you.

At the moment the money is in a bank here in Cote d' Ivoire which am the next of kin and I have no access to put or withdraw any money from it according to the agreement my late father made with the bank during the deposit which stated that i must be 27 of age before i can have a direct access to the fund, all I will require from you is to assist me stand as the present guardian and foreign associate of my late father so that the bank can release and transfer the money to your nominated bank account for investment purpose. Before we proceed, I have to make an official introduction to the bank and inform them officially about you as my present foreign guardian who is to receive my inheritance money oversea for investment purpose while i further my education.

Here are my personal details,
My full Name: Ms. Sofia Johnson.
Address: Rue 12 Avenue 55, Trecheville, Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.
Profession: Student (I stopped school after my father death)
Nationality: Ivorian
Country: Cote D'Ivoire.
I also attached my photograph so that you may know whom you are dealing.

I would need your full Name, Address, Occupation and direct telephone number so that I can forward an official transfer application to the bank and I will be giving you more details as soon as I hear back from you. Note that I will give you 15% of the total money as compensation for your efforts; I will come to your country and continue my education. While you will manage the investment will involve on.

I am looking forward to hear from you urgently, Once again thanks so much for the immediately response toward the proposal I sent to you. Please help me to keep this transaction more confidential and top secret between you and me.

Thanks and remain bless.
Yours in need,
Ms .Sofia Johnson

Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 11:43:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sofia Johnson <jsofia288@yahoo.com>
Subject: Please contact the Bank Father

Dearest Father,

I well received your mail together with the informatin's you sen't to me, all is very important informations and i am so glade to have you as my partner regard to what you said about us meeting face to face i will be happy about that but the problem is that i can't go out fro this country without my inherited fund been transfer out from this country secodary i dont have a anough cash to get my traveling paper's and ticket to  � your country because the banker told me that my inherited fund will not be access or less it is transfer out from here to an oversea account and an authority must be giving by ministry of finance here in our country that is whyle i decided that you speak with the Banker him self for the transfer, well i believe that the Almighty God will make it possible for us to meet affter the fund is been transferred out from here in to your personal account in your Country,

what i suggested now is that you contact the Bank here so that the Bank will transfer the money into your account and also for you to see by your self that my late Father really deposited the money with the Bank because seen is beliving there is no other proove than that. this is the contact information of the Bank;

Bank Name--------Bicici Bank Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire
Contact Person---Mr Patrick Pitton (Director)
Bank line------------+22520201600
Director Line-------+22547021176

Incase you are contacting the Bank just let the Bank remittance director Mr Patrick Pitton to understand that you are the Family Friend of my late Father (Late Mr. Philip Johnson), that you are supposed to receive this money before the sudden death of my late Father (Late Mr.Philip Johnson), that now my late Father is nomore that you and his only Doughter (Miss Sofia Johnson) who is the next of kin to the deposited money have agreed that their Bank transfer the money to your account for business program as my late Father want,

Although they will not ask much any question because i have already informed them about you and also my interest of recovering my inherited money from their Bank to your bank account for easterblishment program, Just feel free to link up direct with Mr Patrick Pitton in order for you to confirm the authenticity and legitmacy of this deposit so with this contact, you can reach the Bank and get back to me as soon as possible You can call me to my mobile line if you which to hear my voice +22555028051,

Yours Sincerely,
Sofia Johnson

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 02:59:55 -0400
From: "BICICI BANK COTE D' IVOIRE" <infobicicbank_ci@Safe-mail.net>
Subject: Our Bank Demand

Siége Social Av. Franchet d'Espérer 01 BP 1298 Abidjan 01 plateau Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire
TELEPHONE: 20201600 FAX 20201700 : CITEREX 22504 BNDK CI23266
Our Ref: Enquiries Refund Via, T.T Wire :$4,500,000 USD

Attention: Mr  �,

The Bank Acknowledged The Visit Of Your Local Partner (Miss. Sofia Johnson) With Your Information's There-In As Requested By The Bank, The Bank Has Also Taken Note Of It All And Have Filled It, The Bank Also Has Gone Through The Banking Or Deposit Record Of The Deposited Fund Made By (Mr. Philip Johnson) And Unfortunately From The Record Of The Deposited Fund, Transfer Will Not Be Effected On The Deposited Fund Just Like That Or The Access To The Account Of The Fund Given To Any Person Or Business And Transaction Conducted On It Without A Proper Legal Clearance And Legal Revoke Of the Contract The Original Depositor (Mr. Philip Johnson) Had With The Bank In-Respect And At The Instance Of The Deposit Referred To As "The Deposit Contract Bond".

