Hi dear !!! How is your day today???

I have news today! I have learned the information that is necessary for me to travel to your country!There is no embassy in my city and I will have to go to Moscow for this reason. I cannot apply for the visain Syzran. Earlier I used travel agencies services when I travelled to Turkey with my sister and her husbandfor vacation. For coming into your country I need to have a visa.

The employee of the tourist agency told methat I have to make an online application and send it to the embassy. Then I have to sign up for an appointment inthe embassy and then I have to go to Moscow to start my visa process., I am very happy that you like a thought of our meeting with you! In the tourist agency they told me thatnot everybody can get an approval to travel to your country. Financial stability is very important and also thepurpose of my visit! I said that I would like to travel for the purposes of tourism. Together with the employeeof the tourist agency we decided that the best type of visa will be "Tourist" visa. According to the Tourist typeof visa I can freely move on the territory of your country.I am going to spend 30 days with you. I think it is going to be enough time for us to get to know each other better.

Do you agree with me? The employee of the tourist agency told me that it takes about 7-10 days to get the visa. I haveto stay in Moscow all this time, because I may be invited to the embassy at any time. I already took a list of documentsto hand in with me to the embassy in Moscow. I cannot believe that in a short time period we will be together! We canstop communicating by letters and can finally do it in real life, by looking into each others eyes!!!

, also the employee of a tourist agency told me, that probably I may need written invitation from you when I amgoing to apply for the visa. Can you make me an invitation if I am required? I will surely write you if I need it, ok?Now I will call the embassy to find out everything for sure! I have to find out the cost of all the paperwork. Now Ialso have to sign up for an appointment with the embassy. I hope that the information I just wrote you made you happy!

I am sure, nothing will prevent us from meeting each other! Do you agree with me?
I will send you my photo, I hope you like it! It a picture of me and my colleagues with Steven Seagal, an actor! Lastyear me and my colleagues went on a business trip to Moscow. When we had some spare time, we went to the theatre and therewe saw this actor with his spouse. When theatre was over me and my colleagues asked him if we could take a picture and
he didn't mind doing it for us. We were very pleased and surprised to see such an actor in Russia!!!!

I will be finishing my letter to you and will wait impatiently for your soonest reply!
Kisses for you!!!
Your Nina