On This Ground, The Bank Will Request You And Your Partner (Miss. Sofia Johnson) Or Both Procure A Probate Letter Of Administration /Authorization Dully Signed, Stamped And Sealed And Delivered To The Bank Formally From And By Probate Department Of Ministry Of Justice Here In Cote D' Ivoire Respectively And Issued In Your Favour Or Jointly With Your Partner, Which I Have Explained To your Local Partner Here (Miss. Sofia Johnson) This Morning In Our Bank But I Have Not Hear From Her As I Told Her To Get The Probate Letter.

These Probate Letter Of Administration / Authorisation Will Auttomatically Revoke "The Deposit Contract Bond" And Also Administer the Asset (Deposited Fund) To The Beneficiary, (In This Case You ) And Also Empower The Bank To Effect Transfer On The Deposited Fund Into The Beneficiary's Designated Account And Give Access Of Deposited Fund Account To You (The Beneficiary) Or The Next of Kin Or Jointly As Instructed.

The Bank Requested You Or Both To Procure This Legal Document Because Of The Fact That, The Original Depositor Of The Fund (Mr. Philip Johnson) Had A Contract With The Bank In-Respect Of The Deposit And Before The Deposit Was Made Called "Deposit Contract Bond.

There Are Certain Terms And Claused Of This Bond That Restricted The Bank From Transferring The Fund Or Given Access Of The Fund Account To Any Person Or Conduct Any Business On The Account Of The Fund Without The Presence Of The Depositor Or Outstanding Written Instruction From The Depositor.

The Depositor On His Own Did Not Also Write An Instruction To The Bank Or "WILL" in-Respect Of The Deposited Fund Before His Death And These Makes It Difficult For The Bank To Break The Contract Bond And The Only Body That Have Power To Break This Deposit Contract Bond Is The Probate Department Of Ministry Of Justice here in Cote D'Ivoire Through This Legal Instrument Called Probate Letter Of Administration / Authorization Hence You Were Asked To Procure It.

You Therefore Consult Either Your Legal Adviser Here In Cote D'Ivire Or Any Trusted Recorgnised Legal Practioner Here On The Issue So That He Will Apply For It Formally Since It Is Less Time Consuming And Less Cost For a Recognised Legal Practicing Lawyer Here In Cote D' Ivoire To Procure And Almost The Only Body The Ministry Of Justice Will Give Proper Attention In Respect Of It.

You Might Wish To Call The Director On This Official Line! (00225) 4702 1176 After Going Through This Mail For Any Explanation And More Brief On The Issue ...

You Are Assured That As Soon As The Legal Document Is Delivered On Seal To The Bank, The Fund Will Be Transferred In To Your Or The Designated Account As It Was Forwarded To Our Bank By You.

We Regrate Any Inconveniences This Might Cause You But It Is Important You Procure It And Get The Requirments Fulfill Which Will Enable Bank Effect A Hintch-Free Transfer Of The Fund In To Your Designated Account.

Once More, The Bank is Still Under Your Services And Assure You The Best Of The Banking Services.

Thanks For Your Co-operation.
Quality Servise Is Our Greatest Concern.
Cotumer Care Bicici Bank Cote D' Ivoire

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 06:51:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sofia Johnson <jsofia288@yahoo.com>
Subject: My out come of the day

Dearest  �

I received your mail and of the Bank you forwarded to me it is the content of the Bank director that made me not to have reply you since morning till this time of the day, I was trying to see how it will be done, I went Back to the director office and asked him againg he said that before they could be able to transfer my inherited Money to your account that we have to provide a legal document's called probate letter of administration, He said that this probate letter of administration will auttomatically revoke the deposit contract bond my late Father made with their Bank but he advised that the only place to get the document is in the ministry of justices and that I will use a lawyer not myself,

I went to the Ministry of Justice and they Directed me to Probate department and there, they told me to look for a lwayer who will make it easy for me and them I searched for lawyers throught yesterday but all the once I was meeting and informing were telling me to bring big amount of money, The first $10,000 and the 2nd 10,500 3rd 9700 united state dollar's and like that, I was weak and did not know what to do or write to you since morning but I meet my Church Pastor and He took me to the office of one lawyer I told the lawyer my situation and about you that we don't have any money with us and he told us that we will pay only for the Probate Tax and after he has goting the probate document or after it is send to the Bank and the Bank confirm it and the money transfer or the Bank open the account, that we will pay him the balance of his service and consultation charges.

He said that the Probate Tax which will be paid to the Account Unit of the Probate department after application is written by him, He called the Bank director on his mobile line to find out more information from him and the amount he said I will pay as Probate Tax is 2,150 united state dollars while his charges which he said we will pay after is 2,500 united state dollars.

This was after the Pastor who is also his Pastor pleaded to him with me and I even cried in his office, now the Pastor told me that he can help me with some money which I give back to him after everything but that he said he can give me is 800 united state dollar's, I also can get from arround me upto 700 united state dollar's, and the balance of 650 united state dollar's will still be the problem.

I don't know how you can help me on this now because I am weak and it is not my intention to ask you for anything but since it is like this and the only person I will still inform is you, If it will be possible, it will not be free and you can even get from any person on any interest rate which I will be happy to hear that you paid back when the money comes into your account. The Contact of the Lawyer incase is this,

Name; Barrister Gadoh Williams
Email; (williams_gadoh@lawyer.com)
phone; +22506537022

May be you might wish to contact him on your own which is important because he has heared about you and will wish to hear from you.

You therefore react to this mail and get back to me on what you think and feel but try your best and see what you can do for this so that this will be sorted out and the money will be transferred out from here to your account in your base and I will come over there for continuation of my education and start a new life with you as well.

I will be hoping to hear from you as soon as possible, Because i will like this money to be trasfer to your account before next week and please remember that our country poritical war is geting hot every day in radio in television's please i am afraid i don't want to die here.

Thanks and best wishes.

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 05:13:43 -0400
From: "Gadoh Williams" <williams_gadoh@lawyer.com>


TO:- Mr.  �.

I received the mail you send to me and to be frank with you i have already did what i surpose to do to you people because of my Pastor and how the litle Girl cryed in my Office that is why I asked her to pay only $ 2150 for the Probate letter Tax if I don't want to help you and her I will ask you people to pay my Consultation charge at one's. Bellow is how the cost of probate letter goes

(1) Probate letter $2000.00
(2) Stamp and Deed Duty $150.00
Total: $2,150.00

Due to the time factor, you see how you can get only the probate letter Tax As soon as we receive this documents fees we will proceed to obtain the leagl document on your behalf, the documents obtained. Copies will be send to you for your record purposes and the original copie will be submited to the Bicici Bank Ci for their Bank use.

Our Professional Fees which you will pay to us when the fund is been transfer to your account upon confirmation of your payment in your norminated bank account. this amount is the statutory charge for Inheritance endorsement as Legal Practice Act Section 201(III) of 1997 as amended.

We await Mandatory Procedures Fees to enable us proceed normalization of your funds transfer, If you need any more clarification concerning the above mentioned issue don't fail to e-mail or call me.
Thank you once again Mr  � for recognizing our Law firm and we assure you of our excellent professional services.

Yours in service,
Barrister Gadoh Williams Esq
00 225 0653 7022
N/B: I want to conclude this transfer first, before I will proceed with the order transaction so send the sum of $ 2,150 to your Miss Sofia Johnson so that she will bring it to my office.

The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorised to receive it.
If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately then destroy any copies of this message.. You are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying distribution or taking of any action in reliance on the content of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. ("Gadoh Williams & Associates") is neither liable for the proper and complete transmission of the information contained in this communication nor for any delay in its receipt. Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Gadoh Williams & Associates.

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Miss Young

